C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Mathematical Physiology

Author:James P. Keener, James Sneyd

Mathematical Physiology provides an introduction into physiology using the tools and perspectives of mathematical modeling and analysis. It describes ways in which mathematical theory may be used to give insights into physiological questions and how physiological questions can in turn lead to new mathematical problems. The book is divided into two parts, the first dealing with the fundamental principles of cell physiology, and the second with the physiology of systems.


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Mathematical BiologyII

Author:J.D. Murray

In the ten years since the first edition of this book appeared the field of mathematical biology has grown at an astonishing rate and has established itself as a distinct discipline. Mathematical modelling is now being applied in every major discipline in the biomedical sciences. Though the field has become increasingly large and specialized, this book remains important as a text that introduces some of the exciting problems that arise in biology and gives some indication of the wide spectrum of


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Overcoming the Odds

Raising Academically Successful African American Young Women
Author:Freeman A. Hrabowski, Monica L. Greene, Geoffrey L. Grief

Statistics indicate that African American females, as a group, fare poorly in the United States. Many live in single-parent households—either as the single-parent mother or as the daughter. Many face severe economic hurdles. Yet despite these obstacles, some are performing at exceptional levels academically. Based on interviews with many of these successful young women and their families, Overcoming the Odds provides a wealth of information about how and why they have succeeded-what motivates them, how their backgrounds and family relationships have shaped them, even how it feels to be a high academic achiever. They also discuss the challenges of moving into African American womanhood, from maintaining self-esteem to making the right choices about their professional and personal lives. Most important, the book offers specific and inspiring examples of the practices, attitudes, and parenting strategies that have enabled these women to persevere and triumph.

ISBN: 0195126424

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Kaplan SAT

Author:Staff of Kaplan Inc

SAT II: Mathematics, Levels IC and IIC, 2002-2003 Edition comes complete with a targeted review of all the material on both levels of the exam, plus Kaplan's proven score-increasing strategies. This powerful combination makes SAT II: Mathematics a highly effective study guide that can help you to score higher on these intensive subject tests, and enable you to approach the tests with confidence.

ISBN: 0743232984

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Correction Officer Exam

Author:Donald J. Schroeder, Frank A. Lombardo

This manual presents a complete review of reading comprehension, math skills, memory-testing questions, and handling official forms plus an overview of correction officer duties and requirements, plus brush-up reviews covering. Also included are a diagnostic test and five practice exams similar to those given across the country All exams come with answer keys, diagnostic charts, and answer explanations. New in this edition is a chapter designed to prepare candidates for the oral interview.

ISBN: 0764113836

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Resumes For Dummies

Author:Joyce Lain Kennedy

Proven methods for writing the best resume and finding the right job. Ten million Americans change jobs every year. Resumes For Dummies cuts through the e-resume, job Web site clutter and shows readers exactly how to write their best resume and find the perfect job. The Fourth Edition of this perennial bestseller (280,000 copies of previous editions in print) highlights the success of smaller niche job boards, such as LatPro.com and NativeAmericanJobs, directing job-seekers to targeted sites that deliver better results. Employment expert Joyce Lain Kennedy includes over fifty sample resumes in key formats for various careers, an updated chapter on keywords and e-search strategies, and advice on handling tough issues like periods of unemployment, lack of experience, changing career fields, and much more.

ISBN: 0764554719

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10 Real SAT's with CD Rom

Author:The College Board

This book gives the student ten tests, plus test-taking tips and information on the PSAT/NMSQT Writing Skills section. Also included is a new CD-ROM containing a free diagnostic version of the College Board's most popular test-prep program: On-on-One with the SAT. The diagnostic version allows students to take a mini SAT, view correct and incorrect responses, and create a plan of study to help them prepare for the SAT.

ISBN: 0874476542

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Up Your Score

Author:Larry Berger, Paul Rossi, Michael Colton

The strategy guide with attitude, UP YOUR SCORE is the only test-preparation book written for students by students. Smart, savvy, and serious-but funny, too-Up Your Score proves itself as the guide that tackles the SAT in terms students will immediately relate to. Revised and updated, UP YOUR SCORE 2003-2004 EDITION covers 600 key vocabulary words, reveals how to think like the SAT, divulges insider math tricks, and helps hone speed and timing. An entire chapter is devoted to becoming a better guesser, including why it's better to guess than leave a question unanswered

ISBN: 0761126848

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The Ring of McAllister
A Score-Rasing Mystery

Author:Robert Marantz

17-year-old Will Lassiter has lived his entire life in the peaceful comfort of Red Fork. When his new neighbor, Dr. Octavio Perez, suddenly disappears, Will uncovers a mystery that merges the present with the past -- a deadly secret that's been locked away for nearly a century. That's when things start to get really strange. Unlike other SAT preparation books, The Ring of McAllister incorporates key SAT vocabulary right into the story. So rather than memorize lists and definitions, you learn the words in context. SAT words are defined in a glossary at the back of the book. It's a pain-free way to build your vocabulary -- and to score higher on the test!

ISBN: 0743235207

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Barron's How to Prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam

Author:Robert McEntarffer, Allyson Wesele, Allyson Weseley

This brand new manual offers a diagnostic test and two full-length Advanced Placement model exams with all questions answered and explained. A general overview familiarizes test takers with the exam's two parts: the multiple-choice section and the essay section. It also explains scoring and offers test- taking tips. An extensive subject review section covers the history of psychology as a scientific discipline, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, motivation and emotion, developmental psychology, personality traits and testing, abnormal psychology and its treatments, and social psychology. Additional material includes extra multiple-choice practice questions and an analysis of the essay question with a sample essay and related questions

ISBN: 0764109596

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The Princeton Review Word Smart
Building a More Educated Vocabulary

Author:Adam Robinson, Julian Fleisher

The words people use say a lot about them. Some words say that they are smart, persuasive, and informed. Others say that they don't know what they're talking about. Knowing which words to use and how to use them are keys to getting the most from one's mind and to communicating effectively.
Based on the best-selling book, Word Smart CD will help listeners learn the words they absolutely need to know. To find these words, The Princeton Review researched the vocabularies of educated adults. It analyzed newspapers like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, books from best-sellers to the classics, and standardized tests like the SAT and GRE. The words included in this interactive program are those that appear most frequently and are often misused or misunderstood.

ISBN: 0609811096

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Eight Steps to Help Families Pay for College

Funding an Education before, during and after College
Author:Ph.D. Thomas LaVeist, Will LaVeist (Fowarded by Tom Joyner)

How are you going to pay for college? With the costs of college these days, financial aid isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. But how do you know you’re getting everything you deserve? Eight Steps to Help Black Families Pay for College walks you through this daunting process. Inside you’ll learn how to: ·Get a handle on the financial aid process; learn about loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs ·Approach financial aid with the right attitude and make debt work for you ·Choose the right school–and understand how cost factors into college selection ·Utilize long- and short-term strategies to get the maximum aid you need ·Assess and respond to financial aid offers ·Pay back loans responsibly You’ll also gain insight into how the government and colleges determine your expected family contribution (EFC). As a bonus, you’ll discover the role affirmative action plays in the admissions decision. We’ve even included real-life stories to help you avoid financial aid gaffes and pitfalls. Learn how to make informed action pay off now and in the long run so that one day you can give back to your alma mater and your community.


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Rapid Math Short Cuts to Mastering Math

Author:A. Frederick Collins

As we grow up, few of us ever diverge from the basic rules of mathematics we were taught in school--except, perhaps, to substitute a calculator for paper and pencil! Yet the world is full of many proven shortcuts to help people compute with greater efficiency. This book is designed to open that world to the non-math-whiz. The author presents some history on the development of arithmetic before presenting a host of shortcuts for rapid addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and square roots. Readers will learn to add three columns of figures simultaneously and multiply two- and three-digit numbers in seconds. Includes useful tables and formulas, metric conversions, geometric formulas, rules for computing simple interest, more.

ISBN: 0760709122

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GMAT Math Workout

Author:Jack Schieffer (Princeton Review)

The Princeton Review knows that acing the math sections of the GMAT is very different from earning a 4.0 in business school. We don't try to teach you everything there is to know about math, only the techniques you need to know to score high on the computer-adaptive GMAT. In GMAT Math Workout, we'll teach you how to think like the test-makers and eliminate answer choices that look right but are planted to fool you, crack tough algebra problems by plugging in numbers in place of letters, master essential geometry concepts by memorizing a few key formulas, and use process of elimination to solve tricky Data Sufficiency problems.

ISBN: 0679783733

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