C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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One People

Author:T.J Greer

Book Description: One people is a most unique book on Black Africans which concisely but thoroughly covers the history of the Black race from the remains of Lucy, four million years old, to the great war that involved the Ethiopian Queen Candace and the Romans around 200 B.C. It is largely composed from primary sources from Ancient historians such as Diodorus, Herodotus, Strabo, and Josephus with many quotes from their sources. It bravely deals with the true procreation of White Europeans and northern Asiactics from Cro-magnons and Neanderthals amalgamating. It covers ancient Egyptian history from Menes to the last Black ruler of ancient Egypt, Ahmose II, who brought civilization to a primitive Greek culture. It even deals with the legendary and fabled Children of the Sun whose average life expectancy was known to be 150. It also explores other areas of Black African history never before looked at such as the very ancient civilizations that once existed in the green Sahara and North Africa. It is an absoulte must for any student or scholar of Black history.

C&B Price:$11.00

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The Sacred Place

Author:Daniel Black

While spending the summer of 1955 with relatives in Money, Miss., 14-year-old Chicago-raised Clement unleashes hell when he buys a root beer at the general store and refuses to place the nickel in the white female cashier's hand, leaving it instead on the counter. Though his sharecropping grandparents and aunt and uncle try desperately to protect him-his grandfather shoots and kills the men who come looking for the boy,Clement is abducted and his death is inevitable. Patriarch Jeremiah Johnson's pain and anger bring him to call a town meeting, and the town's blacks decide to stand up against generations of murders, lynching's, rapes and other violence. Unfortunately, Black (They Tell Me of a Home) stocks his novel with stereotypes,from the downtrodden blacks to the dumb, bigoted rednecks,who speak in phonetically rendered dialogue ("What we gon do?"). The clumsy, heavy dose of Christianity and rudimentary portrayal of racism will also limit appeal.

C&B Price:$15.00
ISBN-13:9780312359713 Paperback:320 pgs
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (Feb 6, 2007)

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The Black Door


Ariel Vaughn is a high-powered attorney and a partner at her firm, dating one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City, who is a powerful judge firmly on the political path. She's living the high life, but her sex life has hit a low point. Once a tiger between the sheets, the judges interest has cooled considerably, and Ariel is wound so tight she's about to explode. But when a hot young escort introduces her to The Black Door and her best friend encourages her to try it out, she finds a fantasy playground for womenfull of every sexual temptation a girl could imagine. It is there that she meets a man who turns her on physically, mentally and emotionally. But when her surreal sexual life starts to spill into her real life, things begin to spiral out of control. Ariel stands to lose everything that means anything to her for that next titillating romp behind The Black Door.

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN-13:9780312358259 Paperback:272 pgs
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (Feb 6, 2007)

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The Wicked

Author:L.A. Banks

Damali and Carlos have finally tied the knot, but there is no happily ever after. There are bigger problems on the horizon. Eves son, Cain, has escaped his banishment in order to assume his fathers throne and is now the new Chairman of the Vampire Council. He is amassing a new army, which includes resurrecting one of the Neterus old foesthe deadly Fallon Nuit. But Carlos isnt about to let that happen. The coming battle will be the battle to kick off Armageddon.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN-13:9780312352363 Paperback:432 pgs
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (Feb 6, 2007)

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Love is Never Painless

Author:Zane, Eileen M. Johnson,V. Anthony Rivers

Truer words have never been spoken. This heart-wrenching collection of novellas brings that statement to life in three unique ways, penned by three of the generation's most prolific authors.
In Eileen M. Johnson's "How the Other Half Lives," Jamellah and Fernecia have been friends since forever. Having escaped the poverty of their youth together, they both had made their mark in society. However, men problems threaten to make them literally fall apart. Fernecia is married to a man who was raised to think he is better than everyone -- even his own wife. Jamellah has always used men to get ahead but eventually everything catches up to her. The two friends must ultimately count on each other in a world of havoc and distrust.
In V. Anthony Rivers's "Love Is 2 Blame," Malcolm is devastated after a two-year relationship with Shaylisa ends. He finds it difficult to function because he cannot comprehend why she would want to end such a perfect situation. He was everything she had asked for; he treated her with respect and showered her with love. Yet love was not enough. Trying to move on to someone new will not be as easy as it used to be, but will the lovely Zahara show Malcolm what true love is all about?
In Zane's "Staring Evil in the Face," Robier has everything a man could ever wish for: a stable and rewarding career, two beautiful children, an elegant home, and the woman of his dreams. Having loved Tiphanie since college, he is determined to keep his marital vows until . . . Tiphanie is involved in a horrible car accident that changes the entire course of their lives.
From nervous breakdowns to drug addiction, Love Is Never Painless explores the deeper side of love; the side rarely explored in romance novels. Zane, Johnson, and Rivers have penned a powerful collection of novellas that will not only have readers talking but also examining their own relationships with a new perspective.

C&B Price:$15.00
ISBN 10: 0743498623
Paperback:288 pgs
Publisher: Atria; 3 books in 1 edition(November 14, 2006)

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In Another Man's Bed

Author:Francis Ray

When Justine walks in on her husband with another woman, she flees their cabin, promising a swift divorce. Andrew pursues her in his car, intending to get his wife back. But when his car goes over a cliff, hours later Justine is looking down at her comatose husband, wondering how it ever came to this. Now she is faced with a difficult choice about whether or not to pull the plug. And if she does, is it because of his cheating ways or because its the humane thing to do? Should she keep faith for his supportive mother that hell revive from his coma? Then, when an old flame resurfaces, will Justine follow her heart or her conscience?

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN 10: 0312356137
Paperback:352 pgs
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (Feb 6, 2007)

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Jade's Dilemma


Jade Sanders has worked most of her adult life to correct the mistakes she made earlier in her life. She has held back details about herself, making her past a mystery to her friends and the man she loves. But a ghost from her former life shows up and she is pressured to reveal the one thing that threatens to turn her world upside down. Will the truth make her free?

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN 10: 0977093654
Paperback:220 pgs
Publisher: Dreams Publishing Co. (Sept 26, 06)

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Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls

Author:Jan Foulke, Howard Foulke

Any collector who works with dolls knows there's a wealth of guides for specific types and brands on the market and not a few general guides, but JAN FOULKE'S GUIDE TO DOLLS is better than most: it packs in one of the most comprehensive coverage's we've seen, including an antique and modern section of details, covering composition and factors influencing collectible prices, and including histories and even doll clothing prices. It's billed as a 'definitive collection and price guide' and doesn't miss its mark, packing in the details essential to proper pricing and identification.

Diane C. Donovan
California Bookwatch

C&B Price:$20.00
ISBN 10:0977292789
Paperback: 344 pgs
Publisher: Bangzoom Publishers;1st ed(Sept 30, 06)

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When the Levees Broke (2006)

Director:Spike Lee

Spike Lee's Powerful Katrina Epic--A Critical And Emotional Look At An American Tragedy ,

One year after Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, director Spike Lee presents a four-hour, four-part chronicle recounting, through words and images, one of our country?s most profound natural disasters. In addition to revisiting the hours leading up to the arrival of Katrina, a Category 5 hurricane before it hit the coast of Louisiana, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts tells the personal stories of those who lived to tell about it, at the same time exploring the underbelly of a nation where the divide along race and class lines has never been more pronounced.When the Levees Broke is documentary filmmaking at its best.

C&B Price:$21.00
Director:Spike Lee
Starring: Shelton Shakespeare Alexander, Harry Belafonte

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Step On A Crack

Author:James Paterson

With the unexpected death of a beloved former first lady, the nation falls into mourning as the world's most powerful people gather in New York for her funeral. Then the inconceivable occurs. Billionaires, politicians, and superstars of every kind are suddenly trapped by one man's brilliant and ruthless scenario. NOW MEET DETECTIVE MICHAEL BENNETT, NYPD Pulled into the fray, Detective Michael Bennett-father of ten-faces the most sinister challenge of his career: a criminal who kills without hesitation and counters everything the NYPD and FBI throw at him with impunity. As New York descends into chaos, Bennett learns that the great love of his life, his wife, is battling a terrible disease and he may have to raise their children alone. Now with the entire world watching and the tension reaching a boiling point, Bennett must quickly find a way out-or become responsible for the greatest debacle in history. From the #1 bestselling author who introduced readers to Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club comes the beginning of a brand-new, electrifying series from "one of the bestselling writers in history" STEP ON A CRACK is James Patterson's most fiendishly terrifying thriller yet.

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN 10: 0316013943
Hardcover: 400 pgs
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

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Author:James Paterson

Patterson's departure from the nursery-rhyme titles in his latest Alex Cross yarn is a tip-off that the focus this time is not so much on the case as on the man. For the first time in Patterson's 13-year-old series, we relive the day in 1993 when Cross' wife, Maria, was murdered. Alex was a young gun with the D.C. police then, and Maria was a social worker in the poorest and most dangerous section of the city before she became the victim of a drive-by shooting. Cut to the present, and Alex--who has been with the FBI for some time, become a successful crime writer, and started to lose a bit of that "dragon slayer" touch--decides to devote more time to his three kids, much to the delight of Nana Mama, Alex's nonagenarian three-in-one grandmother, nanny, and guiding light. Alex is nothing if not loyal, so when his former partner John Sampson asks him to help track down a sicko who is serially raping Georgetown coeds, Alex cannot say no. Little does he know, however, that the search for the rapist will have ties to Maria's death. That her killer was never found is a constant source of frustration for Alex, and this case offers a chance to finally put Maria's memory to rest. Even as the story whips by with incredible speed, Patterson manages to pack it full of suspense, emotion, and a resolution that, while perfectly satisfying, carries the author's trademark teaser hinting at the "more" that surely will come.

C&B Price:$15.00
ISBN 13: 9780316159791
Hardcover: 400 pgs
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

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Killing Johnny Fry

Author:Walter Mosley

Though he's best at crime novels, Mosley has been busy reinventing himself as an all-around writer of high purpose, trying his hand, with mixed results, at literary fiction, political essay, and science fiction. Despite its noiresque title, this one represents a surprising new direction: what Mosley calls the "sexistential novel." Mild-mannered Cordell Carmel drops by his longtime girlfriend's apartment unannounced and finds her having the orgasm of her life with another man. Carmel sneaks out unseen, disturbed and aroused. Obsessed with a movie that seems to mirror his situation, he transforms from passive nice guy to sexual aggressor--and soon finds himself having the sex of his life, with a series of beautiful, adoring women. Adrift and confused, he keeps going, hoping to find himself by losing control. It's hard to know how much of Mosley's audience will want to follow him on this explicitly sexual journey. The sex scenes are compelling, but the story loses its way; it might be too much sex for some readers and too little novel for others. In a way, it contains the same contradictions as a big-budget porno movie that uses a self-important story line to lend the project an air of legitimacy, then drives home the message that our baser sexual instincts are nothing to be ashamed of. Mosley deserves kudos for his courage, but let's hope sexistentialism is a one-night stand.

C&B Price:$17.00
ISBN: 159691226X
Hardcover: 288 pgs
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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The Jump Off

Author:Doug Dixon

Troy Sanders and Jennifer Stevens dated for two years before getting engaged. He is an applications engineer for a large engineering company, and she is an attorney for a firm in Mobile, Alabama. When Troy shares that he has found a lot to build their dream home, Jennifer confesses that she has accepted a job in Atlanta. Once Troy gets over his anger and accepts that her new job will make Jennifer happy and will not jeopardize their relationship, he accepts her decision. Troy helps her pack to relocate to Atlanta. Immediately, he begins to have doubts about their relationship and imagines the worst. When he makes an impromptu trip to surprise Jennifer, he is shocked to see her return home in the company of another man. He storms off, unwilling to listen to her explanation of what he witnessed. To get over his feelings, he begins dating his coworker, Dana. Just when he decides to reach out to Jennifer, Dana shows her true feelings.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN: 0758213565
Paperback: 288 pgs
Publisher: Kensington

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Death Around the Corner

From multi-platinum rap star C-Murder comes his debut novel--a gritty, compelling, and unforgettable story of surviving on the deadly streets of New Orleans...

There's A Time To Go Hard, And A Time To Chill...

The day the cops took his daddy away for murder, a new emotion gripped five-year-old Daquan Watson's heart: Hate. It would stay with him as he came up in The Calliope, New Orleans' most notorious, drug-infested housing projects, where every brother is a soldier goin' to war every day. Grandma Mama does her best to raise him the right way, but those streets keep calling. Trying to get ahead in such a harsh environment can make your heart turn cold--unless you learn how to listen to your guardian angel...

There's A Time To Take One For The Team...

But the violence at The Calliope is nothing compared to what Daquan experiences doing time at Scotland Correctional Center for youth, watching cats get stabbed over card games, young boys get raped, and racism of the worst kind, even from the black guards. A voice inside tells him he'd better learn to use his anger--instead of letting it use him, ya heard?

And A Time To Think For Yourself...

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 1601830009
Paperback: 320 pgs
Publisher: Vibe (December 26, 2006)

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Author:Faith Graham

Dont look so nervous, Faith, she told me. I'll go first. And she did go first, maybe because she thought I'd chicken out. Or maybe she knew how I would respond. Perhaps she knew what I saw in both of them together and wanted to share. She unsettled me. And both of them together? Sorcery..." Based on an incident from the author's own life, Playthings is a thrilling piece of erotica-part sexual memoir, part mystery, and wholly irresistible.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN: 0758214596
Hardcover: 320 pgs
Publisher: Dafina Trade Paper (October 1, 2006)

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The First Lady

Author:Carl Weber

Bestselling author Weber (So You Call Yourself a Man) serves up another scintillating slice of church politics as a Queens preacher is forced to decide who will be his church's new first lady after his wife dies. Bishop T.K. Wilson's wife, Charlene, is on her deathbed with pancreatic cancer, and with the help of her best friend, she drafts five letters?one to each of the four women she feels could be contenders for the title of First Lady of Jamaica Ministries?and one to her husband encouraging him to move on after her death and marry someone who can help him lead the church. Per Charlene's request, the letters are delivered after she dies, setting into motion a catty, gossipy page-turner as the chosen four vie for T.K.'s proposal. But who will win: Marlene, a recovering addict and mother of T.K.'s illegitimate child; Savannah, a deacon's daughter who is struggling to make a name as a gospel singer; Monique, "the first lady of plastic surgery and implants"; or Lisa Mae, a wily and sometimes cutthroat widow? Weber keeps the pacing brisk and loads the narrative with enough surprise turns to keep readers guessing to the end.

C&B Price:$16.99
ISBN: 0758215754
Hardcover: 320 pgs
Publisher: Dafina (December 26, 2006)

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Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit

Author:Trista Russell

I am going to say that this book and "Fly On The Wall" are pass hot. I loved this book from start to finish. Ms. Russell really drew me into the book through the characters. In here we have Twenty-five-year old Thai Tyree who is a Miami-born and raised schoolteacher who moved to Philadelphia to be with the man she thought she loved. But when she's had enough of his bad behavior, she packs it in and moves back home. During a layover in Chicago, she bumps into handsome Reverend Isaac Flack. He's a widower and father of four, but they share an undeniable attraction that Thaila can't ignore. Or should she? Sure, he's caring, loving, and a man of God--but he's also got twenty years on her, and he's her best friend's dad.... But Isaac feels strongly for Thalia, and they decide to forge ahead with their relationship. Throughout this book the real drama unfolds as more secrets, tragedy, and old lovers are revealed.

Trista touches on taboo subjects in a way that gets them discussed with ease & poise. Each character has lots of life and the story seems more real than life itself. I love the way she included such powerful messages throughout the novel. It was good to see how Thalia mature, and handle some hard life situations, as well as Trista handling the relationship between Issac and Thalia. Although I wasn't so sure about the ending/s I found the one that I was comfortable with and went with it.

Ms. Russell is truly blessed, I enjoyed this book along with her others. She has outdone herself here delivers yet another controversial love story. I cannot wait to see what else she has to write, keep them fingers working.

C&B Price:$6.00
ISBN: 1893196615
Paperback: 350 pgs
Publisher: Urban Books (August 1, 2006)

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72 Hour Hold

Author:Bebe Moore Campbell

This powerful story of a mother trying to cope with her daughter's bipolar disorder reads at times like a heightened procedural. Kerri, the owner of an upscale LA resale clothing shop, is hopeful as daughter Trine celebrates her 18th birthday and begins a successful-seeming new treatment. But as Trina relapses into mania, both their worlds spiral out of control. An ex-husband who refuses to believe their daughter is really sick, the stigmas of mental illness in the black community, a byzantine medico-insurance system?all make Keri increasingly desperate as Trina deteriorates (requiring, repeatedly, a "72 hour hold" in the hospital against her will). The ins and outs of working the mental health system take up a lot of space, but Moore Campbell is terrific at describing the different emotional gradations produced by each new circle of hell. There's a lesbian subplot, and a radical (and expensive) group that offers treatment off the grid may hold promise. The author of a well-reviewed children's book on how to cope with a parent's mental illness, Moore Campbell (What You Owe Me) is on familiar ground; she gives Keri's actions and decisions compelling depth and detail, and makes Trina's illness palpable. While this feels at times like a mission-driven book, it draws on all of Moore Campbell's nuance and style.

C&B Price:$10.36
ISBN: 1400033616
Hardcover: 336pgs
Publisher: Anchor (July 11, 2006 Reprint Edition)

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Do I Look Fat In This

Author:Jessica Weiner

For any woman who has bonded with a stranger by complaining about how fat she feels, here is a thoughtful and inspiring guide to breaking the cycle of body criticism and creating a powerful and healthy self-image.

Let's face it, you're tired of dieting. You hate counting calories and carbs and fat grams. You're sick of the pressure to work out three times a week. Bottom line: You're tired of feeling fat.

But here's the thing: Fat is not a feeling. Happy, angry, sad -- those are feelings. When you say you feel fat, chances are you mean something else. And when you ask someone if you look fat, you're probably asking, "Am I good enough?"

Whether you're a size 2, 12, or 22, it's considered normal to hate your body. Society practically encourages it. But this discontent is really just a way of masking deeper issues such as insecurity, low self-esteem, or a longing for love and acceptance. By focusing on what others tell you are your shortcomings, you miss countless opportunities to feel connected, sexy, and powerful.

Do I Look Fat in This? brings good news: Life doesn't begin five pounds from now. In this book, acclaimed author and speaker Jessica Weiner provides real solutions to real problems, from surviving a closet meltdown when you can't find anything to wear, to how to cope with being bombarded by images of perfect-looking models.

C&B Price:$13.00
ISBN: 1416913572
Hardcover: 208pgs
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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Notorious COP

Author:Derrick Parker

Parker was the NYPD's semi-official "hip-hop cop," an appellation he wears with pride. Rising fast as a case-breaking detective, he parlayed an affinity for rap and rappers into a niche specialty of which he feels the department never took full advantage. He fingered "a plausible suspect" for the confounding murder of Jam Master Jay before witnesses in his recording studio. When the department failed to follow up, and after spending more than 100 hours, gratis, on the investigation, Parker declared himself "done trying to help

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 0312352514
Hardcover: 320pgs
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

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Letters to Young Black Men

Author:Daniel Whyte III

This book is an inspirational work for the reader. It explores the three aspects of life that causes conflicts and problems in the life of young men. The spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of life that for so long has gone unaddressed are delved into in detail. Although the book talks about young black men, this is a lesson for all young men.

C&B Price:$9.00
ISBN: 0976348799
Paperback: 132pgs
Publisher: Torch Legacy Publications

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Street Team

Author:Joe Black

An edgy, fast paced, gritty novel about four childhood friends who, at young ages, take the crack game by storm. The story takes place in Bronx, New York during the late '80's and early '90's when the epidemic was at its peak.

Eventually their criminal activities draw the fed's attention and their friendship and loyalty to one another are put to the ultimate test. Street team illustrates the reality of the game, the streets, and the wicked federal court system.

JOE BLACK --- is known from coast to coast, throughout the system as a legend. Born in the Bronx, NY, raised by the streets and educated in the School of Hard Knocks, Joe Black has experienced it all. Starting his career early on as a Street Hustler, Joe was indicted in 1992 by the federal government on crack conspiracy in North Carolina. Locked down for a 20- year bid, Joe decided to "escape" his incarceration by exercising his mind and body in educational and vocational programs offered by the federal prison system.

A prison basketball gangsta, Joe has won 12 championship Bureau Of Prison games and played with greats like The ABUSER, JOE JESUS and Big L.A, Rodney ROGERS and Rod STRICKLAND.

Joe also received a Bachelor's of Arts degree while incarcerated, and has been published in SLAM, KING and Don Diva Magazines. He has also been featured on Hoopshype.com and has his own website at Illstreetz.com

"I grabbed my pen and pad and made it happen," says Joe. Frustrated with the lack of literature that spoke to those incarcerated, Joe penned Street Team, a true gangsta novel, that his people on lock down could relate to. Due to be released in 2008, Joe's passion for writing good street novels has transcended into a desire to succeed outside the penitentiary walls. With two new books scheduled to be released in 2005, Joe Black will undoubtedly pursue his book game as diligently and thoroughly as he did the drug and basketball game. Look for Joe's upcoming books, Squeeze and Thug Passion.

C&B Price:$14.00
ISBN: 0976490706
Paperback: 212pgs
Publisher: Hampstead Publishing

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His Blood My Sweat Her Tears

Author:Talli J. McFadden

This is the first of a three-book series based on a true story about a young street hustler, destined to be King, his eventual rise and inevitable fall, and the struggles in between.

This story primarily set in West Philadelphia gives you the game on all levels: sex, money, murder, drugs, power and deceit. It encompasses a young black man's vision of his American Dream, the good, the bad and the ugly that goes hand in hand with it. This page-turning novel will leave you breathless-and begging for more!

C&B Price:$14.00
ISBN: 0977997804
Paperback: 240pgs
Publisher:Baby Love Entertainment

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Not Easily Broken


New York Times bestselling author T. D. Jakes pens a powerful tale of a couple's attempt to survive a car accident, a fractured marriage, and the ultimate temptation. After years of disagreeing on what true happiness, success, and love really are, Dave and Clarice Johnson have finally reached a breaking point in their marriage. When Clarice is hurt in a car accident, the obvious truth that more than just her injuries need immediate attention is exposed. Their odds of making it worsen as Clarice begins to see a physical therapist, and Dave develops a friendship with her and her teenage son. The acceptance and comfort he finds in them stirs his longing for a family and a passionate partner. As temptation tugs at Dave and Clarice pulls farther away, they must confront whether their vows are or are NOT EASILY BROKEN

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 0446576778
Hardcover: 256 pgs
Publisher: FaithWords

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Please Come Home for Christmas

Author:Don Fulton

It is 1968 in New York City, and the holiday season has just begun for Jane Owens' family. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, family drama escalates throughout the season, culminating in lessons learned and secrets revealed in this hard-hitting novel by Don Fulton, Please Come Home for Christmas is available for this season of gift giving....GET YOUR COPY TODAY IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Written primarily for African-Americans interested in a novel with intense, realistic relationships. Please Come Home for Christmas follow Jane, her husband, Earl the pastor at Queens Community Church, and her children: Ella, Sam and here youngest daughter, Angie. The atmosphere at the Thanksgiving meal is tense: Angie has run away from home with Ella's former boyfriend, and Earl and Sam are constantly gripping at each other. Jane's sister, Pearl Cooper, and her son Eddie, anxiously await for her husband, Bill, to return home form military service in Vietnam.

Sam's changing behavior is of concern, especially because he plans to join a semi-militant black organization, Black Men for New America. Ella is angry because her mother tells Angie she is welcome back home, even though she did run away and have a child with Larry. Ear's religious ideas lead him to insult members of the family for what he believes is immoral activity, which is further complicated when Sam sees Earl courting another woman. Pearl receives a telegram that states Bill has been captured by Vietnamese's forces, and Ella, against her better judgment moves in with Larry. The stress is too much for Sam, and he attempts suicide.

As Christmas approaches, the scarred relationships, anger and resentment twist around every moment of this family's life. The suffering does finally subside, however, despite the arduous road through the winter holiday.

A heart-wrenching novel of family ties and unconditional love, Please Come Home for Christmas is a story that creatively highlights the essence of modern life.

About the Author:
Born in Washington, DC Don Fulton was raise in Kingstree, SC, he strived to write a Christmas novel for black readers that was not syrupy sweet, but instead realistic and affecting. He succeeded in Please Come Home for Christmas, titled after a 1960s song by blues singer Charles Brown that frequently played on the jukeboxes during the holiday season.

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN: 141849545X
Paperback: 208 pgs
Publisher: Authorhouse

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Chasin' Satisfaction

Author:W. S. Burkett

Julian Sevens and his wife Miko are at odds with his financial status and career. She's persuaded by an ex-boyfriend to cheat on her husband, but Julian is not going down without a fight.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN: 0976927756
Paperback: 276 pgs

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Provacative Pleasures


Provocative Pleasures consists of four provocative short stories detailing hot erotic relationships in the most profound and pleasurable way possible. Each story contains its own uniqueness and captures readership right upon introduction. There are four strong, yet extremely different women who straightforwardly share there intimate's dealings with sex, desires, and relations.
Confession, Snapped, Preach Pastor, and Celebrity Gangster are four blazing tales of erotica from Phoenix, today's rising, hot, and bold African American Author.

C&B Price:$12.00
ISBN: 0974156515
Paperback: 302 pgs
Write On Publishing

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In My 'HOod


Every city has a hood, and every hood has a drug-infested corner. As a once successful businesswoman, Desiree Rae-Rae Johnson use to avoid driving through that section of the neighborhood, until she fell on hard times. After becoming a crack addict, she starts living with her soul mate Bilal Bunchy Wilson, the man who introduced her to cocaine. After witnessing a double murder and struggling to survive the everyday dramas to support their drug habits, they manage to pull off one of the biggest robberies in New Jersey's history. Bilal is sentenced to life for murder and armed robbery and meets his sudden death in prison, leaving Desiree to face the demons of her past alone. After turning her life around, she meets one of the top men in the game, Ishmael Jenkins, and falls for him, not knowing his secret past. Ishmael is comfortable in his position in the hood and falls for Desiree just as hard. All hell breaks loose as Ishmael's loyalty is tested and Desiree struggles to maintain her sobriety. Between love, murder and a possible relapse, will they survive? Or will they be another statistic in this society in which we live? Have you seen this in your hood? Well, this is what happened In My 'Hood.

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 0971702195
Paperback: 248 pgs

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Kai Toussaint is a young, gorgeous, cold-blooded teenaged girl with great ambitions of running the entire New York City drug empire. She has a taste for the fast life and a heart that's too jaded for a young lady. Through chance encounters, Kai links with the city's top players, ones who enables this feisty girl to live a dangerous lifestyle.
Fear isn't apart of her vocabulary, as Kai lives life to the fullest while taking great risks. Hypnotizing men as she uses them, Kai has absolutely no regrets, getting everything she wants by any means necessary. But is everything too much for Kai when she gets caught up in a web of deceit, tainted love, murder and the strict codes of the street?
Take an adventurous journey with Kai from the back streets of South Jamaica, Queens to Mafioso territory in Jersey, to sunny Florida and to the jungles of Jamaica, West Indies, as you witness her courageous act of invincibility manifest itself into a twisted dilemma, one that Kai never saw coming; as she fights to stay on top in her quest to be HARDER

C&B Price:$10.00
ISBN: 0974298247
Paperback: 240 pgs

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Cha Ching: Charge it to the Game

Author:Tonya Blount

From boosting to fake credit cards Storm Williams is a twenty-five year old self made millionaire. Fly, beautiful, and quick-witted Storm doesn't chase money-money chases her; But it wasn't always that way. Born into poverty then later abandoned by her mother Storm was raised by her mentally abusive drug-addicted aunt. After partaking in acts that no child should even have to witness; Storm survives her turbulent childhood and stands stronger than ever. Soon Storm begins to feel that her life is complete; she has the money, the life, and a wonderful man who gave up his womanizing ways just t be with her. Little does Storm know jealousy, envy, and greed are waiting at her front door.

C&B Price:$10.00

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After moving 10,000 copies of BISHOP in a 6 month period, Pen Cushion Publishers has proudly re-released their debut novel. BISHOP is now available with a revised edit along with an enhanced cover. Also included in the new BISHOP are two chapters to the sequel.
Bishop, born Richard Timothy Brown, Jr., grew up in the late 90's on the streets of Brooklyn. The son of a pastor and a humble school teacher, Richard grew up in a household that emphasized good morals and strictly followed the word of GOD. Life was by no means glamorous for the Browns, but there was a sense of stability and structure in their dutiful service of the Lord. The Browns faced financial setbacks when his mother was laid off and were forced to move into the notorious Fort Greene projects.
Despite the influence of his religious background, Richard started hanging out on the streets and became Bishop, a name given by his best friend, Kendu. His world took an unexpected turn and forever changed him, when his best friend was gunned down by Fort Greene's toughest thug, Shameek, and his ruthless soldiers. Bishop now struggles with his morality - killing is a sin, but he must protect his loved ones and avenge his best friend's vicious murder . Life is further complicated for Bishop when he meets and falls in love with Lisa, Shameek's girlfriend. This is an invitation for readers to take a walk through the illest borough of New York and indulge into a life of loyalty, faith, love, murder and mayhem.

C&B Price:$14.95
ISBN: 0976444607
Paperback: 288 pgs.
Pen Cushion Publishing

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A Flower

Author:Dana Rondel

A Flower: It Has Its Own Song is about the beauty and struggles of the human life,and the strength of the human spirit. It is a story about spiritual beings trying to be human in a world that has become so inhuman, a world that believes patriotism is fighting wars and dying for a cause that benefits only a few. But true patriotism is fighting for life, by having the courage to love. True patriotism is love, in all its forms. This belief is expressed more poignantly by Rose Day Lee, the principal character and narrator, as her connection to others and nature deepens. The story takes place in the 1970s, but many of the conditions of that time still remain today.

C&B Price:$15.00
ISBN: 1425934366
Paperback:292 pg

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Author:Assata Shakur

This presents the life story of African American revolutionary Shakur, previously known as JoAnne Chesimard.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN: 1556520743
Paperback: 320 pg
Lawrence Hill Books

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Don't Make a Black Women Take off Her Earrings

Author:Tyler Perry

One could say that if the title of this book confuses you, then you probably shouldn't be reading it. But, as Madea helpfully suggests, "If you don't understand something I'm saying here and you're not black, you will have to ask somebody who is." Madea?Southern-speak for "mother dear"?is the fierce alter ego of Tyler Perry, who has paraded the marijuana-smoking, pistol-packing, trash-talking matron through a series of hit gospel plays and films. Although primarily a comic figure based on unapologetically crude behavior coming from a harmless-looking old lady, Madea is envisioned by Perry (who provides his own introduction before turning the reins over to his inner grandma) as a throwback to a time when strong matriarchs ruled the community. The result is a surprisingly fresh compilation of homespun advice?which Madea says the reader should take "at your own risk"?on love, sex, getting ahead in life and (strangely) the thousand-plus uses of Vaseline.

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 1594489211
Hardcover:272 pg
Riverhead Hardcover

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Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer

Author:Maya Angelou

Celebrations is a collection of timely and timeless poems that are an integral part of the global fabric. Several works have become nearly as iconic as Angelou herself: the inspiring On the Pulse of Morning, read at President William Jefferson Clinton's 1993 inauguration; the heartening Amazing Peace, presented at the 2005 lighting of the National Christmas Tree at the White House; A Brave and Startling Truth, which marked the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations; and Mother, which beautifully honors the first woman in our lives. Angelou writes of celebrations public and private, a bar mitzvah wish to her nephew, a birthday greeting to Oprah Winfrey, and a memorial tribute to the late Luther Vandross and Barry White.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN: 1400066107
Hardcover:128 pg
Random House

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What I Know for Sure

Author:Tavis Smiley

Have a Dream,? Dr. King intoned. In English class, we were just starting to learn about similes and metaphors and figures of speech. Those concepts weren't immediately clear to me as Dr. King talked about symbolic shadow, but I understood the power of symbolic language.
Over the next several weeks, I spent hours studying that one speech King's speeches touched me so deeply and profoundly that, for reasons I couldn't explain, I found myself crying. I wasn't sure what those tears represented: maybe his words touched the pain and hurt and humiliation I was still feeling; maybe my tears stemmed from the new confidence and purpose his words gave me. Maybe I felt an empathy with my people whose history of suffering and survival was coming alive to me for the first time. In part, they reflected my pride in the courageous brilliance of a leader outspoken in conveying our purpose and passion.
I see now that King influenced me on several levels: First, he showed me that words have meaning they aren't arbitrary and words are powerful. He showed me that words can carry the force of love. He also showed me that one man can make a difference. He himself had made that difference .Despite evidence to the contrary, King believed that things would get better. Every day that I read his words, they moved me like a powerful sermon. They changed my life and emboldened my ambition. From What I Know For Sure

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 0385505167
Paperback:272 pg

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Forty Million Dollar Slaves

Author:William C. Rhoden

From Jackie Robinson to Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe, African American athletes have been at the center of modern culture, their on-the-field heroics admired and stratospheric earnings envied. But for all their money, fame, and achievement, says New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden, black athletes still find themselves on the periphery of true power in the multibillion-dollar industry their talent built.
Provocative and controversial, Rhoden's $40 Million Slaves weaves a compelling narrative of black athletes in the United States, from the plantation to their beginnings in nineteenth-century boxing rings and at the first Kentucky Derby to the history-making accomplishments of notable figures such as Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, and Willie Mays. Rhoden makes the cogent argument that black athletes evolution has merely been a journey from literal plantations where sports were introduced as diversions to quell revolutionary stirrings to today's figurative ones, in the form of collegiate and professional sports programs. Weaving in his own experiences growing up on Chicago's South Side, playing college football for an all-black university, and his decades as a sportswriter, Rhoden contends that black athletes? exercise of true power is as limited today as when masters forced their slaves to race and fight. The primary difference is, today's shackles are often of their own making.
Every advance made by black athletes, Rhoden explains, has been met with a knee-jerk backlash one example being Major League Baseball's integration of the sport, which stripped the black-controlled Negro League of its talent and left it to founder. He details the conveyor belt that brings kids from inner cities and small towns to big-time programs, where they're cut off from their roots and exploited by team owners, sports agents, and the media. He also sets his sights on athletes like Michael Jordan, who he says have abdicated their responsibility to the community with an apathy that borders on treason.

C&B Price:$11.00
ISBN-10: 0307353141
ISBN-13: 978-0307353146 Paperback:286 pg
Publisher: Three Rivers Press

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Fear of the Dark

Author:Walter Mosley

The series--named after Paris' best friend, the universally intimidating but disarmingly sweet Fearless Jones--works as a kind of point-counterpoint to Mosley's more celebrated Easy Rawlins novels, also set in South Central LA and moving from the late 1940s into the 1960s. Paris is more bookish and less confrontational than Easy, and Fearless has a kinder heart than Easy's tough-guy buddy, Mouse, but the two pairs work like horn players trading solos in a jazz combo. This time, Paris' problems center on his cousin Ulysses (AKA Useless), who has disappeared after attempting to swindle his co-conspirators in a blackmail scheme. Paris' Aunt Three Hearts--she of the legendary evil eye--demands her nephew's help in finding the wandering Ulysses, and you don't say no to Three Hearts. Mosley's signature feel for the historical moment is evident again here, but the Fearless novels seem a little more plot driven than the Rawlins' stories, which deal as much with the hero's troubled inner life as they do with societal issues. Still, this series remains an entertaining and insightful look at black life in postwar Southern California. Bill Ott

C&B Price:$17.00
ISBN: 0316734586
Hardcover:320 pg
Little, Brown and Company

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Love Don't Live Here No More

Author:Snoop Dogg, David E. Talbert-Atria

Hip-hop megastar Snoop Dogg and award-winning playwright David E. Talbert join forces to bring you the unforgettable saga of an aspiring young rapper who finds himself at several crossroads at once, where everything, including himself, is about to suddenly change.
The year is 1989, Long Beach, California. When Ulysses Jeffries's mother decides to move her family from the drug-infested East Side to what she believes is safer North Long Beach, Ulysses and his little brother Bing are hurled into a world like none they've experienced before. Instead of moving on up, they've just moved on over.
From a classically trained piano-playing gangster named Buddha, to the next-door neighbor, a foster mother turned basehead named Crazy Betty, to Uncle Mike, a freeloading relative who has a knack for showing up when times are good and a knack for leaving just before they turn bad -- these characters and more take you on a journey like never before. With growing conflicts in the streets, and at home with his mother, Bing, and his mother's new live-in boyfriend Harvey, Ulysses is forced to make decisions that will forever alter his life. It's clear that his only chance of survival is through close friends, family, and the music he loves.
Love Don't Live Here No More is the first in a drama-filled series of novels called Doggy Tales that takes readers from the unforgiving streets of Long Beach to the bright lights of show business. The novel also comes with an original single that provides the backdrop to this compelling tale.

C&B Price:$16.00
ISBN: 074327363X
Hardcover:240 pg

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The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones

Author:Moses Miller

The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones, is the riveting story of a troubled black male from Brooklyn, New York that was forced underground after warring with a corrupt NYPD unit in the 1980?s. Fortunately for Nathan Jones (also known as Nan), he survived the attempt to end his life, and lived to tell his tale.
But, his story is not unlike many urban tales today, where the prevalence of corruption and greed result in the demise of many innocent individuals. Often times, our youth find themselves entrapped by the powers that be to their own detriment. In the case of Nathan Jones, when Five-0 came gunning for him, he refused to become another statistic.
But, to understand what Nan became, you have to take the time to fully understand what he was forced to become. At the tender age of thirteen, Nan witnessed the brutal murders of his parents, at the hands of a drug crazed PCP addict. This tragic event resulted in his childhood being stolen from him, and what remained of his teenage years being spent in an orphanage.
As he struggled to deal with his loss, a police officer named Mark Carson entered his life and became the father figure that he desperately needed. He was also introduced to another youth, named Joseph Hayes who happened to be an orphan as well. Their bond was immediately cemented, when they both discovered that they shared an unfortunate similarity. On the same fateful night, the same man murdered both of their parents.
The two youths became inseparable blood brothers, with Mark Carson serving as their mentor and surrogate father. Unfortunately, as the prospects for the future began to look more promising, tragedy rears its ugly head once again. This time, Nan is reeled into a deadly game of cat and mouse that threatens to destroy everything around him.
The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones, is a compelling tale, written exactly as it was told to Moses Miller. Intelligent Urban Fiction.

From the Author
Nan is a coming of age story that captures the trials and tribulations that Nathan Jones experiences during his journey to young adulthood. With this story and all of my works, I attempted to capture the experiences of the invisible men and women whose stories would otherwise go untold.

C&B Price:$13.00
ISBN: 097869290X
Paperback: 342 pgs
Mind Candy,LLC

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