C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Author:Relentless Aaron, 50 Cent

His Freedom Came with a Price.
Who's gonna hire an ex-con? That's just one question facing Jamel Ross after he is released from seven years in the Federal Pen. But that's not his only problem. There's a probation officer watching his every move. There are the women in his life, who all want a part of him - his girlfriends and one very sexy psychologist who worked overtime on Jamel in prison. Then there's the payback plan he's been dreaming of, getting revenge on those who put him away.

It's a fine line between winning and losing, and Jamel must decide if the world will forever see him as a derelict, or if he will rise above the past. But someone has an agenda of his own - and he's ready to take Jamel down at any price.

C&B Price:$9.00
ISBN-10: 1416549498
ISBN-13: 978-1416549499
Publisher: G-Unit ( July 12, 2007)BR>

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Author:K'wan, 50 Cent

Prince, Killa-E, Daddy-O, and Danny grew up together in the projects, moving crack and cocaine, and answering to Diego, the neighborhood drug lord. They were small-timers playing for low stakes - until Prince is introduced to a heroin connect. Overnight they go from soldiers to bosses, and their crew is held together by loyalty and love. But taking the reins of power comes at a high price. Now, with Diego at their back and a traitor in their midst, they find themselves between a kilo and a hard place, ready to spill blood to stay on top.

C&B Price:$9.50
ISBN-10: 1416540601
ISBN-13: 978-1416540601
Publisher: G-Unit (July 12, 2007)BR> Paperback: 256 pgs

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Sunshine & Rain

Author:Dawn Desiree

Sunshine & Rain is the story of two young divas who come from different parts of the streets of Washington, D.C. With their families torn apart from the vicious life of the streets, Sunshine & Rain find each other living with the same foster mother, Cathy, who has a secret life of her own. With Rain's stern heart of steel and Sunshine's innocent heart of gold, join the two gangtresses as they try to cope with traumatic, unforeseen circumstances that come their way. As these two diamonds hook up and shine, they go from rags to riches. Watch as Sunshine & Rain deal with death, betrayal, love and sweet temptation. Can their newfound friendship survive through all the madness?

C&B Price:$14.00
ISBN-10: 0977880486
ISBN-13: 978-0977880485
Publisher: Triple Crown Publications (July 15, 2007)
Paperback: 260 pgs

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Lamont be my government, but Hood be my name. I earned my stripes chilling up in Fat Daddy's joint, a Brownsville barbershop in the belly of Brooklyn. Some called me a street savior...others said I was just another Brownsville boy gone bad. Whatever. I brung it and I took it too. But when it was all said and done, I walked away with a lesson learned in street loyalty: ain't no need in looking over your shoulder in this game. Because your real enemies ain't aiming at your back. They lunging straight for your heart. Ya dig?

Lamont "Hood" Mason is a fearless nineteen-year-old gangsta who was born and raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York. He was an abandoned child who roamed the cold city streets and fought hard for survival. The only thing constant in his young life was the safety of a Brownsville barbershop owned by a father figure called Fat Daddy.

The barbershop is where Hood comes of age, but cutting hair isn't the only thing Fat Daddy has going on. His daughter, Egypt, is the love of Hood's young life, and the one person whose dreams of a stable future can lead him off the grimy urban corners and out of the hustling life.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Atria(Aug 7, 2007)
Paperback: 352pgs
ISBN-10: 1416533036
ISBN-13: 978-1416533030

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Waking with Enemies

Author:Eric Jerome Dickey

Ten-time New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey sizzles in this rapid-fire sequel to Sleeping with Strangers, which finds international hit man Gideon waking up with his past haunting him and danger knocking at his door.

A heated encounter inside a London hotel room (where he was pursued by three very different women) leaves Gideon waking up to a world where there?s no one to trust. Someone has taken out a hit on the hit man?but who? The clock is ticking as Gideon tries to pin down the man who was sent to kill him ? a mysterious man with a broken nose who shadows his every move ? while also finding out who from his past might have ordered the hit. Could it be the man he left alive in Tampa, the woman who taught him to kill, the scorned woman he still desires, or some other unseen enemy? As the hunter becomes the hunted, Gideon will need to find his friends?and his enemies?to get out of the game alive.

From the back streets of London to Amsterdam's red light district, Waking with Enemies is an international game of cat and mouse, in which Gideon must protect those he loves and face the possibility of his own death

C&B Price:$16.00
Publisher: Dutton Adult (Aug 7, 2007)
Hardcover: 352 pgs
ISBN-10: 0525950389
ISBN-13: 978-0525950387

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Author:Laurinda Brown

Seeking escape from the pain that become her life, Monique Cummings finds refuge the only way she knows how. Like the clothes shoved in the bottom of her duffle bag when she flees her mother s house, she packs away the naivet?f her lovely, pigtailed young girl she used to be and replaces it with a newfound masculine boldness. Seeking refuge in a lesbian existence, Monique morphs into a street thug with the soul of a woman. Inside the world of Strapped, life is on real edgy, unnerving, passionate, and true. Without the ones in your life who care, Strapped could be you. Strapped: it proves that sometimes life just happens. Continuing where the sort story Mon left off in her 2006 best-selling novel, Walk Like A Man, author Laurinda D. Brown again weaves a tale in Strapped that will have pages turning and tongues wagging.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books(Sept 25, 2007)
Paperback: 288 pgs
ISBN-10: 1933967218
ISBN-13: 978-1933967219

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Author:Keisha Ervin

Her female intuition told her he was a dog but yet and still she lent him her soul, gave him her heart and allowed herself to fall in love. Torn between infatuation, lust, denial and playing wifey, the only thing Mo knows for sure is that she's been through hell, survived nine years, three miscarriages, numerous flings, heated arguments and a few knock-down drag-out fights only to realize she is further deep in love and more confused than ever.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher:Triple Crown Publications (Aug 21, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0977880494
ISBN-13: 978-0977880492
Paperback: 400 pgs

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The Last Chance

Author:Darrien Lee

Running their Los Angeles casino has been rewarding for Luke Chance and his three brothers, Malachi, Roman, and Genesis. But recently it seems like everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. Word on the streets alert the Chance brothers of an impending hostile takeover of their casino, which could leave Luke and his brothers, penniless and possibly dead.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books ( Sept 25, 2007)BR> ISBN-10: 1933967226
ISBN-13: 978-1933967226
Paperback: 288 pgs

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True to the Game II

Author:Teri Woods

TRUE TO THE GAME II will pick up where True to the Game left off-- with one difference, Gena is now seeing a new guy named Jay. Little does Gena know that the man she has fallen in love with, so soon after Quadir's death, is his archrival, Jerrell Jackson. Unfortunately, Jerrell is determined to get his revenge against Quadir's crew and he'll start with Gena.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing ( Nov 1, 2007)BR> ISBN-10: 0446581666
ISBN-13: 978-0446581660
Paperback: 240 pgs

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Author:Rochan Morgan

Can three broken pieces unite to form a whole?

Shakey is a hustler trapped in the game by a dirty cop and associate with information on him that, if leaked, could set off a chain of tragedy.

Jessica is a woman with demons in her past that haunt her every day of her life and rear their heads at the most inopportune times.

Christopher is a young runaway who fled his home to escape his abusive situation.

Can these three form a family with so many outside forces threatening to tear them apart? In this exciting, fast-paced masterpiece from the talented Rochan Morgan, these three must overcome inner and outer obstacles if they hope to maintain their sanity and stay alive.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Urban Books (Oct 30, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1933967285
ISBN-13: 978-1933967288
Paperback: 288 pgs

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Life After Wifey

Author:Kiki Swinson

Nikki, is in possession of a lot of chilling information that could not only shed light on some unanswered questions, but could also put a lot of dangerous people behind bars for life -- including her new boyfriend, Syncere, from New Jersey. Well aware that she is sleeping with the enemy, Nikki knows she must step up her game and take some precautionary measures to protect herself if she plans to seek out Kira shooter. What better place to start on her journey than with the man she shares her bed with? In Life After Wifey, Nikki is going to put herself in some very compromising situations but through it all, she knows that she must never implicate herself and Kira in the plans that ended Ricky and Russell lives. Nikki must suit up with everything Kira has ever taught her about the streets and then prepare for the worst.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher: Melodrama Publishing (Oct 15, 2007)
ISBN-10: 193415704X
ISBN-13: 978-1934157046
Paperback: 242 pgs

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All or Nothing

Author:Michael Whitby

Anthony "Ant" Fennel was born with the will to survive, by any means necessary. In his world murder and mayhem are facts of life. In a crucial moment, difficult choices are made and consequences can be severe. Ant comes to understand this harsh reality, as he finds himself incarcerated at the age of 15. After serving 6 ? of a 7-? year to 15-year sentence in the belly of the beast, Ant knows first hand that when it comes to murder, "One is too many, and a thousand is never enough."
Once released from prison, Ant returns to the infamous life style that had previously consumed him. For a short time he's at the top of the game. But it's a truly a lonely place at the top. Murder, madness and money don't make for good friendships. Friends are hard to come by. Who can a brother trust? Are money and the heinous things that come along with it worth the nightmare ride?
Join Ant on his quest to find the answers to these questions and in the process possibly discover the meaning of manhood. See how one young man comes to understand that when it comes to the "game" there is only one rule. Only the strong survive !

C&B Price:$12.00
Hardcover:208 Pages
Publisher:Amiaya Entertainment (October 7, 2005)
ISBN-13: 978-0974507576

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I Ain't Mad At Ya

Author:Travis "Unique" Stevens

Growing up in the mean inner-city streets of Harlem, New York, Freedom, a young black man in his early 20's, learned at an early age how to provide for himself. Growing up fatherless and raised by an ex-dopefiend mother, his options were few. Like so many of his peers, he becomes fascinated by the promise of fast money, power and respect offered by New York's other "business" world. One day on a humble, Freedom meets Havoc, a Brooklyn native who gets his money by any means necessary. When Havoc takes Freedom under his wing, he introduces him to another world, the art of heisting, murder and mayhem. Take a sneak peak into a world where violence is normal and betrayal is to be expected. Read and find out if both of these men dodge a destiny of Federal prosecution, prison and death.

C&B Price:$10.00
Hardcover:208 Pages
Publisher:Amiaya Entertainment
ISBN-13: 978-0974507552

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Author:T. Benson Glover

In Sister, T. Benson Glover takes you on a journey to the ?Badlands,? a notorious North Philadelphia ghetto plagued by drugs and violence. It's a place where love doesn't exist inside The City of Brotherly Love. This is the neighborhood that the character Sister calls home.
Neglected by her parents, Sister is schooled in the ways of the world and the streets by her grandmother an old-school hustler. Armed with keen instincts, extraordinary street smarts and scintillating sex appeal, she plunges her self into the under world that lurks beneath the Philly streets. The drug game is her way out of a life of poverty. With her best friend Cash in tow, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Living by the mantra, ?I'm married to the game, and money is my nigga, until death do us part,? Sister becomes a mirror image of the people she encounters----cut throat, heartless and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get over.
Follow Sister as she winds her way into the depths of a world shrouded in darkness, clouded by murder, riddled by lust, consumed by greed, and overrun by envy and betrayal.
In Sister, Glover makes it clear that beneath every inner city there's a place where's there's no love lost, even the City of Brotherly Love .

C&B Price:$10.00
Hardcover:292 Pages
Publisher:Amiaya Entertainment
ISBN-13: 978-0977754434

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A Diamond in the Rough

Author:James "I God" Morris

A Diamond in the Rough is the compelling tale of Diamond Weatherspoon's life growing up in the ghetto neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY. Diamond witnesses her mother Angel, who is 15 years her senior, abused and mistreated by her father Rahmel, a womanizer and major player in the lucrative crack game. When Diamond's mother finally summons up the courage to leave Rahmel, she and Diamond are forced to go on public assistance. Already abused and battered in spirit, Diamond and Angel find themselves living in a woman's shelter until the welfare system can find them adequate housing. Thus interrupting Diamond's plans of attending college and deferring her dreams of a better life.
Shaped by a life of pain and disappointments, Diamond turns to the Brooklyn streets for refuge. Embracing the shiesty lifestyle of the hustlers in pursuit of the easy life, Diamond encounters many types of people. When she meets Shymeek, an up and coming music producer, the dark hell she calls life begins to look brighter. Finally, Diamond has some breathing room. But unfortunately things aren't always what they seem. Life can change drastically at any moment.
Journey into the world of Diamond Weatherspoon, whose story mirrors so many of our young women, caught in the chase for a better life. A Diamond in the Rough is a stark reminder that in every city neighborhood, there is a rough jewel waiting to be polished to brilliance.

C&B Price:$10.00
Hardcover:224 Pages
Publisher:Amiaya Entertainment
ISBN-13: 978-0974507545

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Against the Grain

Author:G.B. Johnson

Boo and Moe are brothers who's father died of a drug overdose when they were very young. Raised by a tough mother and her new companion Rufus, the boys grow up to be street-wise, hardened individuals who eventually form their neighborhood's toughest street gang. Toughness was their gang's mantra, and was reflected in their chosen name -- B.M.F., for Bad Mutha Fuckas. But the brothers were also clever enough to know that all brawn and no brains would eventually spell their doom, so they turned to Rufus for guidance. It was a smart move, because Rufus soon had the rough BMFs drug dealings operating like a well managed organization. Boo was the brains and Moe was the brawn, and they were a formidable combination that soon was recognized by all the other gangs as top dogs. Boo and Moe owned the streets of their neighborhood. At this point Johnson takes another turn in his story telling. He makes Boo befriend a young man named Steve who's mother is a heroin addict, and adds another element to Boo's personality by giving him the compassion and the insight to transform himself into Steve's unofficial mentor. Boo loves Steve so much he asks him to be his newborn son's Godfather. Everything was fine until Steve brings his cousin Reno into the gang family, and that's when the chaos begins, because Reno is not exactly the sit-back type. Steve soon is caught in the middle of an increasingly deadly power struggle between Boo and Moe, and Reno. Altercations and confrontations occur more frequently each day, so much so that Steve finally admits to himself that he has to make a choice. At this point, Johnson again adds another twist. Did Boo and Moe think they had enough troubles with Reno? Well, when Boo negotiates with a new drug supplier, here comes one of those rival bad boys from their past who's either jealous or frustrated or both, and off we go again....

C&B Price:$11.00
Hardcover:368 Pages
Publisher:Amiaya Entertainment
ISBN-13: 978-0974507569

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Never Go Home Again

Author:Shannon Holmes

Never Go Home Again is the story of Corey Dixon, a young man whose father tries as best he can to steer him away from the lure of the streets. And yet, like so many others in Corey's neighborhood, he finds the temptations of the lucrative drug trade too great to resist. While he makes fast money for a while, it is inevitable that it is he who has to pay, with his time and maybe even his life: by the age of sixteen Corey is locked up.
Incarcerated in Riker's Island and then in prisons upstate, Corey lives through experiences that threaten to destroy his body, his mind, and eventually his spirit. But in the midst of his horrific imprisonment he discovers new strength to keep himself together and survive. Corey meets a few kind souls who mean him well, including a teacher who encourages him to get out of prison and make something of himself. The teacher also advises Corey to "never go home again." Though the homesick Corey does not immediately understand, he ultimately realizes the wisdom of his mentor's words.
Unflinching and riveting, this story is the firsthand account of the brutal, unforgiving inner-city streets and prison life, as well as a difficult lesson in accepting responsibility and moving on.

Shannon Holmes -- Essence bestselling author of B-More Careful and Bad Girlz, and one of the brightest stars in urban fiction -- returns with a dramatic must-read novel inspired by his own life.
Read the Review:
I became acquainted with Shannon Holmes' writing with his debut "B-More Careful". At first I thought Shannon was a woman because of the detail about how slick the women were in the book and also there was no picture on the back of the book to show otherwise. When I found out it was a man that wrote that book my respect level went a little bit higher for Mr. Holmes. Since then he has never disappointed me with any of his books. The same holds true with "Never Go Home Again". Shannon is not playing with this writing thing and his skills just keep getting better.
"Never Go Home Again" is not your typical drug story where the male is from a single-parent home with nothing but the streets to take care of him. This book is written from the perspective of what happens to a large majority of our young black men. The main character, Corey, comes from a loving two-parent household but still gets caught up in the drug game. His parents are so busy working trying to provide a good life for him that the lure of the streets and pressure from his friends draw him in. Corey's mom and dad are not on dope, they don't beat him, and yet he still sees the fast money that can be made in the streets. You know that Corey is smart and was raised right but he just makes the wrong choices in life which lead him to an unfortunate end. This is a perfect example of people trying to raise a young black male in the best way that they know how but society says that their child's worth is different because of the color of his skin.
All I have to say is I have much love for Shannon in writing this book and think everyone should read it. This book seems to be semi-autographical of Shannon's life from what I've read about him. The difference is that Shannon chose to make a change after being in the streets and in jail with something that he thought he would never do in a million years. He chose to pick up a pen and write about the circumstances of the inner city, what the characters do to survive, and give a message of how you'll end up if you choose to make the same choices. Keep up the good work Shannon. I'm ready for "B-More Careful 2".

C&B Price:$16.00
Hardcover:336 Pages
Publisher:Atria (December 28,2004)

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Around the Way Girls

Author:La Jill Hunt, Dwayne S. Joseph & Marian "Angel" Hunter

There's a saying in Brooklyn that if you come from my part of town that you're from around the way. Well Sydni, Angel and Cream are all from around the way. They all live in Crown Heights, one of the most notorious sections of Brooklyn, but to them it's just a place they call home. Around the Way girls is a fast paced look at the life of three street smart woman who think they know it all but are about to get the lessons of their lives.

ISBN: 0974363693

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A Gangsters Gang


A GANGSTER'S GIRL is the story of Ceazia a very attractive, very good girl who has just left the safety of her parents' home and entered into the world of bad boys and fast money. Ceazia thinks the world belongs to her when she meets Vegas, one of the tidewater Virginia area's most notorious drug dealers. Even though she knows a relationship with Vegas goes against everything her parents taught her, she still can't resist his bad boy persona. He's fine, sexy, and ready to give her anything her heart desires,just what the doctor ordered for a broke, wannabe diva. The only problem is this might just end up being the biggest mistake of her life.

ISBN: 0974363650
Paperback: 258 pg
Publisher:Urban Books

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Dollar Bill

Author:Joylynn Jossel

Top of Form 1 Dollar is one of those bad guys readers end up hating to love. From the killing grounds of Gary, Indiana, Dollar goes from a small pup just living and learning to a big dawg learning to live. Bottom of Form 1
Dollar decides against joining the typical Ballers out on the streets hustling drugs to make a come up. After carefully critiquing the game, Dollar chooses a more concrete type of hustle, straight out robbin' folks. Dollar catches as case at the ripe age of 18 on the first of many planned hustles that he thought would lead him to the good life. The case resulted in Dollar being sentenced to live out the rest of his natural life behind bars. When Dollar encounters Romeo, the hardest cat in prison, he realizes that prison life exists six feet under hell. Romeo takes Dollar's mind on a manipulationg roller coaster ride, which almost puushes him to the brink of insantiy. In the beginning Romeo instills the fear of death in Dollar, but in the end he gives him life. When the state sentenced Dollar they never expected the affect it would have on the new life he would eventually lead. They never imagined that he would some day walk the streets again and perfect his game. Bak on the street, Dollar manages to drag everyone in his life who means anything to him into his deadly game. His bid in prison taught him one important thing that he would now apply to his hustle, how not to get caught! These shocking twists are only the beginning of the many that fill the pages of this profound urban novel. Bury your mind in this story as it reveals the true rules of a hustle as the true rules of love, deception and betrayal unravel. It's not a love story. It's not a just a street story. Dollar Bill is what it is...the best told urban tale. Expect the unexpected!


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Booty Call

Author:Eric S. Gray

"Who Would You Call?"
In the tradition of Zane, Booty Call spins a tale of two young adults coming of age and learning about their sexuality in New York City.
Spanky, a handsome young man in his early twenties is learning that his sexual addiction may very well be his downfall in life.
While Shana a super sexy bombshell is finding out that giving up her body for the finer things in life is not worth the price she had to pay.
Based in the Boro of Queens, New York, this wilder than wild erotic story is off da hook!
"Booty Call is one part True To The Game and two parts Addicted. Thank, God, my woman was in the next room when I finished it." -Carl Weber best selling author of Married Men and Baby Momma Drama Book Review: Booty Call, I just want to say once u read the 1st page the book would through u into it. every page had u wanting more!!!! (JewJew triniladynj@aol.com)


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The Root of All Evil

Author:Joylnn M. Jossel

The Root of all Evil is a written tale about the mortal passion for cash, dough, mullah, big money and the commodities that plenty of it can buy. This novel clutches your mind while taking it on an exhilarating expedition of the love, lust, craving, demand, need and want for the almighty dollar. This brain-entrapping thriller will have you asking yourself only two questions: What wouldn't you do for money? What would you do? Thirty-four-year-old, twice divorced, Klarke Taylor finds herself with two children and mediocre means of support. According to Klarke, it's a man's world, those men being Ben, Andrew, Abe and all the others who make it go round. Klarke is weary of not having the means to provide and live a cozy lifestyle. She's fed up with not being able to achieve simple self-deserving harmony. Klarke eases her burdens with Saturday morning window-shopping outings of which she is accompanied by her two coequal lady friends. They each find that this ritual is nothing more than part-time bliss and will no longer suffice their covetous appetites. Klarke and her confidants resort to devising shady methods to appease their ambitions


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Misery Loves Company

Author:B. Lawson Thornton

Misery Loves Company is B. Lawson Thornton's widely anticipated debut novel. Subtitled "The Diary of Kerri Mitchell," the story explores the meaning of family tragedy and the heart wrenching subject of spousal abuse.
Kerri Mitchell has it rough from the start. Growing up in the treacherous streets of notorious Southeast, Washington, D.C. without a father is a difficult feat in itself. Compound that with a mother who is often incapacitated while battling bouts of clinical depression. Early on Kerri is forced to fend for herself as she begins her journey though adolescence and into womanhood. Kerri's story is filled with jaw-dropping ups and downs. Losing her virginity to the neighborhood Romeo, a teen pregnancy, and a crew of girlfriends that threaten to lead her to a life of crime set the story into non-stop motion. A compelling cast of supporting characters lend serious drama and timely comedy to this story. B. Lawson Thornton set a new standard for debuting authors with a story that holds you to the end hoping that Kerri will overcome the cards that seem to always be stacked against her.

ISBN: 0974018309

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Thugs and the Women Who Love Them

Author:Wahida Clark

Thugs and the Women Who Love Them is the first book from Wahida Clark, an inmate in a United States Federal prison. Clark brings us into a world of sex, crime and brutality, all the more real because she lived in it. Ms Clark is hard at work on her next book, Every Thug Needs A Lady.

ISBN: 0972277110

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Every Thug Needs a Lady

Author:Wahida Clark

"Every Thug Needs A Lady" is the spellbinding sequel to Wahida Clark's "Thugs And The Women Who Love Them". After taking us through the rugged, thug-filled lives of Jaz, Kyra and Angel, Clark now takes us into the unique and unbelievable life of their best friend Roz. She's sexy, beautiful, and a slave for the love of Trae, her irresistable thuggish beau. Will Roz and Trae's love survive? The answers lie inside the pages of "Every Thug Needs A Lady"!

C&B Price: $10.00
Publisher: Dafina (Oct 1, 2006)

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Chasin' It

Author:Tony Lindsay

The life and loves of Terri Parish are filled with obsession, glamour, hot sex and very dangerous men. Once a Las Vegas headliner, she now lives on the streets of Chicago, an ex-convict, and junkie looking for any way to make a few dollars and score another hit. The trouble is, Terri still desires the lights of a Las Vegas stage and the adoration of fans. When she meets up with Mo-Red, an ex-lover and a chief in one of Chicago's largest street gangs, she sees an opportunity to regain some of her former, glamorous life. After all, a fool can see an opportunity, but a survivor figures out how to take it. Terri considers herself a survivor at the very least. She knows that stealing from royalty means death, but she has to take this chance of a lifetime. With Mo-Red's money and his drugs, only one question remains--will she get out of Chicago alive?

ISBN: 0974363677
Release Date-July 2004

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Girls From the Hood

Author:Treasure Hernandez

Girls From The Hood is the story of Helena, Storm and Keyshawn, three very different young ladies living in Marcy projects who are linked together by one man. His name is Malek Shaw and he's the best and the worst thing that's happened to each one of them. Helena Smith's life was on track. She was an A+ student and just voted most likely to succeed in her high school class. She was just about to get out of the ghetto on an academic scholarship until the night of her boyfriend's eighteenth birthday. Now her father's in jail, her mother's abandoned her and she's carrying Malek's child. All Storm Johnson wanted to do was have her baby and spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend Malek. That is until she woke up one day to find the police knocking at her door. Now she's being charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and Malek is nowhere to be found. Keyshawn Nixon is Malek's old flame. She used to be a prostitute, but now she's left the life and is looking for revenge on the man who turned her out, Malek Shaw

Pre-Order -Book not yet released!

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Is It A Crime

Author:Roy Glenn

Mike Black has it all: money, power, and everyone's respect. His violent rise to power earned him the name Vicious Black. Although he has everything he ever wanted, none of it seems to matter until he becomes enchanted with Cassandra Sims. To Cassandra, selling drugs is strictly business. When an attempt is made on her life, Mike has to rescue her and soon become
Mike Black has it all: money, power, and everyone's respect. His violent rise to power earned him the name Vicious Black. Although he has everything he ever wanted, none of it seems to matter until he becomes enchanted with Cassandra Sims. To Cassandra, selling drugs is strictly business. When an attempt is made on her life, Mike has to rescue her and soon becomes her protector.
On the trail of her attacker, their relationship develops with an intriguing journey through Washington, DC, Miami Beach, and the Bahamas as the backdrop. The pursuit leads them back to New York City where all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

ISBN: 0974363618

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The Womanizers

Author:Dwayne S. Joseph

For best friends Mike, Max, and Ahmad, the bonds of friendship, love and respect, are put to the ultimate test as each one of them is forced to take a long, hard look at himself and the woman he loves. They all said their 'I do's,' but did they really understand what it meant?

ISBN: 0974363685

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Author:Gary Phillips

The main plot is standard B-movie material, merely a neat frame for a series of engaging set pieces, but the subplots allow Phillips to show that he knows his turf and its wars. Pulling a large cast from all layers of society, from bangers with the Crazy Nines to bikers wearing the Viking colors and hip-hop execs at Def Ritmo Records, he smoothly follows one character or another, whether Saint or the biker Red Dog or the Korean-American assistant D.A. shacking with Red Dog's mama.


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Caught Up

Author:Winston Chapman

When Raven Klein, a bi-racial woman from Iowa moves to Atlanta in hopes of finding a life she's secretly dreamed about, she finds more than she ever imagined. Quickly lured and lost in a world of sex, money, power-struggles, betrayal & deceit, Raven doesn't know who she can really trust!
A chance meeting at a bus terminal leads to her delving into the seedy world of strip-clubs, big-ballers and shot-callers. Now, Raven's shuffling through more men than a Vegas blackjack dealer does a deck of cards. And sex has even become mundane -- little more than a tool to get what she wants.
After a famous acquaintance winds-up dead -- On which shoulder will Raven lean? A wrong choice could cost her life! There's a reason they call it HOTATLANTA

ISBN: 0972800506

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Road Dawgz


"It's the penthouse or the morgue." This is the philosophy adopted by Keshawn Wilson, a.k.a. 'K-Dawg,' self-proclaimed lord of the streets. Keshawn is the youngest of five kids and one of only two that doesn't belong to his mother's husband. As a little boy he feels the distance between he and his stepfather, and life becomes increasingly difficult for him as the years pass; his childhood and young adult years are spent in a home for boys and state prison, where he serves time for manslaughter. It is during his time behind bars, amongst hardened criminals, that the seeds of evil take root in his life and mercilessly transform him from an innocent child to a heartless, conniving menace, better known as 'K-Dawg.' K-Dawg decides that the world owes him something, and when he is released from prison he intends to take it. He comes up with the ultimate power move that is sure to put him on top of the game or under the earth. He wants it all, and he is dead set on having it?no matter what the cost. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ISBN: 0970247249

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Author:Tracy Brown

Who said the streets don't love nobody? Black is the novel that shatters the myth.
Kaia didn't choose the streets. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, Kaia is forced to learn the hard way just how grimy street life can be. Shedding her innocents, Kaia, overnight it seems, goes from being an often overlooked, stepped upon and crushed little girl, to a woman. She endures all of the drama that is thrown her way, sometimes catching it and sometimes being knocked flat on her ass. To aid in softening the blow is Aaron. Even street fairy tales has a Prince. Experiencing seclusion and imprisonment wile locked down in street dreams and the illusion called love, is Aaron a Savior or Satin? With enemies in disguise, Kaia fights for survival and freedom, but to survive the streets could mean suffocating the freedom of her mind. Like a captured black butterfly, Kaia struggles to emerge and triumph, but victory ain't always sweet, as a matter of fact, sometimes it's bitter to the end.


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Author:K. Elliot

After five years in prison, drug dealer Jamal Stewart is becoming reacquainted with the perils of the streets. His rehabilitation, if any can only be seen through the eyes of his new love?Dream Nelson, a middle school teacher. With a criminal record, finding employment becomes a job in itself for Jamal. His best friend Dawg pushes him to contact an old cocaine connection. Dream attempts to keep him from the life of crime that eventually reels her in as well.Living in a world filled with unprotected sex, violence, payoffs, disloyalty and drug dealing, Jamal becomes the focus of a manhunt. Vowing to never return to prison, he decides he will hold court in the streets. He soon learns how some things can be caught? without a chase. This multi-plotted suspense novel will bring reality far too close to home.


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Bad Girlz

Author:Shannon Holmes

The best-selling author of B-More Careful, Shannon Holmes, delivers Bad Girlz, another wild adventure into the streets. The setting this time is the Badlands, one of the toughest and poorest communities in Philadelphia.
Bad Girlz takes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young women who turn to the streets and strip clubs as a means of survival. These are girls who, along the way, suffer bad breaks and find themselves ripe for exploitation by men and women who pretend to be their saviors.
Tender and Goldie were taken under wing by Kat, a veteran stripper, who enjoyed the life and the risks she had to take to stay in the mix of the sex trade. Both of these young and beautiful girls had ended up in dire straits and in need of Kat's help in different ways, but ultimately for the same reasons: They lacked the love and support that most of us expect to get at home and in our communities. Where they live, illegal money is often the only money to be made, and the difference between the law and the outlaw is tough to discern.
Holmes tells a page-turning story of sex, money, and murder in the name of survival and reveals the many ways that good girls, trying to get by in desperate situations, become Bad Girlz.

C&B Price:$10.00
Publisher:Atria, October 2003

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Monster:The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member

Author:Sanyika Shakur, Monster Kody Scott

Monster" Kody, today known as Sanyika Sakur, spent 16 years as a "gangbanger" in South Central Los Angeles. His account begins at age 11, when he was inducted into the ranks of the Crips, and ends (hundreds of bodies later) with Scott serving a seven-year prison term for beating a crack dealer. Throughout, he successfully conveys a sense of the siege mentality that prevails every minute of every day, due to the daily barrage of gang-on-gang violence. Names of derivative Crip gangs


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My Bloody Life

The Making of a Latin King Author:Reymundo Sanchez

In My Bloody Life, Reymundo Sanchez tells a chillingly sad tale, from his birth in the back of a pickup truck in Puerto Rico to the day he quit the Latin Kings gang, 21 years later. From the first page, his narrative is unpretentious, disarmingly honest, and horrifyingly riveting. His early years were so full of pain and abuse that by the time he opts, at age 11, to hang out with the local gang, the Latin Kings, it seems a perfectly logical choice. In his shoes, any one of us--smacked nightly by a mother and beaten ragged whenever the stepfather got the chance--would likely have chosen the same path. The gang was the family that accepted him as well as the peer group that offered girls who didn't say "no." Any violence that went with the territory couldn't match the atmosphere of brutality that permeated his own home.Sanchez was a Latin King for six years and participated in innumerable bloody gang battles--years rife with sex, drugs, booze, and acts of gang revenge. He finally got up his pluck to leave (and the only way was to be "violated" out through a gang beating), but admits in his conclusion that life since then has, in some ways, been even harder. He's had to quit drugs, lose the only community he's known, support himself, and deal with the nightmares of all the horrors he's seen and done. Though Sanchez still hasn't accomplished his dream of completing college, he has managed to leave the Kings, leave Chicago, leave behind his mother's legacy of violence, and write an impressive first book


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Author:Laurie Halse Anderson, S. November (Editor)

Since the beginning of the school year, high school freshman Melinda has found that it's been getting harder and harder for her to speak out loud: "My throat is always sore, my lips raw.... Every time I try to talk to my parents or a teacher, I sputter or freeze.... It's like I have some kind of spastic laryngitis." What could have caused Melinda to suddenly fall mute? Could it be due to the fact that no one at school is speaking to her because she called the cops and got everyone busted at the seniors' big end-of-summer party? Or maybe it's because her parents' only form of communication is Post-It notes written on their way out the door to their nine-to-whenever jobs. While Melinda is bothered by these things, deep down she knows the real reason why she's been struck mute: Andy Evans. He's a senior at Melinda's high school, and Melinda hasn't been able to speak clearly since he raped her at the senior party last August.Laurie Halse Anderson's first novel is a stunning and sympathetic tribute to the teenage outcast. The triumphant ending, in which Melinda finds her voice and loudly confronts her rapist, is cause for cheering (while many readers might also shed a tear or two). After reading Speak, it will be hard for any teen to look at the class scapegoat again without a measure of compassion and understanding for that person--who may be screaming beneath the silence.


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