C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Great Women of Color

We Shall Not be Moved

Author:Velma Maia Thomas

We Shall Not Be Moved takes readers on an interactive journey through the freedom struggles of the 20th century, tracing 100 years of battles for justice and equality on all fronts, from Marcus Garvey to the mid-century civil rights movement, from the Tuskegee Airmen to school integration, from Paul Robeson to Malcolm X. The interactive elements include reproductions of letters from soldiers in World War II, a flyer advertising the original March on Washington, a sign urging black riders to boycott the buses in Montgomery, and other facsimiles of artifacts that give readers a unique, hands-on connection to this remarkable history.


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Conversations with Powerful African Women

Author:Dr. Sharon T. Freeman

Learn from and be inspired by the strategies of 11 powerful African women leaders who are helping to transform Africa.
"Money is a verb…it does things, it is not just something to have…it must build houses, schools, hospitals…and it must feed the people."
Luisa Diogo, Minister of Finance, Mozambique

"Botswana is fighting for its very survival…it's a battle to the death and I can assure you it's not going to be the death of Botswana, it's going to be the death of AIDS in Botswana."
Joy Phumaphi, Minister of Health, Botswana

"Many people with noble hearts and vision are involved in politics, like my husband, …the more women who are involved in politics, the better the world would be."
Dr. Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, First Lady, Cote d'Ivoire

"A review of the life and history of my country, Egypt, provides evidence of the possibility of coming together between all civilization and cultures and possibilities for joint action."
Fayza Aboulnaga, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Egypt

"Where I come from there is an expectation that women should be perfect wives…it is understood that if they wish to pursue careers, that they have to earn this 'privilege'…by working double time to reassure their husbands that the 'privilege' of pursuing a career and contributing to the well-being of the family is not being abused."
Aisha Ismail, Minister of Women and Youth, Nigeria


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A Royal Trip

Poetry For Those With Soul
Author:Glynnis Christian

What has been called the Black experience holds different meanings for every person of African descent. As an adult I found myself dissatisfied with the lack of factual African and African American history. I began to acquire the publications of historians the world over. Unknowingly, I had embarked on a search for my true self. I now, with eyes wide open, see what I had not seen before and feel what I have never felt before. Through this book of poetry I wish to pass these thoughts on to others who may be unknowingly searching as well.

ISBN: 0741411482

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Harriet Tubman

The Moses of Her People
Author:Sarah Bradford

Harriet Tubman was the greatest conductor on the Underground Railroad, the organized network of way stations which helped black slaves escape from the South to the free states and as far north as Canada. For more than 10 years before the Civil War, she made 20 trips from the North to the South, rescuing more than 300 salves.

Harriet Tubman, The Moses of Her People, is the fascinating story of a remarkable woman who fled slavery, then courageously guided runaway slaves to freedom—while a $40,000 bounty was put on her life. It is also the story of her days serving as a nurse, soldier, spy, and scout for the Union Army; her vigorous fight for women's suffrage; and her later years when she continued to work for the rights of blacks and women.


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Mary Ann Shadd Cry

The Black Press and Protest in the 19th Century
Author:Jane Rhodes
Mary Ann Shadd Cary was a courageous and outspoken 19th-century African American who used the press and public speaking to fight slavery and oppression in the United States and Canada. Her life provides a window on the free black experience, emergent black nationalisms, African Americans' gender ideologies, and the formation of a black public sphere.


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Rosa Parks:My Story

Author:Rosa Parks, James Haskins, with Jim Haskins

This well-known story is considerably refreshed by Parks's personal narrative, punctuated by numerous black-and-white photographs. In simple, gracious, compelling language she describes her childhood, family life, and elusive educational opportunities. She explains how her husband encouraged and supported her participation in civil rights activities, and provides with clarity the generally paltry regard for the contributions of black women by the movement's organizers. In this recounting of her life, she corrects some media-created distortions of events. Her references to so many people may overwhelm some readers at times, but this does not diminish the overall impact of a wonderful, warm autobiography.


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Runaway Slave

Author:Miquel Barnet, Esteban Montejo, W. Nick (Translator)

In this remarkable testimony, Cuban novelist and anthropologist Miguel Barnet presents the narrative of 105-year-old Esteban Montejo, who lived as a slave, as fugitive in the wilderness, and as a soldier in the Cuban War of Independence. Honest, blunt, compassionate, shrewd, and engaging, his voice provides an extraordinary insight into the African culture that took root in the Caribbean.


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