C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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No Exit

Author:Al-Saadiq Banks

This is a story about three young men from the same ghetto.
Through the game they slowly climb the ladder of success, but the closer they get to the top, the more obstacles they have to overcome.
The life, fast cars, pretty women and expensive jewelry. Tax-free money is what they call it, although that is not true. There are taxes to be paid: murder and life-long jail terms.
Are these young men ready to pay up? Find out for yourself.
Watch these young men change from boys to men right before your eyes.
I'm sure you'll enjoy. The story is written with such great detail you will feel like you are actually at the scene of the crime

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The High Price Of a Good Man

Author:Debra Phillips

Between the pages, meet Miss Queenisha Sutton, aka, Queenie. She's boldly sassy, she's large, and she's undeniably lovely, and tokeep from wasting her time, she keeps mental "stats" on every man that enters her love arena. The perfect man is what Queenie seeks, and when she finds and pays for the man of her dreams at a charity fundraiser, Queenie is determined to get more than her money's worth by making Zeke Washington hers and hers alone - no matter what. Of course, Mr. Zeke Washington has a few sly motives and not-so-cute goals of his own.
Meet Miss Poetta James, Queenie's best of best friend, the friend that contentment could very well be her middle name because as far as Poetta is concerned, nothing brews contentment more than the knowledge that the way to a man's heart is through a well-placed "hex". Do a chant, burn a few candles and watch 'em fall, but oops...even a hex meant to be good has a way of turning out so very, very bad.
Peek into the lives of two sistah friends and their comical pursuit of true love and see what lessons they learn, that rarely is true love something we can seek and find, but ultimately, it can happen by and find us.

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In The Eyes of Truth

Author:Shelly Parris


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A Hustler's Wife

Author:Nikki Turner

This novel portrays the life of Yarni, a sweet and innocent girl from a well-to-do family. By chance she meets Richmond Virginia's notorious drug kingpin, Des. Immediately they develop an astronomical love, which separates her from her family and friends. But when Des is sentenced to life in prison, Yarni will learn being A Hustler's Wife isn't easy with her sole provider behind bars.

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The Game

Authors:Tracy A. Brown, The Urban Griot, Shannon Holmes, K'wan, Kenya I. Moses, Joylynn Jossel, Shere Washington, Vickie Stringer, Thomas Long, Nikki Turner, Chris Forster, Alexander K. Morfogen, Trustice Gentles, Kiki Swinson, Angel Hunter, John "Divine G" Whitfield, Regina Thomas, Freeze, Roy L. Pickering, Jr., Destin Soul.

Enclosed is a walk through the city projects, ghettos and streets. It's a mind journey that puts life's realities into words. This anthology is the first of its kind to take such an array of authors, and their true to life tales, and allow their words to explode in one setting.

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Let That Be The Reason

Author:Vickie M. Stringer


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Best Black Women's Erotica

Author:Blanche Richardson (Editor), Iyanla Vanzant

Cleis Press's Best Lesbian Erotica and Best Women's Erotica series top bestseller lists, raising and exceeding the standards and expectations of readers of erotic fiction with each new edition. Now the African-American women's erotica market will discover the same level of literate, provocative sex writing in this debut collection of a new series. Best Black Women's Erotica showcases the hottest, most arousing, and most surprising erotic literature by African-American women writers. Representing a wide range of styles and voices, these 14 new stories offer a steamy assortment of fiction from popular authors such as Nikki Giovanni, Bertice Berry, Tananarive Due, Renee Swindle, Lori Bryant-Woolridge among others.


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Best Black Women's Erotica 2

Author:Saniya Bashir(Editor)

Best Black Women’s Erotica 2 showcases the hottest, most arousing, and most surprising erotic literature by African American women writers. Representing a wide range of styles and voices, these 25 stories offer steamy fiction from popular authors such as Sapphire, Jacqueline Woodson, Sharon Bridgforth, and others. For all women - heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian - this book offers black women's sexuality in all its fullness and variety.


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The Bridge

Author:Solomon Jones

Sometimes, Philadelphia Police Detective Kevin Lynch feels he has spent his whole life trying to put his past firmly behind him. But a frantic call for help from a childhood friend whose child has gone missing changes all that.
Now Lynch must summon the courage to return to his childhood home, the infamous projects known as The Bridge. As the case unfolds and the search for Kenya, the missing girl, intensifies, the secrets guarded by her family and friends begin to emerge. And the hidden truths are more sinister and malevolent than Lynch could ever imagine, and once again, The Bridge threatens to be his downfall.


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Pipe Dream

Author:Solomon Jones

The lawyer turned on the tape recorder, handed his client a cigarette, and lit it for him. Black drew hard, squinting as the smoke rushed into his lungs. -"Where do you want to start?"the lawyer said, lighting a cigarette of his own. -"I guess there’s only one place to start; at Broad and Erie." -Johnny Podres, a politician whose record against corruption had been propelling him straight to the mayor’s office, is found murdered in a North Philly crack house.
Samuel Jackson, a.k.a. Black, a drug addict who knows better, a man embittered by the fact that he can’t seem to escape from his addiction to crack cocaine or, for that matter, from himself. Though he was once a family man with a wife and son, Black’s only concern these days is getting his next high, that is, until he stumbles across a friend and fellow addict, Leroy, and both become prime suspects in the Podres murder. Black and Leroy hook up with two female pipers: Clarisse, a registered nurse who is slowly losing to crack any semblance of a respectable life, and Pookie, who already has lost it.


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The Night Before Thirty

Author:Tajuana Butler

Sorority Sisters, a novel about five women on the verge of turning thirty, whose lives are changed forever when they meet through a national radio contest
At first glance, you couldn’t find five women more different.
Catara is a personal shopper in New York who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Embarrassed by her weight, she lets a lack of self-confidence derail her goals. In Atlanta, Lashawnda has gone from a string of bad relationships with men into one with a woman that doesn’t seem much better. Elise is realizing her dream of opening up a gymnastics school in Louisville, Kentucky, but between working and taking care of her grandmother, she can’t find much time to nurture herself. Tanya’s relationship with her boyfriend is at the breaking point. She’s ready to leave Chicago and fast city living to settle down and have a family, but her man isn’t on the same page. Alecia lives in Los Angeles and has been getting by on her looks for a long time, but when her (married) boyfriend makes it clear that his wife comes first, she has to realize that beauty fades and she must prepare for her future.
But these women do have something in common-they all share the same birthday and are about to turn thirty. When the number one syndicated black radio show in the country sponsors a Night Before Thirty Getaway Weekend, these women meet, and while their time together is brief, the impact they have upon one another’s lives is everlasting


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Life,Love,& Loneliness

Author:Crystal Lacey Winslow

Life, Love & Loneliness, the debut novel from Crystal Lacey Winslow, takes its reader on a tumultuous journey through the life of its main character, Lyric Devaney. Lyric is an aspiring actress who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and who possesses the uncanny ability to manipulate others in order to achieve her goals. She has no qualms about stepping on the toes of those friends, lovers, family and acquaintances who stand between her and her desires. Her latest scheming lands her a six-figure movie deal and the film’s starring role -- which she manages to steal from a friend! Lyric has nearly fulfilled her dreams. But she’s missing one thing -- the Mayor of New York! Their long-time affair has reached a turning point. And Lyric, infatuated with his political status, ambition, and of course, wealth, makes a life-altering decision at the pinnacle of her career. Then, tragedy strikes … Life, Love & Loneliness is told through the words of Lyric Devaney and several of her best friends, each of whom face their own life challenges. By writing in the first-person, Ms. Winslow allows the reader to experience each situation first hand. In addition, the novel’s cinematically-written style allows each chapter to be easily envisioned. This fast-paced drama quickly evolves into a mystery with an ending so shocking that it leaves the reader begging for a sequel.

ISBN: 0971702101

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Dumb As Me

Women Gave Him Pleasure, Misusing Them Gave Him More
Author:Michael Gainer

Justin just wanted to enjoy life. After all, being a player seemed to come naturally. Pimp'in women and breaking hearts was his specialty. If only his player hate'in wife Alexis would conform to the rules of the game, that would make life even better. Justin can't take all the credit for his fabulous lifestyle, there are a cast of characters contributing to his lifelong pursuit of conquering women. There is his boy Hammer who maintains VIP status in all of Miami's clubs, Sheila, the hotel maid with the "oh so fat a--", his loving yet high rolling mom Sylvia and his estranged father Henry (affectionately referred to as "The Rooster"). Settle in with Dumb as Me and experience a day in the life of Justin Drake, THE MAN. Not to forget...the intoxicating, mysterious Eden. The one woman that manages to show


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The Matter is Life

Author:J. California Cooper

The first of eight stories in this collection focuses on a funeral but affirms life. Almost every speech uttered by the 90-year-old narrator contains the words, "I ain't ready." Luxuriating in the love of her extensive family, she tells God and all the world that she is not ready to die. Later stories deal with poverty, abusive husbands, drug addiction, and prostitution, but even these grim situations yield nurturing down-home wisdom. Most of Cooper's first-person narrators are shrewd black women, and on occasion the stories suffer from sameness in plots, themes, and characters. Usually, however, they are touching without falling into sentimentality and totally honest without becoming crude.


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