C&B BOOKS, was started in 1995, by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper.The motivation behind this book business, was the lack of affordable books written by black authors.  We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community in a whole.  We offer our books for less then the major stores, we knew this would provide our readers with a wider variety of reading material. We have, titles for all ages in all catagories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, inspirational, educational etc.

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Killing In the Name of Love

Author:Alvin Morrow

Alvin Morrow takes readers on a 6-year journey in which he dissects the lingering effects of slavery on the heart of the Black nation-the Black family! he explains every way that America is Killing In the Name of Love; from the way the Black man and woman relate to one another and to our children to the foods we take into our bodies, to the education we take into our minds, to the religion we take into our souls. The result is that the Black Family has been forced to struggle for survival in the midst of the most underrated form of genocide in human history. During this time, when corruption, immorality and mental darkness have become the order of the day, comes a book that promises to provide readers with the light needed to safely guide nation through this hour of grave darkness. In this book, Alvin Morrow gives birth to clear solutions brought about through the pain of laboring for a people rise. The staff at RSP offers with deep humility, not just a scholastic writing, but a service.


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For Every Black Eye

Author:C.F. Hawthorne

Kill him ." I lifted my throbbing head from my knees and glanced around the bedroom. I know I heard a voice. "Kill him," echoed through the room once again. I looked to my left, then my right. Slowly I raised my aching body from the floor. With each painful step I took, the bathroom seemed miles away. I had to lean against the door frame to keep from falling. Jacob, my husband, had beaten me so badly this time I felt drunk. I reached for the sink and propped my hip against the cool white porcelain, closing my eyes momentarily trying to ease the pain and the nightmare of my reality. It was no use. My reality was a nightmare. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My brown eyes were now sunken into dark shadows. The whites of my eyes had red streaks running through them like a state road map. When I spit into the sink, I watched a tooth dance around the porcelain before descending down the drain. Bracing myself with both hands and closing my eyes as the memory of Jacob's fist surged through my body like a demon, I shook my head. Staring at my face once again in the medicine cabinet mirror before opening it, I whispered, "He didn't mean it." I told the sad reflection staring back at me. "He told me so, and I believe him, again. "Flinching, I reached into the medicine cabinet. The pain raced up my arm and stopped in my neck. He didn't mean it. "Kill him, "

ISBN: 0970807597

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Conversation With Women Who Export

Author:Sharon T. Freeman

This book provides real world examples of successful women and minority female firm owners who are pioneer exporters. It tells their life stories and share their insights about how to travel roads less traveled in business and in the global marketplace. AASBEA, September 2000


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Exporting, Importing, and E-Commerce 2001

Author:Sharon T. Freeman

A three-in-one comprehensive desk reference set of detailed information about "how to" export, import and engage in global e-commerce


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Author:Heather Covington

Have you ever come face to face with a shark before and lived to tell the world about it? Get ready to meet PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind Of Woman: The Complete Trilogy Series, written and illustrated by Heather Covington, and dubbed as the poetical bible of all women's perSOULnalities. The book debuted at The Circle Of Sisters in New York's Jacob Javits Center with an all star entourage of celebrity authors along with C&B Books. Every personality is unearthed in this neo-perSOULnal and fashionably illustrated collection of memorable caricatures that will remind the reader of every encounter from upright souls to splashes of motivational and heartwarming caricatures to return the reader to normalcy after meeting these poetical divas. No one is left out. Careful, there are a few sharks in these ocean waters. The question is, " What will you do when you meet them, and will you be able to face caricatures like Negativity's Shoes and move on, once and for all?"


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Fire In My Soul

Author:Elenor Holmes Norton

Here is the remarkable story of U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton - impassioned civil rights activist, hard-driving legislator, and one of the most powerful women in American history. They call her the "Warrior on the Hill," acknowledging the battles she's waged as a political pioneer across more than four decades of American history. Perhaps more than anyone else, she has taken to heart Eleanor Roosevelt's famous pronouncement that "every political woman needs to develop skin as tough as rhinoceros hide." Joan Steinau Lester shared much of the last forty years with Eleanor Holmes Norton. They met in 1958 when they were both students at Antioch College. Now an acclaimed author, Lester shares her friendship with the congresswoman and tells the story of one woman's rise to leadership.

ISBN: 0743407873

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Journey to the Well

Author:Vashti Murphy

In July 2000, Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie crowned a long career as pastor, broadcaster, and community developer with her election to the bishopric of the African Methodist Episcopal Church-the first time ever a woman has been selected. A powerful minister, a poised and attractive woman, a caring community leader, wife and mother, Bishop McKenzie was the subject of a front-page New York Times profile and communicates her message to tens of thousands each year with her electrifying preaching style. Now, in Journey to the Well, she shares her wisdom with Christian women of all denominations, everywhere.

Journey to the Well takes the biblical story of the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at the well. It breaks down her experience--and the author's own-into twelve lessons through which a woman can empower herself, conquer adversity, and accomplish great things in her life. Each lesson includes Bible quotations, inspirational sayings, activities, and self-exploratory questions to guide the reader in a transforming return to God, self, and community-breaking through racial, gender, cultural, and ethnic barriers to discover a new, enlightened way of thinking and living.

ISBN: 0670884847

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Conversations with Powerful African Women

Author:Dr. Sharon T. Freeman

Learn from and be inspired by the strategies of 11 powerful African women leaders who are helping to transform Africa.
"Money is a verb…it does things, it is not just something to have…it must build houses, schools, hospitals…and it must feed the people."
Luisa Diogo, Minister of Finance, Mozambique

"Botswana is fighting for its very survival…it's a battle to the death and I can assure you it's not going to be the death of Botswana, it's going to be the death of AIDS in Botswana."
Joy Phumaphi, Minister of Health, Botswana

"Many people with noble hearts and vision are involved in politics, like my husband, …the more women who are involved in politics, the better the world would be."
Dr. Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, First Lady, Cote d'Ivoire

"A review of the life and history of my country, Egypt, provides evidence of the possibility of coming together between all civilization and cultures and possibilities for joint action."
Fayza Aboulnaga, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Egypt

"Where I come from there is an expectation that women should be perfect wives…it is understood that if they wish to pursue careers, that they have to earn this 'privilege'…by working double time to reassure their husbands that the 'privilege' of pursuing a career and contributing to the well-being of the family is not being abused."
Aisha Ismail, Minister of Women and Youth, Nigeria


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Foolish/Unfoolish is a collection of vibrant and honest "reflections on love" by R&B singer Ashanti. Ever since she was thirteen years old, Ashanti has kept journals of her poetry, thoughts, and ideas about life and love. Now, in this very personal collection, Ashanti presents her poems about love, along with stories about what (or who) moved her to write them. In Foolish/Unfoolish, Ashanti explores such universal themes as falling head-over heals in love, becoming insanely jealous, feeling broken-hearted, and being single but having hope for the future. In "No Words," she describes being completely addicted to a new boyfriend; in "Ride Out," she captures what it feels like to be joyriding with your man on a hot summer night; in "Insecure," she writes about telling a suspicious boyfriend to stop driving by her house at night to see if her car is there; and in "Us," she delves into the pain of discovering that your man is cheating on you. Spirited, moving and often filled with humor, Ashanti’s poetry and reflections will entertain and surprise as they offer an intimate look into the life of one of today’s most popular performers. These are works that are both lyrical and raw and which tell the truth about love.

ISBN: 1401300308

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A Plentiful Harvest

Author:Terri Williams

Creating Balance and Harmony Through the Seven Living Virtues Terrie Williams is the goddess who brings comfort to busy African American women everywhere. Written by a woman who understands what it means to have a hectic schedule, Terrie Williams, a high-powered public relations executive who owns her own firm, has found an empowering life philosophy in one of black culture's enduring spiritual rituals: Kwanzaa. In A PLENTIFUL HARVEST, Williams uses The Seven Living Virtues of Community, Independence, Responsibility, Thrift, Love, Creativity, and Spirituality to help women achieve balance in their daily lives, reconnecting them to the truths of their heritage and the true needs of their souls

ISBN: 0446691208

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Every Day I Pray (Paperback)
Paperback Edition

Beloved: Over the years, I have received many letters from readers who want to know how to pray. Some are afraid they are praying wrong. Some want a formula. Some think that their prayers are unworthy. I know how it feels to be afraid to pray, afraid you're praying wrong, afraid that your prayers are unheard. So I pass on to you the knowledge that changed my approach to and experience of prayer: your every thought, every word, every action is a prayer. If we can focus on God's presence in everything and everyone, then prayer will become as natural to us as breathing. This book is a collection of prayers I have written over the years in my prayer journals. They address a variety of topics and situations. It is my prayer that they will spark a light in your heart, and you will come to know the peace of God's grace. Please join me in making the thoughts, words and actions of our everyday lives more reverent, honorable and loving so that we can anchor the peace, joy and harmony of God on this planet. Be Blessed.


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Rock My Soul
Black People and Self Esteem

Author:Bell Hooks

World-renowned scholar and visionary bell hooks takes an in-depth look at one of the most critical issues of our time, the impact of low self-esteem on the lives of black people. Without self-esteem everyone loses his or her sense of meaning, purpose, and power. For too long, African Americans in particular have been unable to openly and honestly address the crisis of self-esteem and how it affects the way they perceive themselves and are perceived by others. In her most challenging and provocative book to date, bell hooks gives voice to what many black people have thought and felt, but seldom articulated. She offers readers a clear, passionate examination of the role self-esteem plays in the African-American experience in determining whether individuals or groups succeed or self-sabotage.

ISBN: 0743456068

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God's Leading Lady

Author:T.D. Jakes

Drawing on the stories of the women of the Bible, Bishop Jakes shows all women how they can move beyond their imperfections and lack of self-esteem, and step up to claim the success the Lord has promised them. Bishop Jakes gives contemporary relevance to the ageless truths and principles found in the Scriptures, and empowers every woman to break the bonds of her worldly limitations and stand strong in the light of who she is in God. He teaches that whether a woman is leading a family or a corporation, she has within her the ability to impact the world. By guiding them to look inside themselves and toward the Lord, Bishop Jakes helps women find the power they need to


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