C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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The Hunger

Author:Norman R. Colson

Kenyon James Marshall works hard for everything he ever wanted and after he is faced with the betrayal of his girlfriend Missy he has to start over. Going on aimlessly he meets an intoxicating older woman wich changes his life forever. Evelyn Cabrera has been loyal to her husband. Even after his constant disrespect & cheating she always took him back. Kenyon's words & friendship changes her outlook on life & after her husband's last blatant indiscretion she learns to let him go. As time passes Kenyon and Evelyn embark on a torrid, passionate & lust filled sexual affair. But as they reach deep within themselves each seeking what will bring them peace. Outside forces and circumstances slowly tear them apart. Will they let society, friends and family come between them. Can they coquer their fears & love again before it's too late?

C&B Price:$13.00
ISBN-10: 0974619957
ISBN-13: 978-0974619958
Publisher: Street Knowledge Publishing (May 2, 2007)
Paperback:369 pgs

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Even Sinners Have Souls

Author:Noire,Chunichi,KaShambe Williams,BLUNT, Nikki Turner

EVEN SINNERS HAVE SOULS edited by E.N. Joy features NOIRE, CHUNICHI, KASHAMBA WILLIAMS, B.L.U.N.T. AND NIKKI TURNER; These respected authorities have all come together for the first time ever, taking a break from penning their norm, to pen a piece of work that truly flowed from their spirits. In EVEN SINNERS HAVE SOULS, each gritty and profound story is told in a raw and real voice, luring the readers in by the poignant storylines, themes and the genuine talents and abilities of each of these prolific authors. The stories have characters who face the same struggles and tragedies that any other person growing up in the hood might endure, but what makes these stories phenomenal is the fact that although the characters might be living a dangerous, immoral and unacceptable lifestyle according to society's standards, they are not so far gone that they can't acknowledge the power of a higher being and a life changing moment that could alter their lives forever. Be prepared to be engaged, moved and compelled as in each tale you will see a side to these authors that you have never seen before. Do not expect what you are used to getting from these authors...expect the unexpected-EXPECT MORE!

C&B Price:$10.00
Paperback: 300 pgs
ISBN-10: 0970672640
ISBN-13: 978-0970672643
Publisher: End of the Rainbow Projects (December 25, 2007)

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Mommy's Angel


Angel is a 15-year-old growing up in Brooklyn with a mother who's hooked on heroin, while Marvin, Mom's boyfriend, supplies the dope and sexually abuses Angel. After Angel's brother Curtis is killed in a drive-by, Angel gets a job at a strip club in order to feed her sister and baby brother and keep the family afloat. When the strip club is raided, Angel must decide whether to prostitute herself to make ends meet. Miasha keeps things moving at a fast clip, but the basic empathy and understanding that pervade are the story's real appeal. Miasha (Secret Society; Diary of a Mistress) never loses sight of the basic humanity of all the lost souls that surround Angel.

C&B Price:$11.80
ISBN-10: 1416542485
ISBN-13: 978-1416542483
Publisher: Touchstone (June 5, 2007)

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Weapons of Mass Seduction

Author:Lori Byant-Woolridge

Fortysomething and still single, music-video exec Pia Jamison has given up her grandiose ideas on men and marriage but not motherhood. Her biological clock is on red alert, but after years of self-imposed celibacy she has no clue how to attract the man she needs to get the baby she wants. Help comes in the form of Pia?s savvy assistant, who tricks her boss into attending, under the guise of a business conference, a flirting workshop called Weapons of Mass Seduction. There Pia meets other women looking to amp up their amorous arsenals, including the devastated Texas belle Florence Chase, who's trying to save her failing marriage; and Rebecca Vossel, a twenty-two-year-old small-town biracial girl who's dying to release her inner diva.

What they learn about the art of sensuality and flirtation turns them into bona fide bombshells. The three return home, armed and deliciously dangerous, to spectacular results. Florence reunites with her husband, but the new and improved Flo must now determine if she's staying in her marriage out of happiness or habit. The plain Jane Rebecca has transformed herself into the super-sexed ?Becca,? but will she realize when she's gone to far? And Pia is happily pregnant but unexpectedly falls in love?not with the father of her unborn child but with a sexy and very conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Weapons of Mass Seduction is a fun and sexy book (think of it as a flirting workshop within a novel) that promises to unleash the sensual woman in you!

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN-10: 076792665X
ISBN-13: 978-0767926652
Publisher: Harlem Moon (April 17, 2007)

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Writers of the Future Volume 23

Author:L. Ron Hubbard

C&B Price:$7.00
ISBN-10: 1-59212-398-8
Paperback: 500 pgs
Release Date: Sept 15, 2007

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Never Knew Love Like This Before

Author:Maxine Thompson, Michelle McGriff, Denise Campbell

C&B Price:$6.99
Publisher:Urban Soul (June 5, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1599830248
ISBN-13: 978-1599830247

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Reposition Yourself

Author:TD Jakes

Jakes takes the biblical definition of faith--the substance of things not yet realized--and adds that without some effort, faith becomes nothing more than a belief in magic. Although he admonishes the trend toward prosperity preaching that equates economic well-being with blessedness, Jakes reinforces the connection between faith, good works, and responsibility. And citing biblical verses and observations by successful people--Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and athlete Deion Sanders, among others--Jakes offers sound advice on how to put faith into action. He begins by insisting on a hard self-examination and takes aim at what he considers the major barrier to success: self-imposed limitations that result from a lack of spiritual faith. Jakes applies scripture across a wide range of personal challenges, including finding a mate and achieving financial success. For those who have already achieved a measure of success, Jakes cautions against complacency and arrogance.

C&B Price:$15.00
Publisher:Atria; 1st Atria Books 9
ISBN-10: 1416544313
ISBN-13: 978-141654431

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Over Your Dead Body


What makes a financially successful, happily married man want to kill his wife? What makes the man turn into a fugitive and leave town with his two children? What if you were his best friend and witnessed his steady decline from family man to stone cold criminal? Would you turn him in or support his every decision? These are just a few of the questions that must be resolved in the life of Preston Price. Like all relationships, sometimes there are problems that need to be addressed. During one fateful night after returning home from his coworkers apartment. Preston wife Janelle accuses him of adultery. There is just one catch: Preston has remained faithful up to this stage of their marriage! Underlying feelings of contempt and disdain quickly form as both Janelle and Preston allow outside influences to get the best of them as their failing marriage continue to spiral downward. A game of cat and mouse ensues as Preston and Janelle become engross din battle with their children as the ultimate prize.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher:Total Package Publications (Feb 9, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0978927605
ISBN-13: 978-0978927608

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My Skin is My Sin


DeJon, the Donald Goines of the new millennium, takes you on yet another fast-paced adrenaline run that will have you eagerly anticipating more.
Pumpkin, a pretty, na' teenage girl fresh out of high school gets hooked up with Goldmine, a stunning and conniving stripper, after being sexually assaulted by her aunt's bi-sexual girlfriend.
Goldmine wastes no time in introducing Pumpkin into Atlanta's cold seedy underworld of quick money, tarnished dreams, and exotic dancing. Pumpkin soon finds herself caught up in the middle of a brutal drug war between New York gangsters and Atlanta's local drug dealers who will stop at nothing to protect their territory.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher:Urban Books (Available April 24, 2007)
ISBN-10: 193396720X
ISBN-13: 978-1933967202
Paperback: 288 pgs

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Inside Power

Author:Gary Sheffield, David Ritz

A baseball All-star's memoir that reads like the opening salvo of a PR campaign. As one of the sport's elite players in the so-called "steroid era," Sheffield, like fellow sluggers Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds, will face added scrutiny when his name appears on the Hall of Fame ballot. This text seems designed to prove his innocence and polish his image. It begins in 1972 in Tampa, where his grandfather instilled a love of the game and a belief in "Inside Power"-and where four-year-old Gary caught blazing fastballs from his relative Dwight Gooden. Sheffield chronicles his rise through the baseball ranks, his womanizing, struggles with loneliness, public conflicts with various team owners and, finally, his redemption through God and the love of a good woman. Life today is not perfect; he continues to run on a short fuse and rails against the racial injustices both obvious and subtle that are still present in sports. There's little doubt that the author has an interesting story to tell, and his credentials brook no debate about his place in baseball's pantheon. Still, contrary to Sheffield's claims that he's incapable of making a positive PR move, it's apparent that his primary intent is to enhance his Hall chances. He attempts to justify his many contract disputes and cites his impressive statistics as a measure of success even during seasons in which his teams fared poorly and he disrupted the clubhouse. Unrelentingly self-serving, though it may find a few fans among the peanuts-and-crackerjacks crowd.

C&B Price:$16.00
Publisher:Crown (Available April 3, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0307352226
ISBN-13: 978-0307352224

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So You!

Author:Russell Simmons and Chris Morrow

Since rising out of the New York City streets over 25 years ago, Russell Simmons has helped create such ground breaking ventures as Def Jam Records, Phat Farm and Def Comedy Jam, in the process becoming known the world over as "The CEO of Hip Hop." Russell might have helped introduce hip-hop to the world, but he credits his success to his belief in a strong set of principles-or laws--which he shares for the first time in this book. In 12 straight forward steps, Russell reveals a path towards success that can be followed not only by those looking to duplicate his professional success, but anyone struggling to realize their dreams.

Indeed, those solely looking for advice on how to build up their bank accounts at the expense of personal integrity should probably look elsewhere. That's because these laws stem from the belief that all success, be it professional or personal, comes from a connection with your higher self. Using examples from his own experiences and observations, Russell demonstrates how tapping into that connection will allow you to get your mind right, find the motivation to start instead of stall, surround yourself with the right people, appreciate the power of hard work and understand the power of karma.

But most importantly, this book will demonstrate how its impossible to receive any sort of lasting success from the world without giving something of lasting value to the world first. That's a practice that is reflected in Russell's own work as a mentor and philanthropist and one that he promotes as being fundamental to empowerment and success on every level.

Blending business insight, universal spiritual truths and an inspired sense of purpose DO YOU! crosses the lines of age, race and background with wisdom that will lift you up and motivate you to pursue your vision.

C&B Price:$15.00
Publisher: Gotham (Available April 24, 2007)
Hardcover: 320 pgs
ISBN-10: 1592402933

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Few and Chosen

Author:Monte Irvin with Phil Pepe

So much of baseball history is intertwined with the legacy of the Negro Leagues that it's hard to believe how many of these great players remain virtually anonymous to most fans of the game. One of the best players in the leagues' history, Monte Irving, has helped to correct that injustice by identifying the five greatest players at each position as well as paying homage to the great coaches, owners, and teams. Sure, you'll find Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, and Josh Gibson in this book--as you well should--but you will also come across some names you've never seen before, and you'll likely be stunned by what these players accomplished in virtual obscurity and under adverse conditions.

C&B Price:$17.00
Publisher: Triumph Books (Available March, 2007)
ISBN-10: 157243855X
ISBN-13: 978-1572438552

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It's Like Candy

Author:Erick S. Gray

Sisters River and Starr leave home in their early teens after a lifetime of abuse from their drug-addicted mother. Beautiful River joins a stick-up crew, but she doesn't know that her crew has one secret even she's not in on. When she falls in love with Eric, one of her victims, she wants out of their dirty game. Starr is working for a pimp by the time she's sixteen. After one of her dates assaults her in a motel room, she meets a woman in the hospital who wants to help her change her life. But Starr cant get out of the game so easily.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin 1st Ed (Available March 20, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0312349971
ISBN-13: 978-0312349974
Paperback: 336 pgs

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Death Before Dishonor

Author:50 Cent, Nikki Turner


Trill Johnson has five years of jail time under his belt, two women trying to get inside his pants, and one mission in his heart of hearts: Get the suckers who sold him out. And get 'em good.

Sunni James will do anything for Trill. Lie, cheat, steal. Even risk losing her successful beauty salon to save him from the mean streets of Richmond.

Precious Pay will do anything for Trill, too. She cribbed his kid while he did his time, so now she wants Trill to pay for the leg she lost in a robbery gone wrong.

But when love is a lie, who do you trust? When the deals turn dirty, who do you betray? And when the guns start blazing, who's going down?

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher:G-Unit 1st G-Unit Pocketbooks (Available Jan 9, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1416531009
ISBN-13: 978-1416531005

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The Weight Loss Cure

Author:Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau, leading consumer advocate for alternative health brings you his new book "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About." Free recipe manager, health tests and more. www.weightlosscuresbook.com Learn how Kevin Trudeau lost 45 pounds in just 30 days.

C&B Price:$14.50
Publisher: Alliance Publishing (Available April 30, 2007)
ISBN-10: 097878510X
ISBN-13: 978-0978785109
Hardcover: 256 pgs

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My Secrets Your Lies


This bold and daring novel takes you on a fast paced journey into the very separate lives of Sand and Rene, an African American, young, lesbian couple, who have been dating since they were seventeen. Sand, the stud of the two, is on a mission and preoccupied with her own personal and business issues. So much so, that she is too blind to see that her girlfriend is lonely and longing. Rene uses the time to deliberate over her not so accepting lifestyle, while trying to figure out a way to escape it. She then looks for more than what Sand has to offer in the pants of another person. Yes, a man who is ready to ask her for her hand in marriage. Ignorant to the fact that his fiance's not the woman he thinks she is, Vincent settles for the lies and buried secrets she has sheltered in a heart of pain. But all that happens in the dark comes to light in this twisted heated novel that's full of suspense, drama, and luring seduction. As the cards unfold, secrets and lies will be revealed. Tempers are sparked and flames ignited, so if you can't take this heat, then stay out of the kitchen.

C&B Price:$14.00
Publisher: A Million Thoughts Publishing (March 30, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0615138667
ISBN-13: 978-0615138664

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Author:Scott Sigler

"Ancestor starts with a literal bang and builds to a desperate climax that will keep you guessing." --David Wellington, author of Monster Island and 13 Bullets

C&B Price:$13.00
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press (April 1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1896944736
ISBN-13: 978-1896944739

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Thong On Fire


I was just a lost little girl forced to make it in a grown woman's world. A child turned out by the rulers of the game. When you get thrown into a snakepit you better learn how to wiggle! It's all about survival, baby. And not only did I learn the code of the streets, I made my own damn rules and got paid in the process. So listen close, but watch your pockets. I'm a Harlem girl. A scandalous chick. A ruthless mama. Me and this city are just alike. Grimy. And we never, ever sleep...

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Atria Ed edition(March 6,2007)
ISBN -10: 1416533028
ISBN -13: 978-1416533023
Paperback: 304 pgs

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Guilty as Sin

Author:Cole Riley

Desperate Times Lead To Desperate Measure. After a failed bank robbery attempt and a shootout with the cops, the heat is on! The robbers are forced to take a white woman hostage to make their get away. With her life on the line, the woman takes the desperate robbers to her house. Now with four hostages: the woman, her former judge husband, and their two children, the bandits are set to lay low in suburbs.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Feb 27, 2007)
Paperback: 250 pgs
ISBN-10: 1893196798
ISBN-13: 978-1893196797

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Daddy's Little Girl

Author:Brittani Williams

Giselle Doran is a sexy 18 year-old siren that's all about the Benjamin's. Her father is a king in the drug distribution game, and she viewed her father as the perfect man, the type of man she wanted to marry. Shawn is all she's ever dreamed of, or so it seems. She went from being a princess to being a queen, but the royalty didn't come without a price. After losing everything, including her family and being locked away in prison for murder, she realizes that the money, clothes, and cars mean nothing without them, and not even the love she has for her husband can bring back everything he took away from her. Being an heiress to a drug empire doesn't guarantee the life of a princess.
Mimi Gordon was never attracted to the drug dealers or men at all until she met Tony. The lavish life that Tony provided her with only made her want for more. After Tony leaves her high and dry, she finds love with James. James who was recently released from prison has a plan: to become a king in the drug game. Mimi's blissful life quickly turns to sorrow when James acquires a new alias that takes over turning her life upside down.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Feb 1, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967048
ISBN-13: 978-1933967042

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Happily Never After

Author:Wendy Williams

To family and friends, Dorothy and David Leonard's marriage appears to be one made in heaven. While David is one of Houston 's most prominent physicians, Dorothy is a loving and carefree housewife. It seems as if life couldn't be more fabulous for this couple who appear to have it all: wealth, social status, and a loving union.

However, looks can be deceiving. Happily Never After tells the story of what really happens behind closed doors when the eyes of the community aren't watching. Find out what happens when the flawless veneer begins to crack.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Jan 1, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967005
ISBN-13: 978-1933967004

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Compton Chick

Author:Alex Tyson

At sixteen, Jackie Smalls finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy and a baby daddy who denies paternity. Jackie can't burden her mother, not when her father has just walked out, leaving six children behind. Then Jackie meets loving, committed Roger, and is sure things have changed for the better. But life has a way of unraveling...

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Feb 1, 2007)
Paperback: 250 pgs
ISBN-10: 1893196771
ISBN-13: 978-18931967773

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Is the Bitch Dead, Or What?

Author:Wendy Williams, Karen Hunter

DJ Ritz Harper used every trick in the book to become a media darling in Drama Is Her Middle Name, shock-jock Wendy Williams's expos of a life she knows better than anyone. Playing a clever trick of her own, Williams left her heroine on the brink of death at the end of the novel. Now the second installment of the chronicles reveals what Williams's readers are dying to know: Is the Bitch Dead, or What?

The drive-by shooting that brought her down forces Ritz to look back on her climb to the top and the people she loved, lost, used, and abused along the way. There's the brief dalliance with Tracee, her best friend, and the romance with a man with some secrets of his own; the loss of her beloved Aunt M; and the recent appearance of the father who abandoned her and is now demanding a financial payoff and fifteen minutes of fame. At the heart of it all is Ritz's need to figure out where the real-life Ritz ends and the radio bitch begins.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Broadway (Feb 13, 2007)
Paperback: 256 pgs
ISBN-10: 0767924878
ISBN-13: 978-0767924870

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Missed Opportunities

Author:La Tonya Williams

Monica, a determined social climber, wants all the finer things in life. Her boyfriend, Kendall, is a good man, but he's made it clear he won't put up with her antics much longer.

Tamara follows her boyfriend of four years to live in a new city with the hopes he will soon propose marriage. But things don't work out the way she planned, and Barron is staying out all night. Desperate to save her relationship, Tamara has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep her man.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Feb 27, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967013
ISBN-13: 978-1933967011

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One Dead Preacher

Author: Tony Lindsay

Things couldn't be better for David Price. That is, until he meets sexy vixen Sugar Greer, a married woman with a dark history that she must hide and he vows to protect. When its all over, David and his client are left with blood on their hands. Caught in a cultic web of abuse, theft, and murder, David must get back on the streets to clear his name, a journey that will lead him to One Dead Preacher!

C&B Price:$9.95
Publisher: Urban Books (Feb 27, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967021
ISBN-13: 978-1933967028

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Little Black Girl Lost 3

Author:Keith Lee Johnson

After his blockbuster success of Little Black Girl Lost, and Little Black Girl Lost II Keith Lee Johnson takes us back to 1950's New Orleans, into the world of betrayal, envy, lust, and murder, where everyone has ulterior motives. The past resurfaces in this third installment of the life and times of seventeen year old Johnnie Wise. Truth has its consequences and Johnnie has a lot to answer for. The innocent girl we met in the first installment of this compelling series is gone; all that remains is the self-absorbed, self-righteous courtesan who is now complicit in three murders. She is surrounded by enemies who will stop at nothing to see that she pays for her past indiscretions. Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the money that Sharon Trudeau (Johnnie's Stockbroker) stole is missing--the money Bubbles gave to Johnnie after killing Sharon in a Fort Lauderdale Hotel. The cops think Johnnie's involved and they want answers. Someone has to answer for Sharon's murder. Will Johnnie land on her feet again? Or has her luck finally run out?

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Jan 30, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 189319678x
ISBN-13: 978-1893196780

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Bitch Reloaded

Author:Deja King

Deja King Presents Bitch Reloaded the gripping sequel to Bitch The femme fatale of the streets is back and she is deadlier than ever. Precious Cummings miraculously survives her brush with death, but the celebration is cut short when tragedy strikes. Convinced Nico Carter is the culprit for ripping her world apart, Precious sole purpose for living is to make him pay in blood. The street life that she had left behind is now calling her name as Precious wrecks havoc on anyone who stands in her way of getting revenge. During her path of destruction new enemies arise and old friends resurface only complicating Precious plans to bring Nico down. But soon, she realizes that everything is not what it seems. Will the dark road Precious is traveling lead to her own demise once and for all?

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: A King Production; 1st edition(Feb 14, 2007)
Paperback: 200 pgs
ISBN-10: 0975581120
ISBN-13: 978-0975581124

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More Secrets More Lies

Author:J. Tremble

More Secrets - More Lies tells the sexy, erotic tale of a scorned wife, with a new attitude. Secret, the wife of Tarron, a cheating business-man is out to re-claim her son, and husband who left her for Victoria, a woman specializing in seducing men. Tarron eventually finds himself caught up in a web of lies, seduction, and deceit. While he fights his brother in a custody battle for a child who is potentially not his, and disputes embezzlement charges at work, his sweet Victoria is up to her old tricks again. No one knows Victoria's underhanded intentions until she does the unthinkable. When her scandalous sexual agenda is exposed, she has to come clean and choose her lover, which will cause problems for everyone involved!

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Life Changing Books (Feb 15, 2007)
Paperback: 281 pgs
ISBN-10: 1934230995
ISBN-13: 978-1934230992

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Sleeping with Strangers

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

After a brutal hit in Tampa on high-profile rapper Big Bad Wolf, contract killer Gideon, the star of this fast-paced thriller from bestseller Dickey, jets to London for his next assignment. On the plane, paranoia brewing just beneath his poker face keeps him wary of two mysterious passengers who could be either harmless squares or hired guns out to avenge Big Bad Wolf's murder. This constant uncertainty over who's in the game and who isn't keeps Gideon?and readers?on edge as Gideon navigates London's underworld and pursues a personal vendetta

C&B Price:$16.25
Publisher: Dutton Adult (Release Date-April 10, 2007)
Hardcover: 366 pgs
ISBN-10: 0525949992
ISBN-13: 978-0525949992

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Author:Andrea Blackstone

Meet Leslie Thompson, a sexually frustrated thirty-year old teacher on summer break. Tired of being locked into a boring routine and conservative lifestyle, she just wants to feel good and have some erotic fun. Her fianc?rey is everything she could hope for--minus the dull sex life.

When the best man, Rico, figures out that Leslie craves sheet-pulling orgasms, he proves to be the man who can deliver. After Leslie grows accustomed to having her cake and eating it too, sexing Rico ignites her desire to sow her wild oats with lovers other than her man on the side.

All hell breaks loose when Rico decides that one night with Leslie is not enough to keep their indiscretion quiet, proving that there is no fury like a man scorned. In the end, pleasure leads to pain, but just not for Leslie.

How will signing up to live a promiscuous double-life destroy everything that's at stake in the lives of two close couples? Take a journey into Leslie's secret world and prepare for a twisted, erotic experience.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (April 24, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967102
ISBN-13: 978-1933967103

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Thug Matrimony

Author:Wahida Clark

Angel, Jaz, Tasha, and Kyra are four girlfriends pulling themselves out of the ghetto--and trying to bring their hearts up to higher ground with them. But when an unwanted guest crashes Angel's wedding, all the rage and bloodlust from the Uhood comes bustin' out.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Dafina (March 27, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 0758212550
ISBN-13: 978-0758212559

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Forever a Hustler's Wife

Author:Nikki Turner

Yarni Taylor, a successful lawyer who has dedicated herself to helping "minority men caught up in the wrath," fights to keep her hustler husband out of prison in this anemic tale of treachery and dedication among the rich and ghetto-fabulous. After spending 10 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, Des Taylor is pardoned, released and makes Yarni a wife and a mother. Des also returns to a life of hustling, and after two years of freedom is framed for another murder. Yarni swears to exonerate the man to whom she has devoted her life. As the couple work to keep Des free, they also contend with a myriad of minidramas?an attempted rape, a kidnapping and the murder of a loved one. Turner (A Hustler's Wife) spares no clich?n this thin story (the bling quotient is staggering), and readers may feel frustrated at the author's constant and simplistic explication of her characters' thoughts and actions. Fans of Turner's earlier works may find something to appreciate, but the uninitiated will have serious trouble.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: One World/Ballantine (April 10, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 0345493850
ISBN-13: 978-0345493859

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