C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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In the latest romantic romp from New York Times bestselling author Zane, two hapless lovers get lost in a dating game gone awry.
When Washington, D.C., chiropractor Yardley Brown goes to his local bank, it isn't only to make deposits into his account. He has long since accrued some interest in Rayne Waters, a bank employee who's too beautiful to be true -- and too beautiful to be single. At least that's what Yardley believes, which is why he has never approached her.
Little does he know that Rayne is anything but taken. Not for want of trying, of course. But after barely surviving a dating disaster with her hairdresser's brother and then falling for a member of her church band who, it turns out, is celibate, she's on the verge of giving up. That is, until Yardley -- discouraged by his own slew of dead-end romances -- finally works up the courage to give her a try.
The true craziness, however, is just beginning, thanks to a cast of characters who seem bent on botching the young couple's relationship.
There's Rayne's erratic mother, who constantly boasts about being a "good whore"; Yardley's playboy buddies, always trolling for sex; and, worst of all, past lovers who make a habit of popping up and ruining things as only old flames (or previous mistakes) can. Weaving the carnal and the comical in true Zane fashion, Rayne and Yardley's struggle to find love in a world gone mad is a timeless talk about everything that can go wrong in the dating game -- and a few things that can go right.


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Author:Laurinda D. Brown

Nothing is ever what it seems. A "rehabilitated" drag queen, shunned by his lover, marries his best friend from high school. For years the couple has the ideal life until financial problems force the husband to take a second job that ultimately leads back to his old way of life. His wife is oblivious to his activities, but his sister-in-law, when introduced to him at the wedding reception, recalls seeing him at the nightclub performing as "Miss Nay". And that is when the drama begins. Alternating between Memphis, TN and Paris, France, UnderCover is two stories told in one book from the imagination of a writer who feels the reader should be educated as well as entertained. The reader learns about AIDS, it causes and transmission, how it affects children and how, at its onset, can be confused for other illnesses. Through this story the reader also witnesses the consequences of keeping secrets and living life on the DL (down-low) while peering into the lives of people viewed as real in spite of the fact that they are merely characters in the novel.
UnderCover is a story for all readers regardless of race, profession or sexual orientation.


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Author:Roy Glenn

Who says crime doesn't pay? Because it sure does for Travis Burns. He's the leader of a well organized robbing crew known only as MOB and he and his crew are living the good life. They target banks, supermarkets, jewelers, and anything else that they can hit quick and come away with a large return for their investment. They are all college graduates and extremely disciplined. In another life, another time, this would have been their last career choice, yet each is set with their own axe to grind with the system. They are not like most successful criminals in the underworld - they don't wear flashy jewelery, don't drive expensive cars and they certainly try not to attract the attention of the police. Operating under the protection of Mike Black's criminal organization, Travis and his crew live by rules that have earned them a small fortune. But things change when Travis meets Me'shelle Lawrence...now he must choose between his love for Me'shelle and his loyalty to his crew.


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I'll Find a Way or Make One

Author:Dwayne Ashley, Juan Williams

From Juan Williams, author of Eyes on the Prize, and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund comes a must-have gift book and definitive resource that explores the historical, social, and cultural importance of America's 107 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).
HBCUs have graduated such illustrious leaders as Oprah Winfrey, Thurgood Marshall, Spike Lee, W. E. B. DuBois, Debbie Allen, Alain Locke, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nikki Giovanni. This commemorative illustrated gift book is filled with photographs, historical narrative, personal memoir, archival and contemporary material, and anecdotal and resource information. It is the first of its kind -- a groundbreaking retrospective that explores the dramatic development and history of America's historically black colleges and universities.
Stories abound about the abolition of slavery. However, lesser known are the efforts -- both prior to and after the Civil War -- of African American and white abolitionists banding together to formally educate newly freed slaves. Through the tireless work of government organizations, black churches, missionary groups, and philanthropists, HBCUs were established. The tales of how these schools were created and of the individuals who are linked to the schools' histories are extraordinarily rich -- and sometimes controversial. In an unprecedented salute to America's 107 historically black colleges and universities, I'll Find a Way or Make One chronicles the formation of the black middle class, the history of education in the African American community, and some of the most important events of African Americana and American history.


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Rehoboth Road

Author:Anita Y. Ballard-Jones

Rehoboth Road, is a fictionalized true story that will take the reader back to 1950, to a small community outside of Macon Georgia, and allows them to experience the next 36 years through the lives of the characters that live along Rehoboth Road.
It was a time of the theft of innocence for 15 year old Elizabeth, the daughter of Reverend John Turner, a prominent Baptist Minister. Meet and grow with Johnny. Get to know Elizabeth's mother, Loretha, her sister Sarah, and the most memorable character of all, MaDear. Understand the choices everyone was forced to make and how a brewing secret tore a family apart.
Anita Ballard-Jones invites you to read Rehoboth Road and take a journey that you will remember long after you have finished it. You will feel like you are in the story and will come away with a feeling of warmth and understanding.
Rehoboth Road is a great book club read. It is packed with issues that are the substance of hours of thought provoking discussion

Publisher: Black Deer Books (May 1, 2003)
ISBN: 0972945504

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Neglected Souls

Author:Richard Jeanty

A hard life of prostitution and drug abuse had taken its toll on Katrina and when her motherly instinct kicked in to protect her children from a sexual predator, she found herself at the mercy of the court pleading guilty to a murder. Katrina was destitute, on drugs and out on her luck when she decided to take her life and leave her two young adolescent children to fend for themselves.
While many people in the ghetto see no way out of it, young Nina and her younger brother Jimmy fought together to maintain their family and keep alive their hope to become productive adults. Nina and Jimmy overcame sexual abuse and neglect in a drug and prostitution infested neighborhood to become a successful police officer, loving wife and professional basketball player respectively. Nina and Jimmy never lost sight of their dream even though they had no idea what life had in store for them.


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Author:Andrea Blackstone

Jalita Harrison is a nineteen-year-old biracial woman who was born in to a dysfunctional environment, but aspired to overcome it. After raising herself on the streets of Baltimore, she decides she wants no part of a destructive lifestyle and is accepted in to a college in Virginia. During Christmas break, she is left temporarily homeless and nearly penniless. As a result, Jalita returns to Baltimore, where people from her past double-cross her.
Frustrated and desperate, Jalita decides to start running game in the nearby suburbs, using her good looks, wit, and street smarts to survive. Schemin? becomes an addictive habit that leads her to abandon her college plans and self-imposed morality. When she and a handsome but engaged NBA basketball star agree to hook up on the down low, Jalita becomes a part of a dangerous love triangle. Before it?s all said and done, the script is flipped on each party involved and everyone is left to live with consequences of behaving badly.


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Drive Me Crazy

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Driver spent two years in lockdown to spare his gay albino brother, Rufus; these days he's a chauffeur. Driver likes to hang with his boss, Wolf; they drink beer, have a laugh, do the crossword, shoot pool. It's all cool?as long as Wolf doesn't find out about Driver's affair with Lisa, Wolf's wife. Even worse, Lisa gave Driver 15 large to kill her husband. Driver couldn't do it, but he spent the money on his mother's funeral; Lisa will forgive the debt if Driver keeps "dicking her down." When he won't, she tries to run him down with her Hummer. Next trick? An ugly pair of thugs who stalk and threaten him. Meanwhile, Driver must drive a visiting celebrity author?notorious for inflammatory race-related statements and for wearing the silver briefcase containing his next million-dollar book handcuffed to his wrist?all over L.A. Steamy sex scenes alternate with mayhem and vandalism; the lively, truncated dialogue is filled with literary references, product placements and newsworthy names.


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