C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Author:Tanika Lynch

Whoever said whoring wasn't easy, never lied! But somebody had to do it! Working the mean streets of Detroit was getting hard on young Kamone, with two small mouths to feed. Forced to get on the grind non-stop by her madam, Cookie, after being abandoned by her dopefiend, HIV infected mother, there's nothing Kamone won't do to get that paper , drugs, murder, sex, lies and videotapes! That is, until she is scandalously set up to be raped, drugged and left for dead. Just when Kamone thinks it's the end, she finds what every bad girl longs for , a bad boy with a heart, who literally picks her up out of the gutter. But will Lucci's thug passion be enough to satisfy Kamone's lustful habits? Or will she run back to the only life she knows ?

About the Author:Tanika L. Lynch was born on July 8, 1978 on the East side of Detroit, Michigan to her 15-year-old mother, Gyra, and her much older father, Lloyd, who left before she was born.
Tanika is the eldest of three siblings, and also the black sheep of the family. After being inflicted with severe abuse, abandonment, betrayal and rejection from the hands of loved ones, she was forced out onto the streets at the age of 12 to make a new home.
In order to survive, she was introduced to the dope game. It wasn't long before Tanika was caught up in the street life, and all the drama that came along with it. This life eventually landed her in prison on murder charges at the age of 16, and pregnant.
The penitentiary became her turning point. Within two months of incarceration, Tanika received her G.E.D., attended college full time with hopes of receiving a degree in psychology, received vocational certificates in Culinary arts and Building trades and pursued her life long dreams of becoming an author, after endless encouragement from a prison guard.
Today, Tanika is a 27-year-old reformed woman whose main goal is to reach the hearts of others through her writing. Tanika has plans to devote her life to helping misunderstood youths upon her release. She feels as though she had been there, done all that. Tanika is a divine example of God's mercy and grace!


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Author:Leo Sullivan

Hope Evans is an eccentric college student, born and raised in Miami's notorious Pork and Beans Projects. All her life, Hope has dreamed of becoming a lawyer and one day helping her people out of ghetto oppression.
By some uncanny fate, Hope meets the handsome thug, Life, in the midst of his desperate attempts to elude a massive police manhunt. Their brief encounter leads to a liaison of lust and passion, but with vast differences they soon part ways.
Years later, Hope and Life meet again on opposite sides of a courtroom. Life, one of the biggest drug kingpins in the United States, is on trial for his life. On the other side of the courtroom.


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Author:T.N.Baker, Tu-Shonda Whitaker, and Danielle Santiago

Wassuan Wells has two loves, his strikingly beautiful girlfriend of two years, Enychi Carter, and the dice game. Rollin' Dice is an everyday hustle for Wassuan. Using the tactic of shit talk and confidence, Wassuan feels he can't be defeated. That's until he meets his match, a dude named Tone who possesses just as much confidence and a little too much mouth. This one game may cost Wassuan everything, including his girl.


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A Down Chick

Author:Mallon McNeal

Amina is a bad girl born in the Bronx and raised in downtown Cincinnati. For a 17-year-old, Amina has a decent life. But after meeting her father and 23-year-old brother for the first time, things take a turn for the worse.
Amina ends up alone, trying to fend for herself and save her boyfriend, Kayne, from 3 years in jail. Amina must prove her loyalty to Kayne, but can you be a Down Chick without being locked down yourself? This is a question that never crosses Amina's mind, leading her to make the ultimate mistake of her life.


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For the Strength of You

Author:Victor Martin

The Dirty-Dirty is runnin' the game. Fresh out of prison and down for whatever, Anshon is on the grind and ready to roll. Thirsty for street glitz, glamour and ghetto richness, Anshon never thinks twice about the universal street anthem, "Mo' money,Mo' problems."
Living life in the fast lane and never learning to "juice the game slow," Anshon ends up on a downward spiral. But what will he do when he can't be his brother's keeper anymore, and where will he go when jealousy seems to be taking control? Will he roll over and die or will his survival instincts run the show? What about when he loses a loved one who begged him to get out the game? Will he finally listen, chill with his shawtie, and ride off into the sunset or will he take matters in his own hands?


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Dirty South

Author:Darrell King

Behind the moss-draped trees, Mint Juleps and stately mansions of the American Deep South lies a foreboding and deadly dark side. Multimillionaire drug lords do power lunches with Southern aristocrats by day and lay waste to their rivals by night in a bloodbath not seen since the Civil War.
At the helm of the million-dollar drug deals, bling-bling lifestyle and widespread murder hails the power Lake Clan, led by ruthless New Orleans kingpins Marion "Snookey" Lake and his ambitious nephew, Rae-Kwon. The Lakes relocate to Georgia in an effort to both escape the Feds and spread their ever-growing dominance within the Southern crime infrastructure. However, they are met with immediate and violent resistance from the South Carolina's feared Sea Island thugs who jealously guard their fertile drug turf.


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Hood Winked

Author:Quentin Carter

Hoodwinked" by Quentin Carter was off the chains! The book had me hooked from the first page. It is the story of Keith his brother Kevin, Tukey, Keith's baby mama/girl/partna in crime and Selina, Keith's thang on the side. Keith and Kevin are 2 hustlers, Keith is all about flossin' and Kevin's about business. Keith cheats on Tukey all the time, mainly with Selina who is really setting him up to be taken down, by one of Keith's so called boys.But after Tukey lands in jail for taking that wrap for Keith's $300,000 she's got revenge on her mind, cause while she's locked down, Keith ain't thinkin about her, he's with Selina.Tukey also suspects Keith in the murder of her Uncle Ben, who was Keith's supplier. This story has it all murder, kinky sex, and most of all revenge. Tukey proves she's not the one to be played with


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Author:Darrell DeBrew

Stacy titled herself "The Ultimate Gangsta Bitch" and is the only female member of Philadelphia's most elusive criminals, The Untouchables. No one knows The Untouchables' identities, not even the police. What can't be identified can't be caught.
When things start to go bad, all the pressure is put on Stacy. Everything she has is put on the line, her son, parents, rap career and pride. Stacy has a choice: stay loyal to the game or become a rat like one of the ruthless members of The Untouchables.
With all of the drama thrown at her, Stacy begins to crack under the pressure. Can she keep her rep intact, or will she let the game get the best of her and become a rat


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Author:Deja King

Precious Cummings came from nothing but was determined to have it all. Using her most deadly weapons - undeniable beauty, body and street savvy brains, Precious sets out to change the cards that she'd been dealt. After meeting Nico Carter, a man who can help her achieve her goals, virtually overnight she is on her way. Precious quickly transforms from Project Chick to Hood Queen and is determined to hold on to her position even if it means crossing the man who made it possible.

Triple Crown Production

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Love & Loyalty

Author:Deborah Mayer

Javon has it all! money, power, respect and one of the baddest chicks in the game.
Still, Javon wants more. He knows there's never a long run in the game. So when he sees the opportunity to go legitimate in the music industry, he takes it.
Javon leaves behind the life that he once knew, finding love, respectability and success in the music industry, but his partner, Derrick, ends up in a war. Javon's loyalty forces him back into the streets.
Is Javon ready for the consequences of this choice? Or, will the price he pays be too much to bear? Find out how much Love & Loyalty can cost in the game.


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A Hustler's Son

Author:T. Styles

Based out of Bladensburg, Maryland, 31-year-old Janet Stayley spent her life looking for a hustler. She never knew she would find one in her 15-year-old son, Kelsi.
Surrounded by violence, drugs and lies, Kelsi murders in self-defense. Suddenly Kelsi becomes charged with the new-found feeling he associates with becoming a man, and feels he can take on anything, including his mother?s cheating lover.
The heat of murder ensues and Janet feels it?s time to make a permanent move out of Maryland. Before doing so, she plans one last murder which, if goes as planned, could ultimately be worth millions. To top it all off, Janet has not revealed to her son the biggest secret yet.

ISBN: 0976798493

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Crack Head

Author:Lisa Lennex

He took Laci's hand into his. Even after hearing it from the horse's mouth that Laci Casteneda was as crack addict, he still couldn't resist her.
In the late '80s and early '90s, crack took over inner city communities like a plague.
In this intense and gripping tale, readers are introduced to Laci Casteneda, the only child of two well-off, supportive parents. Groomed for success, Laci is talented, smart, beautiful and voted most likely to succeed.
Fate takes an unexpected turn when an envious clique of girls devises a shady plan, tricking Laci into indulging in a world that will turn her life upside down.
Laci's future spirals downward by day as she canvases the streets by night, seeking to satisfy an irresistible craving. Labeled as a strawberry, the streets claim Laci's youth and her life will never be the same.
The book itself might as well be a crack rock because it has readers hooked, desperately fiendin' for more. Prepare to get high.
CRACK HEAD is the rawest tale ever, and most emotional eye-opener written on the life of a crack head. If you haven't yet given street-lit a chance, you will regret not doing so now!

ISBN: 0974789534

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Dime Piece

Author:Tracy Brown

Celeste Styles is a woman torn. On one hand, she has found happiness with the love of her life, Raheem Rah-Lo Henderson. He is unhappily married with children, and Celeste is his well-kept secret. He loves Celeste without question, proving his affection for her by financing her dream , a beauty salon called Dime Piece.
But when Rah-Lo is incarcerated for his part in a brutal crime, his right hand man Ishmael Wright is left to hold down the fort. This causes him to come face to face with the feelings he has secretly harbored for Celeste for far too long. While Rah-Lo's away, will Celeste and Ishmael give into their passion for each other, or will their loyalty to Rah-Lo stand in their way? Meanwhile, Dime Piece is the setting for tons of drama between hairstylists Charly, Nina and Robin. The ladies vie for one man's attention and the fireworks begin. Dime Piece is packed with drama, love triangles and passionate encounters. The question is, which of the ladies will ultimately be the one and only Dime Piece?

ISBN: 0974789577

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Road Dawgz


The system that was supposed to reform them only made them worse. KeShawn, aka K-Dawg, decides that the world owes him something, and when he is released from prison he intends to take it. K-Dawg comes up with the ultimate power move that is sure to put him on top of the game or under the earth. He wants it all, and he is dead set on having it no matter what the cost. He has nothing to lose?and everything to gain.
Author Kwan's sophomore novel takes you to the next level with sex, drama and suspense.

ISBN: 0970247249

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A Project Chick

Author:Nikki Turner

Tressa is a fly girl accustomed to the lavish lifestyle that Lucky, her possessive and deranged baby's daddy, has provided. In order to keep her high-post standards of living, she has excused so many of his unforgivable actions. It is not until he pulls off the ultimate stunt that she realizes that no mink coat, car, house or amount of money is worth her peace of mind. Never blinking or thinking twice, Tressa leaves everything behind with the exception of her street savvy, and sets out to make a life of her own, one that would be filled with hard times and even harder luck. Tressa soon finds herself making the transition from public figure to public assistance. Every day of her life seems like one drama-filled chapter after another, from the baby daddy drama, to the backstabbing friends, to the various unforgettable men she sorts through and disposes.
There will be times she has to struggle and scramble just to make ends meet, and other times when she will stand tall and hold her own. In this captivating tale, Tressa's voyage will expose readers to a side of a struggling single mother that has yet to be revealed. Nikki Turner, the best selling author of A Hustler's Wife, once again will take readers on a safari through the jungle of the fierce and stormy streets.

ISBN: 0970247265

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Author:Kane & Able

Delilah Brown, formerly nothing more than a girl from the hood-wanna be superstar, now finds herself on top of the world and the music charts. Living the so-called American dream, Delilah is proof that all good things come to those who wait. But when this pop phenom is found dead, she only proves that all good things come to an end.
There are too many whispering rumors and circumstances surrounding her death, and too little time to determine the facts. Was it an accident? Was it murder? The list of suspects grows as Delilah's gangster rapper boyfriend is one of the first to be blamed. But, then there is her incarcerated jealous ex-boyfriend. Could he have anything to do with it? Not to mention her envious former group members that she had left behind to become a solo act. Last, but not least, there is her cruel record executive who couldn't stand to see her in the arms of another man.
Just when it seems as though the case is about to turn as cold as the dead diva's body, her grieving grandmother stumbles upon her diary. The pages of Delilah's intimate thoughts are just as intriguing and suspenseful as the pages of this explosive novel.
Diva gives readers an eye-opening glimpse into the lavish world of a music megastar. It proves, as the old saying goes, that everything that glitters ain't gold.

ISBN: 0974789585

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Lou-Loc is a character that comes to life. K'wan, do you, stay true and much success. I see you coming for my crown! Gangsta is a must read! - Vickie M. Stringer, Author of Let That Be The Reason There's a new kid on the block. With his own style of story telling. Y'all know who's keeping it Gangsta, K'wan! He's the real deal. -Shannon Holmes, Author of B-More Careful Gangsta: An Urban Tragedy Kwan
For years, Lou-Loc, an efficient assassin and O.G. of the Crip organization, did dirt. After dancing on the razor's edge, he becomes weary of the street life that has consumed him during his years of service to his set. He begins to wonder if there's a better way to make a living?
Lou-Loc and his sociopath counterpart, Gutter, leave L.A. for the colorful streets of New York. Lou-Loc has dreams of becoming a writer. Gutter has dreams of becoming a King Pin.
Conflicting, intriguing and suspenseful , this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.
One thing that is for certain; Once you start reading, you won't stop. - The Urban Edition

ISBN: 0970247214

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