C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Harlem Girl Lost

Author:Treasure E. Blues-Peaceful Storm

Born, raised and abandoned in Harlem, eleven-year-old Silver Jones has seen more hell in her short lifetime than the average. Her mother Jessica, a prostitute and drug addict, has only one thing she could possibly offer her...pure and unadulterated truth - even if it hurts. After her mother's brutal death, Silver is forced to live with one person she feared most - her demented grandmother. After years of abuse, Silver takes to the mean streets of Harlem only to find untold horrors. Struggling to survive, Silver meets a person from her past, Chance, who is now a powerful drug overlord. As their friendship develops into a love affair, Silver convinces Chance to walk away from the very life that destroyed both their childhoods. However, the unwritten laws of the game don't allow him to leave without a price - his life! Once again lost in Harlem, Silver vows to save the one person in the world who never misused her even if it meant giving up her life by devising an elaborate scheme and embarks upon the dark and seedy underworld of drug dealing, murder and mayhem.


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The Connection

Murder, Money, Sex And A Warehouse Full Of Cocaine
Author:S.W. Smith

Some connection are meant to be kept secret.
Lawyer Nina Jones knew the street game well. She grew up in the ghetto and played the game to get through law school. She kept it up to make her law practice grow. Now, Nina finds the game has turned against her.


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Back To Life

Author:Wendy Coakley-Thompson

1989. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. An Italian mob murders a black teenager named Yusuf Hawkins. That same night, across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Lisa and Marc meet at a party. Lisa's black. Marc's Italian. They eventually hook up. But interpersonal conflict, racist family and friends, and previous relationships loom. Their lives also play out in the charged political context of New York City's mayoral race, which pits David Dinkins, African-American Democrat, against Rudolph Giuliani, law-and-order Republican. Back to Life is a heady mix of taboo relationships, racial politics, and social commentary that begs the question: Can love really conquer all?

September 1, 2004

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The Million Dollar Divorce

Author:R.M. Johnson

RM Johnson, the Essence bestselling author of Dating Games and The Harris Family, delivers an absorbing and provocative new novel about the lowdown schemes and broken dreams that follow a fractured marriage.
Successful business entrepreneur Nate Kenny is thrilled to get married to the beautiful and intelligent Monica, chiefly because it means he can at last fulfill his lifelong dream of having a family. While he isn't happy about it, he agrees with Monica to wait three years before trying for pregnancy. Once those three years are up, the couple discovers that she is unable to bear children. Any love he once felt for Monica is gone, and Nate wants out of the marriage. But he's worried about losing half of his sixty-million-dollar fortune in a divorce settlement. Desperate for an out, he searches for a way to exploit the infidelity clause in the couple's prenuptial agreement.
Enter Lewis Waters. With his baby's mother addicted to drugs, Lewis is already seriously down on his luck when he accidentally smashes his car into Nate's Bentley. Without auto insurance or any way to pay for the repairs, Lewis is at the end of his financial rope. But the scheming and conniving Nate sees another way for the attractive young man to repay his debt: as sexual bait for Monica. And so Nate sets up Lewis with all of the accessories he believes Lewis will need to earn Monica's love, or at the very least her lust: a big house, a fancy car, expensive clothes, and a full bank account. But as is often the case when it comes to matters of the heart, things don't unfold according to plan. When Monica falls hard for Lewis, Nate panics -- was protecting his fortune more important than trying to save his marriage? As he finds himself overwhelmed by second thoughts, Nate is willing to do anything to get Monica back.
An inspired fusion of realism and romance, The Million Dollar Divorce is an unpredictable caper of lust, betrayal, and family ties.

September 9, 2004

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He Had It Coming

Author:Camika Spencer

Five Women. A Man. And a Plan.
Meet Marcus Brooks. He's gorgeous. He's successful. He's the bestselling author of African American fiction. He's also the most obnoxious male alive....
Meet Raylene, Naomi, Thelma, Gwena, and Latice. They are five women who belong to a reading group, strong women with strong opinions. They don't take any grief from anyone (well, not if they can help it), and their friendships have stood the test of time. One night they meet up with bestselling author Marcus Brooks. At first they are in awe. Then they are puzzled. Next they're enraged. How can a man whose books are loved by millions act like such a dog? Words are exchanged---and more---and they soon get in way over their heads. The book club takes Marcus captive---and the longer they hold him, the more complicated things get. Can these five women rehabilitate the most arrogant author in the world and teach him a few lessons about life, writing, and women? He Had It Coming is a wickedly delicious novel, as shocking as it is hilarious---a delightful send-up of fame and success.

ISBN: 0312323344 September 17, 2004

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Sweet Bye-Bye

Author:Denise Michelle Harris

A spoiled diva rediscovers her faith in God when faced with adversity in this moving debut novel.

September 16, 2004

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Breaking the Cycle


Each of the stories in this moving volume focuses on an aspect of domestic abuse. This powerful collection is sure to serve as a wake-up call for people either dealing with a domestic abuse situation, or those watching someone else endure it. These stories capture the dangerous realities of domestic abuse, while also pointing towards the steps that need to be taken to break the cycle that perpetuates it. This collection will serve as a rallying cry for all those who desire victory over their own victimization, and a guide for understanding the complex undercurrents that make such patterns possible.

September 28, 2004

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Dying in the Dark

Author:Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson Wesley's Tamara Hayle mystery series featuring Newark, New Jersey's number one private investigator are loved for their smart, sexy protagonist who "has a way with a wisecrack that is positively lethal" (Washington Post). Now in Dying in the Dark, Hayle is entrenched in a sinister investigation that will demand her best detective work yet.
Tamara Hayle's past has come back to haunt her-literally. She's been plagued by terrifying dreams about Celia Jones, an old friend whose walk on the wild side led her to a horrible death. Celia's teenage son, Cecil, begs Tamara to find his mother's killer . . . only to end up dead himself, stabbed through the heart.
The search for Celia and her son's killer pulls Tamara deep into her friend's troubled love life, where everyone adored her but somebody held a murderous grudge. There's her bullying thug of an ex-husband; a handsome ex-lover who woos Tamara with charm and lies; and an angry, jealous woman who claims that Celia broke her heart. And those were just the obvious people with axes to grind.
Despite her better judgment and the admonitions of the police department, Tamara refuses to back away from the mystery surrounding her old friend's death and the tragedy that met her son. All clues lead to the past Tamara shared with Celia Jones, and Tamara fears that that past will threaten her own son. But she uncovers more than she bargained for-and unearths secrets someone would kill to keep in the shadows.

September 28, 2004

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Distant Lover

Author:Gloria Mallette

Tandi has always had a tumultuous relationship with her father, Sporty, who raised his children as a single parent. Although she is married to Jared, a hardworking attorney, and has an idyllic son, she feels unloved and unappreciated. She leaves her husband and retreats to the only place she can go until she is able to make it on her own--her father's house. Her brother insists that she prolong her stay after Sporty has a stroke. After he antagonizes several home-health aides, Tandi threatens to put him in a nursing home. When an older woman comes to care for him, he miraculously begins to behave better. It is this woman's secret that finally uncovers the real reasons Sporty has been so angry and unfair to Tandi. His revelation allows her to finally let go of the disappointment and anger she has while yearning for her father's approval and love. It is also the catalyst that allows her to return to Jared with renewed appreciation for his steadfastness and true feelings for her

October 5, 2004

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The Gold Digger's Guide:How To Marry The Man and The Money

Author:Ivana B. Rich

Of course, you should always marry for love. Just remember to fall in love where the money is. This sassy, savvy, seriously on-the-money guide is essential reading for any woman whose new initials are G.D.--Gold Digger, Greatly Determined, Glorious Diva. Let Ivana B. Rich be the fairy godmother to your princess-in-training, showing you where to go to find the Money Men, how to target your prey, acting just so, negotiating the prenup to your advantage (just in case his pockets are deep but so is his taste for other women), and avoiding the pitfalls of the poor and downtrodden. The Gold Digger's Guide will turn every woman into the type of lady she's always envied and will allow every G.D. to finally feel entitled to having a richer (in all senses of the word) life, filled with love, joy, abundance, and a lot more bling-bling. After all, marrying well doesn't just mean having the cash--it means sharing the wealth that true love brings.

October 5, 2004

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Flippin' the Script

Author:Aisha Ford

Working hard to achieve a promotion in spite of a difficult boss and a budding office romance, talk show producer and Christian Sabrina Bradley accepts an opportunity to produce a television segment involving kept New Year's resolutions, but finds the offer compromised by her own resolution that she would fall in love.


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