C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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An Inner Child Speaks

Author:Zykeya McLeod

A young Princess loses her mother to a sudden death. While overcome by feelings of loneliness and dismay she is forced to live with her physically abusive cousin Olivia. It?s sometimes hard being a child, but even harder when you?ve lost your mom. Quick-witted she reaches out for help and is rescued by her loving Aunt Nina.
Upon encountering Zykeya at the Queens Book Fair last year. I was blown away. The thought that a twelve-year-old was deep enough and astute enough to notice and care about the topic of abuse. As I read through the book I was pleased to note the light touch with which the topic was handled. It makes on aware of the problem and leaves lots of room for dialogue. The book also includes definitions of words which might be difficult for younger ones to understand. All in all a fabulous job Zykeya!

About the Author:
Zykeya McLeod lives in Brooklyn where she is in Middle School. She enjoys playing Double Dutch with her little sister and friends. Zykeya plays the piano, sings, dances and is an aspiring actress.

C&B Price:$14.00
ISBN: 0977913007
ISBN-13: 9780977913008
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Publisher: Zylman Publishing

Jesse Owens

Author:Carole Boston Weatherford, Eric Velasquez (Illustrator)

In 1936, America was years away from war with Nazi Germany. But long before the first battle of World War II, a starter's gun fired the first shot in our battle against the Nazis.

Adolf Hitler viewed the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a chance to show the superiority of the German race over the rest of the world. He never expected that an American, let alone a black American, would dash his dreams.

Jesse Owens grew up during an age when segregation laws forced him to eat at separate restaurants and stay at different hotels. But Jesse never let it slow him down while setting world records and winning a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. Once in Berlin, the triumph of Jesse's will helped him run through any barrier, winning not only Olympic gold, but countless fans.

C&B Price:$11.50
ISBN: 0802795501
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers

Ben Carson

Author:Mr. Gregg Lewis, Deborah S. Lewis

Take an up close and personal look into the lives of some well-known Christians who are successful leaders in their careers. The Today's Heroes series features everyday people who overcame great adversity to become modern-day heroes. Kids ages 8 to 12 will be inspired by the compelling stories of courageous individuals who are making a real difference. In Today's Heroes: Ben Carson learn the inspiring story of an inner-city kid who went from class dummy to a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. Many had given up on Ben, including himself, but his mother never did. She encouraged him to do better and reach higher for his dreams. Just when things seemed like they were going well, in a fit of rage, Ben does the unthinkable and nearly kills one his best friends. Read how Ben Carson, through faith and determination, was able to accomplish his dream.

C&B Price:$4.00
ISBN: 0310702984

Nettie's Trip South

Author:Ann Turner, Ronald Himler

One of the reasons why I enjoyed Ann Turner's literature is because I love historical fiction. I remember in second grade, our teacher assigned us to read the Laura Ingles Wilder books, and I enjoyed learning about Laura's life as a pioneer. Since she lived during the mid 1800's, her life dramatically differed from mine! Therefore, I allowed my imagination to soar as I read her books and learned about her family's lifestyle. For example, substantial living fascinated me, and I remember wanting a garden and farm animals! As I grew older, my passion for historical fiction increased, and I loved learning about the Oregon Trail. The families that traveled on this trail had courage and adventure that was amazed me; they had to face broken wagon axles, disease, and treacherous river crossings. But, their hope for fertile land and close family relationships kept the pioneers strong. Several books written by Turner include journeys by wagon train and life as a pioneer. Turner also wrote about subjects, such as slavery, colonialism, and the Eskimo life. An efferent reason for choosing to read Turner's books is the ability to learn skills. Since many people grew their own crops, I learned different farming facts from Grasshopper Summer, such as when to harvest corn. I also learned how to catch fish in Alaska and the best way to sneak up on caribou or seals after reading A Hunter Comes Homes. Ann Turner contributes to children's education by writing from children's perspectives. Therefore, when children read her literature, they feel a part of the story. Since the stories are written from a child's perspective, many of the readers' observations may be similar to the characters' observations; the readers connect with the characters and with the story. For example, in Nettie's Trip South, Nettie did not understand why adults considered slaves to only be 3/5 human. She did not see any body parts missing from the slaves; she saw them as completely human. Turner deals with this ethical question in a clear, simple way that children can understand.

C&B Price:$5.00
ISBN: 0689801173

Just Like Martin

Author:Ossie Davis

The author is ossie Davis. The boy who is the main character is named stone. He is a African American who is trying to be non violent like Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. the story took place in the late 60's. it took place in the south. In the beginning of the story a boy named Stone he wants to go to a trip with his church class to Washington dc. He could not go because his dad Ike stone did not believe in nonviolence. Stone did not get to go to washing ton so he watched the march on Washington on television. After the march on Washington things did not get much better you should read Just Like martin and find out all that happens. I liked this book because it had real events and important people to the black culture

C&B Price:$5.00

From a Child's Heart

Author:Nikki Grimes, Brenda Joysmith (Illustrator)

With an emphasis on upbeat family relationships, the 13 poems in this collection call to mind the easy sentimentality evoked by greeting cards and Norman Rockwell paintings. According to the note at the beginning of the volume, Grimes wishes to "share" the "prayers of her childhood" when she "talked to God about her hopes, her fears, her longings, and all the ordinary, everyday concerns that touched her life." Unfortunately, many of the poems are so coy and precious, and so adult in perspective, that the "prayers" often seem more like sermons directed at a young African American audience rather than offerings "straight from the heart" of a child, as the poet claims. "I'm little now," says the child in the opening poem, but "I believe I want to be / a credit to the human race." A child who has a book report due and a math test asks for "a miracle from God" but then says, "Say what? / I should study for the test? / Read the book? Do my best?" A young dancer asks God to be chosen for a solo " 'cause I'm good," and not "just 'cause the color of my skin keeps me from fitting in

C&B Price:$7.00
ISBN: 0940975432

Children of the Fire

Author:Harriette Gillem Roninet

Robinet makes history come alive in this riveting account of the Great Chicago Fire as witnessed by an orphaned African American girl. Eager for adventure, Hallelujah, a former slave, follows her foster brother through city streets to watch the conflagration that has started in Chicago's West Division. Excitement turns to fear when the 11-year-old girl sees rows of buildings engulfed in flames and realizes how many people have lost their homes. During the next few hours, as she weaves her way through crowds, experiences the chaos that is the aftermath of destruction and shares the pain of loss with strangers, Hallelujah learns how all people become equals in times of crisis. Hallelujah emerges as a likable, spunky heroine who discovers her self-worth during the course of events. Readers will feel the intensity of her emotions and will applaud her ability to cling to hope in the midst of disaster

C&B Price:$4.00
ISBN: 0689839685

I Love Trees

Author:Jimmy Daniels

A wonderful children's book that teaches kids about the value of trees in a fun rhyming style of writing. Kids need to learn the importance of trees and know that they are very important to our survival. This book also shows pictures of kids having fun with trees in an everyday life setting.

C&B Price:$8.00
ISBN: 1412038022

A Cow, A Horse, and Their Friends of Course

Author:Patrice Gilbert, Jennifer Endo (Illustrator)

For years, I have listened to teachers say that they cannot find books that are appropriate for the children with special needs. The children with whom I work have difficulty understanding and processing information. If the facts are embedded in a long story, the children have difficulty learning the information being presented.
I have often thought about writing books that teachers could use for each classroom theme. I wanted the books to teach the children the important information in a fun, direct way so they could remember it. I finally decided to write a book for the children at school that was inspired by my play with my own daughter, and this is it! Although A Cow, A Horse, and Their Friends, Of Course! was designed for children with special needs, it can be enjoyed by all children of all ages, and adults, too!

C&B Price:$6.00

In the House With Mouse
(Cheetah Girls #12)

Author:Deborah Gregory

The Cheetah Girls have been waiting forever for producer Mouse Almighty to give them time to record their demo tape. When they find out he's finally selected some songs for them to record, they're totally psyched. It's time for the Cheetah Girls to get down to business.

C&B Price:$3.59
ISBN: 0786814780

Addy An American Girl


This boxed set contains one of each of the Addy paperback titles: Meet Addy, Addy Learns a Lesson, Addy's Surprise, Happy Birthday, Addy!, Addy Saves the Day, and Changes

C&B Price:$27.96
ISBN: 1562470876

Fly High

Author:Louise Borden, Mary Kay Kroeger, Teresa Flavin (Illustrator)


Discusses the life of the determined African-American woman, born in rural Texas in 1892, who went all the way to France in order to earn her pilot's license in 1921.

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 0689824572

One More River to Cross

The Stories of Twelve Black Americans
Author:Jim Haskins

Shares twelve triumphant stories about inspirational African Americans--including Crispus Attucks, Malcolm X, C. J. Walker, and Eddie Robinson--who leave a legacy of determination and excellence. Reprint. SLJ. PW.

C&B Price:$3.60
Paperback:288 pages
Publisher:Anchor;Reprint Edition(December 29,,1997)
ISBN: 0385479832

My Heroes, My People

African, Americans, and Native Americans in the West
Author:Morgan Monceaux (Illustrator) Ruth Katcher

An African American artist brilliantly portrays people of color on the Western frontier-a kid's book with special appeal for all ages. Here, with thirty-seven astonishing portraits, is a revisionist album of heroes of color. Starting with Montezuma, Pocahontas, and Toussaint L'Ouverture, Morgan Monceaux quickly moves into the 1800s and crosses the Mississippi River with newly freed slaves who became fur traders, stagecoach drivers, cowboys, soldiers, nurses, and mail-order brides. The story of African American settlers enjoying newfound freedom and opportunities in the West while Native Americans were being systematically robbed of theirs is familiar and sad, but Monceaux's remarkable portraits of black settlers and Indian chiefs (executed in oil pastels, paint, markers, and collage) revisit it with playful innocence and exuberance. With accompanying biographical sketches and historical notes, My Heroes, My People is an artist's totally fresh look at winners and losers in the Old West. Full-Color Illustrations Throughout Notes/Index Morgan Monceaux is a self-taught artist

C&B Price:$14.40
Paperback:64 pages
Publisher:Farrar,Strause and Giroux (BYR);1st Edition(October 22,1999)
ISBN: 0374307709

Duke Ellington

The Piano Prince and His Orchestra
Author:Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Pinkney (Illustrator)

The award-winning author/illustrator team of Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney--creators of the popular picture book "Alvin Ailey"--now present a swinging, vibrant picture book about the jazz composer Edward Kennedy Ellington, better known as "Duke"

C&B Price:$12.76
Paperback:32 pages
Publisher:Jump at the Sun;1st Edition(April 28,1998)
ISBN: 0786801786

Satchel Paige

Author:Lesa Cline-Ransome, James Ransome (Illustrator)

Some say Leroy Paige was born with his right fist curled around a baseball. By the age of ten he could outthrow anyone, small or grown. When he wasn't toting baggage at the depot (that's how he earned money and the nickname "Satchel"), he was pitching. His coach at school told him, "You concentrate on baseball, and you might make something of yourself." And that he did. Satchel Paige developed his own pitches (he even named them!) and a unique pitching style, complete with a grin he flashed as he released the ball. Fans packed the stands to see how many batters he could strike out in one game. They loved his confidence, his fast-talking, and the way he followed his own rules. After just one year in the semi-pros Satch was playing in the Negro major leagues. He went on to become the first African American to pitch in a major league World Series, and the first black to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. By the time he died in 1982, he had enjoyed one of the longest and brightest careers in baseball history.

C&B Price:$12.80
Hardcover:40 pages
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (January 1,2000)
ISBN: 0689811519

Book of Black Heroes Vol III

Author:Wade Hudson

In honor of Black History Month we bring you the Book of Black Heroes for children 9-12 years of age, however, we find this book is for people of all ages. You will learn about the contributions made to the world by Black men and women in science, medicine and creative invention. order your copy today. Some well known heroes listed in this series are as follows: George Washington Carver, scientist, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, surgeon, Louis Latimer, inventor and Dr. Halle Johnson, physician and so many more.

C&B Price:$8.45
Paperback:70 pages
Publisher:Just Us Books(January 1,2003)
ISBN: 0940975971

A Kid's Guide to African American History

Author:Nancy I. Sanders, Fran Lee (Illustrator)

What do all these people have in common: the first man to die fighting in the American Revolution, a onetime chief of the Crow Nation, the inventors of the banjo and peanut butter, and the first clockmaker in this country? They were all great African Americans. For parents and teachers interested in fostering cultural awareness among children of all races, this book includes more than 70 hands-on activities, songs, and games that teach kids about the people, experiences, and events that shaped African American history. Children will have fun designing an African mask, making a medallion like those worn by early abolitionists, playing the rhyming game Juba, inventing Brer Rabbit riddles, and creating a unity cup for Kwanzaa. Along the way they will learn about inspiring African American artists, inventors, and heroes like Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banker, Rosa Parks, Langston Hughes, and Louis Armstrong, to name a few.

C&B Price:$13.45
Paperback:242 pages
Publisher:Chicago Review Press(November 1,2000)
ISBN: 155652417X

Double Dutch

Author:Veronica Chambers, Tonya Lewis Lee(Introduction)

This colorful, vibrant treasury is the ultimate tribute to the unique sport and pastime of double Dutch. Written and compiled by celebrated author and journalist Veronica Chambers, Double Dutch is filled with her own personal memories of girlhood and jumping rope, along with poems, interviews, songs, history, quotes, rhymes, and photographs. At the heart of Double Dutch, though, is a celebration, not just of a sport, but of sisterhood—after all, it takes a few friends to make that rope really swing and those feet jump for joy.

C&B Price:$15.19
Paperback:72 pages
Publisher:Jump at the Sun;1st Edition(October 30,2002)
ISBN: 0786805129

Money Hungry

Author:Sharon G. Flake

Raspberry Hill knows what it is like to be on the streets, to sleep in an abandoned car and to bathe in a public washroom. Now living in the projects with her mother, the thirteen-year-old has vowed never to live like that again. Raspberry is obsessed with money—earning it and keeping it—and never seems to have enough of it. Money is her life. She loves the feel of it, the smell of it. It motivates all that she does. Whether it is selling pencils or involving her friends in cleaning a filthy nursing home, Raspberry is always scheming for a way to make a buck. Against her better judgment she digs into her $600 nest egg to loan $200 to her friend Ja'nai and frets continually over its return. The loan that deepens the rift between Raspberry and her mother, who fears that greed is destroying her child. In a fit of rage, Raspberry's mother throws her money out of the window after being mistakenly told that the money is stolen. This act becomes the catalyst for Raspberry to examine the hold that money has over her and her own depth of forgiveness.
C&B Price:$5.99
Paperback:208 pages
Publisher:Jump at the Sun;Reprint Edition(April 1,2003)
ISBN: 0786815035

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