C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Islam Selections

Holy Quran

Arabic Text, English Translation and Commentary
Author:Maulana Muhammad Ali, Maulana Muhammed Ali
The excellent source for every Muslim to follow: The Quran is an excellent source where you can find out what the religion Islam is about. This book was revealed in a period of 23 years and contains everything so beautifully for every Muslim to follow. If you have anything negative to say about this book then you haven't understood it correctly. I don't believe people should write there comments about other sect of Muslims.

ISBN: 091332101X

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The Crisis of Islam

Author:Bernard Lewis
The Crisis of Islam ranges widely through thirteen centuries of history, but in particular it charts the key events of the twentieth century leading up to the violent confrontations of today: the creation of the state of Israel, the Cold War, the Iranian Revolution, the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, the Gulf War, and the September 11th attacks on the United States.
While hostility toward the West has a long and varied history in the lands of Islam, its current concentration on America is new. So too is the cult of the suicide bomber. Brilliantly disentangling the crosscurrents of Middle Eastern history from the rhetoric of its manipulators, Bernard Lewis helps us understand the reasons for the increasingly dogmatic rejection of modernity by many in the Muslim world in favor of a return to a sacred past. Based on his George Polk Award–winning article for The New Yorker, The Crisis of Islam is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what Usama bin Ladin represents and why his murderous message resonates so widely in the Islamic world.

ISBN: 0679642811

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Fiction Selections

The Indian Parenting Book

Author:Meenal Pandya
Parenting is a difficult process where the report card usually comes in too late! Parents can use all the help to "influence" that report card. Meenal Pandya's book provides just that --- a way to increase the odds of success. A must read for all Indian parents!"

C&B Books Price:$15.00
Publishers: MeeRa Publications
ISBN: 09635539-6-8

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The Kennedy Curse

Author:Edward Klein
Death was merciful to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for it spared her a parent's worst nightmare: the loss of a child. But if Jackie had lived to see her son, JFK, Jr., perish in a plane crash on his way to his cousin's wedding, she would have been doubly horrified by the familiar pattern in the tragedy. Once again, on a day that should have been full of joy and celebration, America's first family was struck by the Kennedy Curse. In this probing expose, renowned Kennedy biographer Edward Klein-a best-selling author and journalist personally acquainted with many members of the Kennedy family unravels one of the great mysteries of our time and explains why the Kennedy's have been subjected to such a mind-boggling chain of calamities.

ISBN: 031231292X

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Leap of Faith

Memoirs of an Unexpected Life
Author:Queen Noor
The dramatic story of an emancipated young woman who became the fourth wife of a powerful Arab monarch, Leap of Faith is the intriguing autobiography of Jordan’s American-born Queen Noor. In it, the former Lisa Halaby discusses her late husband, King Hussein I (1935–99), and his tireless quest for peace in the Middle East; her conversion to Islam and her love for the people of Jordan; her difficult adjustment to royal life and her evolving role as a humanitarian activist; and her political and personal views on Islam and the West. This fascinating memoir provides a unique perspective on three eventful decades of world history and on relations between the United States and the Arab world.

ISBN: 0786867175

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Getting the Love You Want

A Guide for Couples
Author:Harville Hendrix
Here is an extraordinary practical guide to resolving problems, using 16 exercises to enhance communication, stop self-defeating behavior, and achieve mutual emotional satisfaction. With Hendrix's advice, the all-too-common marital power struggle can be gradually transformed into a mutually beneficial process of spiritual and emotional growth.
This national bestselling breakthrough guide (more than 400,000 copies sold in both editions) offers a realistic and accessible program to help couples heal one another and become whole together.

ISBN: 0805068953

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Sonja's Story

Author:Sonja Potgrabienskowa Drake
Five years in Nazi death camps....she learned quickly what she had to do to survive from watching those who didn't.Her father was a wealthy Polish farmer. She has nearly completed all the steps to becoming a Catholic nun when the Nazi's came to Poland. Everyone in the convent was taken to Auschwitz. This is her life story including what happened in the camps and afterwards on the long journey back home thru the Black Forest.

ISBN: 0595160808

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One Thousand White Women

Author:Alice Sebold
The Jornals of May Dodd
Long, brisk, charming first novel about an 1875 treaty between Ulysses S. Grant and Little Wolf, chief of the Cheyenne nation, by the sports reporter and author of the memoir A Hunter's Road (1992). Little Wolf comes to Washington and suggests to President Grant that peace between the Whites and Cheyenne could be established if the Cheyenne were given white women as wives, and that the tribe would agree to raise the children from such unions. The thought of miscegenation naturally enough astounds Grant, but he sees a certain wisdom in trading 1,000 white women for 1,000 horses, and he secretly approves the Brides For Indians treaty. He recruits women from jails, penitentiaries, debtors' prisons, and mental institutions—offering full pardons or unconditional release. May Dodd, born to wealth in Chicago in 1850, had left home in her teens and become the mistress of her father's grain-elevator foreman. Her outraged father had her kidnaped, imprisoning her in a monstrous lunatic asylum. When Grant's offer arrives, she leaps at it and soon finds herself traveling west with hundreds of white and black would-be brides. All are indentured to the Cheyenne for two years, must produce children, and then will have the option of leaving. May, who keeps the journal we read, marries Little Wolf and lives in a crowded tipi with his two other wives, their children, and an old crone who enforces the rules. Reading about life among the Cheyenne is spellbinding, especially when the women show up the braves at arm-wrestling, foot-racing, bow-shooting, and gambling. Liquor raises its evil head, as it will, and reduces the braves to savagery. But the women recover, go out on the winter kill witht heir husbands, and accompany them to a trading post where they drive hard bargains and stop the usual cheating of the braves. Eventually, when the cavalry attacks the Cheyenne, mistakenly thinking they're Crazy Horse's Sioux, May is killed. An impressive historical, terse, convincing, and affecting.

ISBN: 0312199430

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The Lovely Bones

Author:Alice Sebold

When we first meet Susie Salmon, she is already in heaven. As she looks down from this strange new place, she tells us, in the fresh and spirited voice of a fourteen-year-old girl, a tale that is both haunting and full of hope.In the weeks following her death, Susie watches life on Earth continuing without her -- her school friends trading rumors about her disappearance, her family holding out hope that she'll be found, her killer trying to cover his tracks. As months pass without leads, Susie sees her parents' marriage being contorted by loss, her sister hardening herself in an effort to stay strong, and her little brother trying to grasp the meaning of the word gone.And she explores the place called heaven. It looks a lot like her school playground, with the good kind of swing sets. There are counselors to help newcomers adjust and friends to room with. Everything she ever wanted appears as soon as she thinks of it -- except the thing she most wants: to be back with the people she loved on Earth.With compassion, longing, and a growing understanding, Susie sees her loved ones pass through grief and begin to mend. Her father embarks on a risky quest to ensnare her killer. Her sister undertakes a feat of remarkable daring. And the boy Susie cared for moves on, only to find himself at the center of a miraculous event.The Lovely Bones is luminous and astonishing, a novel that builds out of grief the most hopeful of stories. In the hands of a brilliant new writer, this story of the worst thing a family can face is transformed into a suspenseful and even funny novel about love, memory, joy, heaven, and healing.


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The Savage Nation

Author:Michael Savage

America is hungry for a book that reinforces patriotism, family, and traditional American values. Radio talk show host Michael Savage argues this viewpoint offering an insightful approach to reclaiming and preserving the nations heritage. Michael Savage attacks big government and liberal media bias. The son of immigrants, Savage shows how traditional American freedoms are being destroyed from the outside and undermined from within-not just our own government, but also from alien forces within our own society. Savage argues that if the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, then only a more "savage nation" will enjoy these liberties. Savage's high ratings and the rapid growth of his program prove he is in touch with the concerns of the average American.


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Latino' Selections

Live to Tell the Tale
(Vivir Para Contaria)

Author:Garcia Marquez, Gabriel

The latest book by the celebrated Nobel prize winner. The first on his life trilogy. From his youth to his first novel and his beginnings as a journalist. A sure bestseller.

El último libro de este célebre ganador del premio Nobel. La primera parte de la trilogía de su vida. Nos habla de su infancia hasta su primera novela y sus comienzos como periodista. Un éxito seguro.


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No Borders
(Atravesando Fronteras)

Author:Jorge Ramos

The long awaited autobiography of one of the best known Hispanic news anchor. A personal history of his beginnings in Mexico and his struggles as an immigrant. La gran esperada autobiografía de unos de los más conocidos presentadores de televisión. Una historia muy personal desde sus comienzos en Méjico y su lucha como inmigrante


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The City of the Beasts

Author:Isabel Allende

The renowned author brings her first novel for young adults. An adventure set in the Amazon jungle where a young traveler and his aunt meet a terrifying beast and learn the beauty of simple living.

La conocida escritora nos trae su primera novela para jovenes. Una aventura en la jungla Amazónica donde un joven viaja con su tía para encontrarse con una temida bestia y aprender la belleza de la vida simple.


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Gandhi's Passion

Author:Stanley Wolpert

A leader who, thanks to his strength of will and self-denial, became a model of bravery and integrity for a people in their non-violent struggle for political power.

El líder que gracias a su voluntad y abnegación, se transformó en un modelo de valor e integridad para el pueblo en su lucha no violenta por el poder político.


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Daughter of Fortune

Author:Isabel Allende

From acclaimed international bestselling author Isabel Allende comes this dazzling historical novel, a sweeping portrait of an unconventional woman carving her own destiny in an era defined by violence, passion, and adventure. An orphan raised in Valparaiso, Chile, by a Victorian spinster and her rigid brother, young, vivacious Eliza Sommers follows her lover to California during the Gold Rush of 1849 -- a danger-filled quest that will become a momentous journey of transformation. In this rough-and-tumble world of panhandlers and prostitutes, immigrants and aristocrats, Eliza will discover a new life of freedom, independence, and a love greater than any ever dreamed.
Available In Espanol' or English


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Cuando Era Puertorriquena

Author:Esmeralda Santiago- Marty Asher (Editor)

As president of her own film company, Santiago has won praise for her writing and producing. In this, her first book, she tells of her childhood in Puerto Rico in the 1950s and of her family's move to New York when she was 13. Her rich prose recreates the tropical splendor of Puerto Rico, the harsh conflicts between her parents, and the squalor of Brooklyn. While she shares unique personal experiences, Santiago also expresses the universality of growing up. Her memoir ends dramatically with her audition for New York's High School for Performing Arts. A poignant look at a girl's coming of age and taking control of her own destiny, Santiago's story reflects that of Puerto Rico: to be a part of the United States, yet distinct and somehow detached. Recommended.-- Gwen Gregory, U.S. Courts Lib., Phoenix
Availble In Espanol' or English


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La casa de los espiritus
The House of the Spirits

Author:Isabel Allende

Bestseller internacional y muy admirado clásico de la literatura latinoamericana, la trascendental novela de Isabel Allende cuenta la historia épica de la numerosa y turbulenta familia Trueba de Chile, con su patriarca angustiado y sus mujeres clarividentes, trazando sus vidas desde los fines del siglo pasado, hasta los días violentos del golpe que derrocó al gobierno de Salvador Allende en 1973. En La casa de Los espítitus, Allende combina lo supernatural con lo real en una versión sumamente personal de realismo mágico. Es raro, el caso, en que una primera novela lanza a su autora tan repentinamente al foro internacionales

Here, in an astonishing debut by a gifted storyteller, is the saga of proud and passionate men and women and the turbulent times through which they suffer and triumph. They are the Truebas. And theirs is a world you won't want to leave, and one you won't forget.Esteban—The patriarch, a volatile and proud man whose lust for land is legendary and who is haunted by his tyrannical passion for the wife he can never completely possess.Clara—The matriarch, elusive and mysterious, who foretells family tragedy and shapes the fortunes of the house of the Truebas.Blanca—Their daughter, soft-spoken yet rebellious, whose shocking love for the son of her father's foreman fuels Esteban's everlasting contempt... even as it produces the grandchild he adores.Alba—The fruit of Blanca's forbidden love, a luminous beauty, a fiery and willful woman... the family's break with the past and link to the future."Extraordinary... Powerful... Sharply observant, witty and eloquent."—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times "...Isabelle Allende has indeed shown us the relationships between past and present, family and nation, city and country, spiritual and political values. She has done so with enormous imagination, sensitivity, and compassion."—Jane Futcher, San Francisco Chronicle

This novel "tells the story of the Trueba family, with its deep loves and hates, following them from the turn of the century to the violent days of the overthrow of the Salvador Allende government in 1973."
Availble In Espanol' or English


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Como agua chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate)
Como agua para chocolate
Like Water for Chocolate

Author:Laura Esquivel, Carol Christensen, Thomas Christensen

Earthy, magical, and utterly charming, this tale of family life in turn-of-the-century Mexico became a best-selling phenomenon with its winning blend of poignant romance and bittersweet wit. The classic love story takes place on the De la Garza ranch, as the tyrannical owner, Mama Elena, chops onions at the kitchen table in her final days of pregnancy. While still in her mother's womb, her daughter to be weeps so violently she causes an early labor, and little Tita slips out amid the spices and fixings for noodle soup. This early encounter with food soon becomes a way of life, and Tita grows up to be a master chef. She shares special points of her favorite preparations with listeners throughout the story.

The Spanish language edition of the best-selling Like Water For Chocolate is a remarkable success in its own right. Now, in this mass market edition, thousands of new readers will be able to partake in the sumptuous, romantic, and hilarious tale of Tita, the terrific cook with an extra special something in her sauce.
Availble In Espanol' or English


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