C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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A Life to Remember


Divine's new home at Dunnridge State Correctional Institution has been nothing but a host of surprises. For the past seven years, he and his trusted friend Niko have gone from thick as thieves to throat cutting rivals.
Their brotherly connection takes a turn when Divine secretly works out a deal with the state leaving his boy no way out. His betrayal makes him a prime target from beat downs to being broke down...sexually that is! The roller coaster ride of Divine's life will keep you thrilled!
Buckle Up!

C&B Price: $12.00
Publisher:Life Changing Books
ISBN: 0974139408

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Author:Holland Jones

Nadine, a sultry, ghetto-fine conniving gold-digger, will do whatever it takes to make sure that she is financially set for life -- even at the cost of breaking-up a family. When Wayne, Nadine's man since high-school, is sentenced to two years in prison for a crime he did not commit, he's betrayed by the two people he trusted the most, his woman (Nadine) and his cousin (Bobo).
Asia, a curvaceous diva and designer-clothing boutique owner with a wilder-side sexual-preference becomes an unlikely confidant to her best-friend Nadine's man (Wayne) during his incarceration.
Meanwhile Bobo, one of VA's most notorious and most successful Street-Entreprenuers, manages to hustle his way into staring down a possible life sentence.

C&B Price: $12.00
Publisher:Black Pearl Books/Trade Pape

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Still Crazy

Author:Darrin Lowery

Kevin Allen, a rich, handsome author and self-reformed Mack, is now suffering from writer's block. Desperately in need of a great story in order to renegotiate with his publisher to maintain his extravagant life-style, Kevin decides to go back to his hometown of Chicago for inspiration. While in Chi-town, he gets reacquainted with an ex-love (Yolanda) that he'd last seen during their stormy relationship that violently came to an end.
Unexpectedly, Yolanda appears at a book-event where Kevin is the star-attraction, looking every bit as stunningly beautiful as the picture he's had frozen in his head for years. She still has the looks of music video model and almost makes him forget as to the reason he'd ever broken off their relationship.
It's no secret, Yolanda had always been the jealous type. And, Kevin's explanation to his boyz, defending his decision for kicking a woman that fine to the curb was, "She's Crazy!".
The combination of Kevin's vulnerable state in his career, along with the tantalizing opportunity to hit that again, causes Kevin to contemplate renewing his expired Players-Card, one last time. What harm could one night of passion create?

C&B Price: $10.00

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Author:Brenda Hampton

Dana & Sylvia have been girlfriends for what seems like forever. They've never been afraid to share everything about their lives and definitely keep each other's secrets, including hiding Dana's On-The-DL affair from her husband, Jonathan. Though Sylvia is uncomfortable with her participation in the cover-up and despises the man Dana's creepin' with, she remains a loyal friend. That is, until she finds herself attracted to the very man her friend is deceiving.
As the lines of friendship and matrimonial territory erodes, all hell is about to break loose! Choices have to be made with serious repercussions at stake.

C&B Price: $10.00
Publisher: Black Pearl Books

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Maurice LaSalle is a player of women and the saxophone. A gifted musician, he's the driving force behind MoJazz, a neo-soul group on the verge of their big break. Along with his partner in rhyme and crime, Jamal Grover, Maurice has more women than he can count. Though guided by his mentor Simon, Maurice knows Right but constantly does Wrong. Then Ebony Stanford enters Maurice's world and he begins to play a new tune. Ebony, still reeling from a nasty divorce, has just about given up on men, but when Maurice hits the right notes (everywhere) she can't help but fall for his charms.
While Maurice and Ebony get closer, Jamal is busy putting so many notches on his headboard post after each female conquest, that the post looks more like a tooth-pick. When a stalker threatens his life, Maurices warns him to slow his roll, but Jamal's hyped behavior prevails over good sense.
Just as Maurice is contemplating turning in his player card for good, stupidity overrules his judgment and throws his harmonious relationship with Ebony into a tale-spin. When it appears that things couldn't get any worse, tragedy strikes and his life is changed forever!

CB Price:$10.00
Publisher: Black Pearl Books

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Caught 'em Slippin

Author:Al-Saadiq Banks

Miranda Benderas, born to an infamous Cuban kingpin, and his trophy wife, an African American supermodel. Miranda grew up with all the luxuries that other girls could only dream of. Her daddy proved that crime does pay. But isn't there always a cost to having it all? By age 13, Miranda's father was sentenced to life in prison. Has Miranda's father given her enough to navigate the world without him?

CB Price:$12.00
Publisher:True2Life Productions

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Harlem's Dragon

Author:David Rivera Jr

When Margarita decided she was going to marry the best martial artist in Harlem, she never guessed that all of his struggles would also be hers. Sex is no longer the answer to solve all of her problems. An unwanted man enters her life and she's up to her old tricks. Chemah is torn between the two women in his life. One that he believes he owes everything to, and one that has come to deliver a great gift.
Both lives will be changed by three constants. Love, Choices, Consequences. The Dragon has come to symbolize the good in one person and the bad in the other. Both are great lovers and both are great fighters. One is a strategist and the other a Hero. Who is the real Dragon of Harlem and why is love a constant fight?

CB Price:$10.00
Publisher:Indult Publishing

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Drug Dealer 1

Drug Dealer 2 DRUG DEALER 1&2

Author:Isadore Johnson

From the moment that fifteen-year old "Tyrell Nobels," first ventured out into the streets and started hustling, his life was forever changed from that of the average ghetto youth into one of a seemingly complicated adult. He had placed himself in a direct position to be exposed to all the dangerous violence, influences, and negative temptations that the cold drug world had to offer. His choices while growing up would ultimately determine on a personal and political level, the outcome of the freedom, safety, and aspirations of his family as well as the people living within the ghetto. -That is, having risen in power and considered to be one of the most controversial and influential "Drug Dealers" in the U.S. You will learn how staying alive while trying to restructure the game itself to benefit those most harmed by it became his priority.

CB Price:$22.00
Publisher: Lennium Publishing

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Dutch II

Author:Teri Woods

Following the overwhelming success of Dutch: The First of a Trilogy Teri Woods Publishing is proud to release Dutch II: Angel's Revenge by Teri Woods. This second installment of the trilogy takes us into the lives of Angel Alverez and One-eyed Roc, two of Dutch's merciless soldiers who have been locked down in federal prison for their roles in the legendary Month of Murder.

CB Price:$10.00
Publisher: Teri Woods Publishing

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The Man Hunt

Author:Sonia Caulton

Jazzman Johnson, which the main character of The Man Hunt Doesn't want just any man though just as all women don't. She wants a man that will meet the standards she has set for herself. In other words, she wants a man who is an asset to what she's already accomplished in life and not a liability. While she's on her search for this perfect man, she becomes involved with a series of distinctly different men. The repulsive blind-date, the lying unhappily married man, blackanova and his many women, the confused bisexual, the got to have a sistah white man and others, who all show her that she needs to be a reflection of what she wants in a man.

CB Price:$10.00
Publisher:Sistahgirl Publishing

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Runnin' Game

Author:Courtney Parker

Carter Turner is no stranger to life in the fast lane, with a career destined for gold and a girl determined to ride or die, fate finds favor with this young couple. Only just as the icing is put on the cake, the cake begins to crumble under the weight of Carter's grimy past. With a string of lies straining his relationship and a possible injury threatening his career, Carter Turner is doing what any young player has to do...Runnin' Game.

CB Price:$7.00
Publisher: Flowers in Bloom Publishing

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Lusting For Love

Author:Nicola McDonald

True love is hard to find, yet Celine and Chris meet and are captivated with each other. They pursue a relationship, but their obstacles prove to be too much. Chris's ex comes back into the picture, and Celine begins to date an ex-crush. They both need to decide whether their love is strong enough to last. Meanwhile, Sheria is confused and promiscuous. She seeks to be fulfilled, but remains in denial. Sheria must learn to love and accept herself, but will she take the right path?

CB Price:$10.00
Publisher: NewN Publishing

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Hustlin' Backwards

Author:Mike Sanders

Capone, and his life-long road dawgz, June and Vonzell are out for just one thing. To get rich!....By any means necessary! As these three partners in crime rise up the ranks from Project-Kids to Street-Dons, their sworn code of "Death Before Dishonor" gets tested by the Feds. Though Capone's simple pursuit of forward progression as a Hustler gains him an enviable lifestyle of Fame, Fortune and all the women his libido can handle ? It also comes with a price. No matter the location , Miami, Charlotte, Connecticut or Puerto Rico , There's simply no rest for the wicked! WARNING: HUSTLIN' BACKWARDS is not the typical street-novel. A Unique Plot, Complex Characters mixed with a Mega-dose of Sensuality makes this story enjoyable by all sorts of readers! A true Hustler himself, Mike Sanders knows the game, inside and out!

CB Price:$12.00
Publisher: Black Pearl Books Inc.

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Author:Torrian Ferguson

How far should a man go to prove his love for his wife? As Greg and Rena enter counseling as a last ditch effort to salvage a marriage on the rocks, they discover what happens when an unfulfilled fantasy goes beyond curiosity. Will their marriage survive explosive episodes of scandal and sexual escapades, or will they lose the things that mean the most to them?
Join author Torrian Ferguson as he takes us on a journey onto the erotic, mysterious, and taboo lifestyle of Swingers

CB Price:$12.00
Publisher:Two of a Kind Publishing

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When Loved Ones Lie

Author:Reby Pat Tucker

How far should a man go to prove his love for his wife? As Greg and Rena enter counseling as a last ditch effort to salvage a marriage on the rocks, they discover what happens when an unfulfilled fantasy goes beyond curiosity. Will their marriage survive explosive episodes of scandal and sexual escapades, or will they lose the things that mean the most to them?
Join author Torrian Ferguson as he takes us on a journey onto the erotic, mysterious, and taboo lifestyle of Swingers.

CB Price:$12.00
Publisher: Rekcut Publishing

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Lust, deception, and betrayal devastates a closely knit family and nearly destroys a small community of supposedly dignified citizens.

CB Price:$9.00
Publisher: Booksurge LLC

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King of Spades

Author:Kiniesha Gayle

Andre Chin knows the rules of the game and believes he has everything under control. Porsha, his fiance has legally transformed Chin's illegal business into a legitimate empire, but soon has plans of her own. Tony Moreno, his partner, keeps a deadly watch as the sins of Chin's past suddenly threaten the success of their future. Natalie "BabyGirl" Smith is on a dangerous mission to find the people who killed her parents, forcing her into a life she swore would never claim her. A sharp twist of fate puts her in the path of Chin, instantly changing her plans. She seizes an opportunity to gain control of his growing empire, and to get the revenge that has consumed her very soul.
Kiniesha Gayle's novel is a gripping tale of one man's struggle to break away from his sordid past, and a mysterious woman's search for justice which lands everyone in her path on deadly ground. Will Chin remain the King of Spades or will he fall prey to the Queen of Hearts

CB Price: $12.00
Publisher: Q-Boro Books/Trade Paper

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Editor:Jacob Hoye, Karolyn Ali, Atria

Capturing as never before the matchless passion and searing honesty of the late Tupac Shakur, the brilliant young rapper, actor, and poet who was mysteriously gunned down in Las Vegas seven years ago, Resurrection showcases a range of previously unreleased interviews, writings, and private photographs and stands as an indelible testament to the artist's astonishing cultural legacy. Here is Tupac Shakur unvarnished, stripped of the shroud of legend and the romance of myth-in his own space, in his own words, and always, whatever the consequence, on his own terms. Comprised entirely of Shakur's own words and published to coincide with the nationwide cinema release of a major documentary film by MTV and Amaru Entertainment, the book penetrates Tupac's iconic persona to illuminate a flesh-and-blood artist revealing his innermost thoughts and emotions with relentless candor. Featuring stills from never-beforeseen concerts and home movies; dozens of rare photographs donated by family, close friends, and the MTV archives; previously unpublished poetry; and exclusive excerpts from Shakur's journals, poetry, and personal correspondence, Resurrection crystallizes the enduring significance and impact of one of the entertainment ndustry's most complex, haunting, and influential artists of all time.

CB Price: $20.00

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A Lawyer's Life

Author:Johnnie Cochran, David Fisher

Johnnie Cochran gained international recognition for leading the "Dream Team" defense of O. J. Simpson. But long before and since then Johnnie Cochran has been a leader in the fight for justice for all Americans. While often vilified for his defense of Simpson, Cochran emerged from the trial as a leading African American spokes person. But he has done most of his talking through the courtroom in such high profile cases as:
Abner Louima
Amadou Diallo
The Racially profiled New Jersey Turnpike Four
Sean "Puffy" Combs
Patrick Dorismond
Cynthia Wiggins
Cochran explains how he has used the law to force fundamental changes in America, it was Cochran, critics still claim, who dealt the first "race card." Here is his answer to that and other accusations.

CB Price: $10.00
Publisher: St Martin's

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You Wrong For That

Author:Toschia Moffett

Drama! Drama! Can we say Baby Daddy Drama? "You Wrong For That" is a novel that will keep you captivated.
This novel is about an upper-class professional Rheonique who gets involved with Davis only to discover that he forgot to tell her about his two other baby's mammas Terri and Noel.
Rheonique's family is affiliated with the Caribbean mafia and begin to "plot" on Davis after Rhea because pregnant. This novel is truly a page-turner will keep you laughing and crying, it has everything from fights at Hooter's, to kidnapping, wild sex, death and voodoo

C&B Price:$12.00
Publisher:Urban BooksBR>

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Simon Says..Dream

Author:Simon T. Bailey

If you are tired of mundane living and are ready to seek a higher level of existence, Simon Says... Dream is the book for you! Author, Simon T. Bailey, simply unravels the mysteries of pursuing your dreams; directs you towards discovering your strengths, your passion(s); and re-defines wealth in a new, useful, life-affirming way. Believe: you've never heard inspirational, self-help topics discussed quite this way! Your heart, mind, and soul will be glad you made this investment.

Simon T. Bailey is chief creative officer of the human development company, Imagination Institute, Inc. based in Orlando, Florida. "Engaging", "thought-provoking" and "passionate" are the words to describe Simon, who is one of the most sought-after speakers in America today. Recently, he delivered an inspiring commencement address to ten-thousand people at Florida A&M University. Former featured speakers at this event have included such notable personalities as Bill Cosby and Madeleine Albright. Charging, changing, and challenging the spirit and minds of individuals to make their lives, organizations, companies, and ultimately their societies a better, more productive place is Simon's mission. He accomplishes this by serving as a business speaker, consultant, and life coach.

C&B Price:$12.00

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