C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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10 Real SAT's with CD Rom--$17.05 The College Board
10 Things To Do Before I Die--$13.00 Daniel Ehrenhaft
101 African-American Read Aloud Stories--$11.00 Susan Kantor
145th Street--$4.00 Walter Dean Myers
47--$13.00 Walter Mosley
48 Laws of Power--$11.00 Robert Greene
50 Cents:No Holds Barred--$14.95 Jake Brown
50 Most Inspiring African-Americans--$9.99 Patricia Mignon Hinds
72 Hour Hold--$10.36 Bebe Moore Campbell
2236--$15.00 Milton McGriff
666 The New World Order--$13.00 P. Durrell Nathan
A Bona Fide Diva--$13.00 Nicole Renee
A Box of White Chocolate--$4.80 Daamon Speller
A Catered Murder--$5.39 Isis Crawford
A Chance at Love--$5.39 Beverly E. Jenkins
A Child's Garden of Verses--$19.00 Thomas Kinkade
A Classic--$10.95 Peavy
A Cow,A Horse, and Their Friends, of Course--$6.00 Patrice Gilbert
A Day at the Zoo--$6.00 Brenda A. Harris
A Diamond in the Rough--$10.00 James Morris
A Doll for Navidades--$13.00 Esmeralda Santiago
A Dollar and A Dream--$10.00 Carl Weber
A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2--$11.00 Caroline McGill
A Family Reunion--$6.29 Brenda Jackson
A Game of Marbles--$11.00 Dr. Sue Blood Haynes
A Gangsters Girl--$10.00 Chunichi
A Gift to the Eye and More--$6.00 Leceila Turnage
A Flower--$15.00 Dana Rondel
A Hand to Guide Me--$14.95 Denzel Washington
A Hip-Hop Story--$10.00 Heru Ptah
A Hole In My Heart--$8.00 Rose Jackson-Beavers
A Hood Legend--$9.00 Victor Martin
A Hustler's Son--$10.00 T. Styles
A Hustler's Wife--$10.00 Nikki Turner
A Kids Guide to African-American History--$13.45 Nancy I. Sanders
A Lawyer's Life--$10.00 Johnnie Cochran
A Little Dare--$3.50 Brenda Jackson
All I Ever Did Was Love A Man--$12.69 Sharon D. Allison-Ottey
A Love Like No Otha--$9.00 Stephanie Perry Moore
A Love of My Own--$19.96 E. Lynn Harris
A Magical Christmas Eve for Jo-Jo the Hobo Mouse--$9.00 John O'Neill
A Merry Little Murder--$15.00 Shelley Freydont
A Mother's Love--$9.00 Angela E. Caligone
A New Dating Attitude--$11.69 Suzan D. Johnson Cook
A Picture of Freedom--$8.76 Patricia C. McKissack
A Place for Ida--$13.00 Patricia Richardson
A Plentiful Harvest--$10.00 Terri Williams
A Project Chick--$10.00 Nikki Turner
A Purpose Filled God--$11.95 Kendall Shoulders
A Royal Trip--$9.85 Glynnis Christian
A Salute to Black Inventors--$11.95 Chandler/White
A Street Girl Named Desire--$11.00 Treasure E. Blue
A Song Flung Up to Heaven--$19.16 Maya Angelou
A Taste of Honey--$10.00 Darren Coleman
A Taste of Things to Come--$12.00 Bea Joyner
A Time for Jonathan--$12.00 Patricia Richardson
A Toast Before Dying--$5.39 Grace Edwards
A Trip to the Hospital--$2.00 Kim Watson
A Women Scorn'd--$13.95 Dorothy Goines
A Women Scorned--$13.00 Darrin Lowery
A Women's Guide to Spiritual Warfare--$9.00 Quinn Sherrer
Aaliyah--$6.29 Christopher John Farley
Abide With Me--$11.70 E. Lynn Harris
Abiyoyo--$6.00 Pete Seeger
Abiyoyo Returns--$11.00 Pete Seeger
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man--$14.00 Steve Harvey
Adam by Adam--$13.45 Clayton Powell
Addicted--$7.99 Zane
Addy An American Girl--$27.96
Adopcion? Gracias a Dios Por La Opcion--$9.00 Ana Monnar
African-American Health Book--$11.00 Valiere Alcenca
African-American Holiday Tradition--$17.00 Antoinette Broussard
Afro-Bets Quotes for Kids--$4.76 Katura Hudson
Afroetry--$14.00 Linda Mayfield Hayes
Afterburn--$9.00 Zane
After Daddy Died--$14.00 Dr. Naomi Roberson
After Hours--$12.60 Robert Fleming
After Hours Girls--$10.00 Geavonnie Frazier
Against the Grain--$11.00 G.B. Johnson
Age Ain't Nothing But a Number--$8.00
Age is Just a Number--$10.00 D.S.White
Ain't Understandin' Mellow--$15.00 Michelle Davis
Airtight Willie and Me--$6.00 Robert Beck
Ajeemah and His Son--$4.00 James Berry
Al On America--$18.90 Reverend Al Sharpton
Al Roker's Big Bad Book of Barbecue--$22.36 Al Roker
Alex Haley--$12.00 Alex Haley
Allegheny Doe Boy--$12.00 G. Rell
Ali--$27.96 Frank Conner
All Bright Court--$11.40 Connie Rose Porter
All He Ever Wanted--$18.00 Anita Shreve
All or Nothing--$12.00 Michael Whitby
All That and a Bag of Chips--$10.00 Darrien Lee
All That Glitters--$11.00 Ericka Williams
All The Colors of The Earth--$13.00 Sheila Hamanaka
America's First Black General--$15.00 Marvin E. Fletcher
America Behind the Color Line--$17.00 Henry Louis Gates
American Dynasty--$15.00 Kevin Phillips
An Adventure with Captain Brainstorm--$5.00 Fracaswell Hyman
An African Christmas--$14.00 Ifeoma Onyefulu
An American Gangster's Wife--$9.00 Jerry Lucas
An Inner Child Speaks--$14.00 Zykeya McLeod
Ancestor--$13.00 Scott Sigler
Ancient Egyptians--$11.95 Marian Broida
And I Cry--$20.95 Marian Elaine
And the Winner Is--$11.16 LL Cool J
And This Too Shall Pass--$11.65 E. Lynn Harris
Animal Sounds for Baby--$4.00 Cheryl Willis Hudson
Anonymity--$10.00 Margie Gosa Shivers
Another Day At The Front--$18.24 Ishmael Reed
Another Sad Love Song--$5.00 LaJill Hunt
Anybody Seen Junebug--$10.95 Delores Thornton
Anyway the Wind Blows--$10.80 E. Lynn Harris
April 4, 1968--$16.00 Michael Eric Dyson
Around the Way Girls--$12.78 La Jill Hunt
Around the Way Girls 3--$10.00 Alisha Yvonne
Assata--$11.00 Assata
At Break of Day--$13.60 Nikki Grimes
At Home with Gladys Knight--$11.00 Gladys Garvin
At The Courts Mercy--$9.00 Kashamba Williams
Aunt Harriett's Underground Railroad....--$6.00 Faith Ringgold
Autobiography of Malcolm X--$5.00 Malcolm X
Awakening Mercy--$5.50 Angela Benson
Aya--$13.00 Marquerite About
Babies' Daddies--$11.00 Marlene Ricketts
Babe--$8.00 Delores Thornton
Baby Angels--$14.00 Jane Cowen-Fletcher
Baby Brother--$9.00 50 Cent
Baby Genius First Words/Counting--$5.00
Baby Girl--$9.00 Jihad
Baby Says--$13.00 John L. Steptoe
Babylon Boyz--$7.60 Jess Mowry
Back In The Day--$17.56 Darrin Keith Bastfield
Back in the Days--$28.00 Jamel Shabazz
Back On the Block--$9.00 Felicia Madlock
Back to Life--$14.00 Wendy Coakley-Thompson
Backroom Confessions--$13.00 Rose Jackson-Beavers
Bad Blood Tiskegee Syphilis Experiment--$13.45 James Howard Jones
Bad Boy--$20.00 Ro Ronin
Bad Boy:A Memoir--$6.00 Walter Dean Myers
Bad Girlz--$10.00 Shannon Holmes
Bad Girlz 4 Life--$10.00 Shannon Holmes
Bailey's Café--$10.80 Gloria Naylor
Bamboozled--$17.00 Anglela McGlowan
Bangers--$7.00 Gary Phillips
Barron's How to Prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam--$15.25 Robert McEntarffer
Beautiful Black Hair--$14.95 Shamboosie
Beautiful Me--$7.00 Wanda L. Thomas
Bed Hogs--$9.00 Kelly DiPucchio
Before the Legend--$14.00 Tony Rose
Before I Do I Will--$13.50 Nikki Simone
Beg Me--$11.00 Lisa Lawrence
Begging For a Change--$5.99 Sharon G. Flake
Behold a Pale Horse--$20.00 William Cooper
Being Full of Light--$9.00 Linda D. Addison
Ben Carson--$4.00 Gregg Lewis
Between My Thighs--$14.00 Naija
Bishop--$14.95 Miz
Bitch--$14.00 Deja King
Become a Better You--$16.000 Joel Osteen
Best Black Women's Erotica 1--$10.00 Iyanla Vanzant
Best Black Women's Erotica 2--$9.00 Saniya Bashir
Best Seller--$10.00 Hope Clarke
Between Lovers--$5.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Between Lovers--$12.55 Eric Jerome Dickey
Bible Stories--$11.00 Carol Watson
Big Book of Words--$11.00 Catherine Lukas
Bind Up The Testimony, Seal The Law--$15.99 Bonita M. Quesinberry, R.C.
Biography of a Runaway Slave--$11.65 Miquel Barnet
Bittersweet--$19.16 Freddie Lee Johnson
Bitch Reloaded--$10.00 Deja King
Black --$9.00 Tracy Brown
Black & Ugly --$10.00 T. Styles
Black Gangster--$6.00 Donald Goines
Black Girl Lost--$6.00 Donald Goines
Black is Brown, Is Tan--$13.00 Arnold Adoff
Black Like Me--$6.29 John Howard Griffin
Black Marks--$9.00 Kirsten Hoyte
Black Parent's Handbook to Educating Your Children--$4.75 Baruti K. Kafele
Black Widow--$11.00 Nikki Turner
Blanche Among The Talented Tenth--$5.39 Barbara Neely
Blanche Cleans Up--$5.39 Barbara Neely
Blanche on the Lam--$5.39 Barbara Neely
Blanche Passes Go--$5.39 Barbara Neely
Blessing or Curse--$11.00 Derik Prince
Blind Faith--$8.00 Patricia Haley
Blind Temptations--$14.00 Lesley Hal
Bliss--$10.36 Gabrielle Pina
Block Party 3--$14.00 Al Saadiq Banks
Blossom--$12.00 Queen Pen
Blood and Water--$15.00 Linda Armstrong-Miller
Blood Canticle--$19.00 Anne Rice
Blow --$9.50 K'wan
Blue Rage, Black Redemption--$10.50 Stanley Tookie Williams
Blue Tights--$4.74 Rita Williams
B-More Careful--$10.00 Shannon Holmes
Bobo World--$14.95 A.A. Roberts
Born Assassin--$10.00 Jatye
Bossy--$11.00 Crystal Perkins-Stell
Book of Black Heroes--$8.45 Wade Hudson
Book of Black Heroes--$3.56 Margary Brown
Booty Call--$9.00 Erick S. Gray
Born Beautiful--$13.45 Alford Fornay
Believe to Achieve--$10.00 Howard White
Black Wallstreet--$11.00 Jay Jay Wilson
Born In the Game--$13.00 Edna S. Jones
Boys Into Men--$12.60 Nancy Boyd Franklin
Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch--$9.00 Alvin Morrow
Breaking the Cycle--$10.00 Zane
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin--$5.00 Cheryl Willis Hudson
Bringing Up Boys--$18.39 Dr. James Dobson
Bronx Masquerade--$5.00 Nikki Grimes
Brotherly Love--$10.00 Darrien Lee
Brown Angels--$5.00 Walter Dean Myers
Brown Skin--$16.00 Susan C. Taylor M.D.
Bruised--$12.00 Azarel
Bullwhip Days--$13.05 James Mellon
Bumrush--$15.00 Relentless Aaron
Bury That Sucka--$18.00 H. Lewis Smith
Bushwhacked--$16.00 Molly Ivins
Bushwhacked (Audiio Cassette--$18.00 Molly Ivins
Bushwhacked(Audio CD) --$19.00 Molly Ivins
Can I Get a Witness--$10.75 Julia A. Boyd
Candy Don't Come in Gray--$12.60 Roslyn Carrington
Cane River--$8.00 Lalita Tademy
Captivating Bible Stories for the Youth--$15.00 Charles Bishop
Career Warfare--$15.00 D'Alessandro
Cash Money--$9.00 A.J. Rivers
Cash Rules--$9.00 Thomas Long
Cashflow Quadrant--$14.00 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Cassie's Word Quilt--$5.00 Faith Ringgold
Caught Between a Bitch and a Hard Place --$14.00 Toya Morton-Swanson
Caught 'em Slippin'--$12.00 Al-Sasdiq Banks
Caught Up--$8.00 Winston Chapman
Celebrations--$11.00 Maya Angelou
Cha Ching--$10.00 Tonya Blount
Chaka! Through the Fire--$15.00 Chaka Khan-Tonya Bolden
Characters of Lust--$14.00 Karlyn LeBlanc
Chasin' It--$13.00 Tony Lindsay
Chasin' Satisfaction--$11.00 W.S. Burkett
Cheaters--$7.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Child of God--$6.50 Lolita Files
Children of the Night--$13.45 Gloria Naylor
Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit --$6.00 Trista Russell
Chocolate Flava --$10.00 Zane
Chocolate Thoughts--$18.36 S. James Guitard
Choose to Stay--$14.00 Salome Thomas-El
Cream--$10.00 Various Authors
Charge It To The Game--$15.95 Michelee A. Fletcher
Chances--$10.00 Michael Covington
Changin Your Game Plan--$13.00 Randy Kearse
Cheatin in the Next Room--$10.00 Rhonda M. Lawson
Check Your Keys--$13.95 Tabitha Vinson
Children of the Fire--$4.00 Harriette Gillem Robinet
Choice of a Lifetime--$10.00 Baba Evans Moore
Christmas Oranges--$15.00 Linda Bethers
Church Folk--$17.56 Michele Andrea Bowen
Cinnamon Kiss--$16.00 Walter Mosley
Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon--$14.00 Pat Cummings
Cleanup Day--$5.00 Hopi Morton
Climbing Higher--$15.00 Montel Williams
Clothes ( La Ropa)--$4.00 Claire Beaton
Colors Come From God--$10.00 Carolyn A. Forche
Colored Waiting Room--$15.99 Patricia Pope
Common Cents--$9.00 George Sargent
Como Agua Para Chocolate--$10.75 Laura Esquivel
Complete History of the Negro Leagues--$15.16 Mark Ribowsky
Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Poetry--$15.25 Nikki Moustaki
Compton Chick--$10.00 Alex Tyson
Confession of Nat Turner--$12.60 William Styron
Confessions from the Jumpseat--$12.00 T. Wendy Williams
Consumed--$6.00 Linda D. Addison
Convict's Candy--$13.00 Jason Poole
Constructing Accessible Web Sites--$45.00 Jim Thatcher
Contagious --$14.00 Quentin Carter
Conversations with Millionaires--$10.00 Mike Litman
Conversations with Powerful African Women Leaders--$17.99 Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Conversation with Women Who Export--$27.00 Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Concrete Jungle--$13.00 Shannon Holmes
Cookin' Up a Storm--$19.96 Jane Lee Rankin
Cooking the Thai Way--$15.95 Supenn Harrison
Cooking With Heart and Soul--$22.36 Isaac Hayes
Corporate Sponsor--$17.95 Wanda Moorman
Correction Officer Exam--$13.45 Donald J. Schroeder
Cosbyology--$14.36 Bill Cosby
Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys--15.96 Jawanza Kunjufu
Couple's Devotional Bible--$17.99 Zondervan House Publishing
Cover Girls--$17.50 T. D. Jakes
Crack Head--$10.00 Lisa Lennox
Cream--$11.00 Baker
Crime Partners--$6.00 Donald Goines
Criminal Code--$9.00 Jorge Landrian
Crispin & 3 Little Piglets--$13.00 Ted Dewan
Critical Perspectives--$13.45 Gloria Naylor
Cross--$15.00 James Patterson
Crossroads--$9.00 Rochan Morgan
Crowns--$17.85 Craig Marberry
Cruisin' On Desperation--$14.00 Pat G'Orge-Walker
Cry Me a River--$10.00 Ernest Hill
Cry Revenge--$6.00 Donald Goines
Crystal--$5.00 Walter Dean Myers
Cuando Era Puertorroquena--$10.80 Esmeralda Santiago
Cycles of the Ghetto--$14.00 Andrea Woods
Daddy Cool--$6.00 Donald Goines
Daddy's House--$10.00 Azarel
Daddy's Little Girl--$10.00 Brittani Williams
Dancing with Temptation--$15.00 Barbara Joe-Williams
Dangerous --$10.00 Leo Sullivan
Dangerously Insured--$10.00 Shafeeq
Danitra Brown Leaves Town--$12.00 Nikki Grimes
Dark Karma--$14.00 Joyce Veranda Gray
Dark Roots--$11.00 Jeannie Cobbs
Darkness Before Dawn--$5.00 Sharon M. Draper
David Gets in Trouble--$6.00 David Shannon
Daughter of Fortune--$7.59 Isabelle Allende
Daughter's Day Blues--$5.94 Laura Pegram
Dawdle Duckling--$6.00 Toni Buzzeo
Deadly Reigns--$10.00 Teri Woods
Deadly Tease--$10.00 Michelle McGriff
Dear G-Spot--$16.00 Zane
Death Around the Corner--$10.00 C-Murder
Death Before Dishonor--$10.00 50Cent, Nikki Turner
Death List--$6.00 Donald Goines
Death Wish--$6.00 Robert Beck
Deeper Than Love Author--$14.00 Linda D. Wattley
Deliver Me From Evil--$11.00 Mary Monroe
Demon Hunter--$10.00 T.L. Gardner
Derelict --$9.00 Relentless Aaron
Derelicton of Duty--$20.00 Robert Patterson
Destiny's Song--$5.39 Kim L. Lewis
Detroit Slim--$9.00 Geavonnie Frazier
Diamond Life--$13.50 Sheila Copeland
Diary of a Crack Addicts Wife--$13.00 Cynthia Hunter
Dice--$11.00 T.N. Baker
Digibots Classroom Adventures--$15.00 Kimberly Holmes
Dirty Game--$10.00 Shannon Holmes
Dirty Red--$15.50 Vickie Stringer
Dirty South--$10.00 Darrell King
Distant Lover--$16.00 Gloria Mallette
Diva--$10.00 Kane and Abel
Divine Appointment--$14.95 Delores Thornton
Divorcing the Devil--$10.00 Dwan Abrams
Do I Look Fat In This?--$13.00 Patricia Mignon Hinds
Do or Die--$5.39 Grace Edwards
Do You--$15.00 Russell Simmons
Do's and Don'ts For the ...--$10.00 Juliet Gipson
Doing His Time--$10.00 Nichelle Walker
Doing What's Right--$9.00 Tavis Smiley
Dollar Bill--$11.00 Joylynn Jossel
Don't You Feel Well, Sam?--$7.00 Amy Hest
Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes--$18.36 Blair S. Walker
Don't Hate the Player--$9.00 Brandie
Don't Need No Soaps--$8.00 Bea Joyner
Don't Make a Black Woman Take off Her Earrings--$16.00 Tyler Perry
Dopefiend--$6.00 Donald Goines
Doubledose--$10.00 Melvin Robertson
Double Dutch--$15.19 Veronica Chambers
Double LIfe--$13.00 Tyrone Wallace
Down Chic--$10.00 Mallon McNeal
Down Low Sistahs--$15.00 Wakiem Freeman
Down in the Dirty--$10.00 J.M. Benjamin
Dream in Color--$12.55 Darlene Johnson
Drama In The Church--$12.00 Dynah Zale
Dreaming in Color Living in Black and White--$5.50 Laurel Holliday
Drive Me Crazy--$16.99 Eric Jerome Dickey
Driven--$10.00 Kashamba Williams
Drop Dead Beautiful--$15.00 Jackie Collins
Drug Dealer 1&2--$22.00 Isadore Johnson
Duke Ellington--$12.76 Andrea Davis Pinkney
Dumb As Me--$7.00 Michael Gainer
Dutch II--$12.00 Teri Woods
Dutch III--$15.00 Teri Woods
Dying for Revenge--$17.00 Jerome Dickey
Dying in the Dark--$22.95 Valerie Wilson Wesley
E.A.R.L.--$18.96 Earl Simmons
Each For The Other--$8.99 Bryan Chapell
Eating for Life--$22.50 Bill Phillips
Education Reform--$11.00 Carletta D. Washington
Eight Steps to Help Black Families Pay For College--$11.70 Thomas LaVeist Ph. D.
Eldorado Red --$6.00 Donald Goines
Elephant on the Loose--$2.00 Kim Watson
Elihah's Angel--$10.00 Michael J. Rosen
Eliza's Dream--$14.00 Wynter Cuthbert
Elmo Says--$2.00 Constance Allen
Elmo Wants a Bath--$4.00 Joseph Mathieu
Enough--$16.50 Juan Williams
Enterprise Corruption--$14.00 Johnnie Bunting Jr.
E-Males--$14.00 Marcia McNair
Entangled--$9.00 K. Elliot
e-Resumes--$10.75 Susan Britton Whitcomb
Eragon--$11.37 Christopher Paolini
Escape to Love--$6.00 Alice Wootson
Eve--$10.00 K'Wan
Even Sinners Have Souls--$10.00 Various Authors
Even the Stars Look Lonesome--$9.00 Maya Angelou
Everybody Say Amen--$11.00 ReShonsa Tate Billingsley
Every Day Again--$10.00 Carmel S.Victor
Every Day I Pray--$16.00 Iyanla Vanzant
Every Day I Pray (paperback)--$8.00 Iyanla Vanzant
Every Woman Needs a Wife--$10.00 Naleighna Kai
Every Thug Needs a Lady--$10.00 Wahida Clark
Everything But Love--$8.05 Natalie Dunbar
Everything In It's Place--$11.70 Evelyn Palfrey
Exporting, Importing, and E-Commerce--$27.00 Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Extra Marital Affairs--$14.00 Relentless Aaron
Fall Back--$16.00 Geoff Green
Falling for Lies--$11.70 Barbara Joe Williams
Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers--$19.95 Gigi
Fasting For Spiritual Breakthrough--$10.00 Elmer L. Towns
Fear of the Dark--$17.00 Walter Mosley
Feel Good Naked--$22.45 Laure Redmond
Feeling Trapped..There is a Way Out--$13.00 Rev. Tina Baker
Few and Choosen--$17.00 Monte Irvin
Fifty Black Women Who Changed America--$13.50 Amy Alexander
Find it Fast in the Bible--$13.45 Thomas Nelson
Finally--$13.00 Rolanda T. Pyle
Final Analysis--$7.99 Catherine Crier
Finders Keepers--$5.00 Michelle Monkou
Finding Fish--$8.50 Antwone Quenton Fisher
Finding Platinum--$15.00 Sonya Taylor
Fire In My Soul--$19.00 Elenor Holmes Norton
First Touch--$9.00 Sandra Kitt
Flexin & Sexin--$10.00 K'Wan
Flippin' the Script--$16.00 Aisha Ford
Flirting With Danger--$5.39 Kayla Perrin
Fly On the Wall--$9.00 Trista Russell
Fly High--$16.00 Louise Borden
For Lovers Only--$10.00 Alex Hairston
For the Strength of You--$10.00 Victor Martin
Forever a Hustler's Wife--$10.00 Nikki Turner
Forever the Fat Kid--$17.00 Micheal Boyd
Forty Acres--$14.00 Phyllis R. Dixon
Forty Million Dollar Slaves--$11.00 William C. Rhoden
Foolish/Unfoolish--$12.88 Ashanti
For Every Black Eye--$10.00 C. F. Hawthorne
Forgive Us This Day--$10.00 Barbara Joe Williams
Found You, Little Wombat--$3.00 Angela McAllister
For The Strength of You--$11.00 Victor Martin
Freak in the Sheets--$10.00 Madame K
Free to Dream--$15.00 Langston Hughes
Freedom School, Yes--$13.00 Amy Littlesugar
Frenemies--$9.00 L. Divine
Friends and Lovers--$7.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Friends Til the End--$12.00 Julie OJeda
From a Child's Heart--$7.00 Nikki Grimes
From Hip Hop to Heaven--$15.00 Saiden Page Brown
From Incarceration 2 Incorporation--$14.00 J.M. Benjamin
From Niggas to Gods--$9.00 Akil
From Pimp Stick to Pulpit--$17.56 Ann Bromfield
Fusion --$10.00 Rochan Morgan
Game--$9.00 Various Authors
Gangsta--$10.00 Kwan
Gangsta Lean--$10.00 Rochan Morgan
General A. P. Hill--$12.00 James L. Robertson
Get Money Chicks--$10.00 Anna J
Get Some Love--$12.55 Nina Foxx
Get That Cutie in Commercials--$15.25 Kandias Conda
Getting the Love You Want--$9.80 Harville Hendrix
Ghandi's Passion--$36.00 Stanley Wolpert
Ghettonation--$16.00 Cora Daniels
Ghetto Luv--$13.00 Mary Wilson
Gifted Hands--$5.00 MD Ben Carson
Gigolos Get Lonely Too--$10.00 Various Authors
Gimme an O!--$9.00 Kayla Perrin
Girls From the Hood--$13.00 Treasure Hernandez
Girls From Da Hood 2--$10.00 Nikki Turner
Girls From Da Hood 3--$10.00 Mark Anthony, KaShamba
Give Me a Break--$14.00 John Stossel
Give God the Glory--$10.99 Kevin Wayne Johnson
Give God the Glory-The Godly Family Life--$13.00 Kevin Wayne Johnson
Give God the Glory-Let Your Light So Shine--$7.95 Kevin Wayne Johnson
Give God the Glory-Called to be Light in the Workplace--$14.95 Kevin Wayne Johnson
Gloria Rising--$4.00 Ann Cameron
GMAT Math Workout--$14.40 Jack Schieffer
God Thou Knowest--$10.00 Rev Chryll D. Crews
God's Gift to Women--$18.36 Michael Baisden
God's Leading Lady--$15.96 T. D. Jakes
God's Little Chillun--$18.96 Martha Dawkins Massey
Good Morning Baby--$4.00 Cheryl Willis Hudson
Good Morning Heartache--$11.00 Hudson Rowe
Good Night Baby--$4.00 Cheryl Willis Hudson
Good Night Sun, Hello Moon--$9.00 Karen Viola
Goodnight, My Angel--$9.00 Billy Joel
Good to The Last Drop--$14.00 Elissa Gabrielle
Got A Man--$9.00 Daamiah S. Poole
Grace After Midnight--$14.50 Felicia Pearson
Grandfather and I--$5.95 Helen Buckley
Grandmother and I--$5.95 Helen Buckley
Grand Mothers--$7.15 Nikki Giovanni
Growing Up Again--$16.00 Mary Tyler Moore
Grandpa's Face--$14.00 Eloise Greenfield
Great Negros--$23.96 Jawanza Kunjufu
Great Negros Past and Present--$17.95 Russell Adams
Grindin--$15.00 Danielle Santiago
Growing Up King--$17.47 Dexter Scott King
Growing Up X--$20.00 Ilyasah Shabazz
Guilty as Sin--$10.00 Cole Riley
Guilty Pleasures--$19.95 Donna Hill
Gunshots in My Cook-Up--$17.25 Selwyn Seyfu Hinds
Ham and Abram--$18.72 Tim Everett
Handsome Me--$7.00 Wanda L. Thomas
Happy To Be Nappy--$6.00 Bell Hooks
Happily Never After--$10.00 T. Wendy Williams
Harder--$10.00 Sha
Harlem Confidential--$9.00 Cole Riley
Harlem Girl Lost--$10.00 Treasure E. Blues
Harlem's Dragon--$10.00 David Rivera Jr
Harriet Tubman--$8.95 Sarah Bradford
Harriet Tubman--$5.00 Ann Lane Petry
Harry Potter (Chambers of Secrets)--$5.94 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire)--$6.74 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (Order of the Phoeniz)--$20.00 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (paperback boxed set)--$24.00 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban)--$6.79 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (Sorcerer's Stone)--$13.96 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (& The Half Blood Prince)--$17.99 J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter & The Deadly Hallows--$18.00 J.K. Rowling
Have You Met Miss Jones?--$14.95 Tarsha Jones
Having It All--$17.96 Veronica Chambers
Having What Matters--$25.00 Monique Greenwood
He Had It Coming--$10.00 Camika Spencer
Healing Multiple Sclerosis--$10.00 Ann Boroch
Heaven--$4.50 Angela Johnson
Heaven Sent--$10.00 Dynah Zale
Hello, Santa!--$4.00 Catherine Lukas
Help I Need a Fan--$10.00 Rashida A. Ali
Help Wanted--$10.00 Shawary Lewis
He-Motions--$14.00 T.D. Jakes
He Said She Said--$15.00 Dennis L. Reed II
He's Fine But Is He Saved--$10.00 Kimberly Brooks
He's Just A Friend--$13.00 Mary B. Morrison
Here Comes Holi--$14.00 Meenal Pandya
Hiding in Hip Hop--$15.00 Terrance Dean
Hip Hop Decoded--$19.95 The Black Dot
Hip Hop Holla-Backs--$10.00 Zeldah G. Everson
Hiroshima--$4.00 Lawrence Yep
His Blood My Sweat Her Tears--$14.00 Talli J. McFadden
His Lady--$11.96 T. D. Jakes
History of Black Business in America--$35.00 Juliet E.K. Walker
Hitts & Mrs--$7.00 Lori Bryant Woolridge
Hittin It--$11.00 S.W. Smith
Hittin' Numbers--$13.00 Unique J. Shannon
Hoe-Zetta--$12.00 Vincent Warren
Hold Christmas in Your Heart--$5.00 Cheryl Willis Hudson
Hold On Be Strong--$13.00 Jaeyel Imes
Hold U Down--$10.00 Keisha Ervin
Holler If You Hear Me--$19.20 Michael Eric
Holy Quran--$18.36 Maulana Muhammad Ali
Homecoming--$6.29 Rochelle Alers
Honor Thyself--$17.80 Daneille Steel
Hood --$10.00 Noire
Hood Rich--$9.00 Crystal Perkins-Stell
Hood Winked--$10.00 Quentin Carter
Hoodsweet--$12.00 Isiko Cooks
Hood Rat--$14.00 K'Wan
Hoops--$5.99 Walter Dean Meyers
Hooray for the Dandelion Warrior--$3.00 Bill Cosby
Hope for the Brokenhearted--$12.00 Todd R. Cook
Hop on Pop-Up--$4.00 Dr. Seuss
Hot Flashes--$9.95 Nia Nandi "Niarotica"
How I Met My Sweetheart--$10.00 Barbara Joe Williams
How to Cheat and Not Get Caught--$14.00 Elizabeth Sylvince
How To Love Like a Hot Chick--$12.00 Jodi Lipper
How to Duck a Suckah--$10.00 Big Boom
How to Succeed in the Publishing Game--$16.00 Vickie M. Stringer
How to Make Big Bucks--$10.00 Georgia Woodbine
How to Play the Sports Recruiting Game--$11.65 Rodney J. McKissic
How the Elephants Saved Christmas--$17.95 Linda Olson
How Sweet It Is--$8.00 Crystal M. Ellis
Hugs and Hearts--$6.26 Toni Trent Parkee
HUNG--$15.99 Scot Poulson Bryant
Hustlin' Backwards--$12.00 Mike Sanders
Hyped--$10.00 Luke
I Ain't Mad At Ya--$10.00 Travis Stevens
I Ain't Scared of You--$18.40 Bernie Mac
I Am the Darker Brother--$4.49 Arnold Adolff
I Dream a World--$32.00 Brian Lanker
I Do?--$13.00 Edwardo Jackson
I Feel Okay--$16.00 Dorothy Slappy Pitts
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings--$11.70 Maya Angelou
I Love Trees--$8.00 Jimmy Daniels
I May Not Get There With You--$20.00 Michael Dyson
I Say A Prayer For Me--$17.56 Stanice Anderson
I Think I Can--$9.00 Craig Dorfman
I Want What Most White Women Got--$14.00 Veronica Blakely
I Will Survive--$9.71 Lori Robinson
Ice Cream for Freaks--$9.00 Dejon
Ida Mae--$8.00 Delores Thornton
I Don't Wanna Be Right--$9.00 Alisha Yvonne
If I Should Die--$5.39 Grace Edwards
If It Ain't One Thing--$10.00 Cheryl Robinson
If Men are Like Buses--$8.99 Michele McKinney-Hammond
If This World Were Mine--$11.65 E. Lynn Harris
If You Give a Pig a Pancake--$7.00 Laura Numeroff
In the Midst of It All--$11.00 Shonda Cheekes
I'll Cry Tomorrow--$14.95 Pamela Johnson
I'll Find a Way to Make One--$30.00 Dwayne Ashley
I'm Still Here:The Diary of a Driving Instructon--$14.00 J. Myers
I'm Still Wifey--$11.00 Kiki Swinson
I'm Telling--$16.80 Karen Quinones Miller
I'm Your Child God--$15.00 Marion Wright Edelman
Immanuel--$25.00 Linda Chin
In Another Man's Bed--$12.00 Francis Ray
In Cahootz--$10.00 Quentin Carter
In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall--$6.26 Javaka Steptoe
In Her Footsteps--$14.35 Annette Madden
In Her Mother's Shadow--$6.00 Faye Thompson
In My 'Hood--$10.00 Endy
In My Peace I Trust--$12.00 Brittney Davis
In The Name of Love--$14.00 Sammie Ward
In The Winter of Her Season--$16.95 Joan Robertson
In Our Own Image--$24.00 Patrick Bass
In The Eyes of Truth--$12.00 Shelly Parris
In The House With Mouse--$3.59 Deborah Gregory
In The Name of Love--$15.00 Ms. Sammie Ward
In The Shadow of the Peacock--$16.15 Grace Edwards
Inkheart--$16.00 Cornelia Funke
Insatiable--$15.00 Heather Hunter
Intentional Mistakes--$8.95 Michele Sudler
Inner City Blues--$6.29 Paula L. Woods
Inner City Hoodlum--$6.00 Donald Goines
Inside A Thugs Heart--$14.99 Angela Ardis
Inside Power--$16.00 Gary Sheffield, David Ritz
Insider's Secrets to Identity Theft & Fraud--$17.00 T. Carter
Invisible Wings--$67.50 Betty Kaplan Gubert
Iron Pots and Wooden Spoons--$10.80 Jessica B. Harris
Is Modeling for You--$13.45 Yvonne & Tony Rose
Island Bliss--$5.85 Rochelle Alers
Is It A Crime--$12.78 Roy Glenn
Is the Bitch Dead or What?--$10.00 Wendy Williams
It's All Good Hair--$11.65 Michele N-K Collison
It's A Sistah Thing--$10.00 Monique R. Brown
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Kwanzaa--$3.00 Rex Perry
It's Like Candy--$10.00 Erick S. Gray
It's On and Poppin--$10.00 Alastair J. Hatter
Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns--$3.00 Mary Quattlebaum
Jade's Dilemma--$12.00 Reign
Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls--$20.00 Jan Foulke
Jamela's Dress--$12.00 Niki Daly
Jealousy--$11.00 Linda Brickhouse
Jesse Owens--$11.50 Carole Boston
Jolie's Surrender--$8.05 Edwina Martin-Arnold
Journey to Freedom--$5.90 Courtni C. Wright
Journey to the Well--$17.00 Vashti Murphy
Jubilee--$26.25 Howard Dodson
Just As I Am--$11.65 E. Lynn Harris
Just A Picture In A Frame--$12.00 Baba Evans Moore
Just Like Dad--$5.00 Kim Watson
Just Like Martin--$5.00 Ossie Davis
Just Shut Your Mouth and Ask--$11.50 Sandra L. Gittens
Just the Two of Us--$13.56 Will Smith
Karma's a Bitch--$11.00 J. Gail
Kaplain SAT--$16.20 Staff of Kaplan Inc
Kate Remembered--$8.00 A. Scott Berg
Keisha--$11.00 Darrell Debrew
Kenyatta's Escape--$6.00 Donald Goines
Kenyatta's Last Hit--$6.00 Donald Goines
Keys of Destiny--$6.00 Adin Kachisi
Kia Tanisha--$3.99 Eloise Greenfield
Kill Them Before They Grow--$9.85 Michael Porter
Killing in the Name of Love--$12.55 Alvin Morrow
Killing Johnny Fry--$17.00 Walter Mosley
Kiss the Year Goodbye--$10.00 Various Authors
Kindred--$11.70 Octavia E. Butler
King of Stwevillage--$13.00 Conrad Glover
King of Spades--$12.00 Kiniesha Gayle
Koby Bean Bryant--$9.00 Loretta Smith
Kwanzaa for Young People and Everyone Else--$13.00 Geanora Bonner
La Casa De Los Espiritus--$12.55 Isabel Allende
La Ley Del Embudo/The Law of the Funnel--$7.00 Ana Monnar
LaBelle Cuisine--$20.80 Pattie LaBelle
Ladies First--$11.70 Queen Latifah
Ladies Night--$10.00 Mark Anthony Hosley
Langston Hughes--$13.56 Alice Walker
Larceny--$9.00 Jason Poole
Last Man Standing--$12.00 Jack Olsen
Lasting Valor--$22.45 Veron J. Baker
Latin Heat--$12.00 BP Love
Lauri's Low-Carb Cookbook--$16.00 Lauri Ann Randolph
Lazarus and the Hurricane--$11.96 Sam Chaiton
Leading in Black and White--$27.95 Ancella B. Livers
Leap of Faith--$17.00 Queen Noor
Leaving the Wilderness--$10.00 Tonya Blount
Lest We Forget--$17.00 Velma Maia Thomas
Let it Shine--$16.00 Andrea Davis Pickney
Let That Be The Reason--$9.00 Vickie M. Stringer
Let the Brothers Go If...--$0.00 Phyllis R. Dixon
Letters to a Young Brother--$15.00 Hill Harper
Letters to Young Black Men--$9.00 Daniel Whyte III
Let's Do That Again--$9.00 Hiawyn Oram
Let's Get Financial Savvy--$15.00 Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz
Liar Liar--$14.00 Latrese N. Carter
Liar's Game--$7.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them--$14.00 Al Franken
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (Audio Cassette)--$24.00 Al Franken
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (Audio CD)--$24.00 Al Franken
Life in Prison--$11.00 S. Williams
Life and Def.--$19.20 Russell Simmons
Life--$10.00 Leo Sullivan
Life After Wifey--$10.00 Kiki Swinson
Life is a Roller Coaster--$5.00 Linda Hayes
Life is a Roller Coaster 2--$5.00 Linda Hayes
Life, Love, & Loneliness--$10.00 Crystal Lacey Winslow
Life of Pi--$9.00 Yann Martel
Life Overflowing--$13.00 T. D. Jakes
Like a Natural Woman--$13.45 Ziba Kashef
Linden Hills--$11.65 Gloria Naylor
Li'l Persoulnalities--$15.00 Heather Covington
Lion's Blood--$4.00 Steven Barnes
Literary Divas--$16.95 Heather Covington
Little Black Girl Lost 2--$9.99 Keith Lee Johnson
Little Black Girl Lost 3--$10.00 Keith Lee Johnson
Little Ghetto Girl--$11.00 Danielle Santiago
Little Island Live Volcano--$15.00 Carol Tuitt
Little Lion Goes to School--$8.00 Kellie Magnus
Live to Tell the Tale--$21.00 Garcia Marquez
Living Breathing Lies--$11.00 Gloria Mallette
LL Cool J's Platinum Workout--$16.00 LL Cool J
Living Through the Meantime--$11.70 Iyanla Vanzant
Long Walk Up--$6.00 Denise Turney
Long White Con --$6.00 Robert Beck
Looking Back Between the Cracks--$11.69 Verna Bradley
Loopholes of the Rich--$15.95 Diane Kennedy
Loose Ends --$10.00 Electa Rome Parks
Loose Lips--$10.00 Teresa McClain-Watson
Loose That Man and Let Him Go--$12.59 T. D. Jakes
Lost Book of the Bible--$8.99 J. Alden Bret
Love --$10.00 Toni Morrison
Love & Loyalty--$10.00 Deborah Mayer
Love Don't Live Here --$10.00 Therone Shellman
Love Don't Live Here No More--$16.00 Snoop Dog
Love Don't Live Here Anymore--$12.95 Denene Millner
Love Has Many Faces--$16.00 Denise Turney
Love in Bloom--$5.39 Francine Craft
Love is a Splendorous Thing--$14.00 Karen Ligon
Love is Never Painless--$15.00 Zane
Love My Hair--$5.00 Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
Love on a Two-Way Street--$17.50 J.L. King
Love Thy Sister, Watch Thy Back--$12.00 Denise Campbell
Love Notes--$7.99 Reginald Dunlop
Love Your Life--$16.30 Victorian Osteen
Loving the African Male--$18.00 Pete Agbo
Lovin' You Is Wrong--$9.00 Alisha Yvonne
Lovin Mrs Jones --$8.00 Edward Dean Arnold
Low-Carb Cookbook--$7.00 Fran McCullough
Lust of the Flesh--$10.00 Beverly Rolyat
Lusting for Love--$10.00 Nicola McDonald
Makes Me Wanna Holler--$12.60 Nathan McCall
Malcolm X--$13.56 Walter Dean Myers
Malcolm X:The Seeker of Justice--$20.99 Magnus O. Bassey
Mama Black Widow--$6.00 Robert Beck
Mama Day--$11.70 Gloria Naylor
Mama Dip's Kitchen--$14.35 Mildred Council
Manhood--$10.00 J.M. Ross
Man of My Dreams--$19.95 Janie DeCoster
Man Killer--$8.00 Denise Campbell
Mandingo Love--$11.95 Dion Jones
Mandela, Mobutu, and Me--$19.20 Lynne Duke
Mariah Jennings--$15.00 Rebecca Dunbar
Marriage Mayhem--$10.00 Samuel L. Hair
Married But Still Looking--$17.56 Travis E. Hunter
Martin's Big Words--$10.00 Doreen Rappaport
Married Man--Not Released Dorothy Goines
Married to a Married Man--$16.00 Nathaniel Portis
Married to the Game--$9.00 Chunichi
Married to Da Streets--$10.00 Silk White
Marry Your Baby Daddy--$9.00 Maryann Reid
Mary Ann Shadd Cary--$17.05 Jane Rhodes
Mary's Little Lamb--$8.95 Lawrence Christopher
Mastermind--$10.00 Robert Ricks
Math Games and Activities--$11.95 Claudia Zaslavsky
Mathematical Biology II--$69.99 J.D. Murray
Mathematical Physiology--$60.00 James P. Keener
Maximize The Moment--$10.00 T. D. Jakes
Me,Myself and Him--$10.00 E. N. Joy
Meant to Be--$10.75 Rita Coburn Whack
Meet The Color Family--$3.55 Margery Brown
Mega Body G-Strings Dreams--$10.95 Tahjaleenie Tahji
Men Cry in the Dark--$9.00 Michael Baisden
Men of Brewster Place--$20.76 Gloria Naylor
Men of Brewster Place (Audio)--$21.85 Gloria Naylor
Menace II Society--$9.00 Various Authors
Menage's Way--$9.00 Victor Martin
Mercy,Mercy,Me--$18.36 Ronn Elmore
Messin' Up--$10.00 La Tonya Williams
Miami Reign--$10.00 Tammy Merkison
Michelle--$16.40 Liza Mundy
Middlesex--$8.00 Jeffrey Eugenides
Middlesex (Audio Cassette)--$30.00 Jeffrey Eugenides
Midnight--$17.00 Sister Souljah
Milk in My Coffee--$7.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Mina's Joint--$9.00 Keisha Ervin
Mind Games--$10.00 KaShamba Williams
Mirrored Life--$9.00 Anita Bunkley
Missed Opportunities--$10.00 La Tonya Williams
Missing Births--$14.00 Hope C. Clarke
Miss-Guided--$14.95 Renee Flagler
Misery Loves Company--$10.00 B. Lawson Thornton
Mistress --$10.00 Meisha Camm
Mistress Me --$14.00 Vehesha
Mob--$13.00 Roy Glenn
Mommy's Angel--$11.80 Miasha
Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe--$10.00 Jamise L. Dames
Money Hungry--$5.99 Sharon G. Flake
Money Power Respect--$10.00 Erick S. Gray
Money Trouble--$3.00 Bill Cosby
Morning Noon and Night--$14.00 Various Authors
Monogamous Intentions--$14.00 Shannon Davis
Monster--$9.00 Sanyika Shakur
More Secrets More Lies--$10.00 J. Tremble
More Stories Huey Tells--$4.00 Ann Cameron
More Stories Julian Tells--$4.00 Ann Cameron
More Than Anything Else--$12.95 Marie Bradby
More, More, More, Said the Baby--$5.00 Vera B. Williams
Mother Africa's Table--$15.26 Council of Negro Women
Motivating and Preparing Black Youth for Success--$7.55 Jawanza Kunjufu
Mountain High Valley Low--$8.00 Renee Flagler
Mr Potter--$8.00 Jamaica Kincaid
Mr. Untouchable--$16.50 Leroy Barnes
Mrs. Big--$13.00 Maryanne Reid
My Big Boy Bed--$7.00 Eve Bunting
My Bloody Life--$11.85 Reymundo Sanchez
My Brother's Keeper--$14.00 Walter Fredericks
My Brother Martin--$14.36 Christine King Farns
My Destiny--$5.00 Andrianne Byrd
My Heroes, My People--$14.40 Morgan Monceaux
My Horrible First Day--$8.00 Vanessa L. Smith
My Life --$23.00 Bill Clinton
My Life as a Seer--$7.19 Edgar Cayce
My Lover My Brother My Daddy's Son--$12.00 David Williams
My Man Blue--$6.00 Nikki Grimes
My Manz and 'Em--$14.00 J.M. Benjamin
My Secrets Your Lies--$14.00 N'Tyse
My Skin is My Sin--$10.00 Dejon
My Soul to Keep--$13.50 Tenanariv Due
My Very Own Room--$11.95 Maya Christina Gonzalez
My World of Color--$6.00 Margaret Wise Brown
Mystery of the Great Sphinx--$19.00 O.J. Harp III
Nappily Ever After--$10.80 Trisha R. Thomas
Nappy Hair--$14.00 Carolivia Herron
Naughty Girls--$9.00 Alisha Yvonne
Naughty or Nice--$14.36 Eric Jerome Dickey
Neglected Souls--$12.00 Richard Jeanty
Negrophobia--$23.96 Mark Bauerlein
Nettie's Trip South--$5.00 Ann Turner
Neurotica--$14.00 Momowilly
Never Die Alone--$6.00 Donald Goines
Never Go Home Again--$20.00 Shannon Holmes
Never Knew Love Like This Before--$6.99 Maxine Thompson
Never Satisfied--$12.56 Michael Baisden
Nervous Conditions--$10.00 Tsitsi Dangarembga
Never Say Never--$9.00 Dwayne S. Joseph
New Diet Cookbook--$12.60 Robert C. Atkins
New Diet Revolution--$9.76 Robert C. Atkins
New Poems--$18.36 Alice Walker
Nice Guys and Players--$9.00 Rom Willis
Night on a Neighborhood Street--$6.00 Eloise Greenfield
Night to Dawn Barbara Custer
Nobody's Business--$10.00 Rebecca Simmons
No Borders--$21.00 Jorge Ramos
No David--$6.00 David Shannon
No Disrespect--$8.00 Sister Souljah
No Love Lost--$11.00 Therone Shellman
No More Playas--$12.00 Brenda Jackson
No More Sheets--$13.49 Juanita Bynum
No One to Blame--$11.00 Wakiem Freeman
No Pockets in a Shroud --$9.00 Maxine E. Thompson
No Woman No Cry--$17.20 Rita Marley
No Time to Die--$5.39 Grace Edwards
No Exit--$14.00 Al-Saadiq Banks
Not a Day Goes By--$6.29 E. Lynn Harris
Not Easily Broken--$16.00 T.D. Jakes
Not Guilty--$20.00 Jabari Asim
Not Your Average Life--$13.00 Dex
Nothing Like Friends--$14.00 Shannon Davis
Notorious COP--$16.00 Derrick Parker
NOTORIOUS B.I.G.--$14.95 Jake Brown
Number (Les Nombres)--$4.00 Claire Beaton
Numbers (Los Numeros)--$4.00 Claire Beaton
Nyagra's Falls--$13.50 Michelle Valentine
Nympho--$10.00 Andrea Blackstone
Obama From Promise to Power--$17.00 David Mendell
Obara and the Merchants--$14.00 Michelle Bodden
Obara the Gatekeeper--$14.00 Michelle Bodden
Obession 101--$9.00 Michelle McGriff
Oceans of Love--$13.00 Dee Franklin
Ola Strikes It Up--$12.00 Joanne Hyppolite
On The Run With Love--$15.00 J.M. Benjamin
On My Own--$15.00 Kesha Redmon
On The Down Low--$15.00 J.L. King
One Dark and Scary Night--$3.00 Bill Cosby
One Day's Peace:A Woman's Journey Through Life--$11.00 Tanya R. Bates
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up--$12.00 Iyanla Vanzant
One Dead Preacher--$9.95 Tony Lindsay
One Hand in My Pocket--$5.00 Joyce E. Davis
One Hundred Year's of Solitude--$9.00 Gabriel Garcia Marquez
One More River to Cross--$3.60 Jim Haskins
One People--$11.00 T.J. Greer
One Thousand White Women--$11.92 Alice Sebold
Once Upon a Time in Harlem--$10.00 Moses Miller
Only Passing Through--$13.56 Annie F. Rockwell
Only the Strong Survive--$9.00 Larry Platt
Opposites--$4.00 Claire Beaton
Over the River & Through the Woods--$3.00 Rex Perry
Outlaw--$11.00 Roy Glenn
Over Your Dead Body--$10.00 L.David
Overcoming the Enemy--$14.29 T. D. Jakes
Overcoming the Odds--$20.00 Freeman A. Hrabowski
Own and Operate Your Home Day Care--$11.65 Teri Simmons Ph. D
Own Your Own Corporation--$14.00 Garrett Sutton
Pandora's Box--$11.00 Allison Hobbs
Passionate Misfortunes--$12.00 Stacy Stephen Harris
Patti LaBelle's Lite Cuisine--$19.50 Patti LaBelle
Patti's Pearls--$15.96 Patti LaBelle
Paul Robeson Speaks--$20.65 Professor Phillip S. Foner
Payback--$9.00 Roy Glenn
Payback Is a Mutha--$10.00 Wahida Clark
Pay Yourself First--$13.45 Jessie Brown
Perfect Harmony--$13.59 Charles R. Smith
Persoulnalities--$15.00 Heather Covington
Phenomenal Women--$15.96 Maya Angelou
Philippine Recipes Made Easy--$9.95 Violeta A. Noriega
Pictures of Hollis Wood--$13.55 Patricia Reilly Giff
Pimp--$6.00 Robert Beck
Pimpnosis--$27.96 Tracy Funches
Pimpology--$13.50 Pimpin' Ken
Pipe Dream--$7.95 Solomon Jones
Plan Your African-American Family Reunion--$13.00 Krystal Williams
Player Haters--$15.00 Carl Weber
Player No More--$14.00 Thomas E. Green
Playin' In Someone Else's Yard--$4.48 Elaine McChard
Playing For Keeps--$4.48 David Halbertstam
Playthings--$11.00 Faith Graham
Please, Baby Please--$13.56 Tonya Lewis Lee
Please Come Home for Christmas--$12.00 Don Fulton
Please Return My Phone Call --$19.00 Malik Yoba & Akoshia Yoba
Poems --$5.39 Maya Angelou
Poetic Wisdom--$13.50 Julie Murray
Poetry from the Bottom--$14.00 Vincent R. Alexandria
Poetry for Young People--$11.96 Gary D. Schmidt(Editor)
Poetry She Wrote I--$15.00 Dee Franklin
Poetry She Wrote II--$15.00 Dee Franklin
Portia--$13.50 Denise Turney
Powernomics--$21.60 Claude Anderson
Presents for Everyone--$5.00 Lara Rice Bergen
Prime Time--$20.76 Gayle Porter
Princess Within--$15.99 Serita Ann Jakes
Prison Stories--$12.00 Seth M. Ferranti
Prisoner's Wife--$18.40 Asha Bandele
Promises To Keep--$12.55 Gloria Mallette
Provocative Pleasures--$12.00 Phoenix
Psalm Twenty-Three--$12.00 Tim Ladwig (Illustrator)
Push--$6.00 Relentless Aaron
Queen--$13.00 Cynthia White
Queen's Reign Supreme--$11.00 Ethan L. Brown
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy--$18.00 Carson Kressley
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Audio Cassette)--$16.00 Carson Kressley
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Audio CD) --$16.00 Carson Kressley
Q.T. Pie Catches the Rainbow --$3.00 Stephanie Sanders
Q.T. Pie Meets Smart E --$4.00 Stephanie Sanders
Q.T. Pie's Rescue Adventure --$4.99 Stephanie Sanders
R is for Ricochet--$18.86 Sue Grafton
Race-ing Justice, En-Gendering Power--$13.50 Toni Morrison
Ragdoll That Cried Real Tears--$13.00 Leslie Hall-Federman
Rapid Math Short Cuts to Mastering Math--$5.60 A. Frederick Collins
Rappers 'R' In Danger--$14.00 Relentless Aaron
Ready..Set…Relax--$19.16 Jeffrey S. Allen
Real Men Cook--$21.00 K. Kofi Moyo
Recipes From the Road--$17.00 Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Recipes for the Good Life--$16.00 Patti LaBelle
Red Tails Black Wings--$17.10 John B. Holway
REFlux:Poetic Spirit & Spoken Soul--$10.00 Marc Lacy
Rehoboth Road--$13.00 Anita Y. Ballard-Jones
Rejuvenate-$22.80 Eartha Kitt
Remember Me to Harlem--$10.00 Langston Hughes
Renegade--$6.00 Rochelle Alers
Reposition Yourself--$15.00 T.D. Jakes
Resumes for Dummies--$15.40 Joyce Lain Kennedy
Revelations--$17.60 Mason Betha
Revelations--$8.00 Cheris R. Hodges
Rich Dad Poor Dad--$14.35 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Dad's Guide to Investing--$15.00 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Dad's Prophecy--$17.00 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich--$16.15 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Kid Smart Kid--$13.00 Robert T. Kiyosaki
Rich Minds, Rich Rewards--$13.45 Valerie Burton
Richard Wright and The Library Card--$5.00 William Miller
Ride or Die Chick--$10.00 J.M. Benjamin
Riding Dirty on I-69--$10.00 Nikki Turner
Right Here In The Middle--$9.95 Dr. Debbie Lassiter
Road Dawgz--$10.00 K'Wan
Robbing Peter--$12.00 Kia Dupree
Rock and Fire--$14.00 Marc Lacy
Rock My Soul--$8.00 Bell Hooks
Rockin' Robin--$9.00 Stephanie Johnson
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry --$5.69 Mildred D. Taylor
Rollin' with Dre--$16.00 Bruce Williams
Rosa Parks--$5.39 Rosa Parks
Rose That Grew from Concrete--$16.00--$16.00 Tupac Shakur
Roses are Thorns, Violets are True--$16.00--$9.00 Sheila M. Goss
Round is a Mooncake--$10.60 Roseanned Thong
Rule by Secrecy--$13.50 Jim Marrs
Runnin' Game--$7.00 Courtney Parker
Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway--$14.00 M. Raven Rowe
Sacred Woman--$12.80 Queen Afua
Sales Dogs--$13.56 Blair Singer
Salt In His Shoes--$13.56 Roslyn Jordan
Salvation--$11.65 Bell Hooks
Satchel Paige--$12.80 Lesa Cline-Ransome
Satin I'm Taking Back My Health--$13.45 Jawanza Kunjufu
Saving Grace--$10.00 JoAnn D. Bellamy
Saving Our Sons--$13.50 Marita Golden
Say a Little Prayer for You--$13.00 Burt Bacharach
Scandalous--$9.00 ReChella
Schemin'--$15.00 Andrea Blackstone
Second Sunday--$15.00 Michele Andrea Bowen
Secret Lovers--$6.00 Patricia Phillips
Secret Society--$11.00 Miasha
Secrets of My Soul--$13.49 Latorial Faison
Seesaw Girl--$4.00 Linda Sue Park
Selected Poems--$10.80 Gwendolyn Brooks
Selected Poems of Langston Hughes--$11.70 Langston Hughes
Selections from the Women of Brewsters Place--$3.75 Gloria Naylor
Send 'Em South--$5.65 Alan N. Kay
Seth and Samona--$8.00 Joanne Hyppolite
Seventh Child--$17.56 Rodnell P. Collins
Sex Chronicles II--$10.00 Zane
Sex In The Hood--$9.00 White Chocolate
Sex Starved Marriage--$16.80 Michele Davis
Shades of Black--$11.96 Sandra L. Pinkney
Shadow of the Panter--$16.20 Hugh Pearson
Shake It To The One--$16.95 Cheryl Warren Mattox
Shameless--$10.00 Vonetta C. Pierce
Shattered Bonds--$22.00 Dorothy Roberts
She's the One--$6.29 Sandra Kitt
Shedding Light From My Journey--$9.00 DuEwa Frazier
Shipwreck Saturday--$3.00 Bill Cosby
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda--$9.00 La Jill Hunt
Showing Mary--$10.36 Renita J.Weems
Silent Fear--$12.00 Renee Jones Brown
Simon Says.. Dream--$12.00 Simon T. Bailey
Sin--$6.00 Crystal Rhodes
Sins of the Father--$12.78 Felicia Madlock
Single Mamahood--$10.00 Kelly Williams
Sister--$10.00 T. Benson Glover
Sister Betty--$14.00 Pat G'Orge-Walker
Sister Days--$13.45 James Adams
Sister Sister--$7.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Sister Strength--$9.89 Suzan D. Johnson-Cook
Sister to Sister--$9.00 Suzan D. Johnson-Cook
Sister to Sister--$11.40 Linda H. Hollies (Editor)
Sister Wit--$11.16 Jacqueline Jakes
Sittin' In the Front Pew--$9.00 Parry A. Brown
Six Bad Things--$11.65 Charlie Huston
Six Days in January--$10.00 William Fredrick Cooper
Six Easy Pieces --$9.00 Walter Mosley
Skinny Coooks Can't Be Trusted--$17.00 Mo'Nique Imes Jackson
Skinny Dip--$17.46 Carl Hiaasen
Skyscraper--$15.00 Zane
Slam--$5.99 Walter Dean Meyers
Slave:My True Story--$17.00 Mende Nazer
Slavery--$14.40 Richard Ross Watkins
Sleeping With Strangers--$16.25 Eric Jerome Dickey
Slick--$10.00 Brenda Hampton
Sloppy Firsts--$8.50 Megan McCafferty
Smart Parenting for African-Americans--$13.00 Dr. Jeffrey Gardere
Smitten--$5.00 Sonia Icilyn
Smothered Southern Foods--$10.00 Wilbery Jones
SnitchCraft--$14.00 Edrea Davis
So You Call Yourself a Man--$12.59 T. D. Jakes
So You Call Yourself a Man--$15.99 Carl Weber
Sober Faith--$6.00 Stephanie Perry Moore
Somebody's Got To Be On Top--$7.00 Mary B. Morrison
Somebody's Knocking At My Door--$8.50 Francis Ray
Somebody's Someone--$11.99 Regina Louise
Something Beautiful--$5.00 Sharon Dennis Wyeth
Someone Else's Puddin--$10.00 Samuel L. Hair
Someone to Love Me--$3.00 Francis Ray
Son of Solomon--$14.00 Johnnie Bunting Jr.
Son of a Snitch--$10.00 Michael Evans
Sonja's Story--$10.40 Sonja Potfrabienskowa Drake
Soul Food--$20.00 Joyce White
Soulfire--$4.74 Lorri Hewett
Soulmates--$15.30 Eric V. Copage
Southern Homecoming Traditions--$16.00 Carolyn Quick Tillery
Spanish Eyes--$15.25 Denise Campbell
Speak--$5.00 Laurie Halse Anderson
Spike Lee Interviews--$16.20 Spike Lee
Spirit of Harlem--$17.00 Craig Marberry
Spiritual Breakthrough--$11.65 John Van Auken
Squeeze--$14.00 Joe Black
Stackin Paper--$14.00 Joy King & Joe Joe
Stackin Paper 2--$14.00 Joy King
Stacy--$10.00 Darrell DeBrew
Stalker--$10.00 Pat Tucker
Standing On Holy Ground--$18.00 Sandra Johnson
Start Something--$12.80 Earl Woods
State of Emergency--$19.16 Jawanza Kunjufu
Step On a Crack--$16.00 James Patterson
Stepping Stone to Success--$14.95 Lydia M. Douglas
Still Crazy--$10.00 Darrin Lowery
Still Dirty--$16.20 Vickie Stringer
Still I Rose--$15.96 Maya Angelou
Stiletto 101--$12.00 Lenaise Meyeil
Stolen Legacy--$8.95 George Jones
Stolen Lives--$19.20 Malika Oufkir
Stolen Women--$9.00 Gail Wyatt
Strangers Among Us--$11.00 Roberto Suro
Strapped --$10.00 Laurinda Brown
Street Chronicles Girls in the Game--$11.00 Nikki Turner
Street Fame--$10.00 K. Elliott
Street Love--$10.00 Various Authors
Street Players--$6.00 Donald Goines
Street Team--$14.00 Joe Black
Strength For Their Journey--$10.36 Robert L. Johnson
Strength Within--$.00 Roland V. Tyler
Strongman's His Name--$13.00 Jerry Robeson
Succulent:Chocolate Flava II--$14.00 Zane
Success Stategies for African-Americans--$11.16 Beatryce Nivens
Sugar Daddy's Game--$13.00 Gregory Dixon
Sugar & Spice--$10.00 Keith Lee Johnson
Suge Knight--$19.75 Jake Brown
Superstar--$14.00 Joy King
Supreme Discomfort--$10.00 Kevin Merida
Summer's Distant Echoes--$15.00 James Morris
Sunshine & Rain --$14.00 Noire
Surrendered Heart--$6.50 Stephanie Perry Moore
Super-Fine Valentine--$3.00 Bill Cosby
Superfly--$9.95 Ron Chepesiuk
Superwoman's Child--$10.00 J.L. Woodson
Sweet Bye-Bye--$16.00 Denise Michelle Harris
Sweet Dreams--$14.00 Nikkea Smithers
Sweet Potato Queens--$12.55 Jill Conner Brownie
Sweet Sacrifice--$8.00 Crystal Rhodes
Swingers--$12.00 Torrian Ferguson
Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook--$18.00 Sylvia Woods
Sylvia's Soul Food--$13.50 Sylvia Woods
Tainted Loyalty--$10.00 James Morris
Talk of the Town--$12.00 Tonya Ridley
Take Her Man--$11.00 Grace Octavia
Taken For Granted --$7.00 Jewell
Tales From The Briar Patch--$24.00 Julius Lester
Tales From Da Hood--$10.00 Nikki Turner
Taste of Freedom--$19.96 Carolyn Quick Tillery
Tears for Water--$14.99 Alicia Keys
The 8 Powers of a Woman--$14.00 JaOla Walker, D.D.
Tell The Time with Miffy--$11.00 Dick Bruna
Tenderheaded--$12.60 Ntozake Shange
Thank Yo Dr King--$3.00 Robin Reid
Thorn's Challenge--$3.50 Brenda Jackson
The 9/11 Commission Report--$9.00
The Adventures of Connie and Diego--$12.95 Maria Garcia
The Adventure of Ghetto Sam & Glory of My Demise--$13.45 Kwame Teague
The African-American Archive--$28.00 Kai Wright
The African-American Heritage Cookbook--$15.96 Carolyn Quick Tillery
The African-American Teenagers Guide--$17.95 Debra Harris-Johnson
The African-American Writer's Guide...--$12.95 Takesha Powell
The African Origin of Western...--$11.95 C. H. Oliver
The Aftermath--$14.00 Anna J.
The Angry Ones--$20.60 John A. Williams
The Antichrist 666--$8.95 William J. Sutton
The Art of Love--$5.39 Selena Montgomery
The Assassination of the Black Male Image--$10.80 Earl Ofari Hutchinson
The Autobiography of Quincy Jones--$20.80 Quincy Jones
The Automatic Millionaire--$11.97 David Bach
The Baddest Chick--$11.00 Alastair J. Hatter
The Battle Cry--$12.00 Dr. Debbie Lassiter
The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Warfare--$9.00 T. Neil Anderson
The Best American Essays of the Century Vol 1--$22.50 Gloria Naylor
The Best American Essays of the Century Vol 2 --$22.50 Gloria Naylor
The Best Recess Ever --$14.37 Stepanie Mara Dawson
The Bitten--$11.00 L. A. Banks
The Black Door--$12.00 Velvet
The Black Enterprise Guide to Starting Your Own Business--$18.00 Wendy Beech
The Black Enterprise Guide to Technology--$18.00 Bernadette Williams
The Black Family Reunion Cookbook--$11.70 Council of Negro Women
The Black Female Body--$48.00 Deborah Willis
The Black Girl's Guide to College..--$14.95 Sheryl Walker
The Black Snowman--$5.00 Phil Mendez
The Blackbirch Treasury of American Poetry--$43.00 Various Authors
The Blessing of the Lord--$19.00 Gary D. Schmidt
The Bondage Breaker--$9.00 T. Neil Anderson
The Book of Wisdom--$9.95 Jean-Marie De La Trinite
The Bossy Gallito--$4.00 Lucia M. Gonzalez
The Bridge--$12.00 Solomon Jones
The Cat in the Hat's Great Big Flap Book--$10.00 Dr. Seuss
The City of the Beasts --$21.00 Isabel Allende
The Coldest Winter Ever--$5.00 Sister Souljah
The Color of Love--$15.00 Anthony Wallace
The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou--$21.00 Maya Angelou
The Collected Poems...--$12.00 Langston Hughes
The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou--$22.00 Maya Angelou
The Complete Idiot's Guide to African-American History--$15.16 Melba J. Duncan
The Condemnation of Little B--$22.80 Elaine Brown
The Connection--$10.00 S.W. Smith
The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women--$13.45 Michael Porter
The Covenant in Action--$8.00 Tavis Smiley
The Covenant with Black America--$9.00 Tavis Smiley
The Creation--$5.95 James Weldon Johnson
The Crisis of Islam--$15.95 Bernard Lewis
The DaVinci Code--$15.00 Dan Brown
The Day I Was Rich--$3.00 Bill Cosby
The Disilgold Way--$20.75 Heather Covington
The Dream Keeper and ...--$8.00 Langston Hughes
The Dynamic Diva Dollars--$19.95 Ebon Bomani
The Ebony Cookbook--$12.76 Freda DeKnight
The Emperor of Ocean Park--$21.56 Stephen L. Carter
The Enemy Between My Legs--$12.99 Stephanie L. Jones
The Envy of the World--$17.60 Ellis Cose
The Ex Files--$10.00 Victoria Christopher Murray
The Extra Thankful Thanksgiving--$3.00 Kim Watson
The Faithful Friend--$6.00 Robert D SanSouci
The Family II--$12.00 Antonne M. Jones
The First Lady --$16.99 Carl Webber
The First Part Last--$11.00 Angela Johnson
The Five People You Meet In Heaven--$11.97 Mitch Albom
The Fundamentals--$20.00 Isiah Thomas
The Game--$10.00 Various Authors
The Gold Digger's Guide--$12.00 Ivana B. Rich
The Good House--$20.00 Tananarive Due
The Halloween Costume Hunt--$5.00 Kim Watson
The Heat Seekers--$19.96 Zane
The Hidden Lover--$9.00 William July II
The High Price of a Good Man--$7.00 Debra Phillips
The History of Evans....--$29.00 Annette C. Billie
The Honeywood Street Fair--$3.00 Catherine Lukas
The Hunger--$13.00 Norman R. Colson
The Illuminati 666--$8.95 William J. Sutton
The Indian Parenting Book--$15.00 Meenal Pandya
The Ingredients of Q. T. Pie--$3.50 Stepahie Sanders
The Invisible Princess--$5.00 Faith Ringgold
The Island of Abandoned Dreams--$12.00 Nneka Gunn
The Jump Off--$11.00 Doug Dixon
The Kennedy Curse--$17.00 Edward Klein
The King of Torts--$19.56 John Grisham
The Last Chance --$10.00 Darrien Lee
The Last Juror--$17.00 John Grisham
The Last Kingpin--$7.00 Relentless Aaron
The Last Street Novel--$19.00 Omar Tyree
The Last Temptation--$10.00 Gerald K. Malcom
The Last Year of Malcolm X--$13.45 George Bretiman
The Legacy of Love--$8.00 Jenafeca Smith
The Legend of Freedom Hill--$5.60 Linda Jacobs
The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass--$17.05 Frederick Douglass
The Life You Imagine--$10.90 Derek Jeter
The Lifestyle of a Exotic Male Dancer--$15.00 Randy Ritchwood
The Little Big Book of Christmas--$16.00 Lena Tabori
The Little Drummer Boy--$6.00 Ezra Jack Keats
The Looking Heart--$11.00 Marc Lacy
The Lonely Bones--$17.56 Alice Sebold
The Maintenance Man--$7.95 Michael Baisden
The Maintenance Man--$18.36 Michael Baisden
The Man Hunt--$10.00 Sonia Caulton
The Man Who Cried I Am--$100.00 John A. Williams
The Matter is Life--$6.00 J. California Cooper
The Measure of a Man--$8.00 Sidney Poitier
The Memphis Diary of Ida B. Wells--$12.60 Miriam B. Wells
The Mis-Education of the Negro--$7.99 Carter G. Woodson
The Million Dollar Divorce--$16.00 R. M. Johnson
The Mouse that Roared--$11.00 Dwayne Murray, Sr
The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim--$6.00 Robert Beck
The Naked Truth--$10.00 Marvelyn Brown
The Naked Truth--$10.00 Chunichi
The New Low-Country Cooking--$20.00 Marvin Woods
The New Soul Food Cookbook--$9.00 Wilbert Jones
The New Soul Food Cookbook for People with Diabetes--$10.00 Fabiola Demps Gaines
The New Strong Willed Child--$10.00 Dr. James Dobson
The New World Order--$15.25 Ralph Epperson
The Night Before Thirty--$7.00 Tajuana Butler
The Northside Clit--$10.00 Allysha Hamber
The NY Times Guide for Immigrants to NYC--$11.00 Joan Nassivera
The Original Heritage African American Study Bible--$31.00
The Outside Shot--$6.50 Walter Dean Meyers
The Pact--$19.96 George Jenkins
The Palm of My Heart--$7.00 Davida Adedjouma(Editor)
The Pastor's Letter--$10.00 Evans Moore
The Pat Conroy Cookbook--$18.00 Pat Conroy
The People Could Fly--$11.00 Virginia Hamilton
The Piano--$6.00 William Miller
The Poet Speaks in Black--$13.56 Terry A. O'Neal
The Power of the Praying Husband--$8.99 Stormie Omartian
The Power of the Praying Parent--$6.64 Stormie Omartian
The Power of the Praying Wife--$8.99 Stormie Omartian
The Prayer of Jabez for Kids--$8.00 Bruce Wilkinson
The Prayer of Jabez for Little Ones--$5.00 Bruce Wilkinson
The Presumed Alliance--$12.00 Nicolas C. Vaca
The Prince of Loyalty--$15.00 Ron Suskind
The Prince of Loyalty (Audio Cassette)--$17.00 Ron Suskind
The Prince of Loyalty (Audio CD)--$18.00 Ron Suskind
The Princeton Review Word Smart--$23.96 Adam Robinson
The Prodigal Husband--$13.50 Jacquelin Thomas
The Prodigal Son--$15.00 V. Ricardo Thomas,Sr
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands--$14.00 Laura Schlessinger
The Prophet--$10.00 Kahlil Gibran
The Protector--$11.00 T.L.Gardner
The Straight Up Truth--$15.95 Joy Marie
The Rise of Barack Obama--$18.00 Pete Souza
The Root of All Evil--$10.00 Joylynn M. Jossel
The Queen of Harlem--$8.00 Brian Keith Jackson
The Rainbow People--$5.69 Lawrence Yep
The Real Deal--$11.00 Billie Montgomery Cook
The Reckoning--$19.96 Randall N. Robinson
The Ring of McAllister--$11.70 Robert Marantz
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow--$9.00 Richard Wormser
The Rumble in the Jungle--$9.00 Nneka Gunn
The Sacred Place--$15.00 Daniel Black
The Savage Nation--$18.00 Micheal Savage
The Savvy Sistahs--$7.95 Brenda Jackson
The Secret--$14.00 Rhonda Byrne
The Secret (DVD)--$28.00 Drew Heriot
The Secret to True Happiness--$16.00 Joyce Meyer
The Secret life of Bees--$8.00 Sue Monk Kidd
The Secret life of Bees (Audio Cassette)--$22.00 Sue Monk Kidd
The Secret life of Bees (Audio CD)--$22.00 Sue Monk Kidd
The Secrets: How to Control a Man--$10.00 C. E. Cost
The Serpent's Children--$6.44 Lawrence Yep
The Sisters of APF--$9.00 Zane
The Ski Mask Way --$9.50 50 Cent & K. Elliot
The Skin I'm In --$5.99 Sharon G. Flake
The Soul of a Black Woman--$14.00 C. Highsmith-Hooks
The South Beach Diet--$14.22 Arthur Agatston
The Spirit of Franklin's Shoe Box --$9.00 Stormy Davis
The Spirit of Man--$11.70 Iyanla Vanzant
The Story of Jacqueline--$9.95 Sabine Faustin
The Street Life Series--$18.00 Kevin M. Weeks
The Streets Love No One--$14.00 RI
The Strong Silent Type--$10.00 C. Kelly Robinson
The Take Down--$14.00 Mark Anthony Hosley
The Torch Carrier--$13.00 Antonio Richardson
The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones--$13.00 Moses Miller
The Tibetan Book of the Dead--$10.75 W.Y. Evans Wentz
The Ties that Bind --$10.00 Electa Rome Parks
The Ties That Bind--$5.39 Eboni Snoe
The Tommy Good Story--$10.00 Leondrel Prince
The Treasure Hunt--$3.00 Bill Cosby
The Turning Point--$6.29 Francis Ray
The Vintage Book of African-American Poetry--$12.60 Michael S. Harper (Editor)
The Unexpected--$14.00 Lorinda Mouzon
The Virtuous Girl--$9.00 Danita Whyte
The Vixen Diaries--$16.50 Karrine Steffans
The Wave--$15.00 Walter Mosley
The Weight Loss Cure--$14.50 Kevin Trudeau
The Wicked--$11.00 L. A. Banks
The Willie Lynch Letter--$2.00 Kashif Malik Hassan-El
The Women of Brewster Place--$11.70 Gloria Naylor
The Womanizers--$12.78 Dwayne S. Joseph
The Worst Day of My Life--$3.00 Bill Cosby
Them--$16.00 Nathan McCall
Theological Madness--$10.00 Kenneth T Collins
Things My Momma Never Told Me--$12.95 Marcia Brevard Wynn
Think Big--$9.00 MD Ben Carson
There Are No Children Here--$12.00 Alez Kotlowitz
There's Always a Reason--$13.00 William F. Cooper
They Shall Expel Demons--$11.00 Derek Prince
Thieves Paradise--$15.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Things In Between--$15.00 Nathaniel Portis
Think Again--$11.16 Doug E. Fresh
Think and Grow Rich--$19.96 Napoleon Hill
This B*tch Is Crazy--$12.00 Tracy L. Foster
This Bitter Earth--$9.00 Bernice L. McFadden
This Fire Down in My Soul--$15.00 J.D. Mason
This Mother's Daughter--$11.65 Nelvia M. Brady
Thong on Fire--$10.00 Noire
Those Who Walk in Darkness--$15.00 John Ridley
Thoughts Unleashed--$13.00 Denise Hinton
Three Junes--$8.00 Julia Glass
Three Junes (Audio Cassette)--$26.00 Julia Glass
Three Seeds of Eve --$13.00 Grant Lewis Jr
Thug Matrimony--$10.00 Wahida Clark
Thug Politics--$14.00 Dutch
Thugs And the Women Who Love Them--$10.00 Wahida Clark
Ties That Bind--$12.55 Brenda Jackson
Time Out--$9.00 Geavonnie Frazier
Today Jesus Said, Let Me Introduce Myself--$14.00 Bonita M. Quesinberry, R.C.
To Die for the People--$13.45 Huey P. Newton
To Live and Die in Harlem--$6.00 Relentless Aaron
Too Little, Too Late--$14.00 Portia A. Cosby
Too Hot to Handle--$5.39 Monica Jackson
Toothless Wonder--$3.00 Barbar Park
Top Secrets Rendezvous--$6.00 Linda Hudson-Smith
Top-Secret Personal Beeswax--$8.00 Barbara Park
Torn --$10.00 Keisha Ervin
Trace--$17.00 Patricia Cornwell
Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibron--$19.88 Kahlil Gibron
Treasures From a Nubian Heart--$9.95 Delores J. Gregg-Thomas
Trick Baby--$6.00 Robert Beck
Trife Life 2 Lavish--$14.00 Deja King
Triple Take--$8.00 Y. Blak Moore
Trouble Man--$19.00 Steve Turner
True to the Game--$9.00 Terri Woods
True to the Game II --$10.00 Teri Woods
Truth Told--$10.00 J.J. Nash
Truth Hurts--$10.00 Shalya Crape
Tumbling--$10.80 Diane McKinney
Tupac--$20.00 Jacob Hoye, Karolyn Ali
Turkeystuffer--$13.50 Mark Crockett
Turn Up The Heat--$13.50 Gerry Garvin
Twas the Night Before Christmas--$3.00 Clement Clarke Moore
Twilight Healer--$17.00 Barbara Custer
Twisted--$12.00 Holland Jones
Unbroken Curses--$11.00 Rebecca Brown
Undercover--$11.00 Laurinda D.Brown
Underground to Freedom--$11.65 Horace Smith
Unfit for Command--$15.93 John E. O'Neil
Uncle Jeds Barbershop--$6.00 Margaree King
Unique's Ending--$12.00 Victor L. Martin
Until The End of Time--$5.00 Melanie Schuster
Up From Here--$13.56 Iyanla Vanzant
Up From Slavery--$4.45 Booker T. Washington
Up From Slavery--$13.45 Booker T. Washington
Up Your Score--$9.85 Larry Berger
Uptown--$5.00 Brian Collier
Use Me or Lose Me--$15.00 Maryann Reid
Vernon Can Read--$20.80 Vernon E. Jordan
Vibe History of Hip Hop--$22.00 Alan Light
Victory --$11.65 Stepanie Mara Dawson
Voices of the Collective Struggle--$9.00 Peggy M. Fisher
Wake Up, City--$7.00 Susan Verlander
Waking With Enemies --$16.00 Eric Jerome Dickey
Wanting You --$10.00 A.C. Arthur
War Games--$13.00 Dulue Mbachu
Walking Proud--$12.55 George Edmond Smith
Watch Me Dance--$5.00 Andrea Davis
Waving From The Heart--$9.00 Ann Clay
Wavy, Kinky, Curly?--$13.95 Deborah R. Lilly
We are the Ship--$13.00 Kadir Nelson
Weapons of Mass Seduction--$11.00 Lori Bryant-Woolridge
Wealth Chants--$14.95 Ebon Bomani
Wednesday's Woes--$10.00 Gayle Jackson Sloan
Wendy's Got the Heat--$15.00 Wendy Williams with Karen Hunter
We Real Cool--$12.00 Bell Hooks
We Shall Not Be Moved--$19.00 Velma Maia Thomas
Wisdom Seeds--$14.00 Patrice Wade Johnson
What a Wonderful World--$12.80 George David Weiss
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted--$13.00 E. Lynn Harris
What Black Men Think--$19.00 Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint
What Doesn't Kill You--$16.40 Virginia DeBerry
What I Do Is Taboo--$10.00 Yonder
What I Know for Sure--$16.00 Tavis Smiley
What Next--$13.56 Walter Mosley
What Should I Do With My Life--$16.00 Po Bronson
What They Want--$14.00 Omar Tyree
What's a Woman to Do?--$19.16 Victor McGlothin
What's Done in the Dark--$11.00 Gloria Mallette
What's for Supper--$6.00 Mary Risk
When a Man Loves a Woman--$6.29 Bette Ford
When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost--$10.80 Joan Morgan
When Day Meets Night--$10.80 Ramadhan Nanji's
When Dreams Float--$8.00 Dorothy Love
When He Calls--$10.00 Sharel Gordon
When Hell Freezes Over--$13.00 Darrien Lee
When Thugs Cry--$12.00 R.A. Pharaoh
Where Secrets Lie--$14.95 Mahogony Star
While the Village Sleeps--$13.00 Evan Moore
White is a State of Mind--$19.16 Melba Pattillo Beals
White Man's Justice, Black Man's Grief--$6.00 Donald Goines
Who Am I Without Him?--$11.99 Sharon G. Flake
Who Shot Ya--$22.46 Ernie Paniccioli
Who's Looking Out for You?--$14.00 Bill O'Reilly
Who's Renting Space In Your Head?--$10.00 C. NaTasha Richburg
Whore--$10.00 Tanika Lynch
Whoreson--$6.00 Donald Goines
Who's Hiding Little Bill--$8.00 Bill Cosby
Willow Weep For Me--$11.65 Men Nan-Ama Danquah
Wives and Girlfriends--$15.00 Nishannda Ellis
Woman of Color--$27.99 Marorie H. Lawson
Women Thou Art Loosed--$15.99 T. D. Jakes
Women Thou Art Loosed Bible--$19.95 T. D. Jakes
Women's Guide to Successful Makeup and Skin Care--$15.25 Alford Fornay
World's Great Men of Color Vol 1--$12.16 J. A. Rogers
World's Great Men of Color Vol 2--$12.16 J. A. Rogers
Worth Fighting 4--$14.00 Jaeyel Imes
Wrapped in Rainbows--$24.00 Valerie Boyd
Writer's of the Future Volume 21--$7.00 Ron Hubbard
Writer's of the Future Volume 23--$7.00 Ron Hubbard
WWW.Urim And Thummim.God--$24.95 David H. Swingler
Yay A Snow Day--$5.09 Hopi Morton
Year of Wonders--$11.20 Geraldine Brooks
Yes,God,I'm Listening--$12.00 Regina Vincent Clark
Yes,Yes, Yes--$4.49 Kelly Kenyatta
Yesterday I Cried--$6.64 Iyanla Vanzant
You Beckon--$13.45 Peggy Eldridge Love
You Forgot About DRE--$15.25 Kelly Kenyatta
You Wrong for That--$12.00 Toschia Moffett
Your Best Life Now--$11.00 Joel Osteen
Zero Debt--$14.95 Lynnette Khalfani
Zinzi--$8.95 Lynnette C. Velasco

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