C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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God's Leading Lady

Out of the Shadow and Into the Light
Author:T.D. Jakes

Drawing on the stories of the women of the Bible, Bishop Jakes shows all women how they can move beyond their imperfections and lack of self-esteem, and step up to claim the success the Lord has promised them. Bishop Jakes gives contemporary relevance to the ageless truths and principles found in the Scriptures, and empowers every woman to break the bonds of her worldly limitations and stand strong in the light of who she is in God. He teaches that whether a woman is leading a family or a corporation, she has within her the ability to impact the world. By guiding them to look inside themselves and toward the Lord, Bishop Jakes helps women find the power they need to


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Woman Thou Art Loosed

Healing the Wounds of the Past
Author:T.D. Jakes

Thousands of women have benefited from this insightful book on healing and restoration from T.D. Jakes. Whatever heartache or wound you face, there is a release that can cause the spirit to soar once again.


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Up From Here

Reclaiming the Male Spirit
Author:Iyanla Vanzant

This guide will provide men with the insight and life skills they need to identify, name, and understand their feelings as overcome the outmoded patterns of behavior that result from misusing or not tapping into their emotional strength. In clear, essential terms, Iyanla Vanzant shows men alternatives to dated, negative feelings such as shame and anger. By following Vanzant's new approaches to old feelings, men can experience freer, more authentic, and ultimately more joyous behavior, enabling them to reconnect with their true emotional and spiritual power. This message of faith, self-knowledge, and courage will make an excellent gift for men everywhere.


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Sister Wit

Devotions for Woman
Author:Jacqueline Jakes

Jacqueline Jakes knows all too well how God gives us challenges -- large and small -- every day. While still in her twenties, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, underwent a risky, eight-hour surgery, and went through a long, difficult recovery. She credits her faith for giving her the courage and strength to face the future. Now, in Sister Wit, she offers more than one hundred devotions to help other women handle life's difficulties, from the landmark events that test our faith to the everyday annoyances that test our patience. Addressing the special needs of women and filled with secrets Jacqueline Jakes has held deep in her heart and never before shared about her illness, as well as uplifting quotations and anecdotes about her family and famous brother, Sister Wit shows us how to overcome past hurts, deal with conflicting emotions, and open our eyes to new perspectives.


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 His Lady

Author:T.J. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes demonstrates an unusual ability to inspire, uplift, teach, and comfort....[he] writes with an abundance of memorable metaphors and yet speaks to women's hearts in practical, often humorous terms. Whether they are dealing with anger, anxiety, despair, or fatigue, coping with work, family, or personal pressures, they can quickly find the comfort they need in this helpful book--from one of the most phenomenally popular spiritual leaders of our time.


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Woman Thou Art Loosed Bible


A Woman's Guide to Bible Reading," "Prayers for Women," a directory to biblical women, a concordance, and much more. Countless women of all ages, races, and denominations have found these unique features to be the resource they need to find healing and wholeness in their Savior.


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Spiritual Breakthrough

(Handbook to God-Consciousness)
Author:John Van Auken

From the Back Cover: For those who seek the direct consciousness of God's presence, this volume represents a precise map drawn by a spiritual explorer who has sought and found that presence. John Van Auken sets out for all seekers the path he followed and the effort he has expended to commune with God. The result, as this book makes clear, is a contentment beyond imagining.


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Princess Within

Restoring the Soul of a Woman
Author:Serita Ann Jakes

For every woman that has failed to realize who she 'really' is in Christ, this is the book for you. Mrs. Jakes bring the Cinderella story to life and let's us see the true 'princess' that God intended us to be from the beginning.


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Meant To Be

Author:Rita Coburn Whack

When Meant to Be opens, thirteen-year-old Patience Jan Campbell is called upon to read and interpret her favorite scripture for the church congregation: ?I think this scripture means that children know every shut eye ain?that sleep and every head bowed ain?that praying, so grown-ups ain?that fooling us or God. . . . So nobody should hold a child back from God just ?cause they may be having trouble finding him.


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Each For The Other

Marriage as it's Meant to Be
Author:Bryan Chapell

Each for the Other offers hope and invaluable instruction for married and engaged couples and for counselors and pastors who desire to promote healthy, grace-filled families. Bryan Chapell illustrates clearly how offering Christ's unconditional love to a mate can transform an individual and build a spiritual foundation that binds partners together as one.


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Maximize the Moment

God's Action Plan for Your Life
Author:T.D. Jakes

One of life's greatest tragedies," says Jakes, "is to arrive at the end of your journey and realize you could have done more, laughed harder, played more intensely, and lived more vivaciously if only you had taken the day by the throat and steered it the way you wanted it to go, if only you had made a conscious decision about what you wanted to do." Now Jakes helps us make the conscious decisions that will allow us to maximize the moments of our lives.


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Woman of Color

Study Bible King James Version
Author:Marorie H. Lawson

A multicolor study Bible Just for women of color get your own personal copy today ladies and enjoy a study of the word designed to fit you.


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 Sister to Sister

Devotions for and from African American Woman Vol 2
Author:Linda H. Hollies (Editor)Foreword by RieneAdams-Morris:

This book brings the love that black women share to the table in the voices of several dozen African-American church women from around the country. Hollis brings her ministry of healing to an even larger audience. She hopes that sisters will us the journal as well: The purpose of the journal is to write yourself into wellness, into wholeness. It's essential that we record our own story so that when we're gone, people will know that we thought about life.


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Church Folk

Author:Michele Andrea Bowen

Bowen's avowedly Christian debut shows a young black minister struggling in the early 1960s to balance romance, church politics, and spiritual uprightness. Before beginning his seminary training in Atlanta, Theophilus Henry Simmons formed an unfortunate liaison with the dangerously passionate Glodean Benson, who can only be described as a clerical groupie. As the story begins, newly graduated Theophilus finds that his first ministerial assignment is at the Greater Hope Gospel United Church of Memphis, the very church Glodean's family attends.


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Overcoming the Enemy

The Spiritual Warfare of the Believer
Author:T.D. Jakes

If you're tired of feeling beat down and crushed by the devil's schemes in your life, the principle in this book are your keys to becoming more than a conqueror. Your enemy is strong, but God is still stronger.


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Standing On Holy Ground

A Triumph over Hate Crime in the Deep South
Author:Sandra Johnson

A sweeping epidemic of hate crime targeted over one hundred Southern Black Churches between 1995 and 1996, leaving them in charred ruins. St. John Baptist Church in Dixiana, South Carolina, was one of the first destroyed. This small, isolated church had faced dark times before. It had been viciously desecrated in 1985 and withstood more attacks until it was burned down in August 1995. From the beginning, two friendsóa white woman named Ammie Murray, and a black woman named Barbara Simmonsórallied volunteers to rebuild the historic St. John. Much to their amazement, hundreds of people from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds responded to their call for help. They refused to stop rebuilding the church-despite repeated attempts on Ammie and Barbara's lives and relentless attacks on the church. Soon, these two heroic women joined the leaders and congregations from two other burned, black churches-Macedonia Baptist and Mt. Zion AME-in leading the nation in a courageous battle against hate crime in the deep South.


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