C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Drive Me Crazy

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Driver spent two years in lockdown to spare his gay albino brother, Rufus; these days he's a chauffeur. Driver likes to hang with his boss, Wolf; they drink beer, have a laugh, do the crossword, shoot pool. It's all cool?as long as Wolf doesn't find out about Driver's affair with Lisa, Wolf's wife. Even worse, Lisa gave Driver 15 large to kill her husband. Driver couldn't do it, but he spent the money on his mother's funeral; Lisa will forgive the debt if Driver keeps "dicking her down." When he won't, she tries to run him down with her Hummer. Next trick? An ugly pair of thugs who stalk and threaten him. Meanwhile, Driver must drive a visiting celebrity author?notorious for inflammatory race-related statements and for wearing the silver briefcase containing his next million-dollar book handcuffed to his wrist?all over L.A. Steamy sex scenes alternate with mayhem and vandalism; the lively, truncated dialogue is filled with literary references, product placements and newsworthy names.


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Thieves Paradise

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Twenty-five-year-old Dante Brown is down and out in L.A. After doing a stretch of hard time in juvenile jail, he cleaned up his act as a computer techie -- only to be laid off when the economy went south. Now he's facing a mountain of unpaid bills, a car on its last legs, imminent eviction, and a snowball's chance in hell with Pam, a sexy waitress/actress on the hunt for a man with means


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Between Lovers

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

With each new novel, Eric Jerome Dickey has established himself as one of the freshest and most exciting writers on America's contemporary fiction scene. His latest book is no exception. Set in the San Francisco Bay area, Between Lovers brings together three irresistible characters. The novel's narrator-a Los Angeles-based writer-is still reeling from being dumped by Nicole after seven good years followed by an aborted trip to the altar. Nicole grew up during their time together, and changed-she became a successful career woman, moved north to Oakland, and fell in love with another woman. But she's still not satisfied. She likes what she has, but misses what she had, and wants to find out if she can have it all. She's playing with fire, not to mention the feelings of the two people who love her most in the world, but Nicole lures her former fiancé back into her new life, opening the floodgates of anger, passion, pain...and refreshing honesty. How these three fascinating people handle this unusual and complex love triangle makes for one of Dickey's most provocative and unforgettable novels.

ISBN: 0451204689

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Liar's Game

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Dana left New York to escape a roller-coaster relationship. Vincent is living in Los Angeles, trying to forget his own shattered marriage. They want to plan a future together-but first they have to stop running from their pasts. Eric Jerome Dickey, a rising star on the bestseller lists, delivers a boldly honest novel-about love that starts with a lie.Author Biography: Eric Jerome Dickey is originally from Memphis. He has worked as a computer programmer, teacher, actor, and standup comic, and now writes full time

ISBN: 0451201234

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Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Cheaters, Eric Jerome Dickey's latest exploration of affairs of the heart, begins in familiar territory yet ultimately develops into an unusual, sharp, and nuanced portrait of love lost and found. A large cast of upwardly mobile 20-something African Americans populates the novel. For them, airy southern California is a land of obvious pleasures: fancy cars, beautiful condos, and sleek hangouts. Regrettably, such pleasures are temporary, for theirs is also a world marred by duplicitous love affairs and betrayed

ISBN: 0451194071

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Milk in My Coffee

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Fresh from his small hometown in Tennessee where the color line is still a barrier folks don't cross, Jordan Greene was in culture shock when he first arrived in Manhattan. Now he's gotten used to the Big Apple's rough edges. He has a great friend name Solomon and a good job at a computer company 'way down on Wall Street, a pretty long ride from his apartment in Queens. Even longer is the growing distance between Jordan and his girlfriend J'nette. Then Kimberly walks into his life. She's a funny, spunky artist, gorgeous with her long red hair and Irish cream skin. That's the problem, especially for a man with Malcolm X's picture on his office wall: Kimberly Chavers is white.
Falling hard and fast for a black man is only part of Kimberly's problem. She's wary of falling for any man at all. She has secrets she doesn't intend to share, and a past she hasn't put to rest. With so much unfinished business in her life, she isn't sure she wants to start a new relationship. But soon neither she nor Jordan are listening to their heads -- only their hearts. That means facing the fallout from friends and families who don't understand, along with a truth that will shake Jordan's faith to the core.. and test the true power of love.
A provocative, true-to-life story of race and desire, love and commitment that gets the poignancy and complexity of relationships just right, Milk in My Coffee is Eric Jerome Dickey's most entertaining and heartfelt novel yet. He writes about intimacy and emotions with striking authenticity and a canny wisdom that reveals what goes on in the minds and souls of brothers... and the women who touch and transform their lives.

ISBN: 0451194063
Pub Date: June 1999

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Sister Sister

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

One of the most intuitive and hilarious new voices in African-American fiction, Eric Jerome Dickey crosses the gender line to meet Waiting to Exhale head-on. Sister, Sister is his sexy, funny, and scathingly realistic novel about sisters in today's L.A. - and the brothers who think they have them all figured out. Not yet thirty, perky, pretty Valerie, aka "Red," dropped out of college, cut her hair, and played at being the perfect housewife just to please her husband, Walter. His pro football career has gone nowhere; and he's got an attitude - it's all Valerie's fault. Valerie is standing by her man, although most of the time Walter parks himself in front of the TV. She wants to fight for her marriage. But another contender has entered the ring. His name is Daniel, and he wants to have an affair. Valerie's social worker sister, Inda (that's Linda without the L), has a different problem. His name is Raymond. He's got a great body, smooth moves, sweet talk - and another girlfriend on the side. Things are about to get down and dirty when Inda comes face-to-face with the "other woman." Chiquita is an airline flight attendant having a long-distance relationship with a great guy - a great guy except he just smacked her. He says it was an accident. She tells him to hit the road. The antidote for her broken heart may be Thaddeus, Inda and Valerie's brother. So why is Chiquita about to turn down this good man for a bad one?

ISBN: 0451188020

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Friends & Lovers

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

When Debra meets Leonard, she has just gotten off the sex-before-marriage merry-go-round. If he wants to ride, he'll have to produce the gold ring. A successful comedian with complications of his own, Leonard isn't laughing when he faces that moment in every man's life when he has to decide what matters most - and whether he's ready for the love of a good woman. A book that doesn't diss sisters or brothers, Friends and Lovers tells a story that is real, honest, and brimming with emotion. This is a wise and witty look at the human condition from a writer who doesn't make gender an issue, meerly a difference to celebrate.

ISBN: 0451188039
Pub Date: August 1998

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