C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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For Every Black Eye

Author:C.F. Hawthorne

Kill him ." I lifted my throbbing head from my knees and glanced around the bedroom. I know I heard a voice. "Kill him," echoed through the room once again. I looked to my left, then my right. Slowly I raised my aching body from the floor. With each painful step I took, the bathroom seemed miles away. I had to lean against the door frame to keep from falling. Jacob, my husband, had beaten me so badly this time I felt drunk. I reached for the sink and propped my hip against the cool white porcelain, closing my eyes momentarily trying to ease the pain and the nightmare of my reality. It was no use. My reality was a nightmare. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My brown eyes were now sunken into dark shadows. The whites of my eyes had red streaks running through them like a state road map. When I spit into the sink, I watched a tooth dance around the porcelain before descending down the drain. Bracing myself with both hands and closing my eyes as the memory of Jacob's fist surged through my body like a demon, I shook my head. Staring at my face once again in the medicine cabinet mirror before opening it, I whispered, "He didn't mean it." I told the sad reflection staring back at me. "He told me so, and I believe him, again. "Flinching, I reached into the medicine cabinet. The pain raced up my arm and stopped in my neck. He didn't mean it. "Kill him, "

ISBN: 0970807597

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Killing In the Name of Love

Author:Alvin Morrow

Alvin Morrow takes readers on a 6-year journey in which he dissects the lingering effects of slavery on the heart of the Black nation-the Black family! he explains every way that America is Killing In the Name of Love; from the way the Black man and woman relate to one another and to our children to the foods we take into our bodies, to the education we take into our minds, to the religion we take into our souls. The result is that the Black Family has been forced to struggle for survival in the midst of the most underrated form of genocide in human history. During this time, when corruption, immorality and mental darkness have become the order of the day, comes a book that promises to provide readers with the light needed to safely guide nation through this hour of grave darkness. In this book, Alvin Morrow gives birth to clear solutions brought about through the pain of laboring for a people rise. The staff at RSP offers with deep humility, not just a scholastic writing, but a service.


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Walking Proud

Reflections on Love
Author:George Edmond Smith, MD

A Prominent Physician Shows African American Men And Women How To Go Beyond Society's Myths To Create Strong, Satisfying Relationships That Last

Find Out: What specific stereotypes sabotage relationships between black men and women and how to spot them What anger and abuse mean in a sexual relationship and how to change hurtful behavior, before it ruins your life How to master the basics of intimate communication and stop fighting The issues that can drive black couples apart and keep black men from knowing their true self-worth What to do about sexual problems, the best kept secret of black men-it's easier than you think What black women want from black men and what black men need from black women How to provide sons with a positive role model and what it really means to be a black man


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The Autobiography of DMX

Author:DMX (Earl Simmons), Smokey D. Fontaine
DMX is an international superstar who has sold more than twenty-million albums and defined hip-hop culture better than any of his peers. He also lived the kind of rags-to-riches story that has molded some of the best American heroes. From a smart and mischievous young boy to a teenager dubbed "Crazy Earl" to the most feared MC on the street, DMX never stopped struggling for the kind of life he knew belonged to him. Born in Yonkers, New York, to a father who abandoned him and a mother ill equipped to raise her only boy, Earl Simmons grew to hate and distrust the world around him. But a passionate talent to rhyme gave him a dream, while a lifelong companionship with stray dogs gave him the strength to go on. His journey of self-discovery began with beatings, robbery, and group homes, lead to jails, car chases, gun battles, and rap wars, and culminated in commitment, love, fame, and fortune. This is the extraordinary first-person account of a man who gives expression to the thoughts and feelings of those who have never been heard. In the process, Earl Simmons became a father, a husband, a role model, and an international icon know as DMX. This is his story.


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Growing Up King

Author:Dexter Scott King, Ralph Wiley (Contributor)
A memoir of great style, exploration, and impact. "I was born worried. I was born anxious," writes the third child of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Itís not surprising. Even in the beginning, when "we were kids just running around" in the bitterly segregationist Atlanta of the early 1960s, "a lot did rub off on us, just through osmosis, being in the environment, the SCLC conventions where Aretha Franklin sang." When Dexter was six, his father was killed. "Hope went out of many lives. We were not alone in that, and never would be alone in it from then on." Imagine the pressures: The requirement of being pious moral exemplar; the "if only Iíd been more like my father" guilt; the failure to finish college; the love of music that earned him the black-sheep tag; the "extra oomph in my feelings of failure when I didnít follow in his exact footprints." There would be highs and lows: the cruel politics of the King Center; the authorís inability to sustain a commitment because of his experience of what happens when you love somebody and they are taken away. But there were also his fights to secure the intellectual-property rights of his father and to try to learn the full circumstances of the assassination, both efforts that earned him the calumny of vested interests. Throughout, the memoir is wonderfully written: stories are nested within stories, pulled forward through history with a disarming openness--King is still very much a work in progress. Thereís a lightness to his touch and a subversiveness to his humor. For all his black-sheep status, the author has found grace and purpose, and has stayed aware of his own identity, even when it was truly out of focus

ISBN: 0446529427

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Thieves Paradise

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Twenty-five-year-old Dante Brown is down and out in L.A. After doing a stretch of hard time in juvenile jail, he cleaned up his act as a computer techie -- only to be laid off when the economy went south. Now he's facing a mountain of unpaid bills, a car on its last legs, imminent eviction, and a snowball's chance in hell with Pam, a sexy waitress/actress on the hunt for a man with means


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Bringing Up Boys

Author:Dr. James Dobson

An entire generation of boys is growing up without a clear idea of what it means to be a man. But there is hope. In Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson, America's foremost authority on the family, provides a road map for raising healthy sons -- for shaping the next generation of responsible, God-honoring men. Drawing on his many years of experience as a child psychologist and family counselor, as well as the latest research, Dr. Dobson offers practical advice and encouragement for parents, teachers, counselors, youth leaders, and others involved in shaping the lives of boys.


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The New Strong-Willed Child

Birth through Adolescence
Author:Dr. James Dobson

America's most trusted parenting expert Dr. Dobson has completely rewritten and updated his classic bestseller, The Strong-Willed Child, for a new generation of parents and teachers. The New Strong-Willed Child follows on the heels of Dr. Dobson's phenomenal bestseller, Bringing Up Boys. It offers practical how-to advice on raising difficult-to-handle children and incorporates the latest research with Dr. Dobson's legendary wit and wisdom. The New Strong-Willed Child is being rushed to press for parents needing help dealing with sibling rivalry, ADHD, low self-esteem and other urgent issues. This book is a must read for parents and teachers struggling to raise up and teach children who are convinced they should be able to live by their own rules!

C&B Price: $10.00
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (April 2007)
ISBN-10: 1414313632
ISBN-13: 978-1414313634

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Boys Into Men

Raising Our African American Teenage Sons
Author:Nancy Boyd Franklin (Pamela Toussaint) A.J. Franklin

Today, African American parents struggle to raise teenage boys safely and successfully in an environment beset by racism, gangs, violence, and homicide--the largest cause of death among 13- to 25-year-old African American males


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State of Emergency

We Must Save African American Males
Author:Jawanza Kunjufu-African American Images

This critical analysis looks at the dire state of African American males and the tough challenges they face daily. Providing a holistic look at the educational, penal, and drug industries, this book condemns the institutions and standards that have declared war on black men. Why is there such a disparity between punishments for crack and cocaine? Why is 91 percent of the African American prison population illiterate? What are the effects of rampant racial profiling?


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Motivating and Preparing Black Youth for Success

Author:Jawanza Kunjufu (Designed by) Larry Hawkins

A self-help motivational book for parents to help Black youth become successful.


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The Mis-Education of the Negro

Author:Carter G. Woodson

About the Author
Dr. Woodson (1875-1950), African American historian and educator, was the founder of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. He was the author of more than 16 books, and the founder and editor of the Journal of Negro History and the Negro History Bullentin.

Book Description
"History shows that it does not matter who is in power... those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they did in the beginning." -- Dr. Carter G. Woodson Now Available --- BACK IN PRINT!

ISBN: 1592320953
Format: Paperback, 240pp
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: African Tree Press
Retail Price: $8.95
C&B Price: $7.99

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Kill Them Before They Grow

The Misdiagnosis of African American Boys in America's Classrooms
Author:Michael Porter

According to Michael Porter, some people believe that today's youth, especially African American males, are lost; many of them can be found inside Behavior Disorder classes in America's public school system. This book examines how African American males end up in dead end BD classes, what happens to them in these classes, and how people can help their community to get on a life enhancing path.


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The Assassination of the Black Male Image

Author:Earl Ofari Hutchinson

An earlier self-published version of this book by Hutchinson, who commented on the O.J. Simpson trial for CBS News, sold 30,000 copies, perhaps accounting for this breakthrough into a major publishing house (his previous books came out from small presses). But the first few chapters, each of which is really an independent essay, offer few clues to the volume's popularity. He suggests that readers persuade the media to cover the full spectrum of black life, not merely crime/violence/"hood" stories; he urges them to boycott music, videos and comedians, etc. who demean black images and to buy "positive black-oriented products" from black-owned stores and organizations.


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Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

Author:Jawanza Kunjufu


Jawanza Kunjuful offers suggestions to correct the dehumanization of African American children, and tells how to ensure that African American boys grow up to be strong, committed, and responsible African American men. Every Father and Mother should use this guide as an aide to rearing our young boys into healthy and wise men. This is a great gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day. A save our African American children from the conspiracy of destruction. There four complete volumes collectively or as guide separaely.


Four Volume Set

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Author:Freddie Lee Johnson III

With one failed marriage under his belt, and a precious daughter his ex-wife bars him from seeing, Victor is no expert in romantic love. His philosophy? The only way to keep a woman from squeezing every last drop from you is to get out before things get too deep. But lately Victor hasn't been feeling quite like himself?especially since he?s been falling for Edie and her little girl. Seems like he spends more time looking out for her then he does staking out new booty calls


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The Envy of the World

On Being a Black Man in America
Author:Ellis Cose

With an eloquence and compassion reminiscent of James Baldwin's Letter to My Nephew, Ellis Cose presents a frank and realistic examination of the daunting challenges facing black men in twenty-first-century America and offers a way out of the cycle of defeatism and despair that wreaks havoc on America's black communities. Black men have never had more opportunity for success than they do today. Yet, as Ellis Cose bluntly puts it, "We are watching the largest group of black males in history stumbling through life with a ball and chain wrapped around their legs.


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The Fundamentals

Author:Isiah Thomas

To illustrate these essential points, Thomas offers entertaining, instructive, and personal stories based on his vast experiences as a ground-breaking African-American athlete, entrepreneur, businessman, and community leader. His simple but powerful recipe for success will help readers to forge their own pathways to achievement and fulfillment.


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