C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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The Virtuous Girl

Author:Danita Evangeline Whyte,Danae Daniqua (Contributor) Danyelle Whyte(Contributor)
We have heard of the "Virtuous Woman," but how about the Virtuous Girl. Little girls can practice true virtuousness from an early age. Eleven-year-old Danita Whyte, shares with girls her age how God can help them practice holiness and virtuousness at a young age. For girls ages five to twelve.

C&B Price: $9.00
ISBN: 0978533313
Paperback: 139 pgs
Publisher: Torch Legacy Publications
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Author:Angela Johnson
Marley has lived in Heaven since she was two years old, when her mother found a postcard postmarked HEAVEN, OH on a park bench and decided that was where she wanted to raise her family. And for twelve years, Marley's hometown has lived up to its name. She lives in a house by the river, has loving parents, a funny younger brother, good friends, and receives frequent letters from her mysterious Uncle Jack. Then one day a letter arrives form Alabama, and Marley's life is turned upside down. Marley doesn't even know who she is anymore -- but where can she go for answers, when she's been deceived by the very people she should be able to trust the most?

C&B Price: $4.50
ISBN: 0689822901
Paperback: 144 pgs
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Dreaming In Color Living in Black and White

Author:Laurel Holliday
These true stories from every part of America tell what it was like growing up in world where the color of people's skin set them apart. How do you feel when a teacher doesn't believe that you wrote the story he thinks is great? How can you make friends and belong in a black school when your father is black and your mother is Puerto Rican? What do you do when you're working in the kitchen of a summer camp in Vermont, but you're not allowed to swim in the camp lake? All the writer's pain, confusion, humiliation, and rage are vividly expressed. but many of them went on to struggle against overwhelming odds and realize their dreams. Their voices offer hope, inspiration, and a challenge to us all

C&B Price: $5.50
ISBN: 0671041274
Paperback: 208 pgs
Publisher: Simon Pulse

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Darkness Before Dawn

Author:Sharon M. Draper
Has Keisha found happiness at last? In her senior year, things are finally looking a little brighter for Keisha. Still haunted by the suicide of her ex-boyfriend, Andy, she finds comfort in the attentions of the new track coach, twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Hathaway, the principal's son. How can Keisha not be swept off her feet by a tall, dark, handsome "lemon drop wrapped in licorice" who treats her like a woman, not a girl? But suddenly this intoxicating relationship takes a frightening turn, and Keisha is once again plunged into the darkness she's fought so hard to escape. Will Keisha ever be able to find her way back into the light?

C&B Price: $5.00
ISBN: 0689851340
Paperback: 288 pgs
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Bronz Masquerade

Author:Nikki Grimes
Eighteen students in a high school English class open up and take the risky challenge of self-revelation in weekly poetry sessions. Through their poetry and narratives, they share their most intimate thoughts about themselves and one another, their lives, and what lies beneath the skin and beyond the masquerade. Winner of the Coretta Scott King Award for 2003.

C&B Price: $5.00
ISBN: 0142501891
Paperback: 176 pgs
Publisher: Puffin
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Bad Boy

Author:Walter Dean Myers
From bad boy to role model, Myers recalls growing up in Harlem in the 1940s and 1950s, when seeing Langston Hughes and Sugar Ray Robinson on the street was the norm and Jackie Robinson ruled the baseball field.

C&B Price: $6.00
ISBN: 0064472884
Paperback: 224 pgs
Publisher: Amistad; Reprint Edition
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Surrendered Heart

Author:Stephanie Perry Moore
It's Payton's second semester at college. The death of her grandfather, and deepening relationship with Tad teach her the value of living for God. As Payton surrenders her heart to God and shares her faith, she finds out that all she has ever desired is wrapped up in Him. Her relationship with Christ allows her to be complete and to handle the growing pains of life.

C&B Price: $6.50
ISBN: 0802442404
Paperback: 192 pgs
Publisher: Lift Every Voice
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Sober Faith

Author:Stephanie Perry Moore
Payton Skky and her girlfriends are in their senior year at their Georgia high school and loving every minute of it. But the rest of Payton's crew has strayed from God and continues to make bad decisions. While chasing after a good time, her friends begin experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and sexual sin. How can Payton help her girls turn toward God and away from those sins? Can she resist her own impulses to try things she knows are against God's will? Come see if Payton discovers how to show her friends that true faith is sober faith.

C&B Price: $6.00
ISBN: 0802442374
Paperback: 144 pgs
Publisher: Lift Every Voice
Reading Level: Young Adult

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The Real Deal

Author:Billie Montgomery Cook
Navigating life can be a challenge for any teenager, but some issues and struggles are unique to African American teens. Using a language and style that will appeal directly to young African American girls, Cook does not shy away from important topics such as body image, self respect, fear, discipline, sex and sexuality, and friendship. Each entry is framed within the context of a young woman's developing Christian faith. In realistica terms, the author offers comfort, counsel, advice, and hope. Teens will find in this book surprisingly helpful lessons that will last for a lifetime.

C&B Price: $11.00
ISBN: 0817014586
Paperback: 123 pgs
Publisher: Judson Press
Reading Level: Young Adult

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Gifted Hands

Author:MD Ben Carson, Mr. Cecil Murphey
Dr. Ben Carson is living proof that we are NOT mere products of our environments. He overcame a broken home, bad temper, and racial inequality to become a great man, loving father, and famous Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. In this well paced, informative biography, Carson speaks about the different goals he set for himself throughout his productive life and how he, through patience, hard work, and faith in God, went about achieving them. This was an enjoyable biography, an unusually humble one from someone in the medical profession who has earned every right to brag about his achievements, yet who deliberately avoids doing so. You will enjoy reading this book.

C&B Price: $5.00
ISBN: 0310214696

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Think Big

Author:MD Ben Carson
After telling the story of how he overcame an inner-city background to become a world renown neurosurgeon (Gifted Hands), Dr. Ben Carson now gives an inspirational look at the philosophy of life that helped him meet life's obstacles and leap over them.

From the Author
Ben Carson is the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University and the author of two best-selling books, Gifted Hands and Think Big. A widely respected role model, he shares motivational insights with inner-city kids and corporate executives alike. He serves on the board at Yale University and on the board of the Kellogg Company. He lives in Baltimore, MD. Gregg Lewis is a freelance writer with 25 years experience in the publishing industry. The author or coauthor of more than 30 books, he lives with his wife and five children in Rome, Georgia

C&B Price: $9.00
ISBN: 0310214599

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Ajeemah and His Son

Author:James Berry
With its very first line--"That wiping out of Atu and Sisi's wedding was always going to be one of the painful happenings"--this poignant narrative takes on the age-old voice of a folktale. On their way to present a dowry of gold to Sisi's parents, Ajeemah and his son Atu, the groom-to-be, are kidnapped, sold to slave traders and taken to Jamaica, where they are sold to different white estate-owners. From the onset of their new lives, both Ajeemah and Atu are determined not only to escape but to wreak revenge upon the slaveholders as well. Despite the similarity of their plans, father and son end up with quite different fates. This tale, though brief, is packed with details of a slave's frustrating and demeaning life; for the most part, Berry's ( A Thief in His Village ) prose incorporates this information seamlessly. Occasionally, however, the novel's overall simplicity is vitiated by sentences, as well as snippets of dialogue, that would seem more at home in a textbook. Ages 12-up.

C&B Price: $4.00
ISBN: 0064405230

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Author:Walter Dean Myers
Sixteen-year-old Crystal knows she's blessed. She is drop-dead gorgeous and in the beginning stages of a glamorous career as a model in New York City. At first, modeling is exciting. But soon, her life becomes less and less about her, and more and more about her body. Crystal wonders if her new life is worth giving up everything -- her friends, her beliefs, and her self-respect.


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The First Part Last

Author:Angela Johnson

This little thing with the perfect face and hands doing nothing but counting on me. And me wanting nothing else but to run crying into my own mom's room and have her do the whole thing. It's not going to happen....

Bobby is your classic urban teenaged boy -- impulsive, eager, restless. On his sixteenth birthday he gets some news from his girlfriend, Nia, that changes his life forever. She's pregnant. Bobby's going to be a father. Suddenly things like school and house parties and hanging with friends no longer seem important as they're replaced by visits to Nia's obstetrician and a social worker who says that the only way for Nia and Bobby to lead a normal life is to put their baby up for adoption.
With powerful language and keen insight, Johnson looks at the male side of teen pregnancy as she delves into one young man's struggle to figure out what "the right thing" is and then to do it. No matter what the cost

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Sloppy Firsts

Author:Megan McCafferty
When her best friend, Hope, moves away from Pineville, New Jersey, 16-year-old Jessica Darling is devastated. Jessica is a fish out of water at school, a stranger at home, and now -- with the only person with whom she could really communicate gone -- more lost than ever. How is she supposed to deal with the boy-and-shopping-crazy girls at school, her dad's obsession with her track meets, and her nonexistent love life? Sloppy Firsts is an insightful, true-to-life look at Jessica's predicament


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Don't Need No Soaps

Author:Bea Joyner
This is the story of a Black female who was not on drugs, didn't prostitute for a living, or participate in any number of typical negative images that America seems to feel we must have in order for our story to be important enough to be told! So begins: A humorous look at life from a woman who has made errors in her life but survived with her sanity intact. Beatrice Joyner looks at her life objectively and without bitterness as she shares her wisdom. She reminds us to celebrate our victories as we climb the mountain of life giving us survival techniques while exploring the joys of living. Her wisdom comes across with humor and graciousness as she makes you realize you aren't alone in this crazy world.


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The Spirit of Franklin's Shoe Box

Author:Stormy Davis

Franklin Cooper sat on his couch mesmerized. He had no idea how long he had been in that catatonic state. His eyes were fixed on the object he had placed on the filthy table before him. He then leaned forward and folded his hands in the manner of prayer. "Help me, please! You promised to always help me. Help me!" he pleaded. Franklin's supplications were not directed to a "Higher Power" in heaven. He was waiting for some mystical genie to appear from a shoe box and take away his troubles. In the past, he had found comfort in the shoe box. Now its magic seemed to have faded. Nothing was helping him. Giving in to despair, he returned the shoe box to its place on the closet shelf. "Oh, God! Please help me!" he cried again. His face was etched in desperation and he peered around wild-eyed. The thumping of his heart as it vibrated against his body drove him into further madness. Trying to stifle his depression and anxiety for the past week with booze and drugs had pushed his body to the limit. "There's no way out," he said bitterly. He sat up on the edge of the couch and pondered his next move. Then the voices returned. "What have you done in the past?" they taunted. "I'll kill myself. Yes, That's what I'll do. I'll kill myself."


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Author:Lorri Hewett

Todd Williams doesn't need to hear TV reports about life in the projects-he lives there. His mother is struggling to raise five kids, while his father sponges off a girlfriend. His brother is part of a gang-and Todd's best friend, Ezekiel, is determined to stop them from recruiting the kids in the hood. Todd doesn't want to get involved. But suddenly he's trapped between them-and he has to choose.


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Babylon Boyz

Author:Jess Mowry

Up When 14-year-old Dante and his friends find a suitcase full of cocaine, they face an excruciating decision: whether to flush the stuff, or to sell it. Selling the cocaine would bring the money they all desperately need, particularly Dante, who was born with a bad heart because his mother was a crack addict, but they know it would also add to the drug problems already affecting their Oakland, CA, neighborhood. Racist white cops and exploitative adults who get rich by playing off of these needy, often homeless kids


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Blue Tights

Author:Rita Williams-Garcia

Growing up in a city neighborhood, fifteen-year-old Joyce, unsure of herself and not quite comfortable with her maturing body, tries to find a place to belong and a way to express herself through dance and wants to win the attention of Andre Miller and to dance ballet as well as her mother did.


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The Skin I'm In

Author:Sharon G. Flake

Gr 6-8-Seventh-grader Maleeka Madison is miserable when a new teacher comes to her inner-city school. Miss Saunders evidently is rich, self-assured in spite of the white birthmark across her black skin, and prone to getting into kids' faces about both their behavior and their academic potential Thirteen-year-old Maleeka, uncomfortable because her skin is extremely dark, meets a new teacher with a birthmark on her face and makes some discoveries about how to love who she is and what she looks like.

C&B Price:$5.99

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Author:Mildred D. Taylor

A black family living in Mississippi during the Depression of the 1930s is faced with prejudice and discrimination which its children do not understand Cassie Logan is raised by a family determined not to surrender their freedom or humanity because they are black.


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All Bright Court

Author:Connie Rose Porter

"All-Bright Court" is a steeltown housing project The novel centers on the Taylor family Samuel, Mary Kate and their five children, and their friends and neighbors," It begins with a kindled dream in the 1960s and tragically dims over the next twenty years, along with the hopes of black America. Glowing with warmth, "ALL-BRIGHT COURT" illuminates the dignity, faith, and humor that enable people to endure a world bound by margins of devastating reality.


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Secrets of My Soul

Author:Latorial Fasion

This collection is packed with over seventy poetic renditions including "Secrets of My Soul." "Fast Girls" "Pure Thought," "Rev. Dr. Do Right," "They Trouble Me," "Loving You," "How Did You Decide," "Glad God Gave Me You," "Born At The Right Time" and many more. With this collection, Faison aims to put readers in touch with the reality of a soul pondering its own identity and realness in the trenches of a multifaceted world of change and circumstances. Readers will be captivated by this collection's poetically resounding and emotional truths on love, life and spirituality.


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