C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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No More Playas

Author:Brenda Jackson

Psychologist Lance Montgomery, playa extraordinaire, literally wrote the handbook for playas. All was well in his world until he fell in love with his colleague Dr. Asia Fowler. Unfortunately, Lance didn't realize how deep his feelings for Asia ran until after she caught him in a compromising position. When he discovers the love of his life is engaged to marry someone else, Lance vows this wedding will not take place. He sets out to prove to Asia that he is reformed and truly in love with her.
Every time Lance Montgomery appears, Asia's life goes haywire. Though she knew his claim to fame was his status as the top playa, she couldn't help falling for him. But when she saw him in action with another woman, reality slapped her across the face. The next day she got engaged to a good man and intends on marrying him. At least she intended on marrying him until Lance reappears, declaring his love for her. Afraid to trust Lance, she has some tough decisions to make.
Carrie Montgomery grew up in a separate household than her brothers. While their household was loving, hers was filled with abuse. Now a blackmailer is threatening to post sexually explicit photos on the Internet of her being molested, unless she coughs up a hundred grand. She hires private investigator Connor Hargrove to find the blackmailer and her estranged mother. Though leery of men, she finds herself attracted to Connor. Afraid of these new feelings yet needing to find answers, she confides in Connor.
Connor Hargrove, die-hard bachelor, can't believe he's thinking about turning in his playa card for Carrie. Yes she's beautiful, but there is something special about her. Something he's never felt for a woman. The more she opens emotionally for him, the more he wants her. Scars from her childhood have formed a protective shield around Carrie that he finds himself wanting to penetrate.
NO MORE PLAYAS, the sequel to The Playa's Handbook, was a mess (in a good way) from page one until the final page. Ms. Jackson did a marvelous job at bringing the characters to life and penning not one, but two intriguing romantic stories in this novel. I found NO MORE PLAYAS to be a fast paced, enjoyable read, and I hope Ms. Jackson writes novels for the remaining Montgomery siblings in the future.
Reviewed by Deatri King-Bey of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN: 0312331827
St Martin' Griffin(November 1, 2005)

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How Sweet It Is

Author:Crystal M. Ellis

"If your father murdered your mother, what exactly would you do?" -Channing Cray Designer Channing Cray affectionately known as Sweets has built a name for herself among the fashion forward of New York City. Her Nolita store is a must see on the Official New York City Shopping Tour and is getting much publicity in fashion magazines across the country, bringing in locals as well as celebrity clients. It doesn't take long for the world beyond Mott Street to start a callin' and she's all the happier to oblige. Sweets, has perfected the talent of running away from her problems and her past is now only steps from catching up with her. Hoping to halt reconciliation with her manslaughtering, holier-than-thou, father. Sweets packs her bags, vintage jeans, beaded purses and heads west. Opening up a new location on the beautiful coastline of San Diego her troubles only worsen as a budding friendship with the handsome Dr. Gavin Lyles lands her in a distorted love triangle. Gavin, who is rightfully fighting his own demons, has truly dedicated his professional life to helping out mentally abused children hoping to find answers to his own battered childhood. His double-life leads to a jealous rage enacted on Sweets' newest boutique by his young, over-sexed lover, Vanta Rae Lafayette. Gavin is so deliberately self-absorbed in changing his playboy lifestyle, which his friends have admired and emulated for years that he lets down his clinical wits with a troubled-patient. Overlooking this particular patient lands him in court defending himself against sexual assault charges. As Gavin's enters the biggest fight of his life, Vanta finds herself wanting not only to regain her fantasy man's trust but remodel her life to fit his. She's intent on moving from hearing midnight calls for weekly conjugal visits to hearing wedding bells. So intent in forcing herself into his bed permanently that she demotes her own child to close relative hoping to fit Gavin's definition of 'wife material.' All three lives are turned inside out on the pages of How Sweet It Is, as they find out the hard way that in life the truth isn't always as it's sold.

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 0972511911
Urban Works Pub(Dec, 2004)

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Wednesday's Woes

Author:Gayle Jackson Sloan

From the author of "Saturday's Child" comes her much anticipated follow up!
" Wednesday's Child is full of woe. " Zoe Knight certainly wouldn't argue with that. She's got more woes than the law should allow. With an ex-husband that she despises and can no longer trust, a rebellious teenage son with a hoochie-in-training girlfriend, the death of a loved one, and sisters who have lost their minds, can anything else go wrong?
Thankfully, she has her young lover, Antonio, to lean on and help see her through it all. Zoe's certain that they know everything about each other and he is her only joy at the moment. But can one know everything about another -- even the one you are living and sleeping with? When she gets a very nasty surprise and a serious wake-up call, things begin to spiral out of control.
Follow the twists and turns of Zoe and the rest of the cast for a fast-paced read that will leave you breathless!

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 097695432X

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Breaking the Cycle


Breaking the Cycle is an anthology that introduces some and reminds others of the darker side of life; domestic abuse.
In this anthology there are eight stories that give a different spin on the subject of abuse. In the title story, penned by Zane, a young girl persuades her mother to leave an abusive man but things don't go as planned; J.L Woodson's "God Answers Prayer" deals with a young boy fighting for his life in the hospital after being placed there by a parent, and the recognition of abused men by Shonda Cheekes in "Silent Suffering" was a much needed perspective. However,out of the eight,there were three stories that had a greater impact on this reader. "The Grindstone" by Nane Quartay, in which a young boy witnesses a particularly gruesome murder and has no idea of how it will affect his life, "The Break of Dawn" by Collen Dixon which has an unforeseen twist that gave this reader pause and "The Stranger" by Tracy Thompson-Price who gives us a total new look at a victim's breaking point. These three stories were written in such a way they were very compelling.
Zane has done an outstanding job choosing these powerful stories to show this subject matter from different perspectives. Some stories were tame in descriptions but heavy on internal struggle of the victims and others were written so vividly that you could feel the blows of the abuse. Also the inclusion of domestic abuse resources in all fifty states gives a person an idea of where to start if they could in any way relate to these stories.

Strebor Books (March 29, 2005) March 2005

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 1593090218

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Man Killer

Author:Denise Campbell

She woke up at seven years old and found the manhood of her so-called father in her mouth. She watched her mother die to protect and save her innocence. She survived the trauma and indignities excelling into law as a Florida State Supreme Court justice. There she tried to make a difference, but her anger and pain became intensified as she watch murderers, pedophiles and convicted rapists slip through the cracks of legal loopholes leaving her feeling helpless, victimized all over again. She quickly realized that being a member of the "Clothe" was just another dysfunctional institution that only served as a handcuff to true justice.

C&B Price:$8.00
ISBN: 0974226947

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How to Succeed in the Publishing Game

Author:Vickie M. Stringer

Best-selling author and world-renowned publisher Vickie Stringer began her empire with one book ? Let That Be the Reason. After enduring 26 rejection letters from mainstream publishers, Stringer began to explore the promising world of self-publishing.

Stringer has distinguished herself as a Literary Renaissance Woman, boasting titles such as best-selling author, leading publisher, prominent literary agent and motivator to aspiring authors and self-publishers.

In How to Succeed in the Publishing Game, Stringer reveals the secret to her success and unveils countless valuable tips and steps on how to become successful in the world of self-publishing:

Utilize creative means of generating start-up capital
Build winning relationships with editors, typesetters, graphic designers, printers
Ensure that your book will flourish in the hands of the right distributors, wholesalers, bookstores
Develop a steadfast marketing plan, brand and image that will sell itself
Utilize the complete guide to dependable references and resources
Harvest the benefits of a best-seller!

Ms. Stringer has entered the slightly more rarefied precincts of book publishing. And she?s getting rich.? - The New York Times

Mainstream publishers wouldn't touch her book. So Stringer printed 1,500 copies and took to the road. The book became an underground hit, and bookstores began to stock it.? - Newsweek

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 097678940X

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Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers...The Best of Enemies
Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers...The Best of Enemies


This deliciously erotic, urban and romance drama, promises to slowly turn up the heat and get your pulse racing!! The emotionally and physically charged lives of the individual characters, snap into place like pieces of a puzzle, with a satisfying ending.
Let Gigi transport you to another realm.

C&B Price:$19.95

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Secret's of a Housewife

Author:J. Temble

No one ever tells the real truth about their secret bedroom play. Many fight to keep their sexual escapades hush-hush. Tarron, a successful businessman and father of two, has his pick of the sexiest women in town. Between wild nights on the town and quiet nights at home, Tarron thinks he's got the best of both worlds. But it's all shattered when his wife, who is ironically named Secret, has skeletons of her own. Secret, on the other hand, handles her husband's infidelity well. When things heat up, she fulfills her wildest dreams, but the consequences are unthinkable!

Hold On Tight!!! Secrets of a Housewife will keep you moist from start to finish.

C&B Price:$15.00
ISBN: 0974139432
Life Changing Books -February 19, 2006) -Release Date 2-27-05

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What I Do Is Taboo


Erotic in nature-- but also hilarious and exciting. This collection of short stories,inspired by true events, gives you insight into a whole new world of fantasy..or is it?

C&B Price:$10.00

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