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HOORAY! We're Making Memories Today!
HOORAY! We're Making Memories Today!

Author:Sandra Gittens

"Have you and your grandchild created a memory today? HOORAY! We're making Memories Today! is a collection of poems that highlight the emotions and special bond between Grandparents and their young grandchildren. You and your grandchild will enjoy reading about real life experiences (welcoming a new grandchild, preparing for Pre-school, fishing with Papa, helping Nana with household chores, reading favorite stories at bedtime..) that have become memories and causes you to reminisce about the special moments you cherish. One of you will probably say: "I remember when we..." because of the question or suggested activity that is beneath each poem. Some of the activities include: retelling favorite stories, sharing childhood memories, writing original poems, creating a "Family Tree," and more. These short poems encourage: reading aloud, listening, speaking, writing, and creativity; while you and your grandchild share and create memories that will last a lifetime."

C&B Price:$24.95
ISBN: 978-1-4560-0914-4
# Pages: 46 Pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
Format: Softcover


Author:Marquerite About & Clemant Oubrerie

Abouet could have just wanted to tell a sweet, simple story of the Ivory Coast of her childhood as a counterpoint to the grim tide of catastrophic news, which is all most Westerners know of Africa. But in Aya, Abouet, along with Parisian artist Oubrerie, does quite a bit more than that, spinning a multifaceted romantic comedy that would satisfy even without any political agenda behind it. Set in 1970, Aya follows the travails of some teenage girls in the peaceful Abidjan working-class neighborhood of Yopougon (which they call "Yop City, like something out of an American movie"), as they strive for love and the right boyfriend. Yop City, as detailed in Oubrerie's fluid and cartoonish black and white drawings, is a mellow place where disco rules the night and practically the worst thing these girls have to worry about is the disapproval of their parents?or in the case of the quiet title character, criticism from those who wish she were more boy-crazed and less focused on a career. It's a quick piece of work, but memorable in mood, capturing the country's brief flicker of postcolonial peaceful prosperity before descending into the modern maelstrom of corruption and violence we know only too well.

C&B Price:$13.00
Hardcover: 132 pages
Publisher:Drawn and Quarterly ( Feb 20, 2007)


Author:Peter Seeger, Michael Hayes

Abiyoyo was an African folktale, adapted by folk singer Pete Seeger as a bedtime story for his children, and later used in his concerts. The story is brilliant in its gripping simplicity, perfectly suited to capture the attention of small children and spark their imaginations. A little boy who plays the ukulele and his father, who plays tricks on people by using a magic wand to make things disappear are run out of town because they are annoying everyone. Then a giant from the old days, who eats people alive, comes and threatens the town, and it is only the little boy and his dad, using the very talents that had annoyed everyone, who save the day, and become heroes.
This book is the very favorite of my two pre-school boys. Everyday they bring it to me repeatedly asking me to read it to them. Every night, they request it as their last bedtime story (the story is easy to memorize, and lends itself well to personal adaptations). My four-year old will "read" the book himself, turning through the pages and repeating the story that he has memorized. Abiyoyo has captured their imaginations, and even entered into their play.
The book's illustrations are intriguing. As I mentioned, this story was adapted from an African folktale, and the boy and his father are depicted appropriately in character. But the illustrator depicts the town in which they live as a global village, with the residents being of many races and cultures, all wearing classic costumes of those cultures. Originally, this concept put me off a bit - an impossible mish-mash village that seemed little more than a sop to political correctness for kids. But as I watched my kids react to the book, my opinion changed. The multitude of customs stirred their curiosity, and as I answered their questions about each one, I realized that these illustrations provided an excellent tool for introducing them to the concept of different cultures.
This is a quality product - a great, simple story, creative illustrations, and a nice CD included with two versions of Pete Seeger telling the story in his own voice. My boys and I give it our highest recommendation

C&B Price:$6.00
Ages: 4-8

Abiyoyo Returns

Author:Pete Seeger, Paul Dubois Jacobs, Michael Hays

Pete Seeger's famous song "Abiyoyo" is a family favorite of ours, so I was intrigued to happen upon his "Abiyoyo Returns." For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Abiyoyo is a fearsome giant who eats people when he's hungry and is generally destructive and scary.

In this tale, warmly illustrated by Michael Hays, Abiyoyo is summoned up to help move a boulder so that the local townsfolk can build a dam. But the magic wand used to call Abiyoyo up breaks, and there is no way to get Abiyoyo to disappear again. There is a Pandora's Box element to the tale, and the wisdom of elders is deftly interwoven with bright ideas contributed by the children in the village.

Kids will get a special kick out of the idea that the young heroine--who looks to be maybe eight or ten years old--comes up with the idea that will allow the townspeople to peacefully co-exist with Abiyoyo, while still getting their dam built and the boulder removed.

C&B Price:$11.00
Ages: 4-8

The Faithful Friend

Author:Robert D. San Souci

On an island in Martinique, two boys grew up on a sugar plantation. One boy was Clement, a brown-skinned boy who's father owned the estate. The other was Hippolyte, Clement's white companion and servant of the house. The boys grew up together and one day Clement told his friend that he'd fallen in love with Pauline, the niece of a man rumored to be a wizard. Hippolyte worries that there may be danger in going to visit her, but his friend won't be talked out of it. Together they travel along the coast road and, as they go, bury a poor beggar they find dead along the road. When at last the boys meet Pauline she's charmed by Clement but her uncle is not impressed. Though she swears to marry her new (some might say instant) love, the uncle vows to stop them at whatever the cost. Now Hippolyte must save his friend and insipient bride from zombies, poisoned fruit, nasty water, snakes, and that awful fate of turning to stone. Friendship has never been so good

C&B Price:$6.00
Ages: 4-8

Uncle Jeds Barbershop

Author:Margaree King

Picture books featuring black characters in history come out every year. Mostly these books are either folktales or deal directly with segregation and/or slavery. "Uncle Jed's Barbershop" is a little different. In it, the characters live in the deeply segregated South of the 1930s. Rather than let this be the focus of the book, however, author Margaree King Mitchell has chosen to simply allow this to be the background to the actual story. I appreciated greatly the fact that Mitchell was such an adept writer that she could teach kids history without making that history the focal point of the text. When you add this fact to "Uncle Jed's" emotion packed storyline, you find you've a book that's not only well written and illustrated but also deeply meaningful.

C&B Price:$6.00
Ages: 4-8

Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky

Author:Faith Ringgold

One day, my brother Be Be and I were flying among the stars, way way up, so far up the mountains looked like pieces of rock candy and the oceans like tiny cups of tea. We came across an old ramshackled train in the sky." So begins Cassie Louise Lightfoot's tale of meeting "conductor" Harriet Tubman and riding the underground railroad to Canada. Based on Harriet Tubman's account of a dream she had while very sick, of flying to freedom and enhanced with historical facts and imagination, Faith Ringgold has authored a superb story that transports youngsters back to the slave holding plantations of the south, over one hundred years ago, and then sends them on a terrifying, yet exhilarating journey to freedom. Her engaging poetic text, full of imagery and magic, is complemented by her bold, expressive, evocative illustrations and together, word and art bring this emotional story to life. With additional biographical notes and map, tracing the underground railroad routes, included to augment lessons and discussions, Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad In The Sky is a masterpiece youngsters 6-10 shouldn't miss and a wonderful addition to all home libraries.

C&B Price:$6.00
Ages: 4-8

The Little Drummer Boy

Author:Ezra Jack Keats

This book's exotic pictures and mesmerizing tune holds my son's attention through several reads. Although the age recommendation is for older children, I think you'll find that younger children (my son's 23 months) enjoy the rhythm and the pictures enough to make it an instant favorite. I also appreciate that beloved Christmas personalities are depicted with darker skin and clothing that is not Western.

C&B Price:$6.00
Ages: 4-8

The Invisible Princess

Author:Faith Ringgold(Illustrator)

A stunning and original African American fairy tale set during slavery, from Caldecott Honor artist Faith Ringgold.
When Mama and Papa Love realize they are to have a child, they're astonished to learn she will be a princess who will one day bring freedom to her parents and all the slaves

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback 32 pages
Publisher:January 2001
Ages: 6-10

Gloria Rising

Author:Ann Cameron

Gloria is thrilled when she goes to the store to buy an onion and meets Dr. Grace Street, an astronaut. It's there that Dr. Street tells Gloria to have confidence in herself and that the big things aren't always as big as they seem. But Gloria doesn't really understand Dr. Street's advice. Right now her problem seems gigantic. It's the beginning of fourth grade and Gloria can't do anything to please her teacher, Mrs. Yardley, who roars and hisses like the Dragon of Doom. When Gloria writes a report about meeting Dr. Street, Mrs. Yardley doesn't believe her. Gloria knows she's telling the truth. How can she prove it?

C&B Price:$4.00
Paperback 112 pages
Publisher:Random House Children's Books (June 2004)
ISBN: 0440419980
Ages: 6-9

Cassie's Word Quilt

Author:Faith Ringgold(Illustrator)

In this 32-page lap book we join Cassie, the main character from the picture book Tar Beach. As she takes us on a tour of her home, neighborhood, and school, dozens of new words are introduced with simple labels throughout. Young readers will love the simple story line

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback 32 pages
Publisher:Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young (January 2004)
ISBN: 0553112333
Ages: 1-6

Something Beautiful

Author:Sharon Dennis Wyeth, Sharon Dennis Wyeth(Illustrator)

A little girl longs to see beyond the scary sights on the sidewalk and the angry scribbling in the halls of her building. When her teacher writes the word beautiful on the blackboard, the girl decides to look for something beautiful in her neighborhood. Her neighbors tell her about their own beautiful things. Miss Delphine serves her a 'beautiful' fried fish sandwich at her diner. At Mr. Lee's 'beautiful' fruit store, he offers her an apple. Old Mr. Sims invites her to touch a smooth stone he always carries. Beautiful means 'something that when you have it, your heart is happy,' the girl thinks. Her search for 'something beautiful' leaves her feeling much happier. She has experienced the beauty of friendship and the power of hope.

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback 32 pages
Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0440412102

Ola Shakes It Up

Author:Joanne Hyppolite, Warren Chang (Illustrator)

Moving? When Ola Benson's family leaves Roxbury in Boston to a house in the suburbs, Ola is sure her parents have made a big mistake. What on Earth are they doing in Walcott--a historic, stuck-up town where the Bensons are the only black family?

C&B Price:$9.00
Paperback 176 pages
Publisher:Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young (November 2001)
ISBN: 0375895094
Ages: 9-12

145th Street
145th STREET

Author:Walter Dean Myers

A salty, wrenchingly honest collection of stories set on one block of 145th Street. We get to know the oldest resident; the cop on the beat; fine Peaches and her girl, Squeezie; Monkeyman; and Benny, a fighter on the way to a knockout. We meet Angela, who starts having prophetic dreams after her father is killed; Kitty, whose love for Mack pulls him back from the brink; and Big Joe, who wants a bang-up funeral while he's still around to enjoy it. Some of these stories are private, and some are the stories behind the headlines. In each one, characters jump off the page and pull readers right into the mix on 1-4-5.

C&B Price:$4.00
Mass Market Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher:Laurel-Leaf Books (October,2001)
ISBN: 0440229162
Ages:Young Adult

More Stories Julian Tells

Author:Ann Cameron, Ann Strugnell (Illustrator)

"Reflecting incidents true to children (making a bet with a friend, sending a message in a bottle, attempting to be brave), these stories are the sort that will make children ask for more."--School Library Journal,starred review

C&B Price:$4.00
Paperback 82 pages
Publisher:Alfred A. Knopf, Inc (January 1989)
ISBN: 0394824547
Ages: 5-9

More Stories Huey Tells

Author:Ann Cameron, Lisa Toft (Illustrator)

Julian's little brother, the spirited star of The Stories Huey Tells, is back with five new adventures in this beginning chapter book.

C&B Price:$4.00
Paperback 118 pages
Publisher:Alfred A. Knopf, Inc (January 1999)
ISBN: 0679883630
Ages: 5-9 Ages 5-9

A Day at the Zoo

Author:Brenda A. Harris

A Day at the Zoo is a fictional children's picture book designed for the beginner reader. A Day at the Zoo consists of short (up to 3 letters only), one syllable words. The book is designed to help children who can identify the alphabet and their associated sounds transition these letters and sounds into words. The young reader will gain confidence in reading by being able to group the sound of each letter to form small words.
A Day at the Zoo also provides parents and/or others introducing reading to young children with a tool to help children understand how words are formed and learn the fundamentals of reading. A Day at the Zoo is an enjoyable story filled with colorful pictures that will make learning to read easy and exciting. The storyline and inviting pictures will make your child want to read this book over and over again. If your child is ready to move beyond pictures and flash cards, A Day at the Zoo will provide and easy to read, enjoyable first reading book for your child.

C&B Price:$6.00
Paperback 16 pages
Publisher:Trafford Publishing (October 2004)
ISBN: 1412034736
Ages: all ages

Digibots Classroom Adventures

Author:Kimberly Holmes, Dyke Robinson-Devin Lawson(Illustrator)

Explore the "Digibots Classroom Adventures" and discover three entertaining short stories: Name Calling, Tardiness and Sharing. These delightful stories will give the reader insight on how to address these subjects in a positive manner. Meet the Digibot Teacher and all of the students: Hong, Kelsey, Lisa, Jason, Lee and Shelby.

C&B Price:$15.00 (Special Price for Holiday)
Publisher:Digibots (October 2004)
ISBN: 0975572504
Ages: Pre-School-Middle School

Little Lion Goes to School

Author:Kellie Magnus, Michael Robinson (Illustrator)

Little Lion Goes to School tells the story of a young Rastafarian boy struggling to fit in at a new school where the children tease him for being poor and different. With his father?s help he learns to value who he is, not what he possesses, and that what makes him different also makes him special. The book is written in rhyme and is meant for children 8 and under.
Little Lion Goes to School is the first in a series that will follow the young Rastafarian through his adventures growing up in the Caribbean. While the book is set in the Caribbean, its themes and message are appropriate for children of all ethnicities.

C&B Price:$8.00
Publisher:Media Magic New York,LLC (January 2004)
ISBN: 0974421103

Q.T. Pie Meets Smart E

Author:Stephanie Sanders,Galen T. Pauling (Illustrator)

Smart E is the new kid in town. It seems that Q. T. Pie is the only one truly fascinated with his arrival. See how Q. T. Pie's curiosity leads her to her friends in the search to find out who Smart E is.

C&B Price:$4.00
Mass Market Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher:San Paul Group, LLC (August 2003)
ISBN: 0967087546
Ages: 4-8

Q.T. Pie's Rescue Adventure

Author:Stephanie Sanders

Her mother had no idea what Q. T. Pie was up to when she jumped on the stair landing with a dingy old tablecloth pinned to the back of her shirt. She’s on a rescue mission! Helpless kittens were in the hands of the evil Mr. Gobbleneck. See how this rescue adventure leads Q. T. Pie, by chance, to a very special rescue of her own.

C&B Price:$4.99
Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher:San Paul Group, LLC (August 2003)
ISBN: 0967087538
Ages: 4-8

The Ingredients of a Q.T. Pie

Author:Stephanie Sanders, Galen T. Pauling

C&B Price:$3.50
Paperback: 12 pages
Publisher:San Paul Group, LLC (August 1, 1999)
ISBN: 0967087503
Ages: Preschool

Q.T. Pie Catches the Rainbow

Author:Stepanie Sanders, Galen T. Pauling

C&B Price:$3.00
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher:San Paul Group, LLC (January, 2001)
ISBN: 096708752X

I'm Still Here in the Bathtub

Author:Alan Katz, David Catrow(Illustrator)

Following up their hilarious Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs, Alan Katz and David Catrow serve up another rip-roaring collection of ditties.Beginning with its title song, "I'm Still Here in the Bathtub" (to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"), readers are in for plenty of laugh-out-loud licks. "Six Brussels Sprouts" counts down one kid's vegetable-eating at the dinner table, until "No brussels sprouts here on my plate / Mother says time to celebrate / Then the sad truth is I got caught / All six sprouts were coughed up by Spot." Another song, "He's Got the Whole Beach in His Pants," tells of one fun-loving baby who's "got a ton of sand in his hair and ears / He's the reason that they say the coast is clear." Whether it's "The Meals at My Camp" (following the music of "The Wheels on the Bus") or "I'm in My Room and Bored" (think "The Farmer in the Dell"), every song is accompanied by Catrow's cartoonish art and will plant a smile on any reader's face.

C&B Price:$12.00
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Children's (March, 2003)
ISBN: 0689845510

Toothless Wonder

Author:Barbar Park, Denise Brunkus(Illustrator)

Holy molar! Everybody's favorite first-grader is back again, and this time, she has a big gap to contend with -- a hole where her tooth used to be.At first, Junie B. Jones is thrilled to have a loose tooth -- it means she's turning into a "big kid," and she'll be the first one in Room One to lose one of her top baby teeth. But when Herb tells her about his "toothless Uncle Lou," an alarmed Junie B. soon tries to get her tooth to stop wiggling -- until Grandpa Miller accidentally helps it pop out. Complete with a new smile that she begins to appreciate, Junie B. then confesses to her parents that she knows the real story behind the Tooth Fairy -- she's really a brush-riding Tooth Witch that eats "tooth apples" -- and she won't leave her tooth under her pillow. Mom and Dad try to discourage this theory, but Junie gets her class involved, and they all begin wondering about the Tooth Fairy's real motives for collecting teeth. Yet just when Junie thinks she has it all figured out and leaves her tooth out for the night, an unexpected surprise winds up answering her Tooth Fairy questions and making her extra-excited.It's about time Junie B. lost a tooth, and fans will love it! Addressing all the questions that plague kids about losing that first tooth, Junie B. handles her situation with humor and smart thinking that will have readers nodding in agreement. A high-spirited installment sure to satisfy hankerings for this feisty first-grader, Toothless Wonder will have fans cheering and chomping at the bit for more.

C&B Price:$3.00
Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher:Random House Books for Young Readers (August, 2003)
ISBN: 0375822232

Happy to Be Nappy

Author:Bell Hooks

Renowned feminist and social critic Bell Hooks takes on... hair! "Hair for hands to touch and play! Hair to take the gloom away." This rhythmic read-aloud is, on the surface, all about hair: nappy, plaited, long, short, natural, twisted, "soft like cotton, flower petal billowy soft, full of frizz and fuzz." Comb through the surface and find a celebration of childhood and girls and the freedom to express individuality. The rituals implied in the book are rooted in the traditions of hooks's own childhood, when "doing" hair was just as much an excuse for girls to laugh and tell stories and just be together. Going still deeper is the much-needed message encouraging girls to love and accept themselves (and others) just the way they are.
Intentionally or not, this short paean to natural, in-all-its-glory hair constitutes a spirited response to the voices raised in protest over Carolivia Herron's Nappy Hair (1997). Raschka pairs hook's song praising ``girlpie hair . . . for hands to touch and play!/Hair to take the gloom away'' with impressionistic compositions of exuberantly dancing children, all sporting inky black locks rendered with calligraphic brush strokes. The big daubs of background color seem to dance and spin with the figures, visual music to match the verbal.
From Kirkus Reviews Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

C&B Price:$6.00
Boardbook: 16 pages
Publisher:Hyperion (September, 2001)
ISBN: 0786807563

The Piano

Author:William Miller, Susan Keeter (Illustrator)

Set in the deep South of the early 1900s, this is the story of an African-American girl who learns to play the piano from her white employer. In return, she shows the elderly woman the power of friendship and caring. Luminous oil paintings skillfully evoke the mood and the time.

C&B Price:$6.00
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher:Lee & Low Books, Inc(August, 2004)
ISBN: 1584302429

A Game of Marbles

Author:Dr. Sue Blood Haynes, Ph. D

This is a black heritage children's series novel about three young boys who are the closest of friends. Their friendship and love for the game of marbles created a bond that held them together. The story takes place before the Civil Rights movement. Segregation dictated their life. They lived across the railroad tracks where life was a challenge. The schools they attended had crowded classrooms with two grades being taught in one room. The books they were taught from were second hand. They could not use the public library. Their living conditions reflected the era where poverty was widespread. But in spite of it all they succumb the inferior education and living conditions to become scholars and leaders in the field of medicine. One of the boys became Dr. Charles Drew, a leader in the preservation of blood. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams became a pioneer in operating on the human heart. The third boy was a victim of polio. Through their bold efforts and persistence to stay the course to fulfill their goals they became scholars and leaders. These young boys are a link between the present medical breakthroughs and a forgotten past thereby changing the face of the quality of life for all mankind.

C&B Price:$11.00
Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher:Authorhouse (November, 2002)
ISBN: 140332574X
Ages:Young Readers

Kwanzaa for Young People and Everyone Else

Author:Geanora Bonner, Vaughn Fuller, Charles Mims, Greg Martin

Kwanzaa invites African Americans to renew their cultural roots. Since its inception in 1966 - when Dr. Maulana Karenga created the seven-day holiday to celebrate African culture - Kwanzaa continues to attract families, and today millions around the world observe it. Kwanzaa for Young People (and Everyone else!) presents a lively musical feast for the ears while teaching the holiday's seven principles. The original music and lyrics are varied and inventive. The voices include children and adults, and the instrumentation (piccolo, flutes, sax, oboe, English horn, percussion and keyboards) swings. The lyrics are clear, and students will find the meaning behind Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, etc. accessible and easy to remember. Perfect for teachers wanting to infuse their holiday programs with new life, this recording will enliven classroom and family discussions and celebrations of Kwanzaa. -School Library Journal

C&B Price:$13.00(special price)
Paperback: 52 pages
Publisher:Charphelia Pubns;Book & CD edition(June 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0971383111
Ages:Young Readers


Author:Brian Collier (Illustrated- Bryan Collier)

Uptown is a rich mix of flavors, colors, sounds, and cultures that come together to create a vibrant community like no other in the world. Seen through the eyes of one little boy who lives there, the details of life in Harlem are as joyous as a game of basketball on a summer's afternoon and as personal as a trip to the barbershop where old-timers reminisce.

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher:Holt,Henry Books for Young Readers (December,2003)
ISBN: 080507399X

My Man Blue

Author:Nikki Grimes (Illustrated-Jerome Lagarrique) , Toby Sherry (Editor)

Damon & BlueJust us twoCruising up the avenue. With his night-and-day shades and a frame like a "heavyweight boxing machine," it might seem like this guy would be someone to steer clear of.... But that's not the way it is. Blue is the best friend a kid could ever have. Blue, who lost one boy to the streets-and is determined that this time will be different. And Damon, whose laugh reminds him of that child, and who, even though he's the "man of the house," knows there's room for a guy like Blue in his life. To shoot hoops with, bounce thoughts off of, to share a laugh and a hot dog with all the works. And to know that at the end of the day there's someone standing steadfast in his corner. Someone true...like Blue.
Drawing on those friendships that have inspired her own extraordinary life, Nikki Grimes creates a poetically realistic tale of that joyous, complicated bond that draws us, one to another. To this Jerome Lagarrigue, in a truly wondrous picture book debut, adds powerful and sensitive paintings that capture the rich moods and atmospheres of the story's Harlem setting.

C&B Price:$6.00
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher:Puffin (December,2002)
ISBN: 0142301973

Richard Wright and the Library Card

Author:William Miller (Illustrated- Gregory Christie

This is the true story of the renowned African American author Richard Wright and his determination to borrow books from the public library that turned him away because of his race. With only a ninth grade education, he went to work. He gained access to the public library with the help of a white coworker, which opened up the incredible world of books to him. Children Ages 4-8

C&B Price:$5.00
Publisher:Lee&Low Books(October,1999)
ISBN: 1880000881

More Than Anything Else

Author:Marie Bradby (Illustrated- Chris K. Soentpiet)

Here, in eloquent words and dramatic lantern-lit paintings, is a true tribute to dreaming and to Booker T. Washington's quest for learning to read (a moving, fictionalized account). At nine years old, he truly understood the power of knowledge. He says, "I see a man reading a newspaper aloud and all doubt falls away. I have found hope and it is as brown as me." This book will definitely inspire an emergent reader! Ages 4 & up

C&B Price:$12.95
Publisher:Orchard Books(NY)(September 1,1995)
ISBN: 0531094642

Shake it to the One

Book and Audio Tape
Author:Cheryl Warren Mattox (Illustrator- Varnette P. Honeywood , Brenda Joysmith)

Twenty-six songs and lullabies from black musical traditions. Ring, line and clapping games instructions included; as well as historical and interesting facts about the songs. The cassette tape has imaginative arrangements and instrumentation covering a broad spectrum of styles: jazz, reggae, gospel, rhythm and blues, and classical. The stunning artwork of Joysmith and Honeywood magically capture the spirit of children ages 3-8 at play and in familial settings and exposes children to acclaimed works by African American artists.

C&B Price:$16.95
Publisher:JTG of Nashville(January 1,1990)
ISBN: 0962338109

Journey to Freedom

Author:Courtni C. Wright-Gershom Griffith (Illustrator)

Joshua and his family, runaway slaves from a tobacco plantation in Kentucky, follow the Underground Railroad to freedom It is a long and arduous journey, but to the slaves who are escaping on the Underground Railroad, the future as free men and women is worth the hardships they suffer. Wright's story features Harriet Tubman as she leads a group of runaway slaves on their harrowing and exhausting journey to safety in Canada. It ends on a safe and happy note for this family, which was not always the case with runaway slaves.

C&B Price:$5.90
Publisher:Holiday House:Reprint edition(September 1,1997)
ISBN: 0823413330

Nappy Hair

Author:Carolivia Herron-Joe Cepeda(Illustrator)

At a family picnic, everyone pokes fun at the youngest girl's nappy hair. Why Brenda's hair is the nappiest, the curliest, the twistiest hair in the family. The answers involve African origins, God's intent, and pride in one's self; the Lord 'looked down on this cute little brownbaby girl' and said, 'One nap of her hair is the only perfect circle in nature.

C&B Price:$14.00
Publisher:Dragonfly Books;Reprint Edition(December 7,1998)
ISBN: 0679894454

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon

Author:Pat Cummings

Harvey's unwilling but Mom is firm: no more TV until he picks up! . . . He tackles a truly hugs mess, stuffing most of it under his rug. Mom's not so easily fooled, but she does have a sense of humor.

C&B Price:$14.00
Publisher:Aladdin;Reprint Edition(January 1,1994)
ISBN: 0689717989

Grandpa's Face

Author:Eloise Greenfield-Floyd Cooper

Tamika misbehaves to test the limits of her grandfather's patience. Children resist change. When Grandfather must transform his facial expressions while rehearsing for a community theater production, his granddaughter worries about the man behind the new face.

C&B Price:$14.00
Publisher:Penguin Group (CA)Reissue edition(May 1,1996)
ISBN: 0698113810

Black Is Brown, Is Tan

Author:Arnold Adoff-Emily Arnold McCully(Illustrator)

Brown-skinned momma, the color of chocolate milk and coffee pumpkin pie, whose face gets ginger red when she puffs and yells the children into bed. White-skinned daddy, not white like milk or snow, lighter than brown, With pinks and tiny tans, whose face gets tomato red when he puffs and yells their children into bed. Children who are all the colors of the race, growing up happy in a house full of love. This is the way it is for them; this is the way they are, but the joy they feel extends to every reader of this book.

C&B Price:$13.00
Publisher:Harper Collins Children's Books;Reprint Edition(January 1,1992)
ISBN: 0064432696

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

Author:Cheryl Willis Hudson-George Ford (Illustrator)

"This first volume in the Feeling Good series is designed to heighten the self-esteem of African American children by providing positive images in {rhyming} text and illustration." Four children who feel good about who they are and how they look enjoy the activities of a typical day at school, happy and brimming with confidence and self-esteem.

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher:Just Us Books (November,1990)
ISBN: 0940975238

The Cat in the Hat's Great Big Flap Book
(Ages 4-8)

Author:Dr. Seuss

Now for the first time ever, the Cat in the Hat appears in a silly, Seussian flap book, which offers loads of learning and lots of laughs and is packed with over 50 seek-and-find flaps that help teach basic concepts such as colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and opposites

C&B Price:$10.00
Boardbook: 10 pages
Publisher:Random House,Incorporated (September 1999)
ISBN: 0679893601
Ages: 4-8

Love My Hair
(Ages 5-8)

Author:Natasha Anastasia Tarpley - E. B. Lewis Kays (illustrator) Earl B. Lewis (illustrator):

No matter how gently Mama pulls as she combs Keyana's hair, it still hurts. Keyana doesn't feel lucky to have such a head of hair, but Mama tells her she is because she can wear it any way she chooses.

C&B Price:$5.00
Paperback 32 pages
Publisher:Little,Brown Children's Books (August 2001)
ISBN: 0316523755
Ages: 5-8

Night on a Neighborhood Street
(Ages 4-8)

Author:Eloise Greenfield-Jan Spivey Gilchrist (illustrator)

Tonya's mother entertains her daughter's friends when they spend the night by playing her horn "...and lets them sing / (Do they make that music swing!)" She blows lullaby sounds/ into the silence/ the children hear and smile/ their sleep deepens/ and they are at peace with the night.''

C&B Price:$6.00
Paperback 32 pages
Publisher:Puffin (January 1996)
ISBN: 0140556834
Ages: 4-8

Freedom School, Yes
(Ages 4-8)

Author:Amy Littlesugar-Floyd Cooper

In this triumphant story based on the 1964 Mississippi Freedom School Summer Project, Amy Littlesugar and Floyd Cooper come together to celebrate the strength of a people, and the bravery of one young girl who didn't let being scared get in her way.In this triumphant story based on the 1964 Mississippi Freedom School Summer Project, Amy Littlesugar and Floyd Cooper come together to celebrate the strength of a people, and the bravery of one young girl who didn't let being scared get in her way.

C&B Price:$13.00
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher:Philomel (January 2001)
ISBN: 0399230068
Ages: 4-8

The Legend of Freedom Hill
(Ages 4-10)

Author:Linda Jacobs - Cornelius Van Wright (Illustrator) Ying-Hwa Hu (Illustrator):

In California in the 1850s, an African-American girl teams up with a Jewish girl in a search for gold to save the black girl's mother from a slavecatcher. Through perseverance, the two friends find enough gold to buy the freedom of all the captured slaves. Using accurate details and lively language, this tale of love, bravery, and friendship evokes a colorful era.

C&B Price:$5.60
Paperback 32 pages
Publisher:Lee&Low Books, Inc (January 2003)
ISBN: 1584301694
Ages: 4-10

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