C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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New in 2004


Author:Patricia Cornwell

The heart-stopping new Dr. Kay Scarpetta thriller from America's
#1-bestselling crime writer.
Dr. Kay Scarpetta, now freelancing from south Florida, returns to the city that turned its back on her five years ago.
In Trace, Scarpetta travels to Richmond, Virginia, at the odd behest of the recently appointed Chief Medical Examiner, who claims that he needs her help to solve a perplexing crime. When she arrives, however, Scarpetta finds that nothing is as she expected: her former lab is in the final stages of demolition; the inept chief isn't the one who requested her after all; her old assistant chief has developed personal problems that he won't reveal; and a glamorous FBI agent, whom Marino dislikes instantly, meddles with the case.
Deprived of assistance from colleagues Benton and Lucy, who are embroiled in what first appears to be an unrelated attempted rape by a stalker, Scarpetta is faced with investigating the death of a fourteen-year-old girl, working with the smallest pieces of evidence-traces that only the most thorough hunters can identify. She must follow the twisting leads and track the strange details in order to make the dead speak-and to reveal the sad truth that may be more than even she can bear.

ISBN: 0399152199
September 2004

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Unfit for Command

In 1971 John O'Neill,the officer who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat in Vietnam , returned home from Vietnam only to realize that the man he served with, John Kerry, had become a leader of the radical group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and was slandering his fellow veterans as war criminals. O'Neill debated John Kerry on the Dick Cavett show in 1971, successfully demolishing Kerry's accusations against his fellow troops in Vietnam. In his new book, Unfit for Command, O'Neill and co-author Jerome Corsi bring together the voices of more than two hundred Navy veterans who served with Kerry, and who feel it their duty to tell why John Kerry is unworthy of the presidency.

ISBN: 0895260174
September 2004

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The 9/11 Commission Report

The Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States (Authorized Edition)

In November 2002 the United States Congress and President George W. Bush established by law the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, also known as the 9/11 Commission. This independent, bipartisan panel was directed to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding the September 11th attacks, identify lessons learned, and provide recommendations to safeguard against future acts of terrorism.This volume is the authorized edition of the Commission's final report.

ISBN: 0393326713
July 2004- Paperback

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My Life

Author:Bill Clinton

An exhaustive, soul-searching memoir, Bill Clinton's My Life is a refreshingly candid look at the former president as a son, brother, teacher, father, husband, and public figure. Clinton painstakingly outlines the history behind his greatest successes and failures, including his dedication to educational and economic reform, his war against a "vast right-wing operation" determined to destroy him, and the "morally indefensible" acts for which he was nearly impeached. My Life is autobiography as therapy--a personal history written by a man trying to face and banish his private demons.

Clinton approaches the story of his youth with gusto, sharing tales of giant watermelons, nine-pound tumors, a charging ram, famous mobsters and jazz musicians, and a BB gun standoff. He offers an equally energetic portrait of American history, pop culture, and the evolving political landscape, covering the historical events that shaped his early years (namely the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., JFK) and the events that shaped his presidency (Waco, Bosnia, Somalia). What makes My Life remarkable as a political memoir is how thoroughly it is infused with Clinton's unassuming, charmingly pithy voice:

learned a lot from the stories my uncle, aunts, and grandparents told me: that no one is perfect but most people are good; that people can't be judged only by their worst or weakest moments; that harsh judgments can make hypocrites of us all; that a lot of life is just showing up and hanging on; that laughter is often the best, and sometimes the only, response to pain.

However, that same voice might tire readers as Clinton applies his penchant for minute details to a distractible laundry list of events, from his youth through the years of his presidency. Not wanting to forget a single detail that might help account for his actions, Clinton overdoes it--do we really need to know the name of his childhood barber? But when Clinton sticks to the meat of his story--recollections about Mother, his abusive stepfather, Hillary, the campaign trail, and Kenneth Starr--the veracity of emotion and Kitchen Confidential-type revelations about "what it is like to be President" make My Life impossible to put down.

To Clinton, "politics is a contact sport," and while he claims that My Life is not intended to make excuses or assign blame, it does portray him as a fighter whose strategy is to "take the first hit, then counterpunch as hard as I could." While My Life is primarily a stroll through Clinton's memories, it is also a scathing rebuke--a retaliation against his detractors, including Kenneth Starr, whose "mindless search for scandal" protected the guilty while "persecuting the innocent" and distracted his Administration from pressing international matters (including strikes on al Qaeda). Counterpunch indeed.

At its core, My Life is a charming and intriguing if flawed book by an equally intriguing and flawed man who had his worst failures and humiliations made public. Ultimately, the man who left office in the shadow of scandal offers an honest and open account of his life, allowing readers to witness his struggle to "drain the most out of every moment" while maintaining the character with which he was raised. It is a remarkably intimate, persuasive look at the boy he was, the President he became, and man he is today. --Daphne Durham

C&B Price: $23.00
ISBN-10: 0375414576
ISBN-13 978-0375414572
Publisher: Knopf; 1st edition,(June 22, 2004)
Hardcover- 1008 pgs.

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R is for Ricochet

Author:Sue Grafton

Reba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege. Abandoned by her rebellious mother when she was an infant, she was the only child of a rich man already in his mid-fifties when she was born, and her adoring father thoroughly spoiled her. Now, at thirty-two, having had many scrapes with the law, she is about to be released on probation from the California Institution for Women, having served twenty-two months of a four-year sentence for embezzlement. Though Nord Lafferty could deny his daughter nothing, he wasn't there for her when she was brought up on this charge. Now he wants to be sure she stays straight, stays at home and away from the drugs, the booze, the gamblers.
It seems a straightforward assignment for Kinsey: babysit Reba until she settles in, make sure she follows all the niceties of her parole. Maybe a week's work. Nothing untoward-the woman seems remorseful and friendly. And the money is good.
But life is never that simple, and Reba is out of prison less than twenty- four hours when one of her old crowd comes circling round.
R is for Ricochet. And R is for romance: love gone right, love gone wrong, and matters somewhere in between.

ISBN: 0399152288
July 2004-Hardcover

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The DaVinci Code

Author:Dan Brown

THE DA VINCI CODE heralds the arrival of a new breed of lightening-paced, intelligent thriller, utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion. A murder mystery set against a religious conspiracy theory involving Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, their child and the Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code mixes page-turning suspense with art history, architecture and religious history.

ISBN: 0385504209

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Audio Tape (Abridged)

Author:Dan Brown

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Audio Tape (Unabridged)

Author:Dan Brown

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CD (Abridged)

Author:Dan Brown

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Author:Dan Brown

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The Automatic Millionaire

Author:David Bach

Bestselling financial advisor David Bach brings us his proven, revolutionary system that in one hour will make readers -- even those not smart about money, not disciplined or budget-minded -- rich.
The Automatic Millionaire shows readers how to change financial practices and financial lives, beginning with a powerful story of an average Canadian couple -- he's a low-level manager, she's a teacher -- whose joint income never exceeds $55,000 a year, yet who somehow manage to own two homes debt-free, put two kids through college, and retire at 55 with more than $1 million in savings. The incredible message Bach delivers is that the key to getting rich is by "automating" the way to wealth "by paying yourself first," using automatic funded retirement accounts and money market accounts to secure the future and pay for the present.
In a short book destined for bestseller lists, The Automatic Millionaire introduces readers to a system that is powerfully simple, and automatically effective, a life-changing system that delivers. Do it once, the rest is automatic.

ISBN: 0767914104

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The South Beach Diet

Author:Arthur Agatston

Forget those crazy low-carb diets that claim to help you lose ten pounds in two weeks! Here's a sensible one that really works. Florida cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston developed the plan after watching his patients fail to lose weight on one fad diet or another. Although the first two weeks are tough, you get to "add back" all the foods you love, remembering just a few simple rules. Phases 2 and 3 are just normal, healthy eating habits -- habits that you may retain for a heart-healthy, high-energy life. This might be the last diet you ever try !!!!

ISBN: 1579546463

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Author:Mitch Albom

From the author of the phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie, a novel that explores the unexpected connections of our lives, and the idea that heaven is more than a place; it's an answer.
Eddie is a wounded war veteran, an old man who has lived, in his mind, an uninspired life. His job is fixing rides at a seaside amusement park. On his 83rd birthday, a tragic accident kills him as he tries to save a little girl from a falling cart. He awakes in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a destination. It's a place where your life is explained to you by five people, some of whom you knew, others who may have been strangers. One by one, from childhood to soldier to old age, Eddie's five people revisit their connections to him on earth, illuminating the mysteries of his "meaningless" life, and revealing the haunting secret behind the eternal question: "Why was I here?"

ISBN: 0786868716

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Skinny Dip

Author:Carl Hiaasen

Chaz Perrone might be the only marine scientist in the world who doesn't know which way the Gulf Stream runs. He might also be the only one who went into biology just to make a killing, and now he's found a way,doctoring water samples so that a ruthless agribusiness tycoon can continue illegally dumping fertilizer into the endangered Everglades. When Chaz suspects that his wife, Joey, has figured out his scam, he pushes her overboard from a cruise liner into the night-dark Atlantic. Unfortunately for Chaz, his wife doesn't die in the fall.
Clinging blindly to a bale of Jamaican pot, Joey Perrone is plucked from the ocean by former cop and current loner Mick Stranahan. Instead of rushing to the police and reporting her husband's crime, Joey decides to stay dead and (with Mick's help) screw with Chaz until he screws himself.
As Joey haunts and taunts her homicidal husband, as Chaz's cold-blooded cohorts in pollution grow uneasy about his ineptitude and increasingly erratic behavior, as Mick Stranahan discovers that six failed marriages and years of island solitude haven't killed the reckless romantic in him, we're taken on a hilarious, full-throttle, pure Hiaasen ride through the warped politics and mayhem of the human environment, and the human heart.

ISBN: 0375411089
July 2004-Hardcover

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Player Haters

Author:Carl Weber


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A Dollar and a Dream

Author:Carl Weber, Angel Hunter, Dwayne S. Joseph, La Jill Hunt

Who hasn't dreamed of winning the lottery?
A DOLLAR AND A DREAM brings those fantasies to hilarious, heartbreakjng life in three stories by #1 national best-selling author Carol Weber, La Jill Hunt, Essence bestselling author Angel Hunter.

ISBN: 0758207557

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Wendy's Got the Heat

Author:Wendy Williams with Karen Hunter

Known as a "shock jock diva" and "a radio gossip guru," Wendy Williams has had a following in the nation's number one media market, New York City, and across the nation from the time she became a top-rated radio personality and "It Girl" in the mid-1990s. Whether she's doing color commentary for the VH1 Fashion Awards or giving advice on her daily drive-time show on New York's WBLS, her fans know that Wendy's Got the Heat . She's the kind of media personality that artists love -- because she builds them up -- and fear -- because she can bring them down. She's interviewed many of the biggest names in entertainment -- including Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, and many more -- and is known for her ability to disarm and get them to reveal their secrets. Known also as the "biggest mouth in New York," she is candid as well in discussing her own drama-filled life -- including her public struggles to recover from drug addiction, her miscarriages, being forced out of her job, and rehired to a top spot in radio. Her story begins in a conservative middle-class black family in predominately white Ocean Township, New Jersey, far from the glitz and grit of urban and hip-hop culture. Her family sent her to college more with the intention of seeing her become a respected journalist, wife, and mom than launch a successful career in one of the most male-dominated and competitive media industries of all. Now, it's Wendy's turn to talk about herself; a chance to laugh, cry, and reflect on the woman she was to becoming the woman she is now, the "Queen of Urban Radio."

ISBN: 0743470214

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He's Just a Friend

Author:Mary B. Morrison

The bestselling author of Soulmates Dissipate and Never Again Once More returns with the erotic and beautifully-wrought story of Fancy Taylor, a promiscuous young woman who makes the ultimate New Year's resolution--to settle down with one man, once and for all.

ISBN: 0758200080 Paperback Not Yet Released

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Got a Man

Author:Daamiah S. Poole

Twenty-four year old single mom Shonda Robinson may not be the wisest woman around--and she's definitely not the most discreet--but she knows a good thing when she's got it. That good thing is her love for Malik Moore, and she intends to keep it--at all costs. But she's not alone. In addition to having a good job, and knowing just how to show Shonda a good time, Malik also has a pregnant fiancee. He may be in love with his baby-on-the-way, but Shonda is sure he doesn't feel the same about his bride-to-be. She can see the unhappy writing on the wall because she knows only too well what a troubled relationship is like. And with a wedding in the works, Shonda is seriously considering causing some trouble of her own.

ISBN: 0758202407

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Sister Betty!

Author:Pat G'Orge-Walker

A hilarious collection of short stories chronicling the adventures of the Ain't Nobody Else Right But Us--All Others Goin' to Hell Church members, Sister Betty! God's Calling You, Again! depicts the lives and loves of congregation members like Reverend Knott Enuff Money, The Most Righteous All About Me, Minister Breedin' Love, and the good-hearted Sister Betty herself. Both insightful and laugh-out-loud funny, Pat G'orge Walker's novel brings God's message to the forefront with wit and humor.


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The High Price of a Good Man

Author:Debra Phillips

Queenisha Renae Sutton is always ready, willing and able to walk away from any man who comes into her life. Then she meets tall and handsome Zeke Washington at a charity fundraiser, and buys him lock, stock and barrel. For one night. Determined to get her money's worth, she approaches her first date with one goal: to make Zeke her man, no matter what the cost. With the help of her best friend Poetta, who puts a "voodoo hex" on Zeke to help lure him in,Queenisha gets more than she bargained for, and she discovers love where she least expects to find


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Cover Girls

Author:T. D. Jakes

Renowned pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes knows the struggles of real women, the disappointments that rob us of confidence and hope, and the losses that make us wonder whether it is worth going on. Now the bestselling author of Woman, Thou Art Loosed brings that compassionate insight and deeply felt wisdom to a powerful first novel about four very different women confronting the biggest challenges of their lives....
COVER GIRLS Michelle, Tonya, Mrs. Judson, and Miz Ida. African-American, white, rich, poor-they seemingly have nothing in common. Yet every day they face the complex realities of twenty-first-century urban life as they try to balance their needs with their belief in God.
Michelle, a driven career woman and survivor of abuse, swears she'll never again be used by people close to her. She's determined to take control and call all the shots-no matter what the cost...
Tonya knows what it's like to have a happy marriage shattered by unimaginable tragedy. She feels her faith is the only thing she can count on-until a hard choice forces her to gamble on someone she never thought she could trust...
Mrs. Judson believes her wealth, influence, and successful business can protect her against all harm. Then a family scandal threatens both her hard-earned reputation and the values she's made the center of her world...
Miz Ida has dedicated her life to God and giving others a shoulder to cry on. Soon she'll need all her faith to help herself and these women at last find themselves-and each other.
A novel about coming to terms with the past, discovering who we truly are, and recognizing the unexpected joys, friendships, and small miracles that reveal God's all-encompassing love, this book shows us the many paths that stretch before us at every season of life. Honest, inspiring, and unforgettable, COVER GIRLS proves that T. D. Jakes is not only a gifted preacher, but a born storyteller.


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Blind Faith

Author:Patricia Haley

Patricia Haley, national bestselling author of Nobody's Perfect and No Regrets, returns with a bold and provocative story about two people who follow their hearts and souls into unexpected love.

ISBN: 1583143009

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A Love Like No Otha

Author:Stephanie Perry Moore

Nothing has perpared Zoe Clark for when her fiance dumps her for his pregnant girlfriend. But she finds unexpected help from a true man of God who helps her to understand that the ultimate love is from The One who loved her first.

ISBN: 0446679674

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Second Sunday

Author:Michele Andrea Bowen

#1 Essence bestseller, Church Folks, once again takes us on a hilarious journey into the inner sanctums of a African American church as the members of St. Louis' Gethsemane MissianaryBaptist Church must find a new pastor before the Centennial Anniversary.


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Loose Lips

Author:Teresa McClain-Watson

Liberal-minded reporter Josephine Dawson is notorious for putting people in their place, whether she's dealing with politicians or office gossips. But when she interviews the conservative but handsome criminal court judge Benjamin Braddock, she finds herself speechless. She had labeled him public enemy number one, but now she's got to face the truth -- she's fallen hard and fast for a man whose viewpoints are the complete opposite of hers. But trouble for the couple starts to brew when the judge sets his sights on a political office. A slew of seemingly respectable women come out of the woodwork to accuse him of sexual harassment. Unfazed by the accusations, Ben stands firm in his innocence, yet refuses to offer evidence against what he believes are decent but misguided sisters. Josie's devoted her life to following facts--but can she learn to follow her heart?


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Somebody's Knocking at My Door

Author:Francis Ray

Rafe still carries the physical and emotional scars of the abuse he suffered at his father's hands growing up. He has cut himself off from everyone who loves him and friends are a luxury he doesn't think he can afford. After all, he is his father's son and it is only a matter of time before the violence he fears lurks beneath the surface, spills over. Then Kirsten Wakefield steps into his life and for the first time he finds himself longing to open his heart to someone. That is until he gets word that his father is dying and wants him to come back home. Old wounds are reopened and Rafe doesn't know if love is enough to make him whole again. Featuring characters from The Turning Point, Somebody's Knocking at My Door is a poignant story, sure to speak to the readers' hearts.


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Those Who Walk In Darkness

Author:John Ridley

Hard Cover/Warner Books


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Cry Me a River

Author:Ernest Hill

In Cry Me A River, Ernest Hill brings readers the story of Tyrone Stokes, an absentee father from a "no good family." Sent to prison, he left his wife, Pauline, to raise their son, Marcus, alone. But now Marcus needs his father. The young man is on Louisiana's death row for the murder of a young white girl, and Tyrone is determined not to let his seventeen-year old son suffer as he had in jail. Convinced of Marcus's innocence, and grasping at the slim chance that he can put his family back together, Tyrone will sacrifice all that he holds dear to make up for his absence and keep Marcus alive-despite the overwhelming evidence against his son and Pauline's insistence that he stay away.

Available April 2003

ISBN: 0758202768

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Choose to Stay

Author:Salome Thomas-El, with Cecil Murphy

A Black Teacher Refuses to Desert the Inner City
Now principal of a Philadelphia school, Thomas-EL recounts his experiences teaching and organizing a chess program that turned potential dropouts into winners. A product of Philadelphia's inner city, raised by a mother who worked as often as she could but frequently was on welfare, the bright and hardworking boy was encouraged to excel by both Mom and his teachers, who helped him gain admittance to a magnet school and then a small, largely white college. Exposed to racism from students and professors, Thomas-EL was tempted to quit, but he persevered, graduated, and decided to pursue a career in television or the law. He had no intention of teaching, even though one of his professors had told him that he could help his community more as a teacher than as a lawyer. He began working as an intern for a sports channel, but was increasingly drawn to teaching; since most of his TV work was at night, he began substituting in schools. Loving the work and the kids, he decided to earn certification and a master’s degree so he could get a permanent position in the Philadelphia public school system. He describes how he did this, paying tribute to the mentors who encouraged him. Meanwhile, his students had to overcome numerous problems to stay in school; many had parents on drugs and didn't get enough to eat in homes plagued by violence. Thomas-EL’s first success was an alternative learning program called Second Chance designed for disruptive students; it became so popular that students deliberately misbehaved so they could attend. Determined that the kids needed to expand their minds—"strive for an MBA, instead of the NBA"—he began a successful chess program; students won national competitions, as well as the respect and admiration of their peers. An eloquent example of how commitment and innovation can better the lives of inner-city children. Agent: Deidre Knight

ISBN: 0758201869

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