C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Common Cents

Author:George Sargeant
The continuing series Common Cents will take you and your family through the ins and outs of finances with a simple step by step approach. Once you master Volume One, look for Volume Two, Common Cents, Questions and Answers with Professionals. This volume will take you into the minds of professionals around the continent, from Canada to the United States, and answer the questions you have asked George in person or by email over the years. Keep in mind that each answer will come from qualified professionals who are personal friends of this established professional himself.
In Volume Three, George will dispense some of his candid yet timeless advice regarding the set up and operation of a small business. He will also discuss the approaches needed to grow your business, and ideas for delivering profits from hard work. George promises in this book to give you thoughts, lessons and advice to jump start your success and keep you on track for years to come.


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History of Black Business in America

Author:Juliet E.K. Walker
This book traces the development of black enterprise in America. It is a return to the days when communities, including those in the tradition of black Americans, placed enterprise at the very center of their activity. It also reminds us of the blue-print for success in America. More importantly, it is a return to scholarship which concentrates on the importance of self-help; enterprise building and the ability to think and act like a free person. Since the early 1960s, studies of failure have dominated literature on black Americans. This book returns us to literature which examines how people actually created economic stability in hostile situations. It also reminds us that the excellent literature on present day immigrant groups share a lot in common with the early literature on black Americans. A great piece of scholarship. It is also instructive to note that Madam Walker, Booker T. Washington, and Mr. Johnson are pictured on the cover. This denotes a time which entrepreneurs, rather than politicians and ministers, were the most important leaders in the black community.

ISBN: 0805716505

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Career Warfare

10 Rules for Building a Succesful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It
Author:D'Alessandro, Michael Owens

A genuine winner shows you how to stand out from the crowd

As the youngest-ever CEO of John Hancock Financial Services and the bestselling author of Brand Warfare, David D'Alessandro knows plenty about breaking away from the pack. In Career Warfare, this ultimate insider tells the true story of how he learned the unwritten rules of corporate ladder climbing.
In his signature, outspoken style, D'Alessandro offers concrete advice on building a reputation that commands respect, coping with office politics, and surviving the less-than-sane aspects of any organization. He explains why only 20 percent of the people in a given corporation are truly valuable to the organization, demonstrates the right way to polish the boss's image and prevent the boss from tarnishing the reader's, and provides valuable lessons in the etiquette of reputation building.
Through engaging, often-hilarious stories drawn from his own dramatic climb to the top, David D'Alessandro speaks to success-oriented readers at every level and explains:
How to make people want to take a chance on them
How to gain and keep a great reputation
Why success will not proceed in a rational manner
Why hard work and accomplishment aren't enough
What character has to do with it

ISBN: 0071417583

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Let's Get Financial Savvy

Author:Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz
Think you need an MBA to understand the often overwhelming world of finance? Do the words "mutual fund" and "investment brokerage" scare you to inaction? According to Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz, author of the new book, Let's Get Financial Savvy! we're all capable of running our own investments and personal finances with savvy and success, and it's not as difficult as you might think.


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Sales Dogs

You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales Rich Dad's Advisors series)
Author:Blair Singer, Robert T. Kiyosaki (Introduction)
With an introduction by Robert T. Kiyosaki By knowing the five basic breeds of people--the Pit Bull, the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Chihuahua, and the Basset Hound--readers will have the necessary insight to improve their business and selling savvy. SalesDogs will:
- Introduce Five Breeds of SalesDogs!
- Reveal the five simple but critical revenue- generating skills to generate endless streams of qualified buyers and life-long sales
- Teach you how to identify your breed and play to your own strengths
- Give you the steps to inspire and direct any group of sales people into a charging pack of blue-ribbon SalesDogs
- Show you how to reduce your sales effort, increasing your sales results
- Teach you how to radically change your attitude in thirty seconds or less so you can direct your financial results


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Own Your Own Corporation

Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them
Author:Garrett Sutton, Ann Blackman, Robert T. Kiyosaki
OWN YOUR OWN CORPORATION reveals how private citizens can take advantage of incorporating themselves and their business to save thousands of dollars in taxes and protect themselves against financial disaster.


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Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
Author:Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter
The rich are different from the rest of us, if for no other reason than U.S. tax and securities laws allow them to invest in ways that keep us from catching up to them. That's why 90 percent of all corporate shares of stock are owned by 10 percent of the people. Kiyosaki believes it's possible for anyone to move up into that 10 percent, but it takes a different view of investing than most people have: it takes a plan to be a successful investor. And a plan is more than simply buying and selling, or collecting "assets" that bring in no cash and are thus more akin to liabilities. The way most people invest, "they might as well be pushing a wheelbarrow in a circle," he writes. A plan is "mechanical, automatic, and boring," a formula for success that has worked historically for most of those who've used it. Kiyosaki's "rich dad" (actually, the father of his best friend) tells him the simplest analogy is the game Monopoly: buy four green houses, trade them for one red hotel, and repeat until you become rich


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Loopholes of the Rich

How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Tax
Author:Diane Kennedy, Robert Kiyosaki (Introduction)
With an introduction by Robert T. Kiyosaki In easy-to-follow and straightforward language, this invaluable guide teaches business owners how to pay only what taxes are due to the government-and save the rest. By learning the rules that the wealthy play by, business owners can take advantage of legal tax deductions to cut their annual tax payments. Loopholes of the Rich will reveal how to:
- Control how much tax you pay and when you pay it
- Condense 500,000+ pages of IRS tax law into 3 easy rules that keep your money in your pocket
- Find the right business structure for your business to pay less tax and protect what you have
- Learn to make more money by using the tax strategies of the rich
- Pay less tax legally and still sleep at night


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Rich Dad's Prophecy

Why the Biggest Stock Market Crash in History is Still Coming...And How You Can Prepare Yourself and Profit from it.
Author:Robert T. Klyoski, Sharon L Lechter
When the first baby boomers celebrate their 70th birthdays in 2016, according to rich dad (the author's financial mentor and father of his boyhood chum), a massive stock market crash will ensue. Joining half a dozen popular Rich Dad books, this volume continues Kiyosaki's eloquent yet simple survival instructions to investors present and future. Kiyosaki's wealth stems from lessons learned at rich dad's balance sheets, and here he deftly illustrates those complex financial truths. He encourages readers-many of whom suffer from what he sees as the dismal lack of financial education in the school system-to understand factors such as ERISA, the investor-unfriendly retirement law for which rich dad vilified the government, and the overabundance of "white bread" financial advice for the masses. Wall Street has nothing to gain by smartening up investors, Kiyosaki warns, so it's up to people to educate themselves


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Cashflow Quadrant

Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom
Author:Robert T. Klyoski, Sharon L Lechter
"What is the difference between and employee and a business owner? Why do some investors make money with little risk while most investors just break even? Why do most employees go from job to job while others quit their jobs and go on to build business empires? THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT answers these questions and guides readers in finding their own path to financial freedon in a world of ever increasing financial change. It is a book written... - for people who are ready to move beyond job security and begin to find their own world of financial freedom. - For people who are ready to make deep professional and financial changes in their lives - For people who are ready to move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age Have you noticed that many of the brightest graduates from our universities want to work for college dropouts...dropouts such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Richard Branson of Virgin Industries, Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Ted Turner of CNN? Dropouts who are today the mega-rich oof society. Why does this happen? As THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT reveals, it is simply a matter of knowing which quadrant to work from and when."


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Rich Kid Smart Kid

Giving Your Children a Financial Headstart
Author:Robert T.Klyoski, Sharon L. Lechter
Growing up with two father figures, a "Rich Dad" and a "Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki understood the important of financial planning. In this audio-parenting guide, Kiyosaki and co-author Sharon Lechter have designed a step-by-step program for Moms and Dads to explain to their children the basics of our financial economy-the employees, the self-employed, the business owners, and the investors. By providing their children with financial problem-solving skills, parents can help to ensure a profitable


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48 Laws of Power

Author:Robert Greene

Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this piercing work distills three thousand years of the history of power in to forty-eight well explicated laws. As attention--grabbing in its design as it is in its content, this bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun-tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, and other great thinkers. Some laws teach the need for prudence ("Law 1: Never Outshine the Master"), the virtue of stealth ("Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions"), and many demand the total absence of mercy ("Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally"), but like it or not, all have applications in real life. Illustrated through the tactics of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, P. T. Barnum, and other famous figures who have wielded--or been victimized by--power, these laws will fascinate any reader interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control.

ISBN: 0140280197

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Conversation With Women Who Export

Author:Sharon T. Freeman

This book provides real world examples of successful women and minority female firm owners who are pioneer exporters. It tells their life stories and share their insights about how to travel roads less traveled in business and in the global marketplace. AASBEA, September 2000


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Exporting, Importing, and E-Commerce 2001

Author:Sharon T. Freeman

A three-in-one comprehensive desk reference set of detailed information about "how to" export, import and engage in global e-commerce


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