C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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The Naked Truth

Author: Marvelyn Brown

The surprisingly hopeful story of how a straight, nonpromiscuous, everyday girl contracted HIV and how she manages to stay upbeat, inspired, and more positive about life than ever before At nineteen years of age, Marvelyn Brown was lying in a stark white hospital bed at Tennessee Christian Medical Center, feeling hopeless. A former top track and basketball athlete, she was in the best shape of her life, but she was battling a sudden illness in the intensive care unit. Doctors had no idea what was going on. It never occurred to Brown that she might be HIV positive. Having unprotected sex with her Prince Charming had set into swift motion a set of circumstances that not only landed her in the fight of her life, but also alienated her from her community. Rather than give up, however, Brown found a reason to fight and a reason to live. The Naked Truth is an inspirational memoir that shares how an everyday teen refused to give up on herself, even as others would forsake her. More, it's a cautionary tale that every parent, guidance counselor, and young adult should read.

Retail Price: $14.95
C&B Pruce: $10.00
Publisher: Amistad (August 19, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0061562394
ISBN-13: 978-0061562396

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Forever the Fat Kid

Author: Michael Boyd

How I Survived Dysfunction, Depression & Life in the Theater

Forever the Fat Kid is the story of one man's lifelong journey from fat to thin, from shy to outgoing, and from unpopular to well liked and admired. Growing up as part of that lost culture somewhere between the Baby Boomers and Generation X - and existing within the gray areas of racial and sexual identity -- he discovers that coming of age, coming out, and coming to terms with one's life is a never-ending process.
From modest beginnings in the suburbs of New Jersey, his path of self-discovery spans the globe and includes brief stops on the Broadway stage, in theaters and concert halls throughout Europe, at a major tourist attraction in Orlando Florida and, for a brief moment, in the depths of depression. Fear, adversity, heartbreak, disappointment and a bit too much death and dying are the roadblocks along the way. Retail Price: $18.00
C&B Pruce: $17.00
Publisher: Trafford Publishing (January 4, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1425139450
ISBN-13: 978-1425139452

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Me, Myself and Him

Author: E.N. Joy

How was Locksie supposed to tell her boyfriend that she had gone off to church and fallen in love with another man?
Locksie grew up in the church-against her will-thanks to her holier than thou mother. But now that she's all grown-up, she's her own woman and church is the last thing on her mind; her live-in boyfriend, Dawson, is the first. When Locksie finally decides to go back and visit church upon the invitation of her aunt, who hoped that by extending the invite, her niece would find God again, Locksie ends up finding more than she could have ever expected.
Hannah is Locksie's friend who has issues of her own. She's struggling to forgive her husband for the affair he had, while at the same time be a stepmother to the child who is a result of his affair. And all while the child's mother taunts Hannah every chance she gets.
In Me, Myself & Him, the characters are torn between holding on to the person they believe is the love of their life, or having to let go for the one thing that s missing from their life. Retail Price: $14.95
C&B Pruce: $10.00
Publisher: Urban Trade Paper
ISBN-10: 1601629540
ISBN-13: 978-1601629548

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 The Original African Heritage Study Bible

Editor: Cain Hope Felder

The large-print format of the King James Version - which has the words of Christ printed in red -- includes highlighted versus that are explained in footnotes, references to African/Edenic persons, places and events, full-color maps & photographs and a wealth of additional information through articles by Biblical scholars.

There are also words and music to famous slave songs, 101 favorite Bible verses from the people of the African Diaspora and original art reproductions from the Mafa tribe of Cameroon. Importantly, there is a guide that explains each part of the format, along with other educational material to assist the reader.

If the Good Word is incorrectly defined, then the words really aren't any good at all. The Original African Heritage Study Bible: King James Version, will become a treasured book in the home for many years to come.

Retail Price: $50.00
C&B Pruce: $31.00
Publisher: Judson Press (April 27, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1817015124
ISBN-13: 978-0817015121

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 On The Run With Love

Author: J. M. Benjamin

Freddie Holmes could've wrote the book on How to Be A Player. With his good looks, gift of gab, his Jersey swag, and ability to put it down in the bedroom, his only source of income is the women he manipulates. But after meeting Simone, his new fiance, he decides to hang up his womanizing gloves, so he says, but not before his past catches up to him. Slug is a stick up kid/hustler from the dirty south. After losing his drug connect, he uses his trip to New Jersey for a funeral as an opportunity to link up with his cousin Freddie in hopes of finding a new supplier. Freddie wants to show his cousin a good time, Jersey style, while he's visiting, only he chooses the wrong place-wrong time to do so. At the end of the night, two people are left in their on blood, one, the younger brother of a known drug dealer, the other, a cop. Freddie is forced to make some quick decisions. To evade his situation he takes his cousin up on his offer, relocates to North Carolina, and changes his profession, but not without his soon to be wife Simone. Simone gives up everything to go on the run with her man, all in the name of love, and gets a dose of reality. She had no idea what she had signed up for as she takes a good look at her life with Freddie. See how Freddie Holmes learns the hard way that you can run but you can't hide forever...

Retail Price: $15.00
C&B Pruce: $15.00
Publisher: A New Quality Publishing (July 4, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0981775608
ISBN-13: 978-0981775609

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Stackin Paper

Author: Joy King & Joe Joe

Genesis has been dominating the hood by any means necessary since he was released from juvenile detention at the age of eighteen. After grinding in the streets of Philadelphia for years he finally catches a break. Genesis is able to take the drug game to the next level when he starts doing business with a set of treacherous twin sisters in Atlanta. From the east to the west coast every dough boy respects his name, but his ambitions have superceded pushing drugs. Genesis is ready to take his hustle to the next level, but the allure of the game has a firm grip on him, until falling in love with Talisa Washington. Talisa has the beauty, class, sophistication, and most importantly, connections to make it happen. When the King of the streets meets a Pampered Princess will their worlds collide or can they overcome their obstacles and together start Stackin' Paper.

Retail Price: $15.00
C&B Pruce: $14.00
Publisher: A King Production, Street Knowledge Publishing (June 6, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0975581112
ISBN-13: 978-0975581117

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Bad Girlz 4 Life

Author: Shannon Holmes

#1 best-selling author Shannon Holmes returns with the explosive sequel to his national bestseller, Bad Girlz. Tonya Morris a.k.a. "Tender" is back and this time the ride is wilder than ever.

Coming of age in the Badlands of north Philadelphia--one of the toughest and poorest communities in the country--Tonya Morris has had to make some desperate and, at times, ruthless moves in her bid to survive. When Tonya stepped into the unforgiving business of stripping, she found herself caught up in a world of sex-filled nights, dirty money, backstabbing cohorts, and murder.
She left that world behind to become a hairstylist. However, after she is blacklisted from salons across Philadelphia and is evicted by her shady landlord, Tonya finds herself back in the stripping business. Except this time, she promises herself, things are going to end differently.
Tonya teams up with her best friend, Na'eema, to organize underground sex parties, and it's not long before they have a team of beautiful girls and are rubbing elbows with athletes, rappers, and celebrities.
Then Tonya's ex-lover and now music industry superstar, Q, steps onto the scene, and everything takes a dramatic new twist. Because it's not just Q who is back in her life. His murderous baby mama, Niecey, is fresh out of jail and ready to raise hell. And she's got Tonya in her sights. In the meantime, Tonya's past has risen like a beast, threatening to tear away all her newfound success. But Tonya isn't going down without a fight

Retail Price: $14.95
C&B Pruce: $10.00
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (May 27, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0312359020
ISBN-13: 978-0312359027

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B-More Careful

Author:Shannon Holmes

Holmes introduces characters with exhaustive backstories. We barely meet the book's major players before we're sent back to the womb with them, one after another, for the highlights of their upbringings and early days. Holmes plays chutes and ladders with time, backwards and forwards, giving us glimpses of the future before backtracking decades to an inciting or merely consonant incident in a character's past, leaving cliffhangers in the present (or future) for chapters at a time. B-More is a novel of gunplay, murder, and revenge, but because of its structure it doesn't build suspense in the manner of a conventional thriller. The book's narrative tensions, two major conflicts and countless smaller ones within them, are approached and resolved in the vocabulary of violence, in the climate of crime, but are at their root almost entirely interpersonal, predicated on familial, romantic or mentoring relationships gone wrong.
In B-More there is no right or wrong, no morality, only event. Holmes refuses to pass any judgment beyond that of the streets.
The streets are important. "The streets," used colloquially, comprise the undifferentiated wash of criminality and misery that's both the book's backdrop, flowing through its plot and housing projects, and a Greek chorus, a many-eyed, many-mouthed monster that grovels to the strong and devours the weak or weakening. The streets are always watching... They watch every character's decisions, they watch how the wicked are or aren't punished, and most of all they watch the lives of promising young black men and women spiral out of control.
Sometimes the spiral is upwards, into dizzying stratospheres of material excess, empires of luxury brand-name decadence built Yertle-the-Turtle style on an uneasy stack of middlemen, runners, and treacherous aspirants. Usually, though, and at least in the streets of B-More, inevitably, the spiral is downwards, to violent death at the hands of criminal and/or romantic rivals, to prison terms, or into the morass of addiction, the failure of the urban multitudes on which the (fleeting) success of the few is founded.
The author's voice is confident, her slang and aphorisms those of her characters. Aside from one pointed observation of linguistic difference -- a bigshot NYC dealer is annoyed by the Baltimorean affect of ending sentences with "yo," -- the narrator is as steeped in the story and its specific language as the characters. The immersion in Baltimore's street life is total, with the Virgil guiding us through this underworld so manifestly of it, but the downside is textual homogeneity. Especially in the long middle section things begin to blend, to blur: the voices, the histories, and even the chronology lose their sharpness, become unmoored from context, and we end up adrift in a river of shouts, threats and cries, of violence and doom, anguish and hardship looped, remixed, repeated, a punishing concatenation of gruesome deeds done to and by angry people in a slough that seems to allow no other course of action.
The book is exciting, if you have the imagination to fill in the descriptive blanks. It does hit hard, and while it isn't always vivid in the particulars, the characters behave believably and the author is in secure control of the twists and turns. The strangeness of the book, at least in relation to a conventional novel, is represented well by the bizarre afterword, a rambling poem by publisher Teri Woods. It's an astonishing self-indulgence on the part of Ms. Woods, made moreso by its final line: "Motherfuckers, I am the light."

Retails: $14.95
C&B Price: $10.00
Publisher:Teri Woods Publishing (Dec. 1, 2001)
Meow Meow Productions
ISBN: 0967224918
ISBN-13: 978-0967224916

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Bad Girlz

Author:Shannon Holmes

The best-selling author of B-More Careful, Shannon Holmes, delivers Bad Girlz, another wild adventure into the streets. The setting this time is the Badlands, one of the toughest and poorest communities in Philadelphia.
Bad Girlz takes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young women who turn to the streets and strip clubs as a means of survival. These are girls who, along the way, suffer bad breaks and find themselves ripe for exploitation by men and women who pretend to be their saviors.
Tender and Goldie were taken under wing by Kat, a veteran stripper, who enjoyed the life and the risks she had to take to stay in the mix of the sex trade. Both of these young and beautiful girls had ended up in dire straits and in need of Kat's help in different ways, but ultimately for the same reasons: They lacked the love and support that most of us expect to get at home and in our communities. Where they live, illegal money is often the only money to be made, and the difference between the law and the outlaw is tough to discern.
Holmes tells a page-turning story of sex, money, and murder in the name of survival and reveals the many ways that good girls, trying to get by in desperate situations, become Bad Girlz.

Retail Price: $15.00
C&B Pruce: $10.00
Publisher:Atria, October 2003BR> ISBN-10: 074348620X
ISBN-13 978-0-7434-8620-0

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Dirty Game

Author:Shannon Holmes

Kenny “Ken-Ken” Greene left his days as a hustler behind him when his wife was killed during a scam gone bad, leaving him with a baby daughter. Now he's a cab driver, doing what he can to put food on the table and give his daughter, Destiny, everything she needs. In spite of his past or because of it, he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Destiny off the streets. But when he is shot and paralyzed during a robbery while on the job, Destiny knows that she has to step up to the plate to take care of the father who has provided for her. Allowing herself to learn from one of the fiercest street hustlers, Destiny becomes his lover and soon her skills rival his. But the longer she stays in the game, the deeper into the game she falls.

Retail Price: $14.95
C&B Pruce: $10.00
Publisher:St Martin Griffin (May1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0312359012
ISBN-13 978-0312359010

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Never Go Home Again

Author:Shannon Holmes

"Shannon Holmes -- Essence best-selling author of B-More Careful and Bad Girlz, and one of the brightest stars in urban fiction -- returns with a dramatic must-read novel inspired by his own life. Never Go Home Again is the story of Corey Dixon, a young man whose father tries as best he can to steer him away from the lure of the streets. And yet, like so many others in Corey's neighborhood, he finds the temptations of the lucrative drug trade too great to resist. While he makes fast money for a while, it is inevitable that it is he who has to pay, with his time and maybe even his life: by the age of sixteen Corey is locked up. Incarcerated in Riker's Island and then in prisons upstate, Corey lives through experiences that threaten to destroy his body, his mind, and eventually his spirit. But in the midst of his horrific imprisonment he discovers new strength to keep himself together and survive. Corey meets a few kind souls who mean him well, including a teacher who encourages him to get out of prison and make something of himself. The teacher also advises Corey to ""never go home again."" Though the homesick Corey does not immediately understand, he ultimately realizes the wisdom of his mentor's words. Unflinching and riveting, this story is the firsthand account of the brutal, unforgiving inner-city streets and prison life, as well as a difficult lesson in accepting responsibility and moving on. "

Retail Price: $23.95
C&B Pruce: $20.00
Publisher:Atria, 1st Atria Books Hardcover,(Dec 28, 2004)
ISBN-10: 0743487834
ISBN-13 978-0743487832

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Concrete Jungle

Author:Comfort Nikia/Shannon Holmes


Retail Price: $14.95
C&B Pruce: $13.00
Publisher:Jackson Press Corp(June 15, 2005)
ISBN-10: 0976911205
ISBN-13 978-0976911203

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