C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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This Bitter Earth

Author:Bernice L. McFadden

"This Bitter Earth" picks up where Sugar left off: on the dirt road leading to Sugar's childhood home in Short Junction, Arkansas. Here, Sugar, hears a shocking revelation about unrequited love and about one man's hatred- and the black magic that has cursed generations.

ISBN: 0452283817

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Sittin' In The Front Pew

Author:Parry A. Brown

Edward Naylor, raised his four young daughters after their mother's death, and was the perfect father. Glynda and her sisters begin to search for answers about who the real Edward Naylor was. Their father was a good man, without question, but he also took a secret to his grave. What happens when his secret shows up for the funeral.


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True to the Game

A Teri Woods Fable
Author:Teri Woods

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a young girl from the projects met Quadir, far from home, in the middle of Harlem...Now the story is told of how it all went down. The main character Gena finds herself in true blue love with Quadir, Both Gena and Quadir find themselves caught up in the vicious, yet seductive, world of drugs and money.


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The Coldest Winter Ever

Author:Sister Souljah

The main character Winter, born in the ghetto, is the young, wealthy daughter of a Brooklyn drug-dealing family. Quick-witted, sexy, and business-minded, she knows and loves the streets.


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Men Cry In The Dark

Author:Michael Baisden

"Men Cry in the Dark" is an entertaining and realistic novel about relationships, fatherhood, and interracial dating from the man's perspective. Michael has courageously stepped outside the boundaries to prove once and for all that men do love their children, cherish their women, and yes, even cry.

ISBN: 0964367513

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Zoe Reynard has it all. A successful career, a loving husband, three beautiful children, a devoted mother, and the house of her dreams. Most women would kill to be in her shoes. There's just one thing she has that no one else in their right mind would want. A secret addiction that could very well ruin her fairy tale life. Zoe is addicted to sex.


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Cane River

Chapter 1 (Oprah Edition)
Author:Lalita Tademy

LOUISIANA 1834 - On the morning of her ninth birthday, the day after Madame Françoise Derbanne slapped her, Suzette peed on the rosebushes. Before the plantation bell sounded she had startled awake, tuned her ears to the careless breathing of Mam'zelle above her in the four-poster bed, listened for movement from the rest of the sleeping.
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The Turning Point

Author:Francis Ray

Desperate to escape her abusive marriage, Lilly Crawford files for divorce, then slips away from her small east Texas hometown with little more than the clothes on her back. With broken dreams and countless regrets, hoping and praying to find a new beginning. Car thieves stole Adam Wakefield's Porsche, his eye sight, and his identity. Once a prominent neurosurgeon in San Francisco, Adam now lives at his secluded estate in Louisiana. he sinks deeper into depression each day. When Lilly Crawford car breaks down on a back road in Louisiana, Lilly seeks help and finds unexpected employment as Adam's caregiver. Her first encounter with him is disastrous


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Mr Potter

Author:Jamaica Kincaid

The story of an ordinary man, his century, and his home: "Kincaid's most poetic and affecting novel to date" (Robert Antoni, The Washington Post Book World)
Jamaica Kincaid's first obssession, the island of Antigua, comes vibrantly to life under the gaze of Mr. Potter, an illiterate taxi chauffeur who makes his living along the roads that pass through the only towns he has ever seen and the graveyard where he will be buried. The sun shines squarely overhead, the ocean lies on every side, and suppressed passion fills the air. Ignoring the legacy of his father, a poor fisherman, and his mother, who committed suicide, Mr. Potter struggles to live at ease amid his surroundings: to purchase a car, to have girlfriends, and to shake off the encumbrance of his daughters,one of whom will return to Antigua after he dies and tell his story with equal measures of distance and sympathy.

ISBN: 0374528748

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Thorn's Challenge

Author:Brenda Jackson

ISBN: 0373765525

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A Little Dare

Author:Brenda Jackson

ISBN: 0373765339

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The Maintenance Man

Author:Michael Baisden

We arrived at Melvin's Jazz Club at 11:50 P.M. The line wrapped around the corner and the valet parking was full. I told Big Al to blow the horn and flash the headlights three times. The valet stepped aside and the bright orange partitions parted like the Red Sea. "You must be a regular," Big Al said. "Let's just say it's a popular place for people in my line of work," I replied with a sly grin. Every city has its professional hangouts. In Los Angeles,musicians and gigolos congregated at Melvin's. It was just a coincidence that Helen wanted to meet there. I'm sure she was unaware of its infamous reputation. "Good evening, Mr. Tremell," the valet said as he opened my door. His name was Rosco. "I can see you remembered the signal." "Sometimes it comes in handy, Rosco," I said as I slipped him a ten.

ISBN: 0743204786

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Between Lovers

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

"I still want you to meet her." I don't respond to that. Nicole is on top of me, her hands tracing over my body, wide awake like she's been IV'ed to a double latte mocha cappuccino espresso. She kisses my lips before she head for the bathroom. Nicole leaves the bathroom door wide open. She asks, "Did you hear me when I said that I want you two to meet?" I sit up. We stare. I tell her, "I'm not deaf." "Last month, when I asked, you said that you'd think about it." "Help me out here. Why would you want us to meet?" "Then I won't feel guilty. Like I'm cheating."

ISBN: 0451204670

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B-More Careful

Author:Shannon Holmes

Holmes introduces characters with exhaustive backstories. We barely meet the book's major players before we're sent back to the womb with them, one after another, for the highlights of their upbringings and early days. Holmes plays chutes and ladders with time, backwards and forwards, giving us glimpses of the future before backtracking decades to an inciting or merely consonant incident in a character's past, leaving cliffhangers in the present (or future) for chapters at a time. B-More is a novel of gunplay, murder, and revenge, but because of its structure it doesn't build suspense in the manner of a conventional thriller. The book's narrative tensions, two major conflicts and countless smaller ones within them, are approached and resolved in the vocabulary of violence, in the climate of crime, but are at their root almost entirely interpersonal, predicated on familial, romantic or mentoring relationships gone wrong.
In B-More there is no right or wrong, no morality, only event. Holmes refuses to pass any judgment beyond that of the streets.
The streets are important. "The streets," used colloquially, comprise the undifferentiated wash of criminality and misery that's both the book's backdrop, flowing through its plot and housing projects, and a Greek chorus, a many-eyed, many-mouthed monster that grovels to the strong and devours the weak or weakening. The streets are always watching... They watch every character's decisions, they watch how the wicked are or aren't punished, and most of all they watch the lives of promising young black men and women spiral out of control.
Sometimes the spiral is upwards, into dizzying stratospheres of material excess, empires of luxury brand-name decadence built Yertle-the-Turtle style on an uneasy stack of middlemen, runners, and treacherous aspirants. Usually, though, and at least in the streets of B-More, inevitably, the spiral is downwards, to violent death at the hands of criminal and/or romantic rivals, to prison terms, or into the morass of addiction, the failure of the urban multitudes on which the (fleeting) success of the few is founded.
The author's voice is confident, her slang and aphorisms those of her characters. Aside from one pointed observation of linguistic difference -- a bigshot NYC dealer is annoyed by the Baltimorean affect of ending sentences with "yo," -- the narrator is as steeped in the story and its specific language as the characters. The immersion in Baltimore's street life is total, with the Virgil guiding us through this underworld so manifestly of it, but the downside is textual homogeneity. Especially in the long middle section things begin to blend, to blur: the voices, the histories, and even the chronology lose their sharpness, become unmoored from context, and we end up adrift in a river of shouts, threats and cries, of violence and doom, anguish and hardship looped, remixed, repeated, a punishing concatenation of gruesome deeds done to and by angry people in a slough that seems to allow no other course of action.
The book is exciting, if you have the imagination to fill in the descriptive blanks. It does hit hard, and while it isn't always vivid in the particulars, the characters behave believably and the author is in secure control of the twists and turns. The strangeness of the book, at least in relation to a conventional novel, is represented well by the bizarre afterword, a rambling poem by publisher Teri Woods. It's an astonishing self-indulgence on the part of Ms. Woods, made moreso by its final line: "Motherfuckers, I am the light."

Retails: $14.95
C&B Price: $10.00
Publisher:Teri Woods Publishing (Dec. 1, 2001)
Meow Meow Productions
ISBN: 0967224918
ISBN-13: 978-0967224916

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