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JUNE 2007

**MARC'S WEEKLY MUSE** - June 29th, 2007
A highly requested poetic medium of uplift...to brighten your day!!!

*Last night...all poets rocked out at Sugarhill in Atlanta for V103's Live Poetic Moments broadcast with Joyce Littel. The venue stacked-pack...even though it rained!

*Last weekend was completely outrageous as many poets/spoken word artists swarmed the City of Atlanta for Written Images Annual Poetry Festival...If you were at Luv Mecca or The Apache Cafe, you may have seen HBO DEF POETS: Tommy Bottoms, Queen Sheba, Will Da Real One, Georgia Me, Black Ice, Abyss, Red Storm and a host of other talented poets and spoken word artists. The stage was on fire as the mics were blazin'!
Question: Marc where (online) can I find Rock and Fire?
Answer: marclacy.com, amazon.com, cuschity.com, blackbooksplus.com, mosaicbooks.com, and barnesandnoble.com.
*Next week, I will have a list of bookstores around the nation where the book is available.
Don't forget to place those Rock and Fire reviews on amazon. 5-Stars thus far!

Like Radio Raheem my dream is to have peace and love implanted within my flow to encourage you to do the right thing... So that when you put my voice on blast The 20 D batteries for which you ask get drained as soon as the sound begins to rain from the threeways... No how No way will I just stand as a child in Darfur cried without my voice being amplified... You wanna know the truth... We've got to save the youth...

Beyonce sang and swayed as Stevie, Chaka, and Erykah payed homage to Ms. Ross, Gerald Levert was remembered as a strong wind beneath a lot of wings... I just hope and pray that as celebs sing Children will know what it means to work hard for what blings... Moreover...put value in "values" per the simple things life brings...

Prone are they to make you turn your head and marvel at the melody bred from the chimin' of the ringer... Singers croon as we swoon into a trance while freezing in our stance not really believing that this is a cell phone sounding off loud and clear like this... All you have to do is send a text and next time someone calls you from afar... You can party like rockstar before you pick up...

There is an apparent rush to plan a celebration on this date... Don't know if it has to do with luck or fate as the triple seven resonates like Popeye's Chicken on a plate... "We can't wait!" Screamed the bride and groom to be... Hopefully they will put more into the marriage than the wedding which has been planned beautifully...

You can catch them on late night cable TV... They sell anything from knife sets, recipies, to workout techniques... Ahhhh...you best believe that the thrust is always the mighty dollar regardless of the smiles and beautiful words exuded that makes you want to holler... Bottom line, Everyone is entitled to gain from basic economics... But if you consume more than you produce... It is not ironic that a true profit will never come to you... If more people learn to create, market, and mass produce The garden will certainly yield some solid sweet fruit...

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 8pm
Birmingham "Rock and Fire" Release Party
High Note Lounge
414 Richard Arrington Blvd.
Birmingham, AL

The Mini Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Launches at CT Business Showcase

Jacqueline J. Warner, Esq., Author of The Mini Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Small businesses now have a valuable legal resource in a easy to read and understand format. The Mini Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (The Mini Legal Toolbox) recently made its debut at a Business Showcase attended by hundreds.

The Mini Legal Toolbox is a book which addresses a number of legal-related topics every entrepreneur and small business owner needs to know a summary of the types of business structures (eg., corporation or limited liability company), questions and answers regarding proper recordkeeping, the role of management, the importance of having an agreement with business partners/co-owners and a discussion of certain provisions which should be in the agreement. The book, which has been well received since it launched, also discusses the tax implications of each of the business structure types.

The book's author is Jacqueline J. Warner, Esq., a seasoned, New York-based attorney with over 15 years of experience advising small businesses and entrepreneurs. The book was written with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are busy, said Ms. Warner, and are seeking information in an easy to read and digest format. The Mini Legal Toolbox is large in content, yet small in size. Ms. Warner's practice also includes securities, banking and real estate law.

The Mini Legal Toolbox represents the first in a series of books to be published which will focus on topics of interest for the business owner. A copy may be published through its website, http://www.thelegaltoolbox.com, amazon.com and at bookstores in the near future.

Small business owners have commented that the book is informative and is user friendly. This was exactly the mission of its author.

Ladies' Night Out by Electa Rome Parks

Ladie's Night Out Readers are cordially invited, the second Saturday of the month, to Ladies' Night Out. No R.S.V.P is required---just leave your inhibitions at the door. What happens during Ladies' Night Out, stays with us. Shhh, we won't tell!

Meet Lexie, Meshell, Tonya and Tracee. . . four professional, highly successful, intelligent, sexy and totally fierce black women who just happen to be the best of friends. Each month, they drop all commitments to the wind to celebrate the ties and bonds of friendship with a Ladies' Night Out, where anything and everything can happen, and usually does.

At one such event, a question is posed: What's the freakiest thing you've ever done? As the question is pondered and answered by each, one sisterfriend sets out on a journey to rectify her situation and readers are swept up in one heck of a ride. As readers follow the Crew on their sexcapades, drama, drama and more drama awaits at each and every turn. Hold on tight, don't lose your grip. You never know what's around the next turn.

Readers soon discover that we all wear masks. Another question is posed: Do you really know your best friends as well as you think you do? You could never imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Beware: Enter at your own risk!

Cycles of the Ghetto a memoir by Andrea Woods


The true tales of real- life ghetto experiences has become a summer must have -
"CYCLES OF THE GHETTO" a memoir By Andrea Woods

Derek Press announces the release of a new Children's Book

(Chattanooga, TN, 2007 Derek Press, a subsidiary of Pathway Press, announces the release of a new children's book entitled THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS, by Nneka A. Gunn. This book contains the legendary tale of a young boy who must choose between deserting his dream forever or venturing on a dangerous journey to rescue his destiny.

Do you ever wonder where abandoned dreams go? Well, when you cease to believe, your dreams cease to exist. In THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS, Gunn addresses the need for young children to continually strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations. In today's world, children encounter many hurdles that may threaten their dreams such as bullies, sex, drugs, poverty, and lack of support from parents. But if they persevere, Gunn believes, they can and will accomplish their goals.

THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS is the incredible legend of Elijah, a courageous boy who undertakes a feat no other human has survived rescuing his dream from the shadowy and forlorn island where forgotten dreams go. Set in a village in Manakara, the orphaned Elijah is raised by his wise grandmother, Mahlii. One day, Elijah returns home, discouraged from his dream of becoming a famous soccer player by school bullies. Mahlii recounts the story of the Island of Abandoned Dreams and prepares him for a mission he will never forget. The reader will share the adventure as Elijah makes the trek to save his dream from the four-armed monster that guards every crystallized dream.

Illustrated by Riccardo Williams, this vivid storybook sparks the child's imagination with a message they can fully comprehend and enjoy. While THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS imparts wisdom and guidance to today's youth, this is no dull preachy read. This amazing story is chock-full of all the elements kids love: mythical monsters, magical tools, perilous excursions, and a helpful animal friend. THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS is a must for children and readers of all ages as a tool of encouragement to withstand the trials that come before success. This moving tale of triumph is sure to entertain and inspire children and adults for generations to come.

THE ISLAND OF ABANDONED DREAMS is currently available for sale for $12.95@ C&B Books Distribution, You may also contact the author for questions and comments at nnekagunn@yahoo.com.

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